Entry Number 21: Phase Three: The Kill!

"This is really starting to annoy me, now." The Eleventh Diary Holder, Miyako Kiyomizu, sighed as she walked around the forest trail while staring at the screen of the cell phone.

"What's wrong? Did something happen?" The Seventeenth Diary Holder, Xavier Rou, followed Miyako through the forest trail alongside several other students.

"Of course something happened." Miyako replied as she looked over her shoulder to glare at Xavier. "The Fifteenth has managed to kill off the scouts chasing after him. Now I no longer have any eyes on him. That [Weakness Diary] of his is no joke."

"I could have told you that. It tells him the physical and mental weaknesses of those around him. I have no idea on how we're going to get around that." Xavier sighed.

"Getting around it isn't much of a problem if we surround him." Miyako soon stopped in her tracks and took a moment to think. "Well, I guess chasing after him won't be much of a problem since I practically know where he's going to go."

"He's most likely heading back to his house to evacuate his family." Xavier assumed.

"Well now, look at the little junior detective." Miyako smiled as she completely turned around to face Xavier. "Okay Xavier, it's time for you to show me what you can really do out on the field."

"Out on the field? What are you talking about now, Miyako?" Xavier asked, feeling a little uncomfortable about Miyako's attitude at the moment.

"You clearly proved yourself to be on my side earlier when you betrayed Eneas. Now I want you to betray the entire Bastein family." Miyako replied. "None of them have any idea that you're on my side now. This gives you the perfect opportunity to infiltrate their house again and kill them."

"While I'm doing that, what are you going to be doing then?" Xavier asked, not wanting to leave the Eleventh alone yet after briefly forming their "alliance".

"I don't like the tone of voice you used to ask that question." A small frown appeared across the diary holder's face as she turned her back to Xavier. "If you must know, I'm going to regroup with the other students and prepare a full on assault on the Bastein family in case you come up short with the infiltration plan."

"Why not do the assault now? Don't you think they'll find it kind of strange that I'm the only one to return to their home while their family member is dead?" Xavier pointed out. "If I try to return to them now, they'll figure out that I betrayed them and they'll kill me on the spot."

"Hmmm…though it is a risk that I'm willing to take…I guess it would be bad for our alliance." Miyako sighed before she dialed a few numbers on her phone and placed it against her ear. "Hello…yes, it's time. Bring the soccer team, archery club, and the kendo club. We're ending the Fifteenth today." She said sternly before she hung up the phone.

"Wow, you really have turned the entire school into some kind of fortress now haven't you?" Xavier chuckled lightly.

"It surely wasn't easy. Thanks to the stunt that the Ninth pulled, it became easier for me to take over the school with all the occurring chaos." Miyako smiled at Xavier as she continued on her way down the trail.

"I assume that you're good at manipulating the minds of people during times of chaos and disorder?" Xavier inquired.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures, Seventeenth." Miyako replied. "The Ninth stepped up his game, so I simply did the same while managing to keep my identity hidden as well so far."

"What do you mean so far? The Fifteenth and I know your identity and perhaps even the Ninth as well considering the power of his diary." Xavier reminded his partner, only to have a gun quickly pulled on him. He jerked back a little while raising his hands into the air.

"I am well aware of that, Seventeenth. This is why I've chosen to form an alliance with you. You're going to help me eliminate those that know of my identity." Miyako said before she slowly lowered her gun and continued on down the trail with Xavier following behind her very cautiously. He figured that the female diary holder was still on edge about everything that was about to go down. He knew that he was. He was teaming up with someone he hardly even knew to take down even more people that he hardly even knew. He thought back to how all of this began to happen, starting back with the murder of the Sixth.

He began to wonder if it was a good idea on killing the Sixth in cold blood the other day. If he hadn't killed him, perhaps he wouldn't be in the situation that he was in right now. But after taking more time to think about it, he immediately disregarded his previous thought. He didn't regret killing the Sixth a single bit. He personally felt that the bastard reaped what he sowed. Xavier got himself into this mess by making a crucial decision that impacted the flow of the game. He wasn't going to hesitate to do it once again.

