Chapter 2 – Overhearing

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Walking to her room, Kitty couldn't help but overhear hushed voices coming from Midnight's door. She decided to listen to what they were saying.

"…it'll work?" That was the instructor's voice. What in the world is HE doing there? Kitty thought.

"Of course!" The statement made Kitty do a double-take. The words Midnight and cheery did not go together. Something was up.

"I'm not so sure about this, Midnight. What is Sally already knows?" That voice almost made Kitty faint. What the HELL is HE doing in THERE! He was supposed to be in his room long ago!

"And how would she know? Remember the eel incident?" Kitty heard laughter at Midnight's statement. She was amazed that all this was going on without her knowing.

"True that. I'm in," Puss's voice said. Then she heard a grumble of agreement from the instructor. Suddenly, the door started opening. Panicking, Kitty jumped up for the roof and held herself up on a support beam.

"Same time, same place tomorrow night, Sam!" Midnight called after the instructor as he turned down the hall. She turned and went back into her room, with Puss exiting it with a small "goodnight" before going quietly into his room.

Kitty stayed there, making sure that no one else was coming. After a few minutes, she slid down, opened the door to her room, and closed it. Then she walked over to Puss's and knocked.

"Come in!" She let herself in. She looked around the room, no luck finding Puss.

"Up here!" He shouted. Kitty finally realized that he was using his claws to walk on the ceiling, taking down various things and throwing them onto a pile on the floor. A few seconds later, he let himself fall down and landed on his feet. He turned to Kitty, waiting for her to say something.

"I just came in to say goodnight. Also, I was hoping that you could join me tomorrow night after the ceremony. I really want to show you something," She lied. Puss didn't notice the lie.

"Of course. I don't have anything to do tomorrow, anyway," Kitty opened her mouth, and then shut it. He was agreeing? But what about Midnight's meeting?

"I understand if you have anything else to do! You don't HAVE to come wi-"

"But I will. I'm serious, I don't have anything to do," Man, was he good at lying! Kitty looked him and the eye, and somehow sensed that this is the truth. But then what…

…of course. She called after Sam, but not Puss. Did Midnight know about her listening in? Did she know that she'll ask Puss? Does she, in some weird way, have super powers?

Graduation Night came and went, and Kitty still had no idea about any of her questions. The only thing that Graduation caused was even MORE questions to arise. She still hated herself for lying to Puss… Oh no! She still didn't have anything to show him! And he'll be there in under 5 minutes!

Kitty started to panic. She cursed herself for lying to her best friend. Even though Puss had secrets, at least he didn't lie, unlike her. Now that he'll be here in the garden in 5 minutes tops, she had no idea what to do. She really should've thought this out better.

Exactly on time, Puss came up to her, "So do you want to know what we were talking about last night?"

That startled Kitty, "Wait, you knew that I was there?"

Puss smirked, "Midnight isn't a master at camouflage for nothing."

Oh, right. No duh. If she could hide, she could also find. How stupid was she to think that it wasn't like that? "Well, I just wanted to know more about Sally, but figured it could wait. Then, I overheard whispering from Midnight's room and decided to listen in. I just came up with more questions than answers."

Puss led her over to a stone bench in the garden and sat down with her, "We were discussing who was the traitor who rattled us out a week before I left and why did they do it. We were under the treaty, but Midnight is set on Sally having done it. I used to be with Sam on this feline from the first level, but she was kicked out of training due to not being able to be taught properly. She had some kind of mental disorder. So now, I'm siding with Midnight. Sam is still on the girl Carolina."

"Wow. Hey, could I be of any help?" Kitty asked him, full of hope.

"Sure thing. Meet me in my room in 10 minutes. I'll be there with Sam and Midnight by then."

Kitty got up and ran for it. 10 minutes? No one could get there that fast, especially while having to convince others to come along!

As soon as she reached the room, she heard footsteps coming from one of the minor tunnels. She turned around, expecting Puss and the others. Instead, she found herself facing Sally and 2 other green felines, all of whom were armed. And Kitty didn't have any weapon on her.

"Fancy meeting you here, Kitty. Now could you please come with us?" Sally said in a fake-sweet voice.

"No. I'm here to meet someone," Kitty answered, angering Sally.

"I know. We are just getting you out of our way to finish reactivating the Curse of the Dark Master. Ever heard of it?" Kitty never heard of it, but it sounded sinister.

"What do you think you're doing?" Sam the Instructor's voice cut through, catching everyone off-guard. He was surprisingly agile for his age and weight, taking out both of the helpers. Kitty attacked Sally, taking her down. However, Sally flipped over, making Kitty be at her mercy. Kitty was ready for the finishing blow…

…but it never came.

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