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Chapter 24. See you soon

"Hinata, I have no idea why you're taking me here right now. The flight is tomorrow and I still have things to do in my new apartment, can't we just –" "Just shut up and come with me Kakashi" Hinata sang happily. "The deal was just to have dinner for the night. I don't have anything to do in the dorms right now since I moved out" Kakashi complained, but he still obediently went with her as she pulled his arm.

"Just wait" Hinata said. She led him into the building, and they were overwhelmed with loud cheering sounds and were strewed with confetti while everyone yelled "Surpriiise!". Hinata giggled at Kakashi's baffled expression. He looked at the big banners with "Goodbye Kakashi" "Thank you for everything!" "We will miss you!".

Hinata was sure she saw his eyes sparkle for a moment, but he soon regained himself and ran towards the crowd for a group hug. Hinata stood still at the entrance and watched them with a smile. She laughed as the crowd started carrying him, holding him up in the air and cheering loudly. A tear pricked in the corner in her eye when she realized this was really a goodbye party. And that not only he wouldn't live here anymore, but that he would also leave to America for half a year. Tomorrow.

"Hinata come!" Naruto shouted happily after staking his loud roars. She laughed and ran towards the crowd. Arms wrapped around her and she never felt so close to her fellow dorm mates before. Soon after they were all having a drink together, dancing on the music and chatting happily. "You guys really did great on this" Kakashi said full of surprise, and he gazed around the decorated lobby. "Didn't we?" Kiba said with a big grin, and he and Naruto high-fived. "We've gotta do something or our teacher who took care of us this whole time" Sasuke said coolly. Kakashi looked at him, and Sasuke looked back. A flashback of his kiss scene with Naruto, and Kakashi and Hinata at the door made Sasuke choke on the cake he just stuffed in his mouth. "Sasuke!" Naruto laughed and he started patting his back. "Eat slowly man!" He teased. When Sasuke was done coughing he grumbled and shoved the cake in Naruto's hand. "I hate sweet stuff" He mumbled, and he walked away without looking at Kakashi again.

"What's wrong?" Shikamaru asked when Sasuke abandoned them and went to talk with some other students who were at the party. "He's just embarrassed" Kakashi said. "Of what?" Hinata and Shikamaru asked at the same time. Kakashi raised his eyebrows at them, and Hinata then remembered what he could be talking about. "Oh…" She said, and she giggled. "What?" Shikamaru asked curiously. "Nothing" Kakashi said with a smile.

It actually turned out in a real successful party. Too successful, maybe. Everyone drank a lot, and it was revealed to the whole dorm that Sasuke and Naruto were not just friends. Simply, because the drunk Naruto and the tipsy Sasuke started making out with each other in front of everyone, and Kakashi noted that this was just normal.

Shikamaru did faint there because of the combination of the alcohol and the shock, and hit his head hard against the table. He was brought back to his room by Ino who drank a lot but was just fine, and after that she had to bring a drunk Sakura back home. She wanted to return to the party after returning her, but Sakura didn't manage to keep everything inside, so with her clothes covered in vomit, she decided that she'd better go home.

Around 4.30 in the morning, everyone had finally returned to their rooms, and the non-dormers had gone back home as well, leaving the lobby empty – aside from the messed up decorations, the empty bottles, and the mess on the floor. And Kakashi, he was walking with his girlfriend in his arms, heading for her room. She too had a drink too much, and fainted right before the party ended.

He entered her room, took off her blouse and skirt, leaving her in her tank top and panties, and laid her in her bed. Naruto was already fast asleep in his own bed, and Kakashi was glad he didn't catch him with Sasuke in his bed. "Hinata" He whispered, and he caressed her forehead. He leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. He then got up, ready to leave to his own apartment. But a small hand grabbed his, and he turned. "Kakashi" She was awake. "Stay…" She whispered. Kakashi thought for a moment. The night after, he would leave to America. This was probably… the last chance to sleep with her against him. After that, he would have to sleep six months without her.

He took off his clothes and joined her in her small one man's bed, and snuggled with her. He wrapped his arms around her, pulled her close to him and fell asleep within a few seconds.

