Chapter 1-We're back. Odango? Where are you?

Four girls sat in the Crown Parlor. But one was missing-Usagi. "We haven't seen Usagi-chan for months now," Ami said taking a sip of her tea. The inners had desperatly searched for her the day her mother called Ami and told her she never came home after they had been out together. The outers soon found out after the inners and sometimes, they even searched for their blond princess.

"You don't think she died, do you?" asked Makoto sadly hoping everyone would say no. Suddenly, three girls walked in. A man sitting with blue eyes, blond hair and a white t-shirt with baggy blue jeans was sitting across from them. It was the Lights, people who he'd thought he'd never see again.

The man knows them because, he is Usagi. Nearly a year after the Starlights left, Usagi had started to re-look at her life. Mamoru had cheated on her and it seems like things had just gone down hill. Usagi left the Crown Parlor one day with the girls she was home alone and couldn't take it anymore. She had gone to her room and disguised herself as a man.

From that moment on, he called himself Kano. Kano worked on magna for a living, he got a good bit of money for it too. He lived in a small house with one bathroom, bedroom and a tiny kitchen. Kano still hung out at Crown Parlor to see if the girls were talking about where to search for him but they seemed to stay quiet. He just came here for old times, he was drinking tea along with some cookies, he also was reading a newspaper.

"Oi," Yaten said to the inners. This had Kano out of this thoughts as he looked at Seiya, Yaten and Taiki. Yaten had a green summer dress on with a necklace that said "Sweetie", Seiya a tight red shirt and skinny jeans and black flats, Taiki a beige slaveless shirt and short black shorts with red sneakers.

"We haven't seen you guys in so long," Minako said chewing on a chocolate brownie. "How come your back to Earth?" Yaten sighed and smiled at the blond. "Anyway, welcome back." Everyone just looked at Minako as brownie was coming out of her mouth, they all giggled then they turned back to the lights to listen to their explanition of why were they here.

"Now they're twenty, we can leave our planet without permission," Taiki started who looked around the table noticing one of the inners missing. "And we came here to see you five, I mean four. Where's Usagi-san?" The inners suddenly became sad. Ami looked into her tea cup seeing her reflection, Makoto played with a string of her hair, Rei looked at the table and Minako stopped eating her brownie. "Am I missing something here?"

"We haven't seen her for months now," Rei said almost tears in her eyes as she hadn't looked up from the table. "We have no idea where she went." Seiya wasn't paying attention and felt something in her heart. Seiya looked at a man reading a newspaper across from them. Seiya in a way was induldged by the man, all she did was continue to stair. "Seiya, are you okay?"

"Nani?" Seiya asked. "Yeah, yeah. Fine." Seiya needed to lie, she could feel the man's eyes searching her form for something but what? Was he checking her out or something? Seiya then directed her attention back to the conversation.

"Is she dead?" Yaten asked sounding sad. This struck a nerve in Seiya's mind, she wanted to slap Yaten. The girl who had saved Galaxia could take on anybody and anything. The inners looked depressed. "Sorry for asking."

"We don't know," Makoto replied to Yaten. Seiya didn't want to hear this and looked at Kano who just stared at her again. Uncomfortable with the situation, Kano got up and walked passed the table the inners were out; he shot them a look with sadness. The inners and the lights looked at each other confused as the doors to the parlor closed.

"Odd," muttered Yaten. "Why would he shoot us a look like that? We don't know him." Seiya knew something was wrong and was going to get some answers. She got up from the table, Yaten grabbed her arm. "Seiya, are you going to follow that man? You don't know him at all, he might be dangerous." The inners looked at Taiki and Yaten with worried looks. Seiya shook her head.

"No," she lied. "I'm going for a walk. I need to clear my head, I hope that's fine with you." Seiya walked out casually to make it convincing that she hadn't just lied to the six other girls in the Parlor. Seiya saw the man running down the street, she followed him but at a good distance. She didn't want herself to be noticed by the man. She already thought he was odd enough for shooting the inners a strange look even though he didn't know who they were.

