All righty then, time to delve into another story! But wait, what's this? *Gasp!* Could this be the new upcoming Avatar: The Last Airbender grapic novel "The Promise: Part One"? It is! :D So, in honor of the new graphic novel series that is soon to come out in 2012, I am writing a fanon (of sorts) for all the information that has been leaked out thus far in the form of revealed panels. This story is for those of you who haven't seen those leaked panels so that everyone on can know what's in store for all of us. :D Please enjoy and review! We're in for one wild ride! :)

NOTE: The following story does contain spoilers. View at your own discretion. Also, most of the following is canon from the grapihc novels. In the panels that they didn't show for each scene, I wrote in my best interpretation of what the characters could have said. For the most part, however, most of the following is canon. Also, this story will continuously updated as more panels are leaked out. Expect multiple updates on the same chapter.

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Joining of Two Hearts

Water. Earth. Fire. Air.

Long ago, the Four Nations lived together in harmony.

Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Only the Avatar, Master of all four elements, could stop them.

But when the world needed him most, he vanished.

A hundred years passed and my brother Sokka and I discovered the new Avatar, an Airbender named Aang.

Although his Airbending skills were great, he had a lot to learn before he was ready to save anyone.

But from the day I first met him, I believed that Aang would save the world.

And you know what?

I was right.

With the help of his friends, Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai and ended the Hundred Year War.

Zuko, Ozai's son and our ally, became the new Fire Lord.

Together, with Earth King Kuei, Aang and Zuko promised to restore the Four Nations to harmony.

In the throne room of the Earth King, Aang, in his Master Airbender robes, pointed to a map on the wall next to the throne and said, "I never realized the Fire Nation had built so many colonies in the Earth Kingdom." What he was pointing to was a small red flame, one of dozens that dotted the western coast of the Earth Kingdom.

"Yes," affirmed Earth King Kuei as Aang turned to face him, his finger still on the map. "For the Earth People, they're a constant reminder of the War, like an old scar." Realizing who was in the room, Kuei timidly looked over at Zuko, who was in his full Fire Lord regalia. "Oh…I…I- Fire Lord Zuko," he nervously stammered, "I meant nothing personal!"

Zuko ignored the perceived offense and turned to the map, saying "No, Earth King Kuei, you're right. After all the pain my father has caused, it's my duty to bring healing to the world." His voice took on a firm edge as he said, "I'll remove these colonies; I'll do whatever it takes."

"But removing the colonies won't be easy," pointed out Aang as Momo jumped on top of Bosco and stole his hat, eliciting a moan of protest from the bear. Zuko and Kuei both turned to look at Aang as said, "A lot of people's lives are gonna be disrupted. We need someone to oversee everything, to make sure it all goes peacefully." He placed a hand on his chest and cheerfully added, "Someone like me!"

Zuko seemed generally surprised. "Really?" he asked with astonishment. "You'd want to do that?" Bosco looked down at Momo, as if figuring out how to get his hat back.

Aang nodded and said, "Yeah, I'm the Avatar!" He smugly crossed his arms and added, "Making stuff go peacefully is my kind of thing!"

"Wonderful!" delightfully said Kuei as he happily clapped his hands and Toph, who was next to him, crossed her arms. "The Avatar's personal involvement will give the entire process an air of hope!"

Katara, who was standing next to Toph, motioned over towards the railing that her brother was leaning against and helpfully said, "Sokka and I can help!" Bosco swiped his hat off of Momo's tiny head and placed the garment back on his massive head, giving a brief grunt of triumph. Momo cackled and chattered at the reverse-theft, but made no move to steal back the hat.

"Aw, I was gonna visit Kyoshi Island," complained Sokka, grumpily pushing himself off the railing and walking over towards his sister.

"It'll be a movement!" proudly said Kuei, his eyes shining with glee. "A movement towards harmony! We'll call it…we'll call it…" The Earth King struggled with his thoughts, trying to decide what to call this movement that would change the world for the better.

Sokka, in one of his many sporadic bouts of genius, leaped up and valiantly shouted, "The Harmony Restoration Movement!"

"Yes!" declared Kuei as he pounded a fist into his open palm. "The Harmony Restoration Movement! I like it!"

