Prologue - We Meet Again

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Puss kept walking. After San Ricardo was attacked because the villains wanted him captured and given to their boss for a large amount of money, he fled the town, believing that it was safer without him. He wanted to keep his departure secret, but his señoritas saw him and went after him. Of course, Puss was a good sneaker and lost them after he turned to go into a building on the corner. The señoritas alerted the town and, of course, the villains.

Well, that was actually a good thing that they told that to the villains. At least they would stop attacking his town. Wait, it wasn't his town anymore. He left. It was now under the control of the people who were familiar to him and very kind ever since he saved the town 3 years ago. They all mourned Humpty's death and even found him and put him in a grave. Kitty left the city, of course, in search of new adventures…

He stopped himself there. He took a moment from his journey to think about his crush. To think about all of the things that have happened 3 years ago and how she resisted Humpty and freed him from the jail. He had a feeling that she liked him as much as he did. Maybe even more.

He hoped that their paths would cross and he would be less lonely. But she went out so much earlier. She was probably halfway around the world by now! Besides, she left from the other side of town. Puss sighed. So much for true love.

He resumed walking. After a few more hours, something caught his eye. There were 5 vultures circling something. They kept getting lower. He changed direction and went towards the vultures. They got lower. Puss picked up the pace. Soon he saw a figure lying in the sand.

"Hey!" He screamed at the vultures as he unsheathed his sword. The vultures fled. Even they knew not to mess with the great Puss in Boots. They also didn't want to get hit with that sword. They swear that that thing probably defeated more things than the entire population of vultures has ever eaten.

Now that the vultures were gone, he sheathed his sword and inspected the item in the sand. It turned out to be a feline. It was also covered in blood, but there were no scratches on it. It was clear what that meant. Someone knocked it unconscious, poured blood on it (who's blood it was Puss didn't even want to know), and then left it out here to be devoured by the vultures while it was still alive. To Puss, this was a perfect example of animal abuse. He hated it.

Was there a purpose to kill this cat? It looked perfectly harmless. Even though looks can be deceiving, this cat didn't even have a weapon on it. No belt, no hat, no boots, no gloves, nothing! Seriously, it should be illegal to do these things. The cat was also probably younger than him. Animal cruelty indeed.

He picked it up. It was surprisingly light. Probably a female. Yet another reason why this shouldn't have been done. He carried her to a near-by stream to wash her off. There was no way he was going to lick off that blood off of her. He had no idea whose it was.

After cleaning her off, he carried her to a spot that was rocky instead of sand. He put her down and grabbed a few leaves. He used them to create a bed and put the feline on to the bed out of leaves. He examined his work. After a few modifications, he was happy.

He looked up to see the sun setting. He created a bed for himself. It wasn't as good as the other feline's, but she needed to rest and heal. Besides, females usually sleep very lightly, and he slept like a rock. After taking a small drink of the water, he went to his bed.

He tried his best to not fall into a deep sleep in case she woke up in the middle of the night and wanted something. He also needed to get up as soon as the first rays of light appeared so he could create an umbrella so the feline would not get hurt from opening her eyes and looking straight at the sun or getting sunburn. He got one after he left San Ricardo because he forgot to walk through the shade. He had to take a break from his journey for 2 days because of that. After 15 minutes, he fell asleep.

He was awoken by a soft moan. He opened his eyes and noted that it was still dark. The full moon was right above him. Another moan was heard. This time he got up and went over to the female feline he saved yesterday.

"Uhhh. Where am I?" She asked in a weak whisper. It was definitely a female. The voice was higher pitched than any male feline and it was therefore his proof. He helped her sit up.

"Near the river of San Ricardo," Puss answered in a whisper. He whispered because there might be predators lurking in the woods and because he didn't want to frighten her. "What happened to you?"

"You tell me," she said in a stronger voice. She was now more comfortable that she was away from those evil banditos and with one of her kind. Even though the feline next to her was a male, he still might understand her. One male already did, and she didn't even simplify it to him too much. Most of the females couldn't decipher what she said to that male. This one might be similar. Maybe he is the same one that I met so long ago, she thought. Then she smacked herself mentally. Stop thinking about him that way! You sound like one of the females who, when he plays his guitar to, start to roll over and forget about their surroundings and don't notice that he's done for 1 week!

"All I remember was that banditos grabbed me from behind and then threw me into a box with holes. Then they drove me off somewhere and released me in some old and creaky building. Then the guy behind the desk said that I was the wrong one or something. Then one of the guys hit me on the head with a frying pan. The last thing I remember was a feline come in and say that the one ran away. Then the boss guy said that they are quitting on him and are going after someone 100 miles away. Then all went black." She said.

