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Summary: 18 Monkey D. Luffy has grown up on a deserted island for 14 years, with only four years of very poor human contact.* She doesn't like the idea of others coming uninvited onto her island. Somebody should probably explain that to Jimbei and Whitebeard, as they seem to find it perfectly acceptable, even if they bring Government Dogs along with them! It doesn't help that even after they get the blasted marines to leave, they stay and even have the audacity to try and recruit her. The blasted phoenix also seems to find it perfectly acceptable to try and bug her insistently, so pardon her if she doesn't mind setting a few things (including the Moby Dick) ablaze!* It's there fault! Warning: Fem!LuffyxMarco, as there are not a lot of these out there. Ace is already apart of the Whitebeard crew al;ong with Sabo.

*Ivankov only visited twice a year when he could, so as to not bring suspicion onto the island hiding one of his close friends only child. Then he got caught! She also comes into contact with Barthalomew Kuma, but he just drops off clothes for her on occasion, like as she gets older.

Disclaimer: I Do Not Own One Piece, just this fanfic, kinda...Not sure about Luffy's Devil Fruit...

Episode 1: Arrogant Uninvited Guests!

14 years ago-

It was early in the morning...A man wearing a tan cloak carried in his daughter, wearing that straw hat she loved so much on her head. His only child, in his arms as he went slightly further into the woods. He finally reached a clearing and placed the small child down on the grassy floor softly. She rubbed her eyes in a tired fashion as she stared blankly at her father. She was only four years old, and it pained the man to do it, but he had to, he had to leave his own flesh and blood here, where she could be kept away from the prying, cruel eyes of the corrupt government.

After all, would they let the daughter of the world's most wanted criminal live, even if she was only four years old? No, not at all. And he knew it all too well. He had seen what happens when it comes to things like that. After all, that's what had nearly killed the infamous Gol D. Roger's son. And the very reason the boy was parentless, with his mother having died during birth, keeping from giving birth for nearly 2 years! He would not let his only child fall into the hands of a merciless government.

He had no idea where that boy was, but according to rumors, he had been taken in by Whitebeard's crew, and was currently being raised under their care. she didn't have that luxury though. He didn't trust his father to take care of the girl, more like force his egotistical views onto the child, and he wasn't about to let his child suffer from one of Garp's "Fist of Love" attacks. He sighed as she clung to his cloak with her too tiny hands.

"Papa, where are we?" she asked. She spoke far too well for a four year old. The world renown criminal bent down to his daughter's level, and pulled her into a bone-crushing hug. "Papa, are you going somewhere far away?" she asked him. She was far too smart for her own good sometimes. He gave the small child a gentle smile as he nodded to her,

"Yes, I have to go away for a while. I probably won't be able to visit you, but one of my friends will be here to check on you every once in a while. I want you to be a good girl and wait for me here okay?" The child nodded as she gave a gentle, but somewhat tired smile in return.

"Okay Papa. I'll stay here, be a good girl. Papa's little girl will behave and stay here, and wait for Papa to come back for her, she'll be good and wait." she seemed to be saying this more to herself then him, as if trying to convince herself that this was for the best, despite how lonely it would get without Papa there to look after her. The man smiled as he gave her a pat on the head.

"Yes, that's a good girl." He stood up, and had the girl follow him, leading her up to a small cottage, "This is where you'll be living, remember to be a good girl, okay?" he asked her again, as he gave her another hug. He let her go, albeit reluctantly, and looked at her as she smiled at him, a determined nod her given aswer.

"Yeah, okay. Be a good girl, for Papa." she stated in such a sure voice, it was a shock that it belonged to a four year man nodded as he stood to his full height, and turned to leave. He turned back as he had gotten far enough, expecting to see his daughter following him, only to see no sign of the small child. He sighed forlornly, as he continued on.

"She will be a good girl, she will wait, she will be a good girl, and wait. I'm so sorry...but just be patient, I'll come back for you as soon as I can, Luffy."

Present time-

An 18 year old girl sat up, rubbing away sleep from her eyes. She got up out of the bed and sluggishly dragged herself into the kitchen. On her way, she picked up the straw hat she had held onto since she was three years old, and placed it, albeit carelessly, on her head. She had uncontrolled black hair that was absolutely impossible for her to tame, mainly because of the fact that she hadn't gotten it properly cut in 14 years, and now it reached past her butt and down to the back of her knees. She had been on this island for 14 years now, though she no longer remembered why she was there, or even why she stayed.

