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"They have left my queen. How long do you think it will be till they return again for their lost comrade?"

"I believe they will be forced to wait till their wounds have healed enough before their attack on our home again." His hand grasps my hand and starts his travels along my arm ending at the base of my shoulder and neck.

"If it must be it must be." He sighs deeply before pulling me into him.

"And why do you sound so dishearten by this? You have time to prepare and better your securities before they could even put together one suit of armor. Surely it cannot be that you feel you have lost because of one mere trade?"

"The loss of the hobbit would no more affect me as if I had stepped on an ant today. It is not that I feel dishearten by this realization my dear so much as I feel well anxious you could say. I would rather kill off my uncle and settle this whole attempt of a war or battle really. With such time consuming activities to be rid of I can spend the better part of time with ravishing you till all of time stands still."

"Then how shall you rule over your subjects? Surely you do not wish for your kingdom to fall all around you? What good would winning this battle be if that should happen as the outcome?"

"It shall not fall and my queen it shall be our kingdom not just mine alone. A queen is an equal in the eyes of her king." I make a face at him that shows displeasure. "What is with the face my dear heart?" His voice had the bittersweet edge of care and unpleasantness.

"One minute you claim me as your queen and equal not too long before you treated me as little more than scum."

"You were of an unsound mind when you acted so irrationally. Harsh as my treatment was it shall never happen again. You have chosen with wisdom this time and with it comes the ideal dream of spousal kindness." He rubs his face in the crook of my neck. Taking a deep breath of some scent of mine before speaking again. "Why must we wait for marriage to enjoy the desires of the flesh?"

"One who waits gains more than what he had first sought."

"Such lovely little words you speak."

"Yes they are lovely little words woven into a lovely phrase and came from lovely lips as you seem to find."

"Such lips that belong with mine and mine alone." A deep kiss is shared between the two of us. When the kiss is over he keeps his eyes closed enjoying the sensation we had just shared. "Such bliss from a small joining of the lips together what delights a wait me in lover's embrace?"

"Such embraces shall come but you with greater strength than that which is for battle must resist for now. Or else you shall be proven to be less of man for such sinful delights."

"Temptress that you are, such words that would put others at bay instead they drive me further into the ocean. Should I allow you to drown me with your affections?" A smoldering look is enough to tell him that now was not the time or place for such words to be shared. To that I break from his grasp and head to my room.

"Why do you flee like this?" He said with perhaps a bit too much bite. Something that happens when men have been cock blocked.

"One moment longer and I may give into the desires you have made very apparent. I must preserve my purity for as long as it takes till we are wed." With that I leave his sight. I presume that he was content with the answer I gave him for he didn't break down my door and try to take me. A restless sleep greeted me that night believing that he would enter my chambers as I slept and try his charms upon me. If that were to happen, who knows which way the road may lead?

For the next week or so how I spent my days was pretty much the same as the last. I would wake up, eat breakfast, and entertain myself with little things. Such as sewing new dresses, reading and using my powers of the harpy. I can use it so well now that I can transform as will. When the day is done and the last meal is eaten I sleep. Only to wake in the morning and repeat the process all over again.

There are times when I will venture outside of my chambers only to be greeted by the sounds of him training. His training is as cruel as one would expect for one who has gained such dark powers. Soon after I find myself once more in my rooms alone and scared. What have I done? What have I done? What have I done?

"You agreed to be with a crazy ass man in matrimony! That's what you have done you moron!" My inner voice screams at me and it has every right to do so. "The real question is what are you going to do from her on out? Are you going to pose like a painting from the Black plague? Or are you going to do something worthy of your New York background? Remember you are from New York! New Yorkers don't give up and run for the hills when things start to go downhill. They stand up to it and fight it for all it's worth. Even after the fight has left them a total mess. They get back up again and survive!" As you can tell my inner voice has a dream of becoming a motivational speaker.

