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When We Met

"What are you doing?"

Taiki Kudou met the golden eyes of a red-haired girl about his own age. Nodding to the last person to come through the door, he finally let it close shut to address her. He grinned widely at her with his own gray stare, "Exactly what it looked like."

"Hm," she poked at his recently acquired arm cast, wearing a pair of worn overalls and a red undershirt as opposed to his olive green scrubs and ever-present goggles. A moment of thought later, and she returned his smile with her own. "That's nice, but how did you hurt your arm?"

"Oh, this?" Taiki chuckled, scratching the back of his head. "I stopped two of my neighbors from crashing their bikes into each other."

"Well, that's reckless. You'll exhaust yourself if you do too much stuff like that," the red head huffed, hands on hips. She leaned in closer so that their noses were just two inches away from touching. "Have we met before?"

"…Maybe?" he shrugged, ignoring the small ache that came with it from his healing right arm.

"You're in class 2A, a year above me!" she realized. She took a moment to remember his name. "Taiki-senpai."

"S-senpai?" Taiki blushed, embarrassed by the honorific. "Just Taiki is fine."

"Taiki…kun?" she ventured.

"Just Taiki."

"Okay," she giggled, singsongy. "Just Taiki. I'm Akari Hinomoto, class 1B. My mama's having another baby, so I'm going to be another big sister to my new sibling."

"Another?" they were back in the child's ward he had left to explore the rest of the hospital.

"Yeah, I already have two younger brothers, so the new baby might be another or even a little sister. Isn't that great?" Akari puffed her chest out proudly, glad to be the oldest. "What about you?"

"My dad travels a lot," he explained. "So, he and Mom haven't really thought of having another child after me."

"Wow, must be lonely."

"Naw," Taiki shook his head, dismissing the idea. "There are the other neighborhood kids and my classmates. Even when I can't hang out with them, I have a pet."

"Really," the mention of an animal interested her. "What kind?"

"A lizard."

"A… lizard?"

"Yeah, he's a chameleon who likes to turn red a lot; I named him Shoto."

"Sounds cool," Akari sighed, trying to imagine the reptile. "I wish Mama and Papa would let me have a pet."

"Why not?"

"It's enough trouble for them to take care of my brothers and me, so taking care of an animal isn't really on their plans," she smiled wistfully.

"If you could, what would you want?"

"A bunny rabbit," Akari replied automatically, a tell-tale sign that she had been thinking about it for a while. "He could be pink for all I care, and I'd give him as much tender, love, and care as possible."

"Who knows, maybe you'll get one like that someday," Taiki replied, having a feeling that it might just come true.



Two small children, one still in his toddler years, trotted up to the red-head as fast as their little legs could carry them. These kids were undoubtedly Akari's brothers. As the younger one took the time to catch his breath, the taller broke the news to his sister, "Nee-san! Mama's had the baby. We can see her now!"

"Oh, really?" her eyes sparkled at the news. Without warning, she turned to Taiki and grasped his hands. "Did you hear that? My baby sister's been born!"

"Haha, good for you," he returned her enthusiasm with his own big smile. "You should go then."

"Right," ushering her brothers ahead of her, she began to run towards her mother's room. As an afterthought, she whirled around and yelled to her new acquaintance. "Taiki! Go take a rest! Just cuz it's only your arm, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt as much as any other injury. I'll be back to tell you what my baby sister's name is and how she's doing, so wait for me!"

"Ah, okay," Taiki wasn't expecting something like that as Akari and her siblings rounded a corner. "Bye…"

This was the first or many encounters between Akari Hinomoto and Taiki Kudou, now friends. Their contrasting personalities would keep them together and level. With Taiki's give-up-my-life-attitude and Akari's think-this-through skepticism, the two were a perfect team, so good that Akari appointed herself as Taiki's manager due to him being requested frequently to help out in clubs or activities. And maybe, something more came out of it, but they just don't realize it. Not yet anyway.

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