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Chapter 4: Elimination

Hall of Justice- April 7 10:03 EST

"No. No. No. No. NO!" Wally West was having a breakdown. After finding the note, he wished he'd told Artemis how he felt when he could. But he didn't know how he felt, until she jumped off of the balcony and was falling farther from him. He heard knocking. "WHHHATTTT." He groaned. He really didn't want company right now. "Hey speedster." He turned to see his best friend, his eyes red and hair ratty from days on end with no sleep, trying to track Artemis. Wally mustered a groan in response. "Look man, I know you miss Artemis but you can't just mope around for days. We're going to look for the Sportsmaster today, if you wanna come with…"

Wally sighed. He hates to see his friends so depressed like this. Today, he was going get his vengeance for Artemis. He didn't know if she was still alive, but he would get closure. That's a fact.

The Sportsmaster's Torture Boat- April 7 17:14 EST

She would not cry, no matter how badly she hurt. She was not weak, no matter how much they broke her. But oh how she wanted to be home. With her friends, in her bed, in sweatpants and a giant sweatshirt. Unfortunately, it was quite the opposite. Cheshire was beating the crap out of her for not staying with the shadows. Her father cackling in the background. What a lovely day right? She could feel it now. She was broken. She was bruised. She was battered. She was losing an uphill battle that had to come to an end at some point. She knew that was soon. Artemis' eyes welled up with tears. She wanted to do so much. Take Megan shopping, beat Robin in training, or confuse Kal by using slang. Artemis smirked. She wanted to get Superboy to realize his feelings for Megan. Wally… She couldn't deny it anymore. Artemis was in love with the annoying Kid Idiot. The thing she wanted most from him… to be loved. Her eyes hardened. The archer was girl who always got what she wanted, and she no matter what. She would not give up. She would keep fighting. She would fight until her friends knew the whole truth.

When Cheshire threw her next punch, Artemis grabbed her fist. "Enough." Cheshire's surprised expression said it all. That was supposed to be the kill shot. Artemis stood up, new found determination in her heart. "I've had ENOUGH of you two, pushing me around, and expecting me to betray my friends." Little did she know, her friends had infiltrated the boat, and were listening to her every word. Artemis glared at Cheshire. "This ends now." And the fight began. Cheshire lunged at Artemis with a punch in which Artemis dodged with a back-flip. She ran towards Cheshire and got a good uppercut to the jaw, which stunned her. Artemis then pulled out her bow and arrow. "Sleep tight in Wonderland." One dead, one to go. She quickly got over the excitement of eliminating an assassin, and faced her father.

"Well my dear, we both know only one can come out on top." She smirked. "And we both know that it's gonna be me, father." The young justice league suppressed their gasps. "I knew you were like me. The same fiery temper, the same dry humor. You even look like me." Artemis glared daggers at him. "I. Am nothing. Like. You." She kicked him in the stomach and pushed him onto the ground. He punched her in the head and sliced her shoulder with a dagger, stunning her a moment, but she quickly came to and was back in action. She had given him a punch to the nose and he fell onto his back. Putting one foot on his neck, the archer had him where she wanted him now. She pulled out her bow with a double-headed arrow, notched it on the bow, and aimed it at his heart. "My dear," the Sportsmaster said with a nervous chuckle. "You wouldn't kill your father, now would you?" She smiled. "Of course not." He breathed a sigh of relief. She glared and frowned saying, "But then again, you're not a father, daddy-dearest." She let the arrow fly, piercing his heart.

Chapter 5: Revelations and Heart-to-Hearts

The Sportsmaster's Torture Boat- April 7 18:03 EST

Breathing heavily, she collapsed. "ARETMIS!" She whipped her head over, noticing her friends. "Enjoy the show?" She smiled. She knew that they were safe now, but she also knew that if she didn't get help soon, she was going to die. She slowly looked at each of them. Robin had a happiness written on his face. Superboy was glaring at the bodies of the Shadow Leaguers. M'gann's eyes were brimming with tears of happiness. She was just happy to have her Earth sister safe. Aqualad was calling Batman and Green Arrow, telling them they had "retrieved the lost member and were tending to her battle wounds." Wally. Wally was also crying, he was relieved, angry, and overfilled with joy that his lov- teammate- was safe. Artemis slowly closed her eyes with a smile, satisfied that she had saved her team. She would be content if she were to die now.

"Artemis? Stay with me. C'mon! Keep your eyes open! NO ARTEMIS STAY AWAKE!" Wally was worried once again. "Déjà vu, right?" He smirked, tears in his eyes. "I'm so tired Wally. I'm just gonna take a power nap…" His eyes widened. "No! No napping! You have to stay awake! We're gonna take you home, and, and, no…." She wasn't breathing. "No…." He shook his head. "No. No! NO!" The team looked on with horror. Everyone began crying. Even Superboy had tears in his eyes. Wally carried her back to the Bio-ship, not letting anyone touch her until Batman and Green Arrow came.

The Bio-Ship- April 7 20:13 EST

When they did arrive, it did not create a better atmosphere. While Green Arrow tended to his protégé, Batman told the rest of the team her story. "Artemis came to me 3 months ago. She was in panic because the Sportsmaster, her father, threatened to kill her already ill mother if she did not get information from us." Robin cut in "So she was the mole?" Batman nodded. "But she did not have a choice. Anyways, I gave her fake information to tell him. He found out, and that is why Kid Flash was shot in Happy Harbor." Aqualad raised one eyebrow. "So that bullet was meant to kill Artemis?" Batman nodded again. "If Wally had not been there, we would be short one archer right now." Realization dawned on the team's faces. "Artemis decided to quit being the Shadow League's team, and join ours with no ties. That's when her sister and father began her abuse, and it led up to right now."

The teens looked to Artemis' face. "She's stable," announced the Green Arrow. "However she might be in a comatose state, for who knows how long." Wally ran to sit next to her and took her hand. "And I'll be sitting right here until she wakes up."

The Hall of Justice Infirmary- April 18 2:30 EST

"Unng. Where am I?" Artemis opened her eyes, and saw white light. "Mmmm." She moaned and felt someone grabbing her hand. She glanced over. "Wally?" She heard him groan "5 more minutes Bats." She giggled. "Walllllyyyy." He finally sat up and noticed her. "ARTEMIS!" He quickly wrapped his arms around her waist. "Uhh hi Wally," he spoke with her arms around his neck. "God I thought weren't gonna wake up, and I was gonna lose you, and you were gonna die, and-." He stopped when he felt a finger on his lips. "Wally I'm awake now. There's nothing to worry about." He smiled. "Listen. I thought I was never gonna get to tell you this." "Tell me wh-." She was cut off by his lips on hers. "I love you Artemis." She smirked. "I love you Wally." They began their kiss once more. "Finally. Took you too long enough." They whipped their heads around to see the remaining teen superheroes smirking at them. "We- I, um, we were just…" The two blushed. "No need to explain yourselves. Just glad to see you awake… and moving, Artemis." Her face flushed. "We'll just be going now." As they walked out, Artemis turned to glare and Wally. "Ugh! This is alllll your fault. If you could've just kept your teenage hormones and testosterone levels down, maybe they wouldn't have seen that! I'm gonna kill you." He smirked and climbed on the bed putting one arm around her waist and one on her hand. "No you won't." He smirked. "You love me too much."


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