It all changed when Balthoron opened the doors in excitement. He was a whirl of energy as he buzzed through the room like a bee seeking pollen. My first thought went towards the darker side of the world. That he had managed to kill off his uncle in some way, but I soon felt that it was not quite the case.

"My Dear heart! We will have everything soon!" he picked me up from my seat and captured my lips in a searing kiss. He then went on to make a pose in front of the window. Honestly bad guys and becoming drama queens, what is the deal? "They are coming. They think they have some genius plan to overthrow me and take you back with them. Those fools still are forcing delusions upon themselves that not only can they beat me, but I placed some sort of spell upon you to force you into falling in love with me. As if I had to use even a fraction of my power to force you into falling for me. I have more than enough charm to gain the heart of any woman I desire."

I turn away from him feeling disgusted.

"For this woman you are not all that appealing at the moment."

"Of course I should not say such things when I have already gained the most worthy and precious woman of these two worlds."

"Nice save, but not nice enough." I walk away from him and he tries to gain ground till he finally is close enough to place his hands on my shoulders. He pulls me closer so that my back was against his chest. He leans down to whisper into my ear.

"Please do pardon me of my words just now. My immense joy at the news of my crowning moment arriving sent me into a tizzy. I will be careful of how I word my feelings from now on."

"It's a start." He kisses my temple. Before going out the door. Again I am alone only with new thoughts to occupy my mind. They are coming and by the way he is excited they could be arriving far sooner than one would expect. What will they do this time that will be different than last time? Will they lose or gain ground in this chess game we are all apart of? The players are all there for the taking. Who shall win determines fates of different kinds, if this world is not enough for Balthoron? From what I have seen in spy and superhero movies the one with dreams of the world and hears of another seldom wants less than just that.

"Come here my Dear heart and see they have already come to us." I do as he bids and go to his side. From the window I can see them coming. In armor and greater numbers than they had before.

"So many have come."

"Indeed it is so. But it matters not. My men will take care of them, but will leave my uncle alone. He is the one that I truly wish to see dying at my feet. Of course I shall do everything to spare you of such a distressing sight."

"How generous of you to spare me the sight of a man I to hold in discontent." I say to him turning away from the window and head into my room. Where I take roost upon a plush chair. Lying in comfort upon the lounge chair he comes in. He leans down upon one knee so that he may look at me. His hand gently caressing my jawline in order to look upon him.

"My Dear heart, please understand the death of my Uncle has been upon my mind since his betrayal to my father. My father has left this realm for the next without seeking the piece of justice he so richly deserved. I know you too would find some enjoyment in ending the wretched man's life, but this is a family matter."

"Fine then. Just let me watch. Is that alright?"

"I can agree to that." He smiles and then kisses my temple before going off like some hipster with a new record. Leaving me alone again. I swear for a man who claims to be in love with me he spends a large amount of time away from me. This must be the norm for those who marry into status and wealth.

It does not take long till I can hear the first sounds of the oncoming troops. Clunking metal that belonged to those soldiers heavily armed with their swords swinging about at their sides. The distant call of a neighing horse ready to carry their master into battle and to die with them as well if fate calls for it. I could almost feel the beating of their marching feet coming closer and closer to this castle. The rapid footfalls and shouts for those in the service of Balthoron getting ready to defend their lord and master. I doubt they would care much to keep me safe, but as I am to be their lord's wife they will make the attempt.

Suddenly there was the strangest of sounds to come from this time. There was the sound of silence. No horses, metals that clanged against other metals and no vibrations from feet or breathe. Not even from me, then it all started at the sound of someone crying out for battle. Anguished cries met demise with the swiftness of a blade that cared not for who it struck. So long as the blade stuck down anyone but the one wielding it. One of the annoyances came and shoved me into a different room so I would not be able to look out onto the battlefield. How courteous of the groom to be to see that I will not be offended by such displays. Yet he felt that I would be content in this room.

Time that went by slowly for me, but quicker for everyone else all in all it went by same as it always has. What one is doing at the time is what causes it to go faster or slower. Or make one feel like someone has forgotten something…