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Wedding Ring Trouble

Epilogue Part 2

Normal POV

2 more months! He couldn't believe it. 2 more months until he could meet the little devil/angel that caused Misaki so much physical pain but happiness mentally that he/she was alive and healthy. They didn't check the gender of the baby, wanting it to be a surprise. Since Misaki was in her third trimester, sleep was a must during the day, so he spent most of his time at home caring for Misaki and doing his work. Though he had to admit, he was pretty excited too. Who wouldn't be excited that they're going to be a dad? Every day since Misaki tummy began to swell, he had been rubbing it with the utmost care. It was first the size of his palm, then it grew bigger and sometimes when he rubbed it, he felt movement within. It elated him and he felt a warm feeling inside, similar to when Misaki smiles at him.

He wasn't the only one who welcomed the new family member. Misaki did. Having to deal with all the weird craving that made Takumi worried, the crazy and unpredictable mood swings and the awful back aches ever since she was in her 6th month. But sometimes it was nice to know that he/she was alive inside her with kicks to her tummy. It was also wonderful to have someone to talk to when you're alone even though the baby doesn't understand nor would talk back. But every day, she always saw Takumi smiling, being even happier than he used to be when it was just the both of them. He took the best care of her when he began staying home and even put up with her cravings and mood swings.

She remembers the first time the baby kicked, sadly Takumi wasn't around to witness it, he was at a meeting in Hokkaido while she was at work and someone dropped something on the floor that surprised the baby. She also remembered how they playfully fought over how the baby's room should be decorated. Of course, Misaki won due to the unpredictable mood swing and the fact that Takumi doesn't like to see her cry. But Takumi still got to decorate it, with Misaki's ideas, and it turned out to be very cute!

But now, here they are, cuddled closely together on the bed to preserve heat due to the cold weather. Misaki is fast asleep beside Takumi while he is on his laptop looking over some company contracts while rubbing Misaki's tummy with love. He then cautiously got up, and out of the bed to get some water. He should have known that Misaki became extra sensitive when his body warmth was missing because she woke up immediately.

"Takumi, Where are you going?" she asked, her voice drowned in sleep.

"I am getting some water. Would you like something?" She then heard a small grumble from her swollen tummy, and giggled. She then pointed to her stomach.

"Baby wants something too." He then smiled and rubbed her tummy.

"What would baby like then?" She then giggled when Takumi rubbed her tummy.

"Baby wants some moe-moe omelet." Takumi then nodded and went to make the omelet. He came back in 5 minutes to find Misaki fast asleep once more. He then smiled at her and placed the plate on the night stand along with his cup of water. Then he returned to his side of the bed and turned off his laptop and then cuddled up.

A week later…

Misaki has gotten even grumpier during the mornings. She also has been feeling, well in her terms, 'fat'. This got Takumi even more worried about Misaki's health. Sometimes she refuses to eat some food, even if it's her favorite! Is this even part of the side-effects that come with pregnancy? From what some of the books said, Misaki might be giving birth sooner than expected. Feeling huge, worse mood swings, pickiness, are all symptoms that he might meet someone who is half Misaki and himself a little earlier than expected. Now he stayed home and watched and served Misaki every minute of the day, making sure she was comfortable and happy, and always had an ambulance on speed-dial incase he wouldn't make it to the hospital in time.

"Takumi", Misaki called. His ears sensed she was in the baby's room. Strange. He thought she was in their bedroom sleeping as usual. This was queer since at the time, she would be most likely sleeping. He then placed his laptop on the glass coffee table before heading to face his wife probably complaining about something trivial again.

"Yes Misa-chan?" To his surprise, she had a bright smile on her face before pointing towards the life-size stickers of Disney characters scattered across the walls of the room. He then approached her and rested a hand on her swollen abdomen and she gushed about how cute the room looked.

"Do you think the baby would like it?" She asked in pure innocence. He then smiled lovingly at her before replying favorable to her. He then went in one of the drawers available and pulled out a crib mobile made of stars and moons. Misaki laughed as one of the stars hit Takumi in his face. She then placed it on top of the fancy crib Takumi begged her to get for their baby.

Takumi then took a seat on his old couch that had been moved in the room when they got the new, leather one. He then pat the seat beside him, indicating for he to sit beside him but being the alien he is, before she sat down, he pulled her by her sides onto his lap then winced slightly at her weight.

"Misa-chan is so heavy now." He had one hand under her thigh and one at her back so he couldn't block the punch aimed at his chest. It did hurt a little for the first time since pregnant women gain super strength or something. Misaki then winced and gasped a little, holding her lower abdomen.

