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They were coasting on a long empty tank of adrenaline by the time they made it back to camp. Filthy, sweat soaked, blood stained, and as tired as hell. Even he'd been flagging through the last half a mile, practically dragging the kid along and hefting both their packs to boot as the kid's legs threatened to give out entirety. It had been too dangerous to stop, too much of a risk…

He hadn't been this burned out in a long time. Not since the early days, the ones where you were too keyed up to shut your eyes. Too aware of every sound, every sigh, every shift.. It was the kind of bone deep exhaustion that you could feel in every step, every movement, hell, in every god damned twitch.

He nodded to Dale and Rick as he passed, but let the kid do the talking. Explaining what had happened as he took their bulging sacks of pilfered food and clothing to the RV, content to let Lori and the other women sort through them as he made tracks towards the shallow river at the edge of camp. Not even thinking twice about it as he peeled off his nasty, grime encrusted shirt right then and there. Doing a quick, impersonal wash up as the muscles in his calves burned. Getting rid of the worst of the sweat and grit as he ducked his head under the water, biting his lip against the frigid chill as he let it wash him clean, only coming up for air when his lungs started putting up a fuss.

Christ he was tired..

He shook himself once, then twice, water still streaming down his face as he cast a critical look at his shucked off shirt, eventually curling his lip in disgust as he let the water continue to drip. Letting his skin air dry as he stalked back to camp, balling up the stinking thing and tossing it towards Carol's laundry basket as soon as he was within range. Giving the timid woman an appreciative nod as he passed, the both of them having long ago reached a sort of accord as far as laundry went.

Though, if he was being honest, it had probably started somewhere around the time she had come across him dunking his clothes in the lake by the quarry, too arsed to consider the fact that perhaps they needed a bit more then a simple wet down to keep them clean. He was sure she had her own reasons for doing it, busy work maybe. Or maybe she was just tryin' to be nice. Either way it worked for him and it worked for her. He hadn't looked too much more into it then that.

He bypassed the fire on his way towards the tents, snatching up a handful of crackers and some over cooked meat that was leftover on someone's plate. Paying the woman little mind when the action elicited a somewhat disgruntled sounding 'ahem' from Andrea as she put her head on swivel, giving him the stink eye as he tossed her a careless wave. Figuring if she was really fussed about it she would have come after him with her Glock seven.

..Women. You never could tell what was goin' on in those pretty little heads of theirs.. No wonder the world had gone and fuckin' ended on 'em..

It took him longer then it should have to realize that the kid had followed him, sliding in front of him somewhere in between the fire and his tent. Flopping across his sleeping bag like he owned the damn thing before he'd even so much as ducked inside. …The kid had some serious balls. He'd give him that.

Irritation rose, flowing through the length of him as he looked around, doing a quick head count of the others working around camp before he stepped forward, fists clenching rhythmically as he ducked inside. Deliberately not looking at the kid as his knuckles cracked. He was so not in the mood for this..

But when he took in the way the kid was stretching out, spreading out across the blankets like some kind of fucked up starfish. He realized that he just didn't have it in him to tell the kid to beat it. Not tonight.. He shook his head tiredly, immediately regretting the action when his vision spun on its heel. The decision practically made for him right then and there as he ran a callous roughened hand through his damp hair. He was just too fucking tired to go twelve rounds tonight.

Discreteness be damned.

Let the others think what they wanted. Wasn't like it was any of their business anyway.. Besides, he knew he wasn't the only one getting sick and tired of all this god damned tip toeing. He'd caught those longing, disappointed little looks the kid kept shootin' him when he would slip out of the kid's tent in the early dawn, leaving the Korean alone solely for the sake of appearances. He was fuckin' fed up with it. If the others didn't know about them by now then they probably wouldn't pick up on this not so discrete clue either.

Fuck 'em.

And as if to prove that point he forced his aching joints to bend. Zipping the tent flaps closed before he hooked the man in for a sudden kiss, making the kid 'mmph' in surprise against his lips before he relaxed, opening himself up to the kiss with an equally as melting return. The kid was all warm lips and tea tainted breath. But he licked his way past it, tongue spearing outwards as he searched for the kid's taste underneath, nipping at his lips almost unconsciously when the kid's fingers tangled in his hair. Tugging like he always did when he began to get impatient.

The kiss came out slow. Going lazy and streamlined, with far more teeth then he was used to. But in that moment, a moment where there was no more energy left to fight, or push. Nothing left in the kid but to just respond. Well, he wouldn't have changed that kiss for anything. Because it was in those little imperfections that the soul of the matter came out, the feeling.. It was enough to bowl a man over..

But what he hadn't been counting on was for the kid to take to it, especially like that. Because the kid just pulled him in, all tired and slow, upsetting his balance as he brought him down on top of him. Their groins coming together in an unchecked rush that had them both grunting, stuck somewhere between both pleasure and pain as their nerve endings went taunt, sparking at the tips as they ground together. Unconsciously bucking into the roar as the demand for more..more..only grew, leaving them breathless in the aftermath as he slammed a hand down only inches from the kid's head. Gnawing on the inside of his cheek in an effort to bring himself back under control.


The kid just panted up at him, eyes going half lidded as his lips curled into a slow, lazy smile. Sharp nails coasting along the coarse skin of his chest, scratching appreciatively through the light, honey brown hairs he found there. He held back a unconscious flinch, shivering into the sensation as he leaned forward. Giving the kid his head as a single, hitching gasp escaped into the growing darkness. Unable to hold back as he ducked his head into the curve of the man's shoulder, letting those strong little hands work their magic. The action sending bolt-like arrows of pleasure zipping down his spine, like a fork to a frickin' fuse box, intense and completely unpredictable.

..He'd almost forgotten it could be like this…That he could feel like this..

He had no idea where his dick got the nerve, or even the energy to get hard. Especially considering that close to ten seconds ago he hadn't been thinking anything even remotely sexual. Hell, the only relationship he'd had planned for this evening was with his bed thank you very fucking much. But now? Not so much.

Because the kid was already wriggling out of his jeans, tossing them to the side as exhausted fingers tried and failed to pull off his dirt streaked shirt. Getting stuck in the arm holes, and flailing around until he couldn't help but snort out a laugh as he leaned down free him. Corded muscles bunching then releasing as he lifted the kid half off the thin pallet, hearing something tear around the hem line as he got impatient, yanking it off the younger man with a single, rough-shot flick of his wrist. Too damn tired and fed up to be gentle.

…He just couldn't..he..Christ..

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