1Epilogue/ Chapter

An: In a way this a mixture of a epilogue/chapter type of thing. Well, anyway I hope you enjoy.

It was two years later, Usagi and Seiya were now both twenty two. Usagi was standing on a balcony in the royal, crystal palace. Usagi looked at her stomach, she was pregnant with Chibi-usa now for around nine months. "Odango?" said a voice bring Usagi out of her trance.

"Oh, Ami-chan," Usagi said. Her friend was wearing a summer dress with black high heels. "What brings you by?" Usagi sat down in a chair looking at the sun high in the sky.

"I have good news," Ami exclaimed. "I just found out I'm pregnant, too." Usagi looked at her friend and rubbed her own stomach. "I haven't told Taiki yet."

"You haven't told your own lover yet?" Usagi said giggling. "That doesn't sound like you Ami-chan." Ami laughed a little. "How long ago did you find out?"

"Only three hours ago," Ami said sitting down. "I really want to tell Taiki, she'll be just as happy as I am." Ami said patting her stomach somewhat. "Where's Seiya?" Ami had come in the palace and hadn't seen Seiya at all.

"She's here, don't worry Ami-chan," Usagi said. "I know she is."

"Did someone say my name?" said a voice. Usagi and Ami looked to the entrance out of the pink balcony and there stood Seiya with a long red dress on. "How are you, my sweet?" Seiya asked coming down on Usagi's shoulder blade.

"I'll just leave you two alone," Ami said getting up winking at Usagi. "Ja, Usagi." Ami got up and left, Seiya took her chair she had just been sitting in.

"How are you, Odango?" Seiya asked as Usagi looked at her confused. "I mean, with the baby."

"Oh," Usagi said with a gentle smile. "Good." Seiya touched her Odango's belly and rubbed it. "Chibi-usa is a sailor senshi too."

"Huh?" Seiya asked. "You never mentioned that." Seiya said giving her a light kiss on the cheek. "You should've done that! Bad Odango!" Seiya teased as Usagi giggled.

"Hai," Usagi said taking Seiya's hand in with hers. "She goes off to the past one time and the second time becomes a sailor senshi along with me."

"Any day now, ne?" Seiya asked Usagi. Usagi was a little scared, Seiya saw this and rubbed her cheek bringing her out of her thoughts. "Don't be nervous, Odango. You're creating a new life along with me."

"I know," Usagi said trying to get up. Seiya got up and helped her into their bedroom that the balcony was attached too. "I'm just scared, what if I die during birth?" Usagi told Seiya as they relaxed on the bed together.

"You'll be fine, Odango," Seiya said relaxing her head on Usagi's big stomach. "I'll be there, don't worry." Usagi smiled. Soon, their dinner had been cooked. Since Seiya and Usagi were busy, Makoto often helped in royal kitchen.

Usagi sat at the end of the table with Seiya, the inner senshi, outer senshi and the two other lights. "So, excited Usagi-san?" Taiki asked looking up from her plate. Seiya grabbed Usagi's friend hand other the table.

"Yes," Usagi said with a smile. "I'm having Chibi-usa." She looked down at her stomach. "How could I not be happy?"

"We'll be there when you have her," Rei promised. "Don't worry, Usagi-chan." Usagi looked at her friends then smiled. Dinner was soon done.

"Do you want help to your room, Usagi-chan?" Makoto asked as Usagi was getting up with Seiya. "Seiya, can you take care of her?" Seiya nodded and helped Usagi up the stairs back to their room. Seiya and Usagi relaxed on the bed while snuggling.

"Are a lot of thoughts running through your head, Odango?" Seiya asked curiously as Usagi nodded. "It will be fine and when it's done, we'll have a child to raise and love." Usagi held her belly with her eyes shut and felt Seiya's hands go on her bare tummy.

Night soon fell over the crystal palace, near six in the morning Seiya was woken up by scream. "Odango, is it time?" Seiya asked getting out of the bed.

"H-h-hai!" Usagi screamed clutching her stomach. Seiya called Taiki and Yaten.

"Now? Really?" Yaten asked over the phone rubbing her eyes. "It couldn't wait another two hours?"

"Shut up," Seiya told Yaten. "Just get your asses over here with the outers and inners." Usagi screamed as Seiya put down the phone. Seiya tried to find a way to get Usagi downstairs without walking downstairs.

"SEIYA HURRY!" Usagi screamed in Seiya's ear.

"I'm going, Odango," Seiya said as Ami came into the palace and helped Seiya get her to the hospital located near by. "Soon, Odango, we're going to the hospital right now."

"FUCK THIS HURTS!" Usagi screamed loudly.

At the hospital were all of the inners and outers including the two other lights. "Hello, minna," Seiya said as Ami and her went in a doctor room.

