Behind the Mirror

My whole life, I've barely known a world

Outside of my own little room.

Mother always said I couldn't go out

Because the kids would make fun

Of my pig nose.

So I don't even know what grass feels like

Beneath my feet.

That was when I was little.

Now I'm a grown woman

Of twenty-four.

Twenty-four and still at home

Living under my mother's

Watchful eye.

Now that I'm old enough

To marry, suitors come from

All over the city to

Court me from

Behind the mirror.

I can see them, but

They only see themselves, and a

Seemingly mysterious voice

Talks to them as it tries

To befriend them.

They whisper sweet nothings

To try and win my love.

Or is it my dowry they want?

When I trust them enough,

I reveal my true identity to them.

But they always run.

It's happened every time, so

I've given up.

I'm okay with the fact that I will

Always be here,

waiting, wishing, wondering…

Will someone ever come and rescue

Me from this prison

Behind the mirror?

So this is my 3rd attempt at poetry, ever! I'm kind of scared to see how it goes over, but, yeah. This obviously takes place before Max/Johnny comes into the picture, so...I hope you enjoyed, and please review!