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Note/Warning: Wrote this a couple of years ago, forgot it, found it again recently, and decided...why not? Set during the movie. Feedback greatly appreciated.

Future Flashes Green

She isn't jealous.

She opens her newly acquired bottle of whiskey and starts to swig like a member of AA falling off the bandwagon. That doesn't mean she's jealous. She hasn't had a (decent) vision in over a day, and she needs something crystal clear (and less upsetting) to occupy her mind.

Or else she might get jealous.

The alcohol burns her tongue and leaves a bitter aftertaste she's used to. The whiskey is something new, all she could get her hands on, but it should do the trick. There's a familiar warmth spreading through her more and more with each swallow. She can finally concentrate; every drop of liquor loosens her up, but the haze is something she welcomes.

Funny how aiming for drunken stupor leads to the future buzzing and swimming in her head instead of her own (bitter) thoughts.

But it's the same future she's seen for a week. Only now the visions aren't blurry; the out of focus snapshots are sharp and bright. Her stomach churns and it isn't out of disagreement with the whiskey. She clutches her head; they always disorient her, they always come with a dull throb near the front of her skull, but now they're so painful she could cry.

The pain just isn't in her head. The warmth in her chest gives way to a tight, clenching ache.

It isn't fair. It just isn't fair. She could almost scream at the unfairness of it all; she's not yet fifteen now, it isn't as if she's outgrown tantrums. But she's old enough to know why it hurts when she's envisioning what will take place in her (she's still paying for everything) motel room in just a short amount of time, and she's old enough to know that tantrums never get her anything (he's never around when the childish urge strikes).

She isn't jealous though. Just because she's drinking for different reasons than future clarity, it doesn't mean she's jealous. She's just lonely, and her head (heart) is starting to ache something fierce (shattering because he'll whisper someone else's name). The liquor numbs the pain.

But she's too fiery, and soon it'll just make it worse. She hopes she can drink herself past that point; maybe past the point of seeing things clearly.

Not because she's jealous. She's only broken, and no Stitch can fix her.