For everyone out there who is waiting for the next Lord of the Rings meets Brooklyn chapter. You will be disappointed to know that it may be a while till the next chapter comes out.

At the moment I am swamped with so many things going on. Like other stories that need to get off the ground and all that.

But to help with the wait I am having a contest for you to enter.

The goal: To create the best picture of a scene of couple featured in Lord of the Rings Meets Brooklyn.

The Rules: Must be your own work. Must be sent to either BrooklynrageSayWhat at or sent to Kankurosnumber1girl through messaging. The last rule is to send it by the end of February.

The Prize: The winner will be judged by me and a small group and the winner will be featured as a character in the next chapter of Lord of the Ring meets Brooklyn.

Good Luck to everybody!