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Wally: Whoa... Where am I?
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Chapter 1: Stealth Mission

"Okay team. Just remember: This is one mission that can not be compromised. I believe we all will have no problem with this."

The Young Justice team had just been briefed on their latest mission: infiltrate the Happy Harbor warehouses, and find any information they can on Cheshire. "Do I HAVE to be partnered with Arty-Farty here?" Kid Flash looked pointedly at the archer. "I mean, no offense, but you'll probably blow our cover." Artemis rolled her eyes. "Oh shut up Baywatch. If anything, you and your giant, uncontrollable mouth will be what ruins this mission." Kid Flash was about to retaliate when Aqualad cut him off. "Stop it. Both of you. We are nearing our destination. Miss Martian, if you will?"

She nodded. Closing her eyes, she spoke in her mind, "Can everyone hear me?"

"Loud and clear beautiful." Of course it was Wally.

"Quit being a moron Kid Mouth." Artemis.

"I am linked." Kaldur

"I'm in." Robin.

"Here." And there was Superboy.

"Alright everyone, move out," ordered Kaldur.

As the team moved in opposite directions, Artemis and Kid Flash made their way to the rafters in the building. Flash kept glancing at her and looking away, staying dead silent.

"What is it Wally?"

"Why don't you talk about your family?"

She glared at him. "Nothing to talk about.Why do you care?"

He glanced down at the many floorboards beneath him, wondering how much it would hurt if she were to push him off of the rafter. "You shouldn't keep secrets from your team Artemis." She held an icy glare for a few moments, contemplating what to say. "I don't see you , or Robin ,or M'gann bragging about your families. Why do I have to talk about mine?Or are you just trying to be nosy and annoying like you always are?" Ignoring her words, Wally looked her up and down with a glare, when he noticed.


As she turned her head to look behind her, she saw a man with mask behind her pulling the trigger. She closed her eyes and covered her head when she felt herself being pushed down, and heard Wally groan in pain. When she whipped her head around to defend herself and the redhead, the Sportsmaster was gone.

"Wally? Wally? WALLY!" She repeatedly slapped his face and pressed on the bullet wound, trying to slow the bleeding. "What happened? We heard a gunshot," Robin spoke in her head. "WALLY'S BEEN SHOT HE NEEDS HELP. HURRY!"

"I am contacting Batman," replied Aqualad.

"Wally stay with me 'kay? Don't close yo- no! Keep your eyes open! Wally stay awake. Don't fall asleep!" Tears were already forming in her eyes. She knew what was going to happen next. "C'mon Wally! Please. Stay. We need you- I need you." She was crying now. "Stay. Strong." His voice was so weak.

By the time the rest of the team had arrived, Wally had closed his eyes and Artemis was sobbing on his uniform. Batman and Flash had also arrived, and began treating him on the ship. Megan was sobbing, with Superboy trying to comfort her. While Aquadlad had been piloting the ship to keep from losing control. Robin, however, had lost his cool with Artemis when they arrived at the Hall of Justice infirmary. "WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE HIM? WHY DIDN'T YOU HAVE HIS BACK? HE OBVIOUSLY HAD YOURS! THIS WHOLE THING COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED IF YOU HAD BEEN PAYING ATTENTION! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. HE'S MY BEST FRIEND." Artemis held a stony gaze, not staring at anything in particular, in which no one could snap her out of. Robin had finally broken down and was sobbing on the floor. "He's breathing." The Flash had saved the day with his words. Everyone crowded around Wally's bed as he began to wake up, except for Artemis. She had slipped out of the room, unnoticed of course, since all attention was on Wally. She ran to her room and grabbed her dark green hooded cloak from the closet.

As she walked past the infirmary she noticed everyone crowding Wally's bed.

"Wally you're awake!"

"Thank God!"

"Never do that again!"

"What happened?"

"You scared us kiddo!" Was all she could make out. But one thing really stood out to her. "Where's Artemis?" The room grew silent. Everyone looked around, and she stopped herself from laughing, afraid of Superboy's atomic hearing.

"Glad to know they noticed I was gone," she thought sarcastically. "Who cares? It's her fault you're in here right now!" Robin. She'd make sure she would get him back later.

"Don't say that Rob. I need to talk to her. Where is she?"

Silence again. "She probably snuck off Wally. I haven't seen her since you woke up." Megan spoke sweetly. That was when Batman decided to send Superboy to find her.

"That's my cue to high tail it out of here." Pulling the hood up on the cloak, she ran to balcony door and shot an arrow with a rope attached, using her bow to zip-line into the trees. By the time Superboy had caught up to her, she was standing on the branches. He caught her eyes, but she gave a small nod and ran, hearing him yell for her, jumping from branch to branch. All she had with her was her bow, her quiver, and the clothes on her back. "I have to find the Sportmaster," she whispered. "I have to find the Shadow League, and tell them I'm not in this anymore." She stopped and jumped on a high branch, overlooking Gotham City Park. "No one will get hurt anymore because of me."

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