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Grinning widely as she looked at the gleaming scarlet Hogwarts Express in front of her, Violet Caspum or secretly known as Violet Potter, prepared to board the train with no hesitations, getting ready for her third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Violet was of course the elder sibling of Harry Potter, but only Ministry officials who dealt with Birth Certificates or Miscellaneous things concerning Violet, And the Professors of Hogwarts knew that she was Harry's sister. Of course Violet knew that she was related to him but didn't want to reveal to anybody, ever. The fact of being the lesser person made her feel a little upset, because she knew for a fact that Harry would get all the attention in every situation and in just plain life, so she decided to lay low.

Finally boarding the Train that began all her adventures at the best place in the entire world, Violet set out to look for her best Mate since the first year here at Hogwarts. After seven minutes of strenuous searching she found Nicholai Vermisac sitting in an empty compartment, no doubly holding it for her and their other friends Blake Degrist and Stephen Wallace.

Seeing Nick look up at her and flash a smile she sat down across from him in the compartment Clearly excited to see her Black haired friend and gets to let him know everything that happened over the summer.

"Nick!" She squealed in delight, "How was your summer? I haven't received a single owl from you." She gave a little frown and he rubbed his blue eyes, like he had just woken up from sleeping, which of course was rubbish.

"I would have owled you back but my mum kept me busy the entire time!" He groaned "I mean it was just chores after chores and taking care of my new baby brother." He smiled at the thought of his brother then it faltered when he realized he was going to miss so much of him growing up, only seeing him on winter break and during the summer time.

"I understand what your saying Nick but next summer there is No excuses!" She said playfully and gave a small laugh, then turned her head to the door when she heard it open.

"Violet!" A girl shouted before grabbing her into a hug "How was your summer?" Stephen asked and Violet grinned widely. She missed the hyperness of her friend even though she was hard to understand at times because she would start talking in German, which seemed like a habit for her to do so.

"Very good Stephen! You?" She asked and Stephen smiled before ruffling Violets hair, which received a playful glare from Violet. Stephen knew for a fact that Violet hated to have her hair touched.

"Yeah, me and my mum went up to the mountain in Germany and I found veir deer's! I've never seen so many deer before!" She said and began mumbling in German.

"I made it!" Blake shouted when he popped in the compartment, his face was red and his sandy blonde hair was plastered to his face from his sweat. "I had to sprint here or I would have missed the train! Me mum would've killed me!" he said which got a laugh from Nick.

Blake sat down and took a few deep breaths, trying to fill his lungs with oxygen. After a few moments of just the quiet (But clearly excited) chatter coming from the two girls he sat up when the train gave a lurch. Signaling their arrival to Hogwarts!

Violet grinned widely as she quickly looked out the window to confirm that the train was in fact moving along, she was much to excited to even have logical thoughts, and she began to go on and on with her friends about what will be there best year at Hogwarts yet.

"So I heard that Harry-" Stephen began to say when she was rudely interrupted by Blake.

"Harry Potter is on board! I seen 'em myself! Those Weasley boys, you know the twins, were going around telling everyone about him. He seemed a bit like a twig to me but he is just a first year," Blake excitedly told them; this indeed was pretty exciting for them. The Boy-Who-Lived was going to be attending the same school they did!

"I personally don't think that he is all that amazing" Violet said sounding a little colder than she meant to. "I mean it's not like it took him skills or anything to defeat Voldemort, it was just the fact that he had luck. Pure luck." Her cabin mates looked at her Awestruck. Had she really just said what they thought she did? Did Violet really not like Harry Potter?

"You don't ev-" Nick was cut off from speaking his mind by their door being opened showing a small girl with large, almost bushy brown hair and a timid boy. The girl seemed like she was very intelligent but almost like she had a knack of bossing people around.

"Has anybody seen a toad?" She asked and the boy in the back nodded after what she said, as if to give them encouragement to fess up about the lost toad.

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