Xavier continued to follow Miyako down the trail until the both of them reached the end of the woods, seeing the house of the Bastein family in the distance. The two of them continued to wait there completely undetected while they waited for the arrival of their own personal squad of students. It didn't take long for them to get there. Before they knew it, the students from the soccer team, archery club, and the kendo club arrived and began to surround the house. So far everything was going well…perhaps a little too well for Miyako's liking. Something was going on right now and she didn't like it.

"This is too easy. The Fifteenth is definitely up to something right now and I don't like it." Miyako said while checking her [Student Diary]. "We shouldn't have been able to get this close to the house without some kind of trap going o…" Before she could finish her sentence, the signature static sound echoed from her cell phone, signaling that the future had just been changed. The moment that Miyako had just finished reading the "new future", her eyes widened in horror before she called out to her allies to retreat.

But it was already too late. The moment the students heard their leader's desperate cry for a retreat, the earth beneath them cracked and eventually collapsed, sending them all falling to their untimely deaths. The students that did somehow manage to survive quickly tried to run away from the area, not wanting to end up like the previous students. As they ran across the field in a desperate attempt for salvation, more and more pitfall traps opened up beneath their feet and sent them plummeting to their untimely deaths as well. The entire plan was now in disarray according to Xavier's perspective. But from Miyako's perspective, the plan was just beginning now that she was aware of the traps laid out for them all.

"Pitfall traps with deadly spikes at the bottom? Wow, the Fifteenth really pulled out all the stops here." Miyako seemed rather impressed of the fortitude that her enemy diary holders were expressing right now.

"I would have never imagined that they would have pitfall traps set up all over the house like this." Xavier was shocked to see the new turn of events. He then let out a small sigh of relief that he didn't end up like the other students when he first set foot on the property.

"That's not the only thing." Miyako read further entries within the contents of her [Student Diary]. "The Fifteenth set up traps all over the property and the forests. Bear traps, land mines, trip wires, and of course pitfalls."

"If you knew about these traps, how come you didn't warn the other students about them? You could have saved a lot of lives." Xavier stated; feeling disgusted about the wicked grin on the Eleventh's face at the moment.

"I needed to see for myself just what exactly we're up against here." Miyako said before she turned to the archery club and gave them a small nod. The archery club then nodded in response and then they proceeded to light their arrows on fire before taking aim. Once Miyako had deemed that they were ready, she ordered them to open fire on the house and set it ablaze. The archers complied with their leader's orders and attacked the house with volleys of flaming arrows, watching and cheering in excitement as the flames slowly began to consume the house.

"This is still too easy." Xavier muttered while rubbing his chin, something definitely wasn't right about all this.

"What a shame. After coming all this way, the Fifteenth is going to burn to death." Miyako sighed in disappointment, hoping that the Fifteenth would have put up more of a fight.

"Something isn't right." Xavier muttered before he ran out from the woods and entered the burning house. Feeling confused as to what Xavier was talking about, Miyako soon decided to follow after him while the other students stood and watched as the house continued to burn.

"What are you doing, Seventeenth? Why are you entering into a burning house like this?" Miyako frowned as she made sure to keep low, the smoke from the flames already filling the ceilings.

"This is all too easy, Miyako! There's no possible way something like this could take out the Fifteenth in one fell swoop!" Xavier replied as he crawled through the house, making his way down to the basement.

"What do you mean there's no possible way? We'll die in here if we don't leave soon." Miyako stated. She began to question as to why she suddenly decided to follow after him without properly thinking. At any moment the both of them could be killed inside of that burning building. And that thought of that happening didn't sit too well with her. But she really didn't have much of a choice in the matter considering she didn't trust Xavier to be out of her sight just yet. The moment the two diary holders reached the bottom of the stairs, a support beam collapsed and crashed down onto the stairs, blocking off their escape route from the room.

