Bad romance

Rated: Mature

Pairings: KakaHina, several side-pairings

Summary: Hinata goes to study at Konoha University and she quickly catches the eye of her teacher, Hatake Kakashi. He seems to be naughty, perverted, and interested in her. How will Hinata react to Kakashi's actions? Starts with teasing, continues with playing, ends in romance! ;)

Warnings: sexual content, teacher/student relationship, slash

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters.

Chapter 1. New teacher

Hinata nervously tightened her arms around the books she was holding as she approached her new school. The 18-year-old girl had just enrolled into her new university, ready for a new start. She was a smart girl, 5'2, beautiful long hair and pretty, but her attitude mostly kept people from approaching her. She was shy and insecure, and mostly avoided eye contact.

She looked at the sign that was in front of the school. 'Konoha University'. Her father decided for her to go to university, because she was smart enough to become successful. Hinata wasn't sure about studying, but maybe her father was right. If you had the brains, you should use them. She nervously looked at her feet as she made her way to her new locker. Today would be the first day...

"Oof!" She bumped into a hard chest and she quickly backed away, bowing and apologizing inaudibly. She kept her eyes shut, feeling her cheeks burn with embarrassment until she heard a chuckle. She slowly opened her eyes and straightened her back, looking up at the young man in front of her.

"Don't worry, I didn't see you either" He said, looking down at her. He was a tall man, silver hair, beautiful eyes but… a mask was covering the rest of his face. She blinked curiously as she studied his face. The man noticed her staring at his face and bent over her, causing her to squeak and back away. "Seeing something interesting?" He asked.

"N-n-no! Bye!" She dashed off. Kakashi chuckled amusedly. "What an interesting girl" He said to himself, grinning as he watched her run away.


The bell rang and everyone was nervously running around, looking for their classrooms. Hinata's class seemed to be complete now, so everyone was now chatting with each other since their teacher was still not present. Hinata sat quietly in the back of the classroom, curiously looking around the class. She recognized Sasuke Uchiha, they had also been classmates in High School. She also recognized Shikamaru Nara. Of course the two geniuses would be attending university. And of course they would be in the same class as her.

She nervously sat there while the other classmates were chatting with each other. Fifteen minutes passed, and that's when finally their teacher decided to show up. Hinata's eyes widened. That was the same man she bumped into that morning! She couldn't believe he was her teacher! He simply walked into the classroom, told them "good morning", and calmly walked to his desk. He didn't apologize for being late, and his students looked at him with dumb expressions.

"Why is he wearing a mask?" Someone whispered, and more whispers followed. "Why is he so late?" "He's handsome!" "What a weird man" "I like him already!" Their teacher suddenly turned towards them and everyone stopped talking.

"Welcome to Konoha University" He said, eyeing the class. "I'm Hatake Kakashi, I'll be your homeroom teacher for the rest of your doomed university-lives" He said bluntly. All jaws dropped. "I'll also be teaching you P.E. so be sure to be in good shape. I want you all to work hard this year, I won't appreciate students who slack off" He said. The students swallowed.

"Now, please everyone, introduce yourself" He said, and he lazily sat down in his seat. He nodded at the student in the front. And so the introductions round started, and Hinata felt the nervousness rise when they were getting closer to her side of the classroom. And finally it was her turn, and she slowly stood on shaky legs. "Eh m-my name is Hinata Hyuuga" She said softly, almost whispering. "What?" Some students in the front asked. "My name is Hinata hyuuga!" She said louder, her voice high pitched as she clenched her fists nervously. Kakashi's raised his eyebrows in amusement. "Nice to meet you, miss Hyuuga" He said, and he smiled at her. Hinata nodded with a blush and quickly sat down again. Kakashi eyed her one more time before turning his attention back to the class.

He explained them about the methods, rules and finally handed them their schedules. He stopped in front of Hinata and she nervously looked up at him. "I'd like you…" He paused and looked at one of the girls in the front. "… to switch places with her" He said, pointing at the girl who sat in the front line. Hinata's eyes widened. She had purposely chosen for the seat in the back! "Okay?" Kakashi asked, smiling at her. Hinata nodded and obediently stood up with a red face. She and the girl switched and now she was in the front, right in front of Kakashi's desk. Why her? She sighed and bowed her head.