Soon, Seiya came to a small little house. It was a small two floored house with a couple of windows and a door that said "Kano Amo" on it. Seiya looked at the small yellow home. "Who is this man?" She asked nobody in particular as she hid and peered through a window. She suddenly heard a sound from within the house, it sounded as if something had broke.

Seiya put her head up a little more to see what had happened. The man had thrown a vase against the wall. "Why did he wreck his own vase?" Seiya asked herself in deep thought. Kano seem frustrated with himself and walked out the front door, he accidently left it open a little. "He might be back soon, but I can see what secret he's holding." Seiya was about to move but saw the man stop walking as a tear fell down his cheek.

"I can't take this," Kano said before continuing walking. "I wish I could, but I can't." Seiya felt face twist into one of confusion. "Nobody will ever understand me anymore."

"Take what? Never understand him?" Seiya muttered ever so lowly to herself. Kano continued walking and went down the street. "Well, he's an idiot for leaving his door open." Seiya opened the door slightly and walked in. There, she saw the vase on the wooden floor. She headed down the hall towards what she suspected to be his bedroom.

She opened the door. The walls of the room were green with only one window. Sitting on the window sill was a little moon statue. "A moon? Is he a astronomer? Interested in the stars and sky? sounds like Taiki would get along with him." Seiya continued to walk around the room, she opened his closet bedroom door and saw nothing but clothing and boxes. In night stand near the bed, she opened the drawer and found pictures. They surprised her as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"He has pictures of the inner senshi?" Seiya muttered, her mind becoming very cloudy. "Nani? I don't understand. What the hell is going on?" Seiya looked through the pictures, they had all the inner senshi in with her Odango. Suddenly, the door opened again. "Shittima!" Seiya didn't know what to do. She could hear shoes coming down the hall and she went inside his closet.

"Who's there?" yelled Kano with a crack in his voice. Seiya tried to push back emotions about Usagi, she didn't want to be caught by the man. Thank goodness she had shut the little draw that contained the pictures. Kano scanned the room and saw nobody. "I must be going crazy." He shut the door and headed towards the kitchen for a cup of tea.

Seiya got out of the closet quietly and then, something caught her she found a pink pen with a ruby red top. "What the hell is this?" she muttered. She thought she heard steps again and snuck out a window to escape the room she had just been in. She headed over to a coffee shop where she, Taiki and Yaten had come to last time they had been on Earth. She had only been there once but loved it. She opened and took a seat. A chubby man with blue eyes came to the table.

"Would you like some tea?" asked a man standing over Seiya in the restaurant.

"Yes, please," Seiya said not making eye contact with the man, "and some chocolate chip cookies." The man nodded and headed off. Suddenly, Seiya saw Taiki and Yaten come in the restaurant and they took a seat with her. "Oh, hey guys." Taiki noted the emotion in Seiya's tone as she sat down besides Yaten with her hands clutched together,

"Seiya," Yaten said sounding worried. "Where were you? We've been looking all over for you. The last place we'd suspect you to be is here." Seiya looked around, she wanted to make a smart ass comment to Yaten but didn't think now was a good time. She would start crying.

"I told you earlier," Seiya replied trying to mask any emotion Yaten may have picked up in her tone. "I was out for a walk just to clear my mind." Her mind had only become cloudy on the subject of Usagi's absence. Finding pictures of the inner senshi in that mans room. Why did he have those? Did he take Usagi and kill her? Was he holding her hostage? Was he an enemy threatening to expose her secret? She just had to know and as soon as possible would be the better.

"Seiya," Taiki muttered bringing the raven-haired girl out of her thoughts. "Are...are you thinking of Usagi?" Seiya looked down at the table as the man brought her tea over to her.

"Arigato," Seiya said to the man. The man placed the cookies down on the table. Yaten took one, Taiki nudged her in the ribs. The man walked away with another holding other sweets on a tray he had along with other foods. Taiki and Yaten looked back at Seiya. "Seiya, please answer my question. You can be honest with us. Are you thinking about her?" Seiya sighed finally gave in and nodded. "Seiya if she did die, you can't control that. I'm sorry to say that, but that's how life works. People are born into the world and they die."

