Superman Ultimate Fighter EX

Chapter 1 Light: Prince of the Heart

Once a part a time, there was a great and power warrior named Kenshinhan. His Power was unrivaled and unmatched. People were amazed that his power for a human boy. But he is no human. He's a Kryptonian warrior by blood. A Kryptonian is a powerful beings that are split into two groups, the intelligence side the creates the cities and battle moves. Then there is the warrior side of the race. Its the muscle of the race. But the warriors have a deadly power, the ability to transform to a dark being of rage and power. There is no stop fought the tyrant of a pleading city. It was a hard fight but Kenshinhan won and was the new upcoming king.

Now the King has a son named Light and this is his story...

(The Area is a beautiful world but its not the planet earth though. Its a part of earth that is made up of a realm)

Light: *Stands up*

Light: ...

Light: RA

*Punches Kicks Chops and Stances*

*Ten Slices of wood is chopped*

Light: hehehe that was good *Smiles*


Light: *etch* OK MOM *Files up*

Light: *Jumps Down* Hey Mother

Zena: So Just like we practiced

Zena: *Gives Watch and Book bag* Just press the button on the watch and it will transport you to the the realm of earth

Light: *Nods* OK

Kenshin: Son

Light: hmmm yeah father

Kenshin: If you need to fight hold back okay NO AWAKENING OK

Light: *Nods* I got ya sir

Kenshin: Good now you ready

Light: Yeah *Press the watch and telports*

*The City is big and full of life and people some parts are dark and some part are light.*

Light: *Walks up and looks for United Academy of Students*

Light: amazing. Its huge

Light: Man alot of kids are here too

(A Large amount of children are seated waiting for their name to be called and selected to a class group)

?: Hello

Light: uh oh hello

?: *Holds out hand* Your the new kid right

Light: Mm Yeah

Light: *Snakes hand* I'm Light

?: Nice to meet you Light

Admin: Benji Yammato! Come Forward

Benji: That's me well hope we meet again *walks forward*

Light: Likewise

(Kenji was a cubby but loveable 12 year old)

Hikari: *Sits in a chair*

Admin: Hikari! Come Forward

Hikari: *Runs forward*

Admin: Hey No Running Child

Hikari: Oh I'm Sorry sir

Light: Okay *Runs*


Light: *Opens the Door and looks at ticket* Room 412 Alright

Light: *Walks in*

Teacher: Ah, Welcome Student

Light: Hello Teacher

Teacher: Why don't you introduce yourself

Light: *Blushes* Um I'm Light

Light: Its nice to meet you all

Everyone: You too Light

Teacher: Take a Seat Light

Light: Walks to a Seat*

(A Girl looks at Light with hearts in her eyes)

Girl: *Sighs* (He's so cute)

Girl#2: Um Rina

Rina: Hmm Yeah Natale

*Bell rings*

Teacher: Okay Copy down the homework before you leave.

Light: Homework? Awe man *Stands and Packs up and Leaves*

Rina: He's cute isn't he

Natale: Yeah I guess, I like his eyes

Light: *Walks*

*He sees a spiky haired male beating up freshmen*


?: Huh

?: Your a freshman too, humph wait your turn

Light: *Runs at him*

?: *tch* *Punches Kick Sweep*

Light: *Dodges*

Light: *Punches*

?: *Sways*

Light: Hmph

?: Your strong humph but not enough *Punches gut Headbutts and Leg sweeps*

Light: AH *Falls*

?: I'm not done with you Silver *Walks away*

Light: *Stands* hehehehe *Wipes mouth*

Teen#1: Thank you

Light: *Smiles* (He's was fighting in full power. I wasn't either) hhehehee

*2 Days Later*

(Light and Benji and walking in the playground and they see the Spiky haired male again)

Light and ?: YOU!

?: The White haired boy and the Chubby kid too huh

Light: Time to end this

?: *Smiles* *Dashes*

*High Speed Clash*

*Students gather around to see*

Light: *Stances*

?: *Stances*

Light: Its over Gen

Gen: Hmph You've gotten better

Light: Never did

Gen: What

Light: I've always been this strong Gen

Gen: How do you know my name

Light: hehehehe

Gen: *tch* *Walks away*

Light: *Smiles*



Light: *Nods* A Super Fighter hehehe huh *Looks around him* man such a big crowd