"So" Kakashi started, sitting down at his desk. "That was it for today" He said, and a loud "eeeehh?" was heard because of everyone's surprise. He laughed at their dumb expressions.

"Today was only introductions, but I don't feel like doing such activities. We know each other now, right? Classes will start tomorrow, please go home for now and prepare yourselves for tomorrow!" He said. The students first kept dumbly staring at their teacher, but then happily got from their seats and left the room. Hinata quickly followed them, avoiding eye contact with Kakashi. He gave her the creeps.

The next day Hinata quietly followed her classmates around the big building. They first had math, then biology, then Japanese, and their last class would be P.E.

Hinata was totally not looking forward to it. Since when did they teach P.E. at universities? She hadn't heard about that. "Why P.E.?" She sighed to herself. Sasuke who walked beside her noticed this. "We're the only university with P.E." He said. Hinata looked at him, questioned. "Oh.. I see.." She whispered. "Probably because of that pervert of a teacher" Shikamaru said, joining the two. "P-p-pervert?" Hinata stuttered. "Yeah, didn't you notice the way he looks at the girls? He's a pervert, and pedo" Shikamaru said. Of course, only a genius like him would notice something like that.

"K-Kakashi-sensei is very nice" She said. She thought he was a bit scary, and he made her feel uneasy. But he gave her sweet smiles, and he was really nice. In his own way. "He's just a pervert" Shikamaru said. "H-he's not!" Hinata said. Why was she defending him? She didn't know.


"Or… I'll take that back..." She mumbled to herself as she studied herself in the mirror. She was wearing the P.E. uniform, eyes wide with horror. The white short-sleeved T-shirt was almost transparent and the shorts was really short. She nervously crossed her legs, how could she wear this? So embarrassing! She quickly followed the other girls outside and they obediently did as they were told. Run a few laps, make teams and play basketball. Hinata was together with Sasuke and Shikamaru. She felt like she could go along well with them, since they were from her previous school, and both of them were calm and quiet too. Hinata did surprisingly well, although she couldn't help but glance at Kakashi sometimes.

Somehow she felt like he was staring at her, and every time she looked at him he would simply smile at her. She felt her ears burn when she was distracted by him and missed the ball.

"Come on, pay attention" Shikamaru said. The trio was behind now, despite the guys' abilities. Hinata was screwing up and she hated herself for it. Finally Kakashi whistled. "Alright, you all did well today" Kakashi said, and everyone gave a relieved sigh. "Except for…" His finger pointed at Hinata and she flinched. "Miss Hyuuga. Please come here. To the rest of you, good job. See you tomorrow" The bell rang and everyone left. "Good luck" Shikamaru muttered and Sasuke smirked as they left Hinata who was now frozen solid. They were glad P.E. was their last class of the day so they had enough time to shower and change.

Hinata stood frozen at the same spot while Kakashi approached her. "Don't worry, I'm not going to eat you" Kakashi laughed, noticing the expression on Hinata's face. "You weren't really bad, I only noticed…" He circled around her and Hinata gasped as his cold hands gently grabbed her arms.

"When doing a set shot…" He began, slowly moving her arms in front of her, and then up. "You hold your arms like this" He said, and Hinata shivered at the feeling of his breath on her neck. "Not like this" He moved her arms again. And then he moved them back up. "Got it?" He asked. Kakashi smirked, he could feel how she tensed her body.

"Y-y-yes I got it!" Hinata squeaked and she turned and backed away from him. "Hahaha" Kakashi laughed. "You're so cute" Hinata blushed. "W-what?" She stammered. Kakashi walked towards her and traced his finger down her cheek and chin, catching her eyes with his. "You can go" He finally said. Hinata nodded and quickly ran off.

'What's this?' She thought. She could feel her heart beating in her throat. She had reached the changing rooms and felt her cheeks with her hands. They were burning. Was she embarrassed.. or excited?

AN: Hey everyone! For those who are following my SasuHina story, I'm still continuing it so don't worry! I only wanted to write another story too for the variation, because I like writing so much. This one will be a fluffy KakaHina, with some smut in the future.

I got the title, of course, from Lady Gaga's song 'Bad Romance'. I called it Bad Romance because of the age difference and the teacher-student relationship ;) .This is my first time writing a Naruto story, involving its characters in a normal slice of life - life. So no fights, shinobi or anything.

Hope you like! :3