"Shit!" Xavier cursed as he pulled out his [Dull Diary] and desperately searched through its contents for a possible escape route. A sigh of relief escaped from his mouth the moment an entry regarding to the escape route appeared across the screen. He looked around the area and eventually found a latch on the floor. He grabbed hold of the latch and pulled open a secret door, revealing a staircase leading to darkness.

"Well would you look at here. It seems the Fifteenth is a bit more resourceful than I thought." Miyako seemed rather impressed by the new turn of development. She was overjoyed that the Bastein Family was actually putting up more resistance against her. Not wanting to waste anymore time inside of the burning house, Miyako took hold of Xavier's hand and ran down the staircase leading to the darkness. Once they had reached the bottom, the two future diary holders eventually found themselves in some sort of underground tunnel filled with several lit up lanterns.

"Guess the Fifteenth was more prepared for your assault." Xavier was amazed at the size of the tunnel.

"Interesting." Miyako muttered as she followed down the paths of the lit lanterns, curious as to where the end f the tunnel would lead her. "I've clearly underestimated the Fifteenth. I was unaware of their traps and this secret underground tunnel. Killing all of them in one day won't be as easy as I thought."

"What should we do from here? Wait for reinforcements?" Xavier asked.

"It'll take too long for everyone to get down here while the house is still burning." Miyako pulled out her gun. "The both of us will have to deal with the remaining diary holders ourselves. Three against two isn't too bad."

"It could possibly be four against two since you no longer have any eyes on Istvan." Xavier reminded her as he followed her down the path of the lanterns. As he followed her, he looked down to the gun in her head, feeling slightly nervous being around her considering he didn't have a weapon to defend himself. "Actually, it might be four against one since I don't have a weapon. Would you mind giving me your gun?" He requested.

"So that you can kill me whenever the situation presents itself? No thank you." Miyako refused Xavier's request as she continued on down the path, being mindful of her surroundings in case the Fifteenth had set up anymore traps.

"Why are you being so paranoid? We're part of an alliance now remember? If I kill you, the Fifteenth would be able to kill me with ease." Xavier stated.

"While that is true, I'm still not one hundred percent certain that you're on my side. This could still be part of some ploy to get me alone with the Fifteenth." Miyako suddenly stopped in her tracks upon realizing this. She then slowly turned around and aimed her gun at Xavier. "Which is why from now on you're going to be taking point while we're down here in this underground tunnel."

"Are you serious? Do you really think that this is the time to be pointing a gun at me? What more do I have to do to prove that I'm on your side here?" Xavier scowled fiercely as he slowly lifted his hands into air.

"Quit arguing with me and do as I say." Miyako replied as she nudged her head to the side, signaling for Xavier to move on ahead. Knowing that he had no choice in the matter, Xavier reluctantly moved on ahead while Miyako followed closely behind, pressing her gun against his back in order to keep him in line.

"This is only slowing us down, Eleventh. The Fifteenth is going to get away at this rate." Xavier frowned.

"Then perhaps you should stop wasting your time by talking and keep an eye out for any traps the Fifteenth could have left behind." Miyako said harshly.

"Something's off about her. She seems more harsh and uneasy than usual." Xavier mentally noted as he continued down the path. "It can't be just because I asked for the gun. No matter, I need to focus more on the Fifteenth for now considering the Eleventh could kill me at any time."

"Stop for a second there, Seventeenth." Miyako ordered before she knelt down and placed her finger on a small trail of blood on the ground. "This blood seems fresh. Someone amongst them must be wounded."

"It's most likely the Seventh." Xavier assumed. "The last time I was here they did have her chained up in the basement."

