Hey guys. This is Matsuda here. I just have a little thing to say about Yotsuba, and the manner in which they were caught.

Alright. For one thing. The Yotsuba members involved in the whole Kira plot were unbelievably stupid. And that statement means a lot, considering who it's coming from.

But really. Come on.

When you're holding secret meetings where you decide who to kill and who not to kill, you don't just say out loud, "Oh, it's a good thing these confidential meetings only happen along the weekends."

I mean, seriously? Seriously? Nothing suspicious about that, guys.

That would be like me standing in an elevator in a public place and saying, "Huh. It's a good thing the rooms are nice in my secret headquarters, because I can't pay my rent with the money I'm being paid currently."

(Which, sadly, happens to be the truth.)

All I'm saying is, Yotsuba is stupid.

And that I need a bigger salary. I know you're reading this, Ryuzaki.

Peace out!


That was really weird, but it was fun to write while cooking dinner. My overcooked rice and burnt salmon probably wouldn't say the same, but the best thing about inanimate objects is that they can't complain.

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~Ratt Kazamata


Thanks for reading!