A/N: Hi everyone! Okay so I am a new author and friends have been encouraging me to publish this so I hope you like it. And this story came to me after watching a movie. So R&R and Enjoy

Wedding Ring Trouble


It was an autumn evening with pink cherry blossoms danced in the wind as they fled from their

homes on the branches of trees. The sky had light pink and orange painted across it. Then near the front of Haneda Airport, stood Usui and Misaki. There were hugging each other for the last time as they didn't know when they were to see each other again as Usui was leaving for England.

"Misaki, please wait for me" Usui whispered.

"But what if you don't come back for me?"

"I will, don't forget that, so please wait for me Misaki"

"I will"

Then Usui sudden was out of sight, leaving a crying Misaki behind.

A/N: Sad beginnings doesn't mean you can't have a happy ending. Remember R&R