"And do you know where did all of this happen?" He asked.

"San Ricardo," she answered truthfully.

"All of it?"

"Yes." She said, waiting for another question. All she got was a growl. She tried to say something, but his voice cut her off.

"What were you doing in San Ricardo?" he asked. She sensed anger in the voice. But that was a good question. Why did she come there?

"I-I-I was trying to warn the town hero of the villain's new plan," she answered. Good thing that the male was not looking her in the eyes, or she would've been caught lying. Well, technically, she wasn't lying. But that wasn't her only reason.

"What was the new plan?" He asked, his voice a bit softer, but it was still tough.

"To get him wet with a bucket of water and capture him while he was distracted. But why the information?" She asked curiously.

"Puss is one of my friends," He lied. The female didn't notice. He lied for a good reason, though. He wanted all of the information out of the female. That way he could go on a new "adventure".

"Hey, could we finish this conversation tomorrow? I'm kind of tired," she said. It was true.

"Of course," he said as he helped her lay down without getting hurt. She fell asleep instantly. Then Puss said something that, if she heard it, she would know who he really is right away. He whispered, "Señorita."

Puss couldn't let her know who he is. Not now. He came up with a plan. He ran to a near-by cottage that he passed on his way to save the female. He knew it was a paint shop. He took out a bag of money from his boot (the amount of money in there was worth more than all of the modern-day artists and rich people have combined) and went inside of the shop.

He came out as a white cat with black paws and head. The money was safe in his boot. He kept his regular clothes on, but that wasn't a problem. Every male cat wore clothes similar or exact to his. He was legendary in San Ricardo. Besides, Puss's friend would have access to his wardrobe. So far, 12 felines had.

Puss hurried back to the camp. A soon as he reached it, he took out a bit of food from his backpack and but it on a tree stump. Then he went to wake up his friend.

"Wake up!" he whispered in her ear. She rolled from her back to her side, facing him.

"Good morning!" she said. Puss helped her up.

"So, I have something to as you," Puss said. This would tell him if his hunch was right.


"What's your name?"

"Kitty Softpaws." She answered. Puss's hunch was right. He didn't drop his act yet. He wanted to get some certain information out of her.

"So you're the one that Puss doesn't seem to be able to shut up about," He said, smiling. This was a line he secretly overheard in a conversation about should he ask Kitty out when and if she returns. He pretends to have not heard that and later told them to stop talking about that.

"What do you mean?" Kitty asked. Oh no, what if it meant that Puss didn't like her at all. The answer, however, was the last thing she was expecting.

"Every time he comes back from charming ladies, he always mutters 'I wish that it was Kitty who I was charming' and whenever one flirts with him, he walks away muttering 'Kitty is the only one I truly love'" He said. It was true. He did do that.

"Really? Hey, when I go back to San Ricardo, I will confess to him that I love him. But could I know your name? I will give you credit when I confess."

"Sure. It's Antonio," He said. Again, Kitty didn't notice the lie.

"Antonio, huh? Cute name," She said.


"Shall we go eat?"

"Indeed we shall."

"Where to?"

"Right this way…" Puss said. With that, they left for the breakfast that Puss got ready earlier.

After breakfast, they practiced a bit of sword fighting. They each had their number of wins. Puss, of course, had more wins because of the daily schedule he kept. He really doubted that Kitty had a schedule like his. And it was strange that he was winning, too. He was only using a portion of his effort.

"Wow, you're good!" Kitty complimented of his sword fighting skills.

"Thank you," Puss replied.

"Who taught you all of those moves Antonio?" She asked curiously.

"Puss did. If you thought I was amazing, you should've seen him. He has been known to wipe out 27 banditos at once using his guitar," Puss answered. That was true. But the number was wrong. He knocked out 98 banditos plus Jack and Jill at one time, making a total of 100. The world may never know how he did that.

"No way!" Kitty exclaimed.

"That's Puss for you. He has a new strategy and guitar song nearly every day," Puss boasted. Well, the boast was actually partly lying. He actually had more than 1 new guitar song and more than one strategy per day. Usually 2, sometimes 3. The most, however, he had thought of the day after Kitty left San Ricardo 1 year ago. If the numbers were told, all of you would gasp. Let me hint at it that the number had more than 2 digits.

"What were the songs about?" Kitty asked. Puss laughed at the question.

"That's for me to know, and you to find out," He said. Kitty had a confused look on her face.