"Misaki.." Takumi then felt something warm on his hand that rested below her thigh. Misaki then softly called out Takumi's name. He pulled his hand from under her; nothing. But when he lifted her up to bring to the elevator, her dress was partially bloody. He quickly hurried into the elevator, Misaki pressing the button for the garage floor for them. Thankfully no one rode the elevator with them so there were no stops. Misaki kept on squirming in the passenger seat as Takumi tried his best to drive as quickly to the hospital as possible without breaking the speed limit.

Takumi arrived at the hospital in 5 minutes but now Misaki pain was worse. He quickly got her into the ER before she was transferred to the maternity ward. The passenger seat and Takumi's pants had some blood on it but he didn't mind; fabrics can be cleaned anytime but the birth of his first child can't wait.

He then had to wait in the waiting room, contacting Suzuna and Minako in the meanwhile Dr. Ootori came to him. He then hung up the phone, directing his attention to the doctor.

"Good Night Usui-sama, how are you?"

"Good Night Dr. Ootori, how is Misaki?" gave him a strange look since Takumi avoided his question and went straight for the information.

"Well, about that, Misaki is not quite ready to give birth yet. She will be ready in half-an-hour or so. You can visit her now and we will also make sure she will be comfortable during the wait."

then lead Takumi to room 403 where Misaki was holding a new born baby. Her abdomen was flat as a board once more and a beautiful smile was spread across her face. Both of the men at the door were awe-struck. Misaki then looked at Takumi with the most beautiful smile across her face and indicated for him to come and see his child. Ignoring Dr. Ootori's mistake, he quickly made his way to her bedside to see a very healthy baby boy with black hair on his tiny head. Takumi then released a smile and then gently stroked the baby's face with the back of his index finger, waking the baby from his slumber.

It wasn't surprising that the baby got Takumi's eyes. The baby's eyes were staring at his parents for the first time before letting out a giggle.

"That is quite a healthy baby boy you have there!" A femine voice said. Both Misaki and Takumi looked up to see a young doctor holding a clipboard with the name tag 'Haruhi Fujioka-Ootori' on her white coat.

"I'll allow you to some time together to name and spend some time with your son. I'll be back in a few minutes." The doctor then pulled outside to speak with him


"She wasn't due for birth until about half-an-hour." then shook her head and took his clipboard from him. She then flipped to the patient's name showing 'Sano Mizuki'. Dr. Ootori was taken aback by the mistake as was about to run to the unattended patient's room but held him back.

"No need to worry Kyoya, I've sent someone over there already." let out a sigh of relief and then smiled at his young wife.

"You are amazing, the way you operate in this hospital. I'll need to give you a present for your fast thinking." then smiled at him and whispered in his ear that his present would have to wait until they get home. They both then left together to get birth registration documents for the Usui family.


Takumi couldn't be more delighted than being able to hold his first child for the first time. Even better, the baby was giggling at him. After a while of playing with Takumi's nose, the baby began to cry. Knowing nothing about how to stop the baby's sadness, he handed over the baby to Misaki and she lulled the little one to sleep and placed him back in his cradle beside her bed. She then turned to face her husband with a smile in which he returned to her.

"What are we going to name him?"Misaki said as she got into her hospital bed. Takumi then took a seat beside the bed and held her hand.

"Usui Izumi." Misaki then smiled at the name.

"It suits him, doesn't it?" She asked looking at their newborn. Takumi then swiftly caught her lips in a kiss, catching her off guard but she still accepted it. When they parted, her cheeks had been tainted with a light pink hue.

"Even though we are married, you still do that?" He smiled at her cheek redden. He then gently caressed her cheek with his thumb before saying an almost silent 'thank you'. She heard it though.

"For what?" She asked, resting her hand on top of his hand that rested on her face, tilting her head into it and smiling at him.

"Firstly for being my wife and now being the mother of my child. I couldn't possibly be anymore happier in my life without you." She smiled at his confession.

"I'm glad you came back looking for me." It was his turn to smile and he leaned in to kiss Misaki when Izumi began to cry. Takumi then rubbed his tummy gently with his index finger, which made the little one giggle a little, then he started to cry again.

"I suppose your little one his hungry." Dr. Fujioka said from the door with Dr. Ootori.

"Usui-sama, could you come this way please?" said as he lead the way outside Misaki's room and towards the waiting room where assisted Takumi in completing some birth registration forms.