Seiya felt tears come to her eyes at the mention of the word "die". She pushed the tears back. "I know in my heart, she can't be dead. She just can't be! She's strong, Taiki!" Seiya's tea cup fell on the ground and she ran out of the restaurant back to the apartment the Lights had been living in for well over a day now. Seiya slammed the front door of the apartment and broke down. "I fucking hate this!" Seiya screamed. "I hate that man! I hate him! He has done something to Odango! I fucking know it!" Seiya ran into her room and shut the door. Her suitcase was still on her bed. She picked up a small picture frame on the floor and threw it at the wall, after she slid down the wall. She continued to cry and curse the man. "Damn you!"

Suddenly, Seiya's door opened revealing Taiki and Yaten with concerned looks. Seiya's eyes were puffy and her cheeks were red. "Seiya, diajoubu," Yaten cooed to her friend. "Taiki and the rest of us are still here, so calm down." Seiya didn't like how Yaten was talking to her, did she really think that Usagi was dead?

"Don't say she's dead," Seiya told Yaten as more tears came out of her eyes. "I think...I have a feeling she is still alive. I felt her brightness." Yaten looked at Taiki, they knew what Seiya was talking about. Seiya finally got up off the ground and looked at her two fellow lights.

"Of her star seed?" Taiki asked Seiya. Seiya nodded. "Then she can't be dead. Seiya, don't worry. We'll figure this out. Get some rest, you look tired." Seiya sighed and put her suitcase on the floor. That could wait. She got underneath the covers and took a nap. Nearly two hours later, she woke up by what she saw she knew Taiki and Yaten just finished up dinner. Taiki was cleaning a bowl out.

"Here, Seiya," Taiki said as she stopped cleaning the bowl and getting a clean one for Seiya. "There's some left over soup." Taiki placed filled the bowl up with soup as Seiya sat at the wooden table.

"Thanks, Taiki," Seiya said as she started eating the soup. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Yaten grabbed her jacket along with Taiki. "Where are you two heading?"

"We're going out to buy some groceries," Taiki said. "Don't worry, we'll be back." Taiki shut the door and left. Seiya sat there thinking of what she had found earlier. Why did he have all of those pictures with the inner senshi? If he killed her Odango, he was going to pay. Seiya finished the soup and headed back towards her room and cried into the pillow she had brought from Kinmoku. A thought crossed her mind, she saw Usagi chained up to a wall screaming for help. She knew this wasn't true and turned to look out a window.

"Tomorrow," she said bringing the white covers up to her face. "I'm going to get my answers and after I do, that man's a goner!"

Soon, night arrived. Seiya found herself in a deep sleep for someone who was super pissed. "She's sleeping," Taiki said opening the door looking at the time. "It's only just a little passed eight and she's already sleeping." Taiki knew how hurt Seiya had been when they had gotten home to Kinmoku. She would sit in her room and looked out a window looking at Earth. Not that Usagi was nowhere in sight, it must've been ever harder for her. Yaten spoke finally and took the taller light out of her thoughts.

"Do you think we should bother her?" Yaten whispered. Taiki looked at Yaten with a why would we do that look. "Gomen, stupid question." The two shut the door and Yaten sat on the couch as Taiki was getting some water to drink.

"Where do you think she is?" Taiki asked sitting in a wooden chair at the table. "I mean, if Seiya felt her brightness she's obviously alive somewhere." Yaten sighed and nodded bringing a magazine to her face.

"She can't be too far," Yaten said not taking her eyes off the article she had started reading about new magna's being released this month. "I mean, Seiya felt her brightness. So we can cross dead off the list, right?" Taiki nodded and opened a book of her own. The two sat talking on what to do, but soon they became tired and went to bed. They thought it would be better to adress the issue with more energy.

Aw, a cliff hanger :) what will Seiya do to find her Odango? Any costs, ne?


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