Toph looked over at Sokka and asked, "What's with you and your goofy names for everything?"

"It's a gift," replied Sokka with a devious grin.

Earth King Kuei planned a celebration where he would announce the Harmony Restoration Movement. Before the festivities began, we decided to visit The Jasmine Dragon, a tea shop owned by Zuko's Uncle Iroh.

A glorious sun was setting on the magnificent and legendary city of Ba Sing Se, casting a radiant and all-enveloping light on the massive walled city. High in the Upper Ring of the city lay a renowned tea shop called The Jasmine Dragon, owned by none other than Iroh of the Fire Nation, the almost-mythical Dragon of the West.

Outside of the tea shop stood a couple, enveloped in their warm embrace of both arms and lips, bathed in the golden light of a bright future. The boy, who was young in his years yet mature in his mind, was bald with a blue arrow on his head, which trailed down into smaller arrows on his arms and legs. He was dressed in the robes of a Master Airbender, an outfit of brilliant orange with a wooden medallion of Airbending hanging from his neck.

The girl, who was dressed in a green kimono, had skin that was as soft as dark copper, a pink lily settled in the bun of her dark brown hair, which flowed down her back. She wore two hair loopies, a signature look of her frozen home in the South Pole.

Aang and Katara were locked in their embrace, pouring all of their mutual love and adoration through their lips and into the other's soul. Even though Aang was slightly shorter than Katara, she didn't mind slightly pulling him up so that their lips met in a heart-warming kiss. Their arms were firm in their actions, bringing the two of them closer together than ever before.

Aang reveled in the moment, thinking that this was perhaps the most perfect moment of his life. All the past few months of his doubt and worry about his future with Katara melted away as soon as her lips met his, and his heart was soaring higher than any wind could ever fly.

Katara reveled in the moment as well, letting herself do most of the work for Aang; this was all for him, after all. Gone was her confusion and uncertainty, replaced by the resolute love that she now felt for Aang. Her best friend had now become her lover, the boy she would share every moment with for as long as they were together.

There, Aang and I…we figured out what we meant to each other.

It was all so perfect, almost nothing could ruin the moment…

Almost nothing.

Or we were about to, anyway, before my stupid brother interrupted.

"Hey guys- AH!" said a voice from behind them. Aang and Katara quickly unlocked from each other's lips and looked back to see Sokka gawking at them, cringing as if what he was seeing was slightly revulsive. Aang and Katara dropped their arms, ending their embrace as they stood apart from each other, cheeks burning bright red with embarrassment. Hastily recovering from his shock, Sokka asked, "What in the world are you guys doing out here?"

"Nothing!" clumsily and quickly replied Aang, his cheeks still burning from his blush as he waved his arms above his head in a 'nothing-to-see' motion. "We're not doing anything out here!" He hadn't counted on Sokka stumbling upon them during their 'moment', and he wasn't sure how the Water Tribe warrior would react to this revelation.

Katara, on the other hand, seemed flustered and annoyed at the interruption. She pointed an accusing finger at Sokka as she irritably asked, "Haven't you ever heard of knocking, Sokka?"

"First of all," clarified Sokka with a raised finger, "you're supposed to knock before you go inside, not before you go outside!" Gesturing to Katara with his raised hand, he added, "And second, as my sister, you really shouldn't be kissing anyone in front of me! It's your sisterly duty to avoid giving me the oogies!" He stuck his tongue out a little out of the side of his mouth in disgust at the mention of 'oogies', as if it were a contagious disease that he would catch whenever his sister kissed anyone in front of him.

"Oogies?" screeched Katara, still pointing a rigid finger at Sokka's chest. "Argh! You are so immature sometimes! What about you and Suki?"

"I'm the older sibling, so it doesn't matter who I kiss Suki in front of," casually stated Sokka in a matter-of-fact tone, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Katara's face scrunched with frustration, and she got in Sokka's face, jabbing her finger into his chest as she shouted, "Oh, so it's alright for you to suck off Suki's lips in public, but I can't do that?"

"Of course not!" retorted Sokka, staring down at his sister. "Didn't you hear what I said? As the younger sibling, it's your duty to not do what I do!"