Hinata woke up with a headache she never felt before in the morning. This must be what they call a hangover. She moaned and lifted her head. She looked where the warmth came from and noticed her lover was with her. "Kakashi" She whispered with a smile, and she moved her hand through his hair. Wait. She looked around. This was her own room! Not his, of course not because he didn't have his room anymore, but.. She looked at the other bed. Naruto was fast asleep. But he was present.

She gasped and pulled the covers up, but she noticed that she was still wearing her tank top. Kakashi hadn't been that perverted then. Not that she minded that he slept with her, but it was so embarrassing because Naruto was in the same room as well. When Naruto's snoring sounds filled the room, she was put at ease again. It was okay, Naruto was fast asleep after all. She lay back down and turned so she and Kakashi were spooning.

"Hey" Kakashi whispered, and he caressed her back. "You're awake?" She asked softly. "Uhuh" He yawned and stretched his arm out before looking at his watch. "Eleven. Ah well, at least we got some sleep" He said tiredly. "Yeah" Hinata said, as she looked over her shoulder at him. She then sighed and lay her head back down again. "What's wrong?" Kakashi whispered, wrapping his arms around her from behind her and leaning his chin on her shoulder. "You're leaving tonight" She whispered. "Yeah.." Kakashi replied, and he leaned his head on her shoulder some longer. "You'll be fine. And me too" He said. Hinata didn't answer. Then a squeak came from her mouth when he scribbled his fingers over her stomach. "N-no don't! We'll wake Naruto" She squeaked and she turned in his embrace so she was facing him.

"Kumori-chan" Kakashi teased, and he stuck his tongue out. "Pervert teacher" She replied. She immediately regretted this because he now fully attacked her stomach and sides, making her squeal with laughter. But gladly it wasn't enough to wake Naruto. That guy could sleep so deeply, especially after a party like that.


After they finally got the energy to leave their warm bed, they took a quick shower, changed clothes and quickly helped the others clean the lobby. They then went to Kakashi's apartment to pack his stuff. "What are you sitting there?" Kakashi asked. While he was packing his suitcase, Hinata was sitting on his new bed. She was hugging her knees and sulking.

"You can at least help me a bit, Hinata" Kakashi said as he got over to her side. "It's for our sake, remember" He said, sweetly lifting her chin with his finger. "Hmhm" She replied with a nod. "Well then, come and help me" He said. When he wanted to go back to his suitcase,

Hinata suddenly grabbed him by his shirt, pulled him towards her and kissed him on his masked face. "Kakashi…" She whispered, and she moved his mask down. Kakashi looked at her in confusion.

"Hinata, I really have to –" She kissed him again and succeeded in pulling him on the bed, so now he was on top of her. And it didn't take a lot of effort, because Kakashi gave in. He passionately kissed her back, his hands pulling at the fabric of her shirt. Hinata moved her arms up and he moved the shirt over her head, tossing it aside. She then took off his, and that one was discarded too. His hands worked skillfully on the buttons of her pants, and soon she was half naked. Hinata too removed the remaining parts of his clothes, leaving him completely naked while she was still in underwear.

"Kakashi" Hinata whispered when he looked her in her eyes, his eyes full with passion. "Hinata" He whispered back, and he leaned in to kiss her again while his hand moved to remove her panties. He then gently grabbed her ankle and moved her foot up in the air. Hinata blushed because this left her womanhood exposed, which still embarrassed her to be seen.

Kakashi sweetly placed kisses on her foot, slowly moving towards her leg. She twitched when he licked the back of her knee and he smirked. He then slowly continued his trail of kisses until he was close to her wet folds. "Ah!" She threw her head back when he flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit. She clasped her hand over her mouth and suppressed a moan. He kept licking her skillfully, still holding her leg up in the air, and holding the other leg apart with his other hand. She arched her back when she was close to the edge, and he let go of her leg that wrapped itself around him automatically. He replaced his tongue with his fingers, slipping two of them inside her and she let out a soft cry as she came.

She wasn't even nearly finished yet and he suddenly pushed into her, sliding his erection deep inside of her. Hinata let out more cries as he pumped in and out of her. His hands moved to her breasts and moved the bra up, exposing those mounds he liked oh so much. He started rubbing them while never stopping sliding in and out of her.