Her stomach growled out, protesting it's hunger and the fact that she was taking too long to get ready. She sneered at it before going to take a shower and get dressed.

When she was finished, she came out wearing a blue cardigan with bright yellow buttons, and a very loose white tank top. She wore jean capris and straw sandals adorned her feet. She yawned as she headed for the clearing a little ways ahead of the straw cottage she called home. As she looked about, the winds began to change suddenly, something she didn't like one bit. She headed for the beach, and spotted what could have been the biggest irritation of her life. People, and pirates from the looks of the flag, the Jolly Roger. She didn't like people on her island, even if they were good pirates, they could go sink in the ocean for all she cared.

She growled as she watched them dock their ship right up at the beach. Some funny looking blue man, with gills, and large teeth that poked out from his bottom lip, jumped down from the figure head of the whale shaped monstrocity, and landed with a large thud in front of her. She didn't seemed perturbed one bit, though she had no idea what this man was. He was dressed in a blue robe with a sun tattoo in the middle of his chest. He seemed slightly surprised at the sight of her though she didn't know why. He shook his head as he spoke up,

"I'm sorry, but who are you?" His question recieved a growl for a response, though she still introduced herself,

"Luffy, though I have no idea why you need to know. I should be the one asking who YOU are!" she stated defiantly as she sneered at the man. He blinked back, shaking his head again as he proceeded to apologize,

"I'm sorry, I seemed to have offended you. My name is Jimbei, a fishman. It is nice meet you. Listen, we are t-" he was cut off when Luffy snapped at the man,

"I don't care why you're here! Just take your stupid ship, and everybody else on it, and LEAVE!" She stomped her foot as she emphasized on the word "Leave". Jimbei blinked in surprise, before glaring at the girl. It was quite obvious to him that the girl was hostile, but he still wondered what she was doing on what was supposed to be a deserted island, all by herself from the looks of the way she handled herself and others. His thoughts were interrupted when she snapped at him again, "Didn't you hear what I said, or are you just stupid? I SAID LEAVE!" She raised her hand and brought it down, the end result being a rather large, unexpected, and burning, gash in the fishman's arm. There was also a sharp gash in the sand, that lead straight from his arm, to the girl's down turned hand. A closer inspection showed that the sand at the edges of the gash were turned to glass. She sneered at him,

"Now that you get the picture, LEAVE!" Jimbei grunted as he prepared to fight back when he heard laughter coming from the ship behind him. He turned around, only to see the most feared man on the sea since Gol D. Roger himself was executed, Whitebeard. At his side were his 15 commanders. He and the commanders jumped down from the deck and looked at the girl with a mixture of curiosity, amusement, and/or slight anger. One of them, a boy with black hair almost as unruly as Luffy's own, wearing a bright orange hat decided to make a slight joke concerning the situation,

"Ha! Jimbei, I told you to not make scary faces! Now look at you, you got injured!" He gave a goofy smile, only to have to dodge a another one of Luffy's attacks himself. He landed next to a man with blone hair that, combined with his head, looked like a pineapple. The man looked at what was now two gashes in the sand, the most recent a lot larger then the first. He looked at the sneering girl,

"Grr! I thought I said to get off my island!" This got surprised looks from the whole lot of them. Her island? How long ha she been here? She wasn't very patient obviously, as she again attacked, this time aiming for Whitebeard himself. The attack didn't make it though as MORE strange and unwelcome people showed up. They were all wearing white hats and much to the girls ire, seemed to have been brought here by those others. She was now growling ferally as she lowered herself for an attack. One of them looked around the new intruders, at the hostile girl who was now royally pissed off. They were aobut to say something, but Luffy finally lost it,

"I...SAID...GET OFF MY ISLAND!" She blew up, literally.

Six hours later-

Luffy had proceeded to lurk her way around the woods, not allowing a single one of those blasted Pirates to come near her or her home. They had since then resigned themselves to their ship, having gotten the message that they weren't really welcome earlier, and still weren't.

On board the Moby Dick-

Marco, the first division commander and also the blonde pineapple head from earlier, stood off to the side as he watched the others partying. He still had his mind on the strange girl who lived on the supposedly uninhabited island. She was violent, obviously not the least bit happy that a bunch of strangers were on what was appearently her island. she ahdn't let a single one of them approach her, and wasn't willing to listen to reason. She just wanted them out of her, which might not be for a while as she had somewhat toasted their ship as well as the marines that had been following them, who were now lord knows where. They had already bandaged up Jimbei's arm.