Back in Misaki's room, Dr. Fujioka assisted Misaki in breast-feeding the baby and also giving her tips on some of the reaction the baby might make as well as good parenting tips. Dr. Fuijoka also ran some tests on the baby resulting in Izumi staying in the hospital for about a week incase of anything that could harm the baby since he was born 1 month early. Misaki also had to stay for the week so some tests could be run on her to make sure she would be okay.

After left Misaki, Takumi entered the room. He saw that Izumi was once again put to sleep and Misaki was gently combing through the little hair he had with her fingers in a passionate way.

"I know you're there Takumi" Misaki said without looking, sensing Takumi's presence from before.

"Okay you got me… so when are you able to go home with me?" He asked anxiously, hoping it would be very soon.

"In about a week, Izumi and I have to take some tests to make sure we're alright." She then turned around to embrace Takumi with a hug. The sun was already gone, the sky was pitch black; the only lights being from the moon and the lamps situated on the sides of roads. Takumi knew he had to go since now he was over the 'visiting' time period so he quickly kissed Misaki and promise to visit them every day until they could come home.

1 week later…

"WELCOME HOME MISAKI!" Misaki had only just opened the door with one hand, the other holding a baby's car seat, and saw the maid latte, her mother, sister and some high school friends greeting her. Misaki smiled at everyone who came and she greeted them all with hugs and handshakes. Takumi came in after, holding a giggling Izumi. Everyone made 'aww' coos at the baby because of his cuteness, playing with Takumi's nose once again.

"Well hello there Izumi" Minako said as soon as Takumi allowed her to hold him. Izumi took one look at Minako and began to cry so she quickly handed him over to Misaki whom quickly calmed him down using a pacifier and a rattle and allowed him to play on their bed.

Minako and Suzuna soon joined Misaki with Izumi in the master bedroom while everyone else chatted and enjoyed themselves outside with Takumi. Then Aoi appeared with baby clothes in hand and demanded to talk to Misaki.

"Misaki-san, I got your child something to wear."He then handed Misaki some frilly, pink clothes that made Misaki chuckle a little. Aoi raised an eyebrow at her strange behavior, opting for an answer.

"Aoi-chan, Izumi-chan is a boy." Aoi's mouth dropped open at her statement, eyes filled with horror. Misaki then laughed at his expression and poked his cheeks.

"How could you Misaki-san? I had a whole collection of baby girl clothes." He said in a moping manner.

"I'm sure the great Aoi-chan can make some amazing baby boy clothes that I'm sure Izumi would love." That statement alone got Aoi back on his feet, determined to make some new clothes for Izumi.

"I, the amazing net idol and clothing designer, Aoi-chan, will make some baby boy clothing so don't you worry Misaki-san… you better not buy any clothes from the stores! I will be back soon with some of my latest designs. Ja Ne!" With that statement being said, Aoi ran out of the apartment at lightning speed to make some new clothes for the baby.

"How do you stand that Aoi sometimes, Suzuna?"MIsaki asked curiously. Her sister shrugged in return.

"I think it's kinda cute," She said, a very rare smile playing around her lips. All three of them laughed together until Minako checked the time.

"Well it was nice seeing you again Misa and your little one but we need to be going." Minako said, hugging her oldest daughter.

"Of course mom, Suzuna, we'll see you again soon." Minako and Suzuna also said their good byes to Izumi and Takumi before they left to catch the subway back to their home. Finally alone, Misaki turned around to face Takumi when he caught her lips in a passionate kiss. When he released her lips, they were both panting for air. He then embraced Misaki in a hug.

"Welcome home Misaki." He said in his calm, soothing voice.

"I'm home, did you miss me?" Takumi hugged her tighter, as a way to show how much he missed her. He did miss her. Every single day he came home after visiting her, he would expect to see her at home either adding last minute preparations to dinner or lying down on the couch waiting for him or he would see a note, notifying him of her location or she would be with him the whole time. Dinner alone reminded him of his days at his grandfather's house in England. Lonely. So did sleeping in their bed. He couldn't sleep sometimes without Misaki beside him. It felt like something was missing, something so important in his life that it couldn't be replaced.

"I'm not going anywhere Takumi. I promise." Misaki said as she felt all the loneliness that Takumi suffered without her. She then broke the hug and pressed her lips gently against Takumi's, wrapping her arms around his neck while he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her to him. The kiss made his fears and worst nightmares just melt away. The kiss was shortly ended due to a cry coming from their bedroom. Misaki then pulled Takumi's arm to their bedroom.

"Shall we take care of our new family member?" That brought a smile onto Takumi's face as he followed Misaki into their bedroom, to take care and cherish his new family.


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