"The Seventh is here as well? Things only continue to get interesting." Miyako smirked before she pointed the gun forward, ordering Xavier to keep moving. The two dairy holders eventually came to a complete stop upon hearing a strange sound coming towards them. After taking a moment to listen carefully, it sounded like a mine cart traveling on the tracks. And indeed it was, but something was off about the mine cart. It wasn't the fact that it was rolling towards the diary holders, but rather it was rolling towards with them with a crate of lit dynamite. Upon realizing this, the diary holders turned tail and ran back in the opposite direction of the mine cart before it could have the chance to explode.

Unfortunately their efforts in escaping from the dynamite's explosion radius were futile. For once the dynamites exploded, the force of the explosion knocked both Miyako and Xavier into the hard walls of the mine, rendering them unconscious on impact. Though their bad luck did not in there, the shock from the explosion was too much for the old mine to handle, resulting in a cave in. The rocks from around the area began to crack, crumble, and fall around both of the unconscious diary holders.

After spending several hours of being unconscious, Xavier eventually found himself waking up to a familiar voice calling out to him. As he took a moment to give his eyes time to adjust to the lights, he groaned in pain while sitting up. He then took a minute to look around the room to get a grasp on where he could possibly be now. To his immediate horror, he saw several dead bodies being dangled off the ground by a bunch of hooks. All of the bodies were frozen and covered in ice.

"W-What the fuck is this place?" Xavier began to panic as he slowly backed his way into a wall.

"Finally awake now, Seventeenth? You're inside the Fifteenth's meat locker." Xavier's eyes widened upon hearing such a familiar voice once again. As he quickly looked in the direction in where the voice was coming from, he felt a rush of anger course through his body. So far there were only two people that would make him so mad. And considering the fact that he had killed one of them, the voice could have only belonged to the Seventh Diary Holder, Amarante Dai.

"Amarante? What are you doing here?" Xavier obviously wasn't pleased to see the Seventh right now, especially not in a place filled with frozen dead bodies.

"Did you hit your head too hard after falling for the Fifteenth's trap?" Amarante rolled her eyes as if it was obvious why she was still around. "Have you forgotten that I'm still a prisoner?"

"Oh…right…" Xavier cringed in pain as he struggled to his feet. He was still pretty banged up from the explosion earlier. It was almost a miracle that he could even stand. "Never mind that…why are we in a meat locker? And where's the Eleventh?" He looked around the meat locker, seeing no sign of Miyako anywhere.

"Isn't it obvious why we're here? Now that the Fifteenth have their hands on the Eleventh, we're going to end up like these people here." Amarante nonchalantly indicated to the frozen bodies hanging around them. At the thought of ending up like the bodies, Xavier began to frantically search the meat locker for a way of escape. The first thing he tried was obviously the only door in the room. He firmly gripped the handle and desperately tried to pull and push it open, but to no avail. The door was locked from the other side. Once that method had been attempted, he tried to search the walls for some kind of secret panel or something. But nothing was there either.

"Son of a bitch! Are we really trapped here?" Xavier panted heavily before he clutched his ribs and dropped down onto one knee. His injuries were beginning to take their toll on his body.

"Not really. There are two ways of getting out of here. But you probably won't like it." Amarante sang mockingly, irritating the angered Diary holder in the process.

"How can we get out of here?" Xavier frowned as he clenched his hands into fists, not liking the fact that he would have probably rely on Amarante's help in order to escape from the meat locker alive.

"The air conditioning duct." Amarante replied while pointing to the air conditioning unit over to the far left corner of the room. "If we can remove that and climb through the duct, we'll be home free to take down the Fifteenth and the Eleventh."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Xavier stood to his feet and made his way over to the air conditioning unit. After managing to pull it off the wall with the assistance of Amarante, the two diary holders exchanged glances with each other upon seeing that the air duct wasn't that big. If one of them could fit into the duct, it would definitely be Amarante. Immediately catching on to things, the Seventh diary holder shrugged her shoulders and went to enter the air duct. But her efforts in escape were thwarted once Xavier placed his hand on her shoulder.

"What do you think you're doing, Seventeenth?" Amarante swatted Xavier's hand off of her.