"Kakashi!" Hinata moaned, and he too gave a cry before spilling inside of her. He let himself fall down on top of her, and she wrapped her arms around his sweaty back. They lay there in silence, panting and catching their breaths. "That was the first time… in your new room" Hinata whispered. Kakashi pulled back and looked at her with a smile.

"After I get back, let's make it a hundred times more" He said playfully. "A h-hundred?!" She squeaked. But he captured her lips with his once again and kissed her sweetly. "Yes, wait for it" He said with a wink, and he playfully poked her nose. He then quickly moved off the bed to hastily put his clothes back on.

"Two hours left. I really have to finish packing now sweetheart" He said after gazing at his watch, and seeing her pout. "Yes" She whispered, and she quickly put her clothes on as well.

Two hours later they were at the airport, after having a quick meal at Ichiraku's. "I thought you'd never come" Hiashi said when Kakashi showed up with Hinata by his side. "Why wouldn't I?" Kakashi said with a big grin. "Ready Neji?" He said. "Yes" Neji said, and Hinata couldn't quite see on his face whether he liked Kakashi coming with him, or not. She feared the second.

"Bye, Neji" Hinata said with a smile. "Well Neji, take care" Hiashi gave him a quick hug. "He then turned to Kakashi. "I entrust him to you then. Make sure he's safe and well" Hiashi said. "Yes sir" Kakashi said with a nod.

"Kakashi" Hinata said with trembling lips. He turned to look at her and smiled sweetly. "Come here" He said, spreading his arms. With tears in her eyes she ran into his arms, drowning in a deep embrace. When they finally pulled back, Kakashi placed a kiss on her forehead, then one on her cheek and then one on her lips. Hiashi, Neji and Hanabi stood awkwardly around them. "Take care Hina. I'll see you soon" Kakashi said, and Hinata nodded. "I love you" She whispered when he turned around. He looked over his shoulder and smiled. "Love you too" He said with a wink. He then followed Neji and they disappeared out of sight.

Hiashi, Hanabi and Hinata stayed and waited until they saw the plain leave. "Father" Hinata said softly while still staring at the plane in the air. She then looked at her father with a defiant look on her face. "You'd better keep your promise. I love him" She said. Hiashi first raised his eyebrows and then smiled. "Don't worry. I will" Was the answer.

Meanwhile in the airplane

"I know her ever since she's young" Neji said. "Don't go saying you know her better than I do. You'll lose anyway" Was the answer of the adult. Neji glared at Kakashi.

"Don't tell me you know her better. You're not even together for that long" He said. "Do you even know her favorite color? Her favorite food? Her favorite tea?" Neji asked. "Purple. Ichiraku's ramen, cinnamon rolls and strawberries. And favorite tea would be strawberry as well" Kakashi said, and he looked at the younger male.

"Then, did you know she almost drowned when she was young?" Neji asked. "No I didn't. Did you know that she loves reading and her favorite book is Romeo and Juliet?" Kakashi asked. "Well, no. Did you know her hair used to be like this?" Neji said, hiding a big part of his own hair to show it how short it used to be. "I did. I saw her photo album" Kakashi said with a grin.

"Did you know she's afraid of caterpillars?" Kakashi asked. "Of course I knew that! Did you know she loves rabbits?!" Neji was growing more and more irritated, while Kakashi only grew more amused. "I admit I didn't. But…" He grinned.

"Did you know she's ticklish everywhere? The back of her knees probably the most. Or underarms. Or feet. Hmm" Kakashi said with a thinking-frown, and Neji's face became tomato-red. "No I didn't" He said, and from then on he shut up.

Kakashi smirked at the sulking Hyuuga. Even though they were just cousins, Neji was really having some sister-complex issues. Or so it seemed. Being that irritated because Kakashi was able to touch her here and there, and he wasn't. They were silent for the rest of the flight. While Neji never stopped sulking, Kakashi was having nicer thoughts. Thoughts about Hinata, and about the moment they would see each other again. He was already excited for it.