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P.S no Conrad and four years later

Iggy, Fang & Max: 18

Nudge: 16 Gazzy: 12 Angel: 10 Chase: 2

Gazzy: HI!

Me: Sorry he ate all the cookies and saw what I was doing.

Chapter 1: What's going on?

Fang hasn't come back yet…Chase's scared and Angel can't pick up either of their thoughts even though Chase is right next to her. He is doesn't have mind blocks yet he's only two. You are all probably thinking why don't you call Fang on his cell phone well he left it uncharged again. Your also probably wondering where the rest of the flock is well Iggy left two years ago when Chase was born because as he put it "All pyromaniacs have anger issues and mine have taken over" and we haven't heard from or seen from him since. Gazzy is here he just is somewhere probably plotting ways to kill Chase because he hates him. Nudge got a job in a big city and she is safe and we hear from her…sometimes. If she knew how we are not happy she would come back and we would love that but she wouldn't be happy anymore and we all know that Nudge is not Nudge without being happy. We as in Fang and I know that Angel would love to take Gazzy and just fly away to find Iggy and then the three of them would go live with Nudge but she's afraid to leave us. I find here in her bedroom and say,

"Angel you and Gazzy can go."

She looks at me with a huge smile on her face but says,

"Are you sure."

"Yeah," I say, "Get Gazzy and I'll help you guys pack."

I help them pack and then 20 minutes later they leave. When they leave they take a little part of me with them. Also I know there is nothing to worry about they are safe because all the erasers and white coats are gone but still they are only 10 and 12 and they are bird hybrids! I can't help feeling that Fang is waiting for Angel and Gazzy with Iggy and they all left me…and Chase. I mean Chase isn't even Fang's he's Iggy's but only Iggy and I know that. That's why when Fang found out he severely injured Dylan and would have killed him if I hadn't stopped him. Everybody thinks that Chase is Dylan's even though Chase looks just like Iggy even though I have dyed his hair brown ever since he got hair. Now it's even more strawberry blond than ever they didn't say anything. I would dye it again but why should I if it's only me and him.

"Why don't we go for a walk," I tell Chase.

"Okay," he says happily oblivious to the fact that we are now alone.

Even though Chase has wings he doesn't know how to fly Iggy said he would teach him but he bailed. Fang hated Dylan so refused to teach Chase to fly Gazzy is too young and hated Dylan and I won't I just won't. It's a secret fear of mine that we didn't defeat Itex and they will rise again. Well it is time to go back home and stop talking about my secret fears.

10 minutes later

Awww crap!

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