"I'm stopping you from escaping this place all by yourself." Xavier replied harshly. "Who's to say if I let you escape right now that you won't leave me in here to die?" If they couldn't escape from the meat locker together, then they could at least die together. Xavier would be satisfied with that ending as long as it wound up with Amarante's death.

"Now is not the time to be stupid, Seventeenth!" Amarante growled, her cheerful attitude from earlier had completely disappeared now that her life was truly at stake. "If you don't let me escape, then the both of us are going to be killed!"

"Oh right, because being left behind and killed by myself is a lot more appealing." Xavier responded sarcastically. "We'll have a better chance in defeating the Fifteenth if we work together."

"I agree with you. So when I escape through the air duct, I'll make sure to come back and let you out before the Fifteenth get done with the Eleventh. You're going to have to trust me." Amarante said. "I know I won't stand a chance against all three of them at once. With your help, we could do this."

"You better come right back, Seventh. If you don't, I won't hesitate to rat you out to save my own life." Xavier warned her.

"Noted." Amarante chuckled before she climbed through the air duct, leaving Xavier all alone in the meat locker. Even though she hadn't been gone for that long, Xavier already began to regret his decision in letting her go while he had to stay behind. Could he really put his trust into someone that tried to kill him and his family? While the answer seemed quite obvious to him. He had no other choice but to sit still for awhile and wait for the answer to present itself to him.

"I'm counting on you, Amarante…unfortunately…" Xavier's face paled upon putting his faith in Amarante. As he paced around the meat locker waiting for her to return, he began to search his pockets for his [Dull Diary]. To his horror his pockets were empty. "Fuck…now I'm not even sure if I'm going to get out of this situation alive." He sighed in frustration as the speed in his pacing began to increase. He was now growing rather impatient in waiting for Amarante to arrive to his rescue. In order to keep himself busy, he began to glance over to all the dead bodies around him.

Now that he had taken the time to actually look at them. He noticed some of the bodies were missing limbs and others were missing chunks of their flesh. Noticing these things only agitated Xavier even more. The thought of something like this happening to him frightened him greatly. Though his feelings of fright immediately went away once he heard footsteps approaching the door to the meat locker.

Assuming that it had to be Amarante, he rushed over to the door to greet her and thank her for keeping her word. But before he could get to the door, he realized that there was a set up footsteps approaching the door. Now beginning to panic, Xavier did the first thing that came to his mind. And that was to pretend to be unconscious. He hurried back over to his spot and laid himself out on the floor before the door to the meat locker could open.

"See, I told you that he was still unconscious." The Fifteenth diary holders, Nike and Nyse Bastein entered the meat locker carrying hand guns. They walked over the Xavier and looked him over before they looked around the meat locker, realizing that Amarante was long gone.

"It looks like the Seventh took the opportunity to escape though." Nyse stated before the twins reached within their pockets and pulled out identical cell phones. "No matter, our [Trapper Diaries] predicted that far beforehand. It won't be long until she falls into another one of them herself."

"Foolish Seventh. Going up against people that can predict the future is useless." Nike laughed.

"Now we can kill the Seventh, Eleventh, and Seventeenth all in one fell swoop." Nyse added before she and her sister looked down to Xavier. "I guess it's about time…"

"Shit…well I guess Amarante coming to get out is completely out of the question. Are the twins going to kill me now or later?" Xavier found it harder to pretend being unconscious. His body tensed up as he felt the twins' blank stares.

"It's time to wake up, Seventeenth." The twins kicked Xavier in his sides, giggling in unison upon hearing his groans of pain.

"Ughhhh…where am I?" Xavier clutched his ribs. The kick obviously not helping him heal any faster.

"You're inside our meat locker, Seventeenth." Nike began.

"We appreciate all the work you've put into bringing the Eleventh to us. Nyse finished.

"No problem…I'm glad that I could help." Xavier slowly made his way onto his feet. "Now that the Eleventh is within your hands, I guess there's no need for me to be around anymore." He attempted to brush past the twins in order to leave, but he immediately stopped in his tracks and raised his hands into the air once the twins aimed their guns at him.

