Disclaimer: I do not own Hex Hall, Demonglass or anything else of Rachel Hawkin's, be it cottage or flowers.

I thought it'd be cool to write a Hex Hall fanfic based on Archer and Sophie's conversation about what-would-it-be-like-if-we-met-at-a-normal-high-school-with-no-magic in Demonglass.

I'm playing with this idea and am going to try to incorporate things from the series into it but in a normal high school setting.

Ok, honest, I'm no sarcasm queen like Soph and Archer but I'll try my best, which isn't very good so please excuse my fails and if you have any great sarcastic comments or conversations between the two that I could use, I would LOVE to hear them. No, seriously.

The beginning might be slow but I'm just laying the scene out for you guys and determining the atmosphere. Just yell at me to pick up the pace and you've got it ;)

HOPE YOU LIKE IT and don't forget that little button you press at the end! (p.s.: it would make my day if you clicked on it )

Chapter 1: Livingston, Oh Joy

New town, new house, new school, new life, it's how it's always been and I'm betting how it's always going to be. I'll spare you the details and give you the short version. College. Dad met Mom. Mom got pregnant. Dad left Mom. Mom had Me. Mom and Me move around a lot. Got it? Good, wouldn't want my audience to be confused on the first page.

We're driving down Main Street, no seriously that's what it's called. It's like the 18th century all over again. Town hall, quaint old-fashioned movie theater, boutiques, cafés and tiny shops including that dusty old book shop all little towns seem required to have, are all stuck on Main Street and in Main Square. Ok, to be honest, it's not horrible, not like when we had to live behind a graffiti wall in a deformed metal canister but I'm a little grumpy about our sudden move. I was actually slipping into routine and feeling good about where we previously stayed. I had friends and I had a date to a big dance after much persuading on the guy's part. It took him three weeks to get me to say yes. I never want to put down roots but I figured that a guy who would ask a depressed girl every day out on a date for 21 days straight-yes, even weekends-must be worth something. Too bad I'll never know for sure since I ruined that dance, more on that later.

We have arrived at house number 9 of my 17 years of life. It is a little bit far from Main Square but not far enough to be described as secluded. Driving down the dirt path marked by a battered old mailbox I finally see it. Brown with white trimming it has a small gate with an arch weaved with vines of small white flowers. On either side of the small path leading to the front door are colorful wildflowers. House number 9 looks like a cottage and I can't help but like it.

"Sophie, isn't it wonderful?" Mom asks excitedly as she lugs our baggage to the door. I go and help her, "It's a bona fide cottage Mom." I say emphatically.

She smiles in that way of hers that tells me she knows what I'm thinking, "So you like it then? Good. It was cheap too. I saw the pictures online and just had to get it, 5433 Wildbur Way, Livingston." She says satisfactorily. I smile despite my mood at her enthusiasm, "I'm glad you like it Mom." But then add on bitterly, "Hopefully we can stay here for more than half a year this time."

"No guarantees." She replies curtly. Deciding to drop it I unload the rest of our meager belongings. We carry them inside and set them in a furniture filled living room. Everything looks new and pristine, "Whoa! Someone brought in a vacuum cleaner. Do they even have those in towns like these?"

Mom ignores my jab, "They said furniture would be included but I never imagined anything like this!" She looks positively radiant. Sighing I leave her to her incredible disbelief and amazing wonder to carry my box of stuff up dark wooden stairs to level two! I'm betting 20 bucks for flowery wallpaper…and we have a winner! Going for double jeopardy, what flower? Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm a great guesser, how 'bout you? Yeah, if you haven't guessed, they are dark red roses on a light pink background.

There're four rooms and a hall bathroom. The master is to the right and it is equipped with dresser, furry rug, bathroom, king bed and a balcony with a view of our backyard which is a meadow leading to a forest. I smile, some of my moodiness disappearing, it's beautiful. Moving on, I get to the next room, it is filled with mirrors. I walk into the middle of the room and spin a full circle. I can see myself every which way except for a window at the end of the room. Rays of sun shine through and light everything up creating a beauty that isn't lost on me. There're small mirrors, big mirrors, and hand mirrors and wall mirrors. It's curious but a little creepy, makes me wonder what kind of person the previous owner was.

"Mom! There's a room full of mirrors up here! Maybe we could put the wind chimes in here!" I yell in the report just to make sure she's still alive, competent and not deaf.

"Wind chimes!" She yells back. Don't worry, it's routine. Yeah, and we don't have wind chimes.

The next two rooms are bedrooms. One is almost bare, with only a twin bed and dresser, no curtains or rugs or lamps. Obviously I take the other room which has a closet, dresser, desk, queen bed with pink bed sheets, curtains, a fluffy rug of my own, lamps and a door which leads to the hall bath. It's pretty cool. That means there're two doors into the hall bath which I now discover is very roomy and spacious with a bathtub and bath salts included, lavender and rose. Interesting. I check the doorknobs. Yup lock from the inside. It's ingenious.

"I should have known you'd go straight for the bathroom. We have got to stop your obsession with bathrooms Sophia Mercer." I hear my mom say teasingly from behind me.

My grouchiness has all but disappeared so smiling I turn and say, "What's not to obsess? They keep you smelling nice and clean and warm, and also ready for anything boys can throw at you like," I pause dramatically and Mom rolls her eyes, knowing what's coming, "FLOWERS." I start cracking up. When Mom was seven, a little boy, Arthur, who had a crush on her gave her flowers during recess but was so nervous he all but threw them at her and my mom thought they were lizards and ran away screaming. She also washed her hands a million times afterwards too. "Poor Arthur was devastated Mom! You see why bathrooms are so important?"

"Ok, ok come on then. What's that room full of mirrors?"

Still smiling I lead her to the room and she gasps. Great, daze time again. After almost five minutes of personal Mom and mirror one-on-one, we move on.

Finally after a whole afternoon of unpacking and exploring the dirty dusty cellar, we finish the day off with Tap Ramen before turning in for the night.

"You know Sophie, we might be able to stay here a little longer than usual." My mom says yawning before heading upstairs, "Night Soph and don't forget, school starts at eight tomorrow."

"What? You just happen to forget that little detail in our mother daughter bonding time this afternoon Mom?" but by then she had disappeared. Great, school on the second day we arrive in Livingston, oh joy.