"That doesn't even make sense!" shouted Katara, jabbing her finger once more into Sokka's chest to prove her point.

"It does to me!"

"Argh! You always have to ruin everything, Sokka!"

"Oh, I ruin everything, do I?"

"Yeah, you do! You always have to butt into my personal business!"

"But that's my job!"

"That's why you're so infuriating!"

"I was just coming out here to tell you guys something when you decided to give me the oogies!"

"Stop saying that!"

"It's true!"

As Katara and Sokka argued back and forth, poor Aang stood off to the side as he watched the scene unfold. He meekly sighed, feeling very small as he watched the siblings continued to have their little 'discussion'. He knew he had to stop the situation from escalating any further, so he decided to do the right thing and intervene. "Uh, Sokka?" he hesitantly asked with a slightly raised hand, as if he were a school boy who was waiting for his turn to be called upon. "Sokka!" he called out, hoping he wasn't being too intrusive.

"Time out," relented Sokka as he closed his eyes and held up a hand to Katara's face, leaving him to glower into his palm while she dropped her finger from his chest. Opening his eyes as he looked at the younger boy, he said, "Yeah, Aang?"

Aang dryly gulped, begging the Spirits to make this encounter go in his favor. "You're not upset about me kissing Katara?"

"Why would I be upset?" asked Sokka as he dropped his hand from Katara's face.

Aang blinked his confusion. "Um…maybe because she's your sister and you feel really protective of her?"

Sokka chuckled. "The only thing I'm upset about is that you two gave me the oogies." Katara growled her frustration as she stamped her foot, snorting a heavy blast of annoyance from her nostrils. Ignoring his sister, Sokka said, "Believe me, Aang, I'm far from upset with you."

Aang's morale dropped, as did his shoulders, thinking that Sokka was furious with him. " Oh…you are?"

"Of course I am," earnestly replied Sokka. A merry smile burst to life on his face as he cheerfully said, "I'm estatic!"

Now both Aang and Katara blinked their confusion in unison. "…You are?" uncertainly asked Katara after a few moments of silence.

Sokka shook his head as he smirked. "Do I have to spell it out for you?"

"Please," sarcastically drawled Katara as she rolled her eyes, "enlighten us, O Wise Brother of Mine."

His ego stroked, Sokka's smug smile appeared, his eyes filled with a satisfied light. Turning back to Aang, he said, "Look buddy, I know that you and Katara have been best friends pretty much since the first day you guys met." He shrugged as he added, "I figured it was only a matter of time before you started developing feelings for her."

"You knew about my feelings for Katara?" asked Aang with a dubiously raised eyebrow.

"Oh puh-lease!" said Sokka with a 'come-off-it' wave of his hand. "You couldn't have made it any more obvious than if you painted Appa bright yellow and pink!"

"Why didn't you say anything?" asked Katara, her earlier frustration and annoyance gone.

Looking back at Katara, Sokka said, "I had decided at the time to let you two figure it out on from your own." He mischievously smirked as he added, "Judging by what I just saw, it seems that I was right to do so."

"And you're okay with me being with Aang?" slowly asked Katara, staring at her brother as if he wasn't who he actually was, as if he were a strange replacement for the annoyance that was her brother.

"Have I said anything to make you think otherwise?" asked Sokka.

After a few thoughtful moments, Katara said, "No."

"Then it's official," cheerily said Sokka with a clap of his hands. In a dramatic flair, he theatrically said, "I, Sokka, Meat-Loving Comedian and Sarcastic Swordsman of Team Avatar, give my blessing to my sister to date Aang!" With a playful wink to his sister, he added, "As long as they don't give me too many oogies."

Deciding to ignore his last statement, Katara sincerely smiled and said, "That's really sweet of you to give your blessing to us, Sokka."

"Yeah," piped in Aang with a bright smile. "That was really awesome of you to do."

"Well, that's just me for ya," nonchalantly said Sokka with a casual shrug of his shoulders. Proudly smiling at Aang, he added, "Besides, there's no one else I would trust to be with my sister. I've seen you grow up a lot during our journey, Aang, and I know you'd do anything to protect Katara. So, with that being said, you're the only guy I'd ever approve of her dating." The new couple gratefully smiled at Sokka, touched that he really did trust Aang that much.