"Not so fast there, Seventeenth." The twins sang in unison, creeping out Xavier in the process.

"There's something that we need to run by you real quick before we let you go." Nyse nudged her head towards the door, signaling for Xavier to walk right out the door. Having no other choice in the matter, Xavier complied with the twins' order and made his way out of the meat locker. He was then forcibly led throughout the building and was brought out to the entrance, where Henrika and Miyako, who was currently tied up to a chair, were waiting for him.

"What's going on here?" Xavier asked nervously, noticing Henrika was wearing an apron and latex gloves while sharpening knives near a little workshop.

"I'm preparing dinner." Henrika replied, not even bothering to turn around. Her attention was preoccupied with a hard cover cook book on the table next to her.

"Dinner?" Xavier raised an eyebrow in confusion. He wondered what she could be cooking at a time like this. But after taking a moment to think about it, his eyes widened in horror at the realization of what she was referring to. Thinking back to all of the dead bodies in the meat locker, it now became clear to him that the Bastein family were a bunch of cannibals. And if he didn't do something fast, him, Miyako, and Amarante would end up like the bodies in the meat locker.

"Now do you understand why I'm so eager to take these monsters down, Seventeenth?" Miyako weakly chuckled, her face was bloodied and bruised. "They've been killing and eating the bodies of people before this survival game even began."

"You see Seventeenth, the Eleventh here has been very uncooperative lately. We're trying to figure out the status of Eneas right now and she simply refuses to give up that information." Henrika sighed as she set down the knives and picked up the cook book off the table.

"Since you were there you should know what happened to him." Nike smiled sweetly.

"Istvan is on his way here and he would be happy to know what happened to him while you were there." Nyse smiled sweetly as well.

"I'm not sure what happened to him. Eleventh kept us separated." Xavier lied. He knew that if he had told them what happened to Eneas, then he wouldn't be alive for much longer. All he could do now was stall for time and try to figure out a way out of this situation.

"Damn it…" The twins weren't too happy about not knowing what happened to their brother. They walked over to Miyako and pressed their guns against the sides of her head. "Tell us what you did to Eneas or else we'll kill you."

Not feeling threatened by the twins, Miyako simply chuckled at them. "You think you can scare me with a bunch of guns? Whether I tell you what happened to him or not, you cannibals are still going to kill me no matter what."

"Then there's no more use in trying to talk to you." Henrika closed her cook book. "My [Devourer Diary] has given me the perfect recipe in how to cook you up once you're dead."

"Go to fucking hell you monster. It's because of people like you that are ruining my dreams of making this place the perfect city." Miyako spat out her blood on the floor. "If you're going to kill me, then go ahead and fucking do it. I'm through with interacting with you people."

"So be it then." Henrika grabbed hold of one of the knives on the table and slowly approached Miyako.

"W-What should I do here? Should I sit here and watch Eleventh get killed in cold blood like this? What can I do? There are three future diary holders and they all have weapons." Xavier looked around the room for something, anything that could help him turn the situation around. He looked to the table and saw his [Dull Diary], Miyako's [Student Diary], and several weapons just sitting there. If he could somehow get over there without anyone noticing him, then perhaps he could save himself.

Once he took another glance over the Bastein family members, he nodded in confirmation that their attention was directed to Miyako. He prepared to head over to the table to grab his [Dull Diary] and a weapon until he heard a small sound from nearby. He looked over his shoulder to see that Amarante was looking through an air vent. Though he should have been happy that help had sort of arrived, he remembered back to when the twins mentioned that she would eventually fall into one of their traps. And since he couldn't tell her that, he looked around for anything that Amarante could possibly get trapped in.

His attention was soon directed to the several bear traps placed underneath the air vent. Now that the traps had been located, he needed to figure out a subtle way to alert Amarante of the incoming danger. But of course, doing so wouldn't be so easy without arousing the suspicion of the Fifteenth.