"I hope Usagi will be okay," Rei said with her hands on her cheeks. "She'll probably kill everyone with her screams though." Everyone had a small chuckle at this.


"SEIYA I'M GOING TO KILL YOU FOR THIS!" Usagi screamed. Seiya only giggled, she knew everything Usagi was saying at the moment wasn't true. She had said she had a feeling this was going to happen and apologized in advance.

"Don't kill anyone, Usagi!" Makoto said running in with Rei. "You don't mean it, ne?" Makoto held Usagi down by the arm while Rei took the right arm. "Seiya, some help please."

"Of course," Seiya said. Seiya grabbed Usagi's hand. "Odango, calm down," she told her. She already knew this was going to be quite awhile and prepared herself for insults she knew weren't true.

"But Seiya!" she said sounding like a child. "It hurts like hell!"

"How do you know what that feels like?" Rei asked trying to make Usagi happy.

"SHUT THE HELL UP REI!" Usagi said trying to wiggle free of Makoto's and Rei's grasp.

-Outside Of The Doctors Room-

"Seiya, why are you out here?" Taiki asked as Seiya came out of the room Usagi was occupying. The inners and outers looked at their other queen.

"She's starting to scream like crazy and almost killed me by throwing a vase," Seiya said as she heard Usagi screaming from more contractions.

"Calm down, Usagi-chan!" Makoto said rather loudly.

"I CAN'T FUCKING CALM DOWN!" Usagi yelled. "SEIYA GET YOUR ASS BACK IN HERE! NOOOOOOOOOW!" Seiya just smiled and walked back in the room, her Odango was breathing fast.

"Seiya, I don't know how much longer we can hold her," Makoto admitted.

"LET ME GO NOW!" Usagi demanded.

"Koneko-chan," Haruka said coming in the room rushing to her queen's aid. "Relax."

"Easy for you to say!" Usagi exclaimed. "OH MY GOD THAT FUCKING HURTS!"

Seiya came up near Rei's side and grabbed her Odango's hand who squeezed her hand tightly. "Odango, relax," Seiya said. "Breath in and out, in and out."

"I'm sorry honey, but I don't think that can happy," Usagi said as she felt another contraction coming. "Oh god, get this thing out of me."

Ami soon returned with gloves, a doctors mask on, hair net and robe to get the baby along with another doctor who brought out water and cold towels soaked with water. "GET ONE OF THE DAMN TOWELS!" Usagi screamed pointing to the towels on the cart.

Haruka grabbed one of the towels and dabbed Usagi's head. "Arigato, Haruka-san!" Usagi screamed, Haruka only smiled.

"Haruka-mama!" Hotaru said peeking around the corner. "Setsuna-mama said wait out here, remember?" Hotaru said sounding like a mini parent. Haruka giggled, the last couple of months they said she needed to act mature because she was becoming a young lady.

"Oi, oi," Haruka said smiling. "I'm coming. We'll be back later, Koneko."

The next couple of hours were intense. Usagi was almost finished, it was near noon. "I see the babies head!" Ami exclaimed. Yaten, Minako, Taiki, Haruka, Makoto and Rei were in there along with Seiya.

"OH GOD!" Usagi screamed. Seiya stroked her Odango's face.

"Shh, it's almost done Odango," Seiya whispered. "Then after, we can take her home." Usagi nodded between contractions as they soon heard a baby crying. "See, Odango."

Usagi closed her eyes and smiled weekly at Seiya as her grip started to loosen. Ami cleaned off the tiny Chibi-usa. "Do you want to see her, Usagi-chan?" Ami asked.

"Please," Usagi said trying to stretch her arms out. Seiya just took the baby for her and gave it to her wife. "Look, she's so beautiful." Usagi said. She had black hair in little ruffles and her eyes opened slightly.

"Hi, Chibi-usa darling," Seiya said rubbing Chibi-usa's head.

"The daughter of the queens," Setsuna said entering the room. "Remember, Serenity. She will not have pink hair anymore as she use to." Usagi nodded and continued to look at the baby in front of her.

"We created a beautiful baby, ne, Odango?" Seiya asked as Usagi nodded. Seiya kissed Usagi on the lips as Hotaru went EEWWW and the others laughed. For 2 nights, Seiya stayed in the hospital with Usagi and then they took the Chibi-usa home.

"Here, Chibi-usa," Usagi said turning on a light in the babies room. "Your room." The room had pink wallpapers with bunnies on them and the bed had the same. There was a night dresser along with a rocking chair and bookshelf full of child books.

Seiya took her child and put her in the crib as Usagi sat in the rocking chair that Seiya had helped her get into. Chibi-usa was snoring a little. "She's just like you, Odango," Seiya joked kissing Usagi on the lips.

"I'm happy we had her," Usagi told Seiya. "I'm happy I had a future with you, Seiya."

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