They were loud, like they always were when they party'd, despite earlier events. They got even louder when Ace, the second division commander and hat wearing boy who'd nearly got himself cut in half earlier, fell asleep, another one of his narcolyptic fits hitting him again. He sighed, but quickly became serious when everyone went silent.

Jimbei stoo up and walked over to their new guest, another Shichibukai, Barthalomew Kuma.

"Barthalomew-san, what are you doing here?" he asked as he shook hands with the man. Barthalomew walked into the center of the group, bowing respectively to Whitebeard and plopped himself down, though he still kept a serious expression on his face.

"Good evening Whitebeard-san." he greeted as he gave a nod to Jimbei's arm, "I see you've all met Luffy." This got widened eyes from the whole lot of them. Whitebeard asked the question everybody was wondering,

"You know that snappy little brat?" he didn't have anything against the girl personally, but she was quite violent, and definitely not on friendly terms with any other human being. The shichibukai nodded slightly, before taking on an apologetic appearence,

"Yes, and I am sorry for her behavior. She hasn't had much in the ways of human contact, and doesn't others, especially strangers, to be here." He explained. Jimbei looked at the man weirdly before speaking up,

"But you come here. She doesn't seem to mind you, as there aren't signs of battle here." he pointed out. Gashes like the ones the 18 year old made earlier did not disappear that easily. Barthalomew nodded,

"That's because I don't stay longer then necessary. She tolorates me, but that is it. I only stay as long as I know she'll stand, then I leave. I don't visit often, and I usually only come to drop off clothes for the girl, when hers get too small for her. That's not why I'm here now though." He explained.

"How long has she been here for?" Everybody looked in shock at Ace, who they all thought was out for the count the night, "Eheheh...I mean, the way you make it sound, not to mention her reaction to us, it looks like she's been here for long time now." Barthalomew nodded at this.

"Good observation. She's been living here for 14 years now, all on her own." This got more widened eyes. No wonder she said it was her island. Being the only human being that actually lived there had to leave some type of psychological quirks. Looks like violence was one of them.

"So why are you here, if not for the usual reason you come to visit. Checking up on her?" Barthalomew shook his head, noticing that it was now late, and most likely Luffy would be in bed by now.

"No, I have a request of you all." Whitebeard gave a discreet look toward Jimbei, who nodded slightly, causing the old man to sigh as he answered,

"Fine, what is it?" Barthalomew sighed in resignation as he spoke,

"The only reason she was here in the first place was to hide her from the marines and the government. But the marines have found the island, and as a result, Luffy. She's not safe here anymore. I was wonering if you would mind taking her in, at least until we figure out a different place to hide her." He tilted his head, before being questioned once again,

"Wait, what do you mean we?" Jimbei asked, as he looked increduosly at the man. Barthalomew looked at the man before responding.

"Luffy's father and I. And before you ask who he is, it's Revolutionary Dragon." He stated as he watched everyone gawk at him passively. Whitebeard luaghed as he figured out how she caused the damage she did.

"So that's how she managed to cause all that havoc!" he continued laughing, only to be silenced by Barthalomew.

"Ah, so she used her Devil Fruit powers on you all, or at least tried to..." They stared at him silently.

"So that was how she caused the burns. I thought something was weird with her attacks. She cut, but the left over wound was burned slightly." Thatch looked very speculative as he had finally taken an interest in the girl. "What's the Devil Fruit?" he asked quizically as he observed the edge of the forest.

"It's a Logia type, I think, though I've never seen one with abilities like hers. It may be a new type of Devil Fruit all together, but it could also be a Mythical Zoan, I'm not sure, as she won't let anybody near her to check." This got the gawking to turn into looks of awe. They were now impressed, though now even more curious. "I don't know what it's called though. I don't think anybody does in truth." Whitebeard nodded as he finally agreed.

"Fine, we'll take the girl. But I doudt it's going to be easy." Barthalomew nodded,

"Thank you, and it won't. Despite her behavior, if you want her to come along, you have to gain her trust. I'll be leaving now. Good luck!" He stated, finally leaving.

Marco grinned slightly as he turned his gaze to the forest, 'So Luffy huh? This is gonna be fun!'

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