"Any last words, Eleventh?" Henrika raised Miyako's head and held her knife inches away from her neck.

"I'll see all of you in hell." Miyako replied confidently before she closed her eyes, waiting for the sweet release of death to take her away from everything.

"Very well then…" Henrika prepared to slit Miyako's neck until she saw Xavier suddenly whipped around.

"What was that?" Xavier asked. "I think I heard some kind of noise coming over there near the bear traps underneath the air vent."

"It was probably a mouse or something. Never mind that." The twins dismissed Xavier's alert.

"Or perhaps it was the Seventh. You two still haven't trapped her yet now have you?" Xavier asked. Upon hearing the question, the twins exchanged glances with each other before checking their [Trapper Diaries] to confirm their answers.

"Wait here." The twins ordered Xavier as they moved over to the bear traps to search for the source of the noise. Once they got close enough to the bear traps, Amarante burst out from the air vent and tackled both of the twins onto the ground, disarming the both of them in the process. Riding on the momentum of the situation, Xavier rushed over to the table and grabbed his [Dull Diary] and Miyako's gun before aiming it at Henrika.

"Drop the knife and back away from the Eleventh, Fifteenth." Xavier ordered.

"Quite the crafty little bastard now aren't you?" Henrika chuckled slightly before she dropped the knife and backed away from Miyako as instructed. "So how long have you been in an alliance with the Seventh and Eleventh?"

"Not long actually. I'm sorry about this, but I do not appreciate being forced to ally myself with people like you." Xavier said as he walked over to Miyako and freed her from her restraints. "I wish things could have gone differently. But you all brought this upon yourself by using me as some kind of sacrificial pawn."

"Excellent work, Seventeenth. You really do know what you're doing when you have a team, huh?" Miyako was impressed by Xavier's skills. Now that she had been freed, she rushed over to the table and picked up her [Student Diary], quickly checking its contents to make sure that she didn't have a 'Dead End'. She then sighed in relief after finding out that there wasn't a 'Dead End' notice. "Now that we have the upper hand, we can finally take care of the Fifteenth once and for all." She grabbed one of the knives off the table and slowly approached Henrika.

"Grandma!" The twins cried out as they struggled to break free from underneath Amarante.

"Don't even think about it you little brats! After they're done with your grandmother, the two of you are next!" Amarante grinned.

"It's okay, Nike, Nyse." Henrika smiled sweetly as she looked over to her grandchildren. "Everything will be okay. Even if we die, Istvan will win this game for us and fulfill our dream. There's no reason to be afraid."

"At least not yet." Henrika focused her attention back onto Miyako who was now standing inches away from her. "I'm going to give you cannibals a taste of your own medicine!" She laughed hysterically as she plunged the knife right into the elderly woman's stomach, watching with glee as she slowly backed away into the door before slumping down onto the floor.

"Eleventh!" Xavier was shocked by the sight. He had expected Miyako to kill the Fifteenth quickly.

"According to your [Devourer Diary], you were going to kill me slowly, right?" Miyako walked over to the bleeding Henrika and grabbed the handle of the knife before she began to mercilessly twist the knife into the open wound. The cries of excruciating pain coming from the elderly woman made Miyako extremely happy. Oh how long she had waited for this moment to come. "I'm going to do the same to you now. You know what; I should have captured you all and tortured you together with Eneas. He sure did get off lucky. I simply put a bullet through his head."

"You monster! You killed our brother!" The twins shouted as tears streamed down their faces.

"I'm the monster? You killed all those people and ate them." Miyako didn't bother to turn around to face the twins. She didn't want to miss a single second of watching Henrika die right before her. "You people are the monsters. I'm simply ridding the world of you." She pulled the knife out of Henrika's body and then she began to mercilessly stab her in the torso while Xavier watched in utter disbelief. It literally took everything Xavier had not to throw up at that exact moment. Even though he had seen something like this before in movies, it was far more gruesome up close and personal. And the constant cries of pain coming from the elderly woman didn't make things any better. Having had enough of the screams, Xavier shouted for Miyako to stop before he fired off his gun, silencing everyone in the room.

