AUTHORS NOTE: So a lot of you said that my end to Birthday Surprises was no end at all but actually just the beginning. So, I still think it was an ending just not a satisfying one. But you have made me take a closer look and I see IT WAS open ended so I'm willing to compromise and say that Birthday Surprises was to be continued and this is not the sequel but more like PART TWO!

Spoiled Celebrations

"Hardison can you find him?" Eliot spoke hurriedly; pulling him into the apartment before he even had the chance to knock.

"Whoa... Dude, slow down! First off you gotta tell me what you're talking about.
All I know is that you called me at 3 in the morning, and may I add normal people need more than 90 minutes of sleep, and said it was an emergency."

"It's Nate" but before he could say more the door opened again and Sophie was plowing through.

"Bloody Hell Eliot. You better have a real good explanation for interrupting my beauty sleep!"

"He said it's Nate."

Spinning around quickly Hardison yelled, "Damn woman, it is way too early for you to be sneaking up on me like that!"

Unfazed by Parker's sudden appearance Eliot continued, "Nate's gone. Somebody took him."

"Oh man... that's not good. I'm gonna go check surveillance." Hardison said, heading to his computer to pull up the camera footage on the big screen.

"What do you mean he's gone? Wait, how do you know he's gone? He probably just went out." Sophie finished, not wanting to believe that Nate was gone just when she thought they had reached a good place in their, well whatever they were.

"Maybe he just got lonely and went out to find some company." Parker added.

With the glares Eliot and Sophie were sending her way she quickly added, "or not."
They obviously didn't know there was more than one form of company.
"How'd you find out he was missing anyway?" Parker questioned chewing Cheerios that she apparently conjured.

Pointing at the box of cereal she was eating out of Eliot answered, "How did you? You know what... it doesn't even matter. I came over to watch the game."

"At 3 in the morning?" Sophie stated skeptically.

"No" Eliot was clearly becoming irritated. "I came over around 7 to watch the game. About halfway through I remembered I had something I had to do, he said he'd tape it and to come back when I was done. Before I left I told him I'd be back so that's how I know he didn't go looking for company Parker." He finished with Parker's name sliding bitterly off his tongue. He wasn't about to tell them that he actually promised to come back and especially not that they spent most of the day, for lack of a better word, 'cuddling' on the couch.

Interrupting Eliot's musings Sophie wondered aloud, "So what time did you get back here?"

"About midnight."

"But you didn't call us until 3. What did you do with the other 3 hours?"

"I..." Shit.
He couldn't exactly tell them that he spent the first two in shock, not willing to believe that just when he was finally getting comfortable sharing his life and time with someone they were taken away. While he spent the third cleaning up the dishes he had broken and trying to make sure Nate didn't have any other surprises waiting for him that would stir up unwanted questions. Eliot smiled slightly as he remembered all the rose pedals he had to pick up off of their comforter. Nate never did take no for an answer. To bad too, because if given the chance Eliot would have most definitely said yes.

"You guys!"

Eliot silently thanked God for Hardison's interruption, at least now he could avoid answering Sophie's question.

"I've got something."

"What did you find?" Eliot came up behind Parker looking at the big screen.

"I haven't gone through all the footage yet, I thought it would be best to start from when you left the building. So I checked the cameras, which may I remind you, I wanted to install some in here, but nooo that's an invasion of privacy. I bet you his privacy's being invaded now! Anyway I caught them coming out the elevator. Just the two of 'em, they go into Nate's apartment and they must have caught him by surprise cause not three minutes later their dragging him down the hall and he's out cold."

To emphasis his point Hardison paused the video on a close up of an unconscious Nate.

"Then I got a black sedan that pulls up in the garage moments later. No tags, tinted windows. They throw him in back and their gone as if they never came. Whole thing took less than 10 minutes."

"Is that the time stamp?" Eliot asked pointing to the screen but already knowing the answer.

"Yep, I told you they were fast."

"Damn it!" Eliot shouted kicking his chair across the room.

"Eliot calm down." Sophie soothed. "Getting angry like that isn't going to help anyone right now.''

"Sophie that says they took Nate at 11:52 and you want me to calm down.
I was minutes behind them! If I just... I could've." Eliot stopped not being able to voice those thoughts aloud.
The team didn't know about them and he sure wasn't breaking Nate's trust by telling them. No, If they told the team it would be together.

What was he supposed to say anyway?
Hey guys, if I would've just come here to shower instead of taking one at home
I would've been here when those goons showed up and I could've kicked their asses.
Then me and Nate would actually be upstairs all cuddled up and warm right now instead
of him being God knows where and me asking for your help finding him. Yeah, that sounded pathetic even to himself.
Was their truth really that unbelievable?

"I'm going for a walk, when I get back we are finding him."

Watching as Eliot walked out of the apartment Sophie said, "He's hiding something."

"Well ain't that an understatement." Hardison huffed.

"DUH" Parker added coming from the kitchen with a bag of cheese balls.

"Well then, we need to figure out just what that would be." she finished making a dramatic exit.

"That woman's got a death wish."

"You can say that again!"Parker replied loudly; mouth full.

Not knowing what to make of this side of Parker, Hardison shook his head and decided to go through the rest of the security tapes.