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Recap:Everything seems to be going normal for Serena until word gets out that an old enemy, Jadeite may be alive and has Taken Luna away. Upon this discovery. Amy and Raye Transform to confront Jadeite themselves, much to Lita, Mina and Artemis' dismay.

Chapter 2:Enemy unfrozen! Jadeite returns!

Serena finally makes it to Raye's house. There she finds Mina, Lita and Artemis all looking particularly worried. Too worried to scold her tardyness for once. When she noticed that Raye and Amy were absent, she asked of their whereabouts as well as Luna's. The two remaining girls looked at each other then at their friend. It was time to explain and quick. When they were done explaining the situation, the moon princess couldn't believe what she heard.

"Jadeite might be back?" she questioned. "That's impossible, we beat him a long time ago and queen Beryl froze him. He can't possibly be back!"

"But he is." Artemis confirmed. "And he has luna. Amy and Raye went to go after him. I fear they may be heading into a trap. Serena, you should go find them and help them out." with those words, and the news of an old enemy returning, Serena transformed and headed out to find her friends and Luna as well as deal with Jadeite. "MOON COSMIC POWER!"

"What about us?" Lita asked.

Artemis shook his head. "I think it's best if sailor moon, mercury and mars handle this." As much as he hated admitting so, he was right. After all, Jupiter and venus didn't know queen Beryl's first two generals and how much trouble they caused. To most, it seemed like Jadeite alone wouldn't be enough to stand against sailor moon since queen Beryl and the other three generals were long gone. But who knows what new abilities he may have gained from being frozen for so long?


It appeared that the sailor soldiers could not have transformed at a better time. Outside the pizza shop was a monster sent by the witches 5 to search for a heart talisman. This monster was quite the character indeed;he looked a bit like the stereotypical pizza maker, only his skin was an odd blue colour and he appeared to have antennas. Like many of the monsters the sailor soldiers fought, he was not only going after the innocent but he was incredibly goofy.

"Who ordered the pure heart-a deluxe?" he asked in a playful tone as he tossed a pizza delivery box at one of the costumers. Unlike most normal delivery boxes, when this one opened, the mans heart crystal was slowly being pulled out of his body. He had thrown several more heart snatching delivery boxes thorughout the restaurant, many of which were difficult to dodge.

"I'll-a have many pure hearts in-a thirty seconds or your money back!" the pizza delievery monster taunted as dozens of heart crystals were being pulled out of the costumers. His special delivery of the pure hearts would be interrupted by none other than the sailor scouts. While they were searching for Jadiete, dealing with a monster from the witches five was a main priority. Sailors Mercury and Mars were ready to teach this goofy demon a lesson.

"Stop right there!" sailor mercury called. "To steal the hearts of innocent and hungry people is something that cannot be forgiven.

"We are the sailor warriors of love and justice the pretty soldiers in sailor suits!" Sailor mars added. They did their signature intro poses as they usually do when running into a villain from the negaverse.

"Sailor Mecrury!"

"Sailor Mars!"

"In the name of the moon," both scouts preached simultaneously. "We'll punish you!"

A large sweatdrop appeared on the pizza delievery monsters head. He wasn't expecting a challenger to appear let alone two and the fact that the ones who challenged him were teenage girls made him even more annoyed.

"Mama Mia!" he said shaking his head. "This will not-a do at all. Oh, well, ciao bellas!" Many slices of pepperoni were being thrown at the girls, at face value, slices of pepperoni shouldn't be a threat but they were since these slices exploded. Mercury and Mars Struggled to dodge the pepperoni bomsbs. This monster wasn't exactly like the others, sure he was as silly as the others but his aim was sharp as a needle from the denstist. The more dangerous pizza related objects he threw, the more difficult it became for the sailor soldiers to dodge. The best they could do in the newly abandoned restaurant was to attack.

"SHINE AQUA ILLUSION!" Mercry cried. Her attack headed towards the monster only to be absorbed by one of his pizza delievery boxes. Surprised she decides that another attack wouldn't do much good. Mars however would have to find out the hard way.

"BURNING MANDALA!" Mars shouted. The result of her attack was the same as Mercury's. Her attack was absorbed into a box. Things got really bad when the boxes opened and their attacks were fired back at them, the scouts barely got away in to make matters worse, he teleported away with the heart crystals that he stole. It looked like the girls lost that round. "Better luck-a next time sailor warriors, ciao!"

Mercury and Mars put their hands on their forheads in complete shame and disbelief. How could they have let a heart snatching monster get away? Why were their attacks so useless against them and on top of all of that, they had jadeite to deal with and no sailor moon around. From the looks of things, the sailor team may have lost fight against the negaverse, especially if any of those heart crystals were pure heart talismans. But they weren't ready to throw in the towel, not yet. Using her mini-computer, sailor mercury was able to locate pizza monster.

"He's at the playground at a birthday party!" Mercury said. "We have to get there and quick!"


Luna was being held on what appeared to be a cricifix. The cat was barely conscious but fully aware of what was going on. She knew she was in the negaverse. She knew that she was being held captive. But she had yet to see the one who had taken her hostage. At least until Jadeite approached her.

"Ah, you are still awake I see." the former general greeted.

"Jadeite..." Luna responded, her voice sounding quite raspy as if she had been screaming for help for a long period of time. "What do you want with me?" She asked simply.

"Why revenge of course." he answered. "On sailor moon. Because of her I spent the past few thousand light years in what should have been eternal sleep. But now that I am awake and thawed out, I can take my revenge on her. But to do that, I'll need your body! Sailor moon is powerful but even she can't conquer her true enemy, herself. And soon I will prove it."

Luna at first didn't know what Jadeite was getting at. Sure Serena could be a meatball head and very klutzy and at times even a crybaby but something what the former general really meant wasn't clear. Just what did he mean that he would prove that Sailor moon couldn't conquer herself? She had done so before.

"Everyone has a dark side luna." the blond alien contiued. "Even someone as 'pure hearted' as your beloved Serena. Not to mention, I know that dark side will awaken when she has to fight you."

"You are demented Jadeite!I would never betray sailor moon nor would she surrender to her dark side, she does not have one!" Luna protested.

"We shall see about that." Jadeite replied. In his old fashion he had begun the process of creating a monster. But not from his previous methods from so long ago, oh no. he used a special jewel that he aquired after being unfrozen, a jewel that slowly but surely, turned the once guardian luna, into a vicious bloodthirsty cat.

"Now, sailor moon..."Jadeite shouted. "Prepare to awaken your dark side.

Meanwhile sailor moon was making her way to the park in hopes of finding Mercury and Mars, or Jadeite and Luna, little does she know, it may be too late to do anything.

"Luna, please hang on..." she said

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