"Seventeenth…what the hell did you do?" Miyako slowly turned around to see that Xavier had shot Henrika's [Devourer Diary] that was still lying on the table. She then looked back to see Henrika a small hole open up in her stomach before her body began to twist and twirl into it, eventually vanishing before her very eyes.

"So that's what happens when you destroy the diary." Xavier muttered.

"Ruining my fun like that…" Miyako sighed in disappointment before she turned around to look at the crying twins. "Oh well, they won't get off so easily."

"Stop it, Eleventh. You've done enough. There doesn't need to be any more bloodshed." Xavier aimed his gun at Miyako. "We're going to destroy their diaries and get out of here."

"You're just going to let them off easy? After all the people they've killed?" Miyako frowned.

"You're no better to be honest." Xavier stated. "We're destroying their diaries and then leaving."

"Fine, fine…you're the one with the gun." Miyako sighed.

"Amarante, grab their diaries." Xavier ordered, making sure not to take his eyes off of Miyako since he still didn't trust that she was done. After hearing a brief thud like sound come from behind him, he quickly looked over his shoulder to see that the twins had escaped from Amarante's grasp and made a mad dash for the back exit. Not wanting the twins to get away, Amarante, Miyako, and Xavier chased after the fleeing twins. They continued to chase them throughout the building until both Miyako and Xavier heard static noises coming from their diaries.

Upon hearing the noises, the two diary holders stopped in their tracks and took a moment to read their respective diary entries. Both of them warned them of their impending demise. While Amarante continued to chase after the twins, Miyako and Xavier looked to the metal grate on the ground; both of them knew that it was clearly the trap their diaries warned them about. Once the twins made it across the metal grate, Nyse flipped a switch on the wall in front of her, causing sparks of electricity to shoot out through the metal grate, electrocuting Amarante the moment she set foot on it.

"Seventh!" Xavier called out to Amarante as he watched her collapse onto the ground. "Fuck! This was the trap the twins mentioned earlier!"

"The both of you are going to die." The twins said in unison, knowing that Miyako and Xavier could no longer get to them without being electrocuted like Amarante. "Once Istvan finds out about this, he will not rest until you're both dead."

"We'll be waiting." Xavier told the twins as he watched them leave throughout the back.

"Fucking hell, Seventeenth! Why the fuck did you let them go? Why didn't you shoot them?" Miyako frowned before she turned around and rushed for the front, planning on encountering the twins outside.

"I've done enough for one day. I've seen too many lives lost." Xavier replied to no one in particular before he turned around and walked after Miyako, not even bothering to check on whether or not Amarante was alive.

Future Diary Survival Game Contestants

Number 1: Unknown/Taken/Alive

Number 2: Erika Kajura/[Truth Diary]/Alive

Number 3: Reis Bordeaux/[Treasure Hunter Diary]/Dead End

Number 4: Maze Jal/[Terrorize Diary]/Dead End

Number 5: Raymond Evritt/[MMA Diary]/Alive

Number 6: Corbett Dierdre/[Interview Diary]/Dead End

Number 7: Amarante Dai/[Photography Diary]/Alive

Number 8: Lally Sue/[Blank Diary]/Alive

Number 9: Unknown/[Supplier Diary]/Alive

Number 10: Brendon Rou/[Daddy Dearest Diary]/Dead End

Number 11: Miyako Kiyomizu/[Student Diary]/Alive

Number 12: Unknown/Taken/Alive

Number 13: Unknown/Taken/Alive

Number 14: Annabella Haitsuki/[Suspicions Diary]/Alive

Number 15: Istvan Bastein/[Weakness Diary]/Alive

Number 16: Zoth Zade/[Location Diary]/Alive

Number 17: Xavier Rou/[Dull Diary]/Alive