Now that the moment had passed, Aang asked, "What'd you come out here to tell us?"

"Oh! Right!" realized Sokka with a raised finger. "We're about to head out."

Aang's eyebrow perplexedly raised. "But the Earth King's celebration doesn't start for a couple more hours!"

"I know," replied Sokka as he walked past Appa, who had been watching them the whole time. "We wanted to take Appa out for a ride first!" Appa perked up as Sokka mentioned his name, uttering a surprised grunt. As Sokka reached the steps, he called out over his shoulder, "Now no more oogies in front of me, you two!"

Katara merely groaned as Sokka disappeared inside the tea shop, no doubt telling the others of her new relationship with Aang. She had a feeling that both Sokka and Toph would tease them to no end about the matter, so she decided to brace herself for those future happenings.

Aang looked back at Katara and let out a sigh of relief. "I can't believe he took it as well as he did."

"Me too," agreed Katara, walking over towards Aang and taking hold of his hand. She smiled at him as he smiled back at her, their eyes shining bright with life and youth. "Aang, I want to apologize to you."

"For what?"

A look of guilt plastered itself onto her beautiful face. "I'm sorry that I didn't figure out my feelings for you sooner. I didn't mean to hurt you with my rejection back at Ember Island. I was just so afraid of losing you. My heart would've shattered if something awful had happened to you during the Comet..."

Tenderly cupping his hand on her cheek, Aang smiled as he warmly said, "Don't worry about it, Katara. There's nothing to be sorry about. Besides…" He trailed off as he kissed her nose, making her smile all the more. "Now you're not confused anymore, and I'm glad you feel the same way about me as I do about you."

"Trust me, Aang," chuckled Katara as she lovingly squeezed his hand, "I'm glad too." She put her free hand on top of his hand, the one that was cupping her cheek, and interlaced her fingers with his. They both affectionately smiled at the contact between them, and soon they pulled each other into another kiss. However, this one was slightly shorter than the previous one, but the amount of love that passed between them remained the same. Soon they broke off their amorous contact, staring deeply into each other's eyes even as one would stare into the wondrous night sky.

"You have no idea how happy you've made me today, Katara," said Aang as he dropped his hand from her face, still holding both of her hands in his. "For the longest time, I've wanted to tell you how much I love you, how much I want to be with you every day of your life."

"Oh, Aang…" sweetly cooed Katara as she smiled and blushed. "You really are an amazing young man, and I've seen you grow up so much over our journey. Like I told you at the Invasion, you're no longer the little boy I found in the iceberg; you've become the Avatar you were destined to be, and I couldn't be more proud of you. You've always been there for me, and I promise to always be there for you for however long we're together like this." Throwing in a wistful wink, she added, "Which I hope lasts a long, long time." Aang couldn't help but smile at her words, feeling like all of his wildest dreams were coming true before his eyes.

The two of them pulled into another embrace, resting their heads on their partner's shoulder as they hugged one another. From the doorway watched Sokka, Suki, Toph, Zuko, and Iroh. Mai and Momo were still inside, choosing to not take part in watching the new couple in their first few precious moments.

"Aww," quietly said Suki, warmly smiling at the sight before her. "They look so cute together!"

"Took 'em long enough," chuckled Toph, leaning against the entrance frame of the tea shop as she smiled upon the scene that she felt through the stone.

"Ah, young love," contentedly sighed Iroh, a merry smile spreading across his lips. "There is truly nothing like it in this world of ours. I'm truly happy that those two found happiness and love with each other, and I hope that their love lasts for many long years to come."

"I'm sure it will, Uncle," assured Zuko with a small smile, eliciting a slight nod of affirmation from Iroh.

Sokka smiled at the heart-warming scene, glad to see that his best friend and his sister were happy to be together in this new-found love of theirs. "If only you could see Katara now, Mom…" he quietly whispered to himself, thinking of how his deceased mother would have cried out with joy at the sight of her baby girl finding love. Sokka's smile grew, for he knew that he had fulfilled his ultimate duty as a brother: ensuring the happiness of his younger sister.


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