A/N Now THIS is a genuine Holmes Original, something that could only have come from the mind of someone who watched documentaries for half of his life. Hopefully this is decent, 'cause I only know a few Disney Princesses (what do you expect? I'm a dude) Reviews will be turned into gold and sent back to the reviewer, flames will be redirected to flamers hard drives. I do not plan to make a sequel to this. Ever.

Radiation is a strange magic. Unstable, unpredictable, and largely unknown to the inhabitants of our land. Was largely unknown of, until 3 days ago, when my old step daughter, or as she is now called, the F├╝her of the Cindrellan Republic of Europe, detonated a tactical nuclear warhead in her palace. Yes, that's right: the good, kind, gentile Cinderella nuked her own capitol city. And you called me the evil one. Yes, it's me, the evil, brazen and abusive Stepmother. I'd be dying of irony if I was not already dying of radiation poisoning. That is why I am writing this: As I said before, radiation is unpredictable. I could die in 20 years, I could die writing this. But, no matter when I die, I HAVE to get my side of the story in.

This whole fiasco started several years ago, when a foreign royal family visited our humble city. The Princess, Belle, now Chancellor of Nationalist France, had the generosity to provide all of our fair city's residents with a book. Cinderella was no exception, even though I protested that she had more than enough to do around our manor. She insisted, and soon after, Cinderella gained a large tome detailing world history. Whatever free time she had, she spent it with her nose in that book. This continued for some time, and, periodically the books would change- god knows how she got them- I only remember a few of the titles and fewer authors: "Mein Kampf" by a Hitler fellow, a "Little Red Book" by Mao something-or-other, and some sort of manifesto by a Karl Marx fellow. I though nothing of it, at first, all women have their quirks, you know. But one day, when I had Cinderella running some errands, I decided to look through her small library. After a half hour of reading, I was disturbed: she had sticky notes, flags and just scraps of paper stuck to each and every page, commenting on how that was done right, and how this can be improved. She even went as far as to begin writing some form of Constitution outlining what the kingdom would be like under her rule. What's more: one wall of her room was covered in maps, schematics and pictures, each one dated some time in the recent future.

If I went into detail, you'd be reading this for quite some time, so I'll skip to the highlights: a few days after the ball, the prince and her would be wed, and she would spend the next few months playing the happy wife, until six months in, the prince would be killed by hired thugs posing as soldiers of a neighboring kingdom. Cinderella would take the reigns from the prince, and immediately launch massive "retaliatory" attacks, capturing the kingdom within days. Soon, "Evidence" would be discovered that the kingdom she now occupied was aided in the assassination by several major powers, including the kingdoms of Belle, Snow White, and Queen Kida. Meanwhile, she would form alliances with the rapidly growing empires of Fa-Mulan and Ariel. Once the relations with her allies were solid, she would declare war against "those who would disturb the peace and prosperity of our kingdom". Her allies would follow suit, and soon thereafter conquer their enemies, and she would bring about the introduction of the Cindrellan Code, as she referenced it, her constitution based off the ideals from her books. I knew I had to stop her from going to the ball by all costs, lest her predictions come true. You know this next part of the story well, but what you don't know is what happened after. Her plan went along, as it should have, except for one hitch: Cindy wasn't expecting the audacity of the Mermaids, and they staged a bloody raid on an outpost f the United States of Pixar, a neutral nation. They retaliated in a similar manner to how Cindrellan troops did during their first assault, leaving nothing of the Mulan empire but dust and echoes, and they quickly strangled the fight out of the Mermaids. Soon after, USP troops encircled the capitol from the west and north, while the forces from Belle's kingdom encroached from the south, and Queen Kida's forces moved in from the east.

That's when she detonated the bomb. I was out of the city, but not out of the fallout zone. Hundreds of thousands weren't as lucky. I know for a fact that Cinderella was not among them. She's far too fond of herself to become a martyr, even for her own cause. I also know that as long as she's out there, she's just going to deface me some more. Hopefully, this'll set the record straight. It's probably going to be the last thing I do before I die.

I beg you all, whoever reads this: remember me not as the Evil Stepmother, but as a loyal patriot of her country, and a defender of the world as a whole.

The Stepmother