Hello everyone that's reading this at this very moment. My name is Lightning God Traxid, and I'm alittle new to this site, well not that new. I've just been going around reading other peoples fan fiction's and now I've finally summoned up the courage to begin my own. XD Now a few weeks ago I finished reading this awesome manga called 'Future Diary' and I noticed that there weren't many Future Diary fan fictions. So I plan on making a Future Diary fan fiction of my own and it will be an entirely new survival game.

Now then, I'm not really good at coming up with characters and diaries but maybe you guys out there can help me out with that. You see, I want there to be at least seventeen diary holders in the new survival game. So if anyone wants to make a Future Diary Oc and let me use them in this story, I would really appreciate it. :D Here's the character sheet for your Oc if you wish to make one for the story and please try to be as descriptive as possible.







Future Diary:

Future Diary's Strengths:

Future Diary's Weaknesses:

Number In The Survival Game:


That's all I can really think of right now at the moment, I'll wait for about a week or two before I actually start this story to see if I should really do this or not depending on the type of reviews I get for this. And if you don't want to send your character's information to me by review then you can just PM it to me so that we can keep your characters identity and Future Diary Power a secret from the other readers. And try to make up Future Diary Powers, I don't mind using Future Diaries from the manga but it's always better to use your imagination and to try something new. ;)

Well, that's all I have to say for now. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope this story starts off really well. :D