"Shall we get going?" Kitty asked.

"Where to?" Puss said, debating what to say next.

"San Ricardo to meet Puss, of course!" she said cheerfully.

"Have you forgotten what I told you? Puss left San Ricardo!"

"Oh yea. Well, there go my chances of finding true love," She said, her eyes full with tears threatening to spill.

"Wait, did you say true love?" Puss asked, surprised. Was it possible that she felt the same way as him?

"Well, ever since I laid eyes on that orange furball, I felt a hint of love. Then we went on that trip to get the magic beans, and that was when I felt that we were meant to be together. Oh, how I wish that Humpty was never my employer. That way I could've helped Puss when he was accused. But Humpty of course wanted 'revenge.' Technically he shouldn't have done that. I mean, he already had it when he framed Puss for the burglary. So what Puss left him? Anyone would've done that. Humpty ruined the town's view of Puss after all of the hard work and dangers he faced.

If it wasn't for Humpty, I would've never left. The real reason to why I left was because I didn't want to hurt him like when I did when he figured out the trap. The hurt in his eyes and the betrayal was too much for me. I didn't want that to happen again," Kitty said as she stared into the eyes of the feline next to her. There was something familiar about them, but she couldn't quite put a paw on what it was. She just let it drop for now.

"Really?" Puss asked.

"It's all true Antonio," She answered. His eyes lit up.


"So what do we do now?" She asked, stopping the previous conversation. This was a question that was bugging her. All of a sudden a band of banditos jumped out and grabbed Kitty. They tried getting Puss, but he rolled out of the way before the bandito jumped towards him. The bandito who held Kitty watched in awe and accidentally released Kitty.

Suddenly the banditos were struck with an idea. They grabbed 2 balls of yarn and threw them to the felines. Kitty started playing and was captured, but Puss's ball of yarn bounced off of his foot. He had a look on his face that was so frightening that 5 of the banditos ran away. He smirked at them. Chickens, he said. He faced the other banditos.

"Boo!" he said. Half of the remaining banditos ran away screaming. Now there were 3 left. One that seemed to be the boss, the one with a bucket of water, and the one holding Kitty. All of them were closing in on him. He had an idea. He got out his guitar and played a song. He finished it off by whacking the banditos as hard as possible. 1 was knocked out easily, but the other 2 weren't. He jumped on the one that wasn't holding Kitty and scratched him up.

There was only one left. Puss put his hand over his sword, ready to unsheathe it. If everything went well, he wouldn't have to reveal his true identity. If plan A failed, then he would have to use Plan B. He focused on his enemy.

So far, everything was going according to plan. He dropped Kitty, who quietly unsheathed the burglar's sword and used it to rip apart the villain's backpack (sack). She took out what looked like a copy of Puss's clothing, just like the ones they sold in San Ricardo. She put it on and got ready to fight.

But, the plan failed. Kitty did whack the bandito in the heel, but he went off to the side and not forward like Puss predicted. The bandito hit a tree and a bee hive fell on his head. Well, at least Plan B wouldn't have to go to effect. 2 more banditos jumped out of the bushes. Spoke too soon. One of the banditos grabbed Kitty and threatened Puss by making a knife be right by Kitty's throat.

"Hahaha! You can't stop me now! Only the Feline could defeat this method," The bandito behind Puss boasted. Puss smirked at them. Is it just me, or are these idiots getting stupider by the second. He looked at the one holding Kitty and heard what he was asked. Yep, they're definitely getting stupider. And more idiotic.

"Wait, why are you smiling?" He asked. Puss knew this required Plan B.

"Fear me, if you dare!" He said unsheathing his sword. The look on the banditos' faces were priceless.

"Wait, what?" Kitty asked. Puss felt guilty. But that didn't stop him from sheathing his sword and jumping on the bandito and scratching him up. Both the bandito and originally orange cat fell into the river. When Puss resurfaced, the paint on him was washed off and he was the orange furball he always was. Then he got out of the river and unsheathed his sword again. At the sight of the sword, the bandito holding Kitty released her and ran away from the spot as fast as his legs would carry him. Puss smiled. But when he turned to Kitty, his smile faded.

"Kitty, I'm-" he started. She came up to him and did the last thing that he expected her to do: she hugged him. Puss swore that if she used an ounce more of her energy he would've been choked and would have had a few broken bones.

"No apology needed, Puss. I figured it all out," she said as she released him.

"Shall we go back to San Ricardo?"

"I thought you ran away."

"Both of my problems are solved. You're here and the main villains went north. Besides, I think the people of San Ricardo miss me," he said. Kitty laughed. She went to pack up Puss's left over items. After a few minutes, she was finished and gave it to Puss. He put it over his shoulder and walked towards San Ricardo with Kitty by him.

After a few days of walking, the feline couple reached their destination – San Ricardo. Kitty sped up, startling Puss and nearly making him fall over. If it wasn't for his training, he would've fallen over easily.

"Yee ha!" Kitty shouted. Everyone looked to their direction. Puss thought quickly. He pushed Kitty into a bush, and then jumped in after her.

"Ow!" She whispered when Puss landed on her.

"Sorry Kitty," he said.

"I guess I got a bit carried away back there," she said with a small laugh. Puss also laughed.

"You guessed correctly."

"Any plans?"

"Underground tunnels?"

"Fine, whatever."

"Follow me."

Puss jumped off of Kitty and picked up a pile of dried leaves nearby. Kitty noticed a trapdoor under them. Puss opened it and jumped in, followed closely by Kitty. Kitty saw thousands of twists and turns in the tunnel. It was probably easy to get lost in here if you don't know these tunnels very well.

"I don't remember these," she said.

"You really think all we did for the past 3 years was sword fighting? Well, this tunnel caved in near the center of town, but there is a detour tunnel. We don't use the tunnel often because my house is along there. There is also one next to mine that's empty," he said, hinting something to Kitty. She laughed.

"Sure Puss, I'll move in next door. But remember, with me around, you do not want to get up late," she said laughing. The look on Puss's face made her laugh even harder.

"Fine, whatever. Just follow me and don't wander off," Puss said before starting to run. Kitty ran as fast as she could, barely keeping up with Puss. Man, he's fast!

After 1 hour of running through the maze of tunnels, Puss opened a door and dived inside. Kitty jumped in after him and closed the door after her. Well, more like slammed. She looked around the room as soon as her eyes adjusted to the bright light.

There were many swords on the walls, a fireplace, and torches on the walls. There was a bed and even a wardrobe. The room was painted white. She went and opened the wardrobe to see what types of clothes were in there. She gasped. The clothes were the ones she always wanted. Black, white, rainbow, and all of the other imaginable colors and combinations. There were also many different styles and disguises.

"What do you think of your room?" Puss asked, "I had it set up right after you left. It is the only room that is next to mine. It is also the biggest room. Well, one of the two. Mine is also the biggest. We have equal ones."

"Could I see your room?" Kitty asked. Puss laughed.

"Follow me."

With that, Puss went out of Kitty's room and into the room to the left of hers. Kitty followed him. His walls were orange, he had not 1 but 2 wardrobes and his walls were full of swords and wanted posters. He had a bed (of course) and even a desk.

"Wow," she said.

"Thanks," he said, "you want me to help you decorate your room later?"

"Sure," she said. She went outside of her room, "Hey, could you help me navigate this place until I memorize all of the paths?"

"Sure. Ready to go up?"

"I guess," she said unsurely. Puss went back to the hall and pushed a stone on the roof of the tunnel. The stone gave away and left a passage to the surface. Puss grabbed Kitty and lifted her up and through the hole. She climbed up and looked around to see where she was. It looked like the center plaza, except there were no people.

"Puss, why are there no people here?" Kitty asked. She looked around. Puss was nowhere to be seen.

"Everyone's at church," Puss answered. Kitty turned around. She saw him on the roof of a tall building.

"How…never mind. When do they exit?" She asked. Puss jumped off of the building and slid down the diagonal wall. He landed next to Kitty.

"2 minutes."

"What do we do until then?"

"Sit on top of the water tower? Everyone will recognize us, even from a distance."

"You first?"

"Of course."

They climbed on the water tower and waited. They cracked a few jokes, one making Puss laugh so hard that he nearly fell off of the tower. Soon the first people came out of the church.

"Ready?" Puss asked. They had developed a plan.

"Set?" Kitty asked.

"Go!" they shouted together. Then they each threw a copy of their sword at the center tree of the plaza. They both hit their target exactly, alerting the people of San Ricardo. They all looked up to see the two felines sitting on the water tower.

"Puss in Boots!" someone in the crowd shouted. From that point on everyone went crazy. All of the people were cheering, the other felines were trying to climb the tower, and all of the banditos were running out of San Ricardo and into the desert in fright.

"You sure are well known," Kitty said. Puss stood up and then helped her. They slid down the building together, hand-in-hand, to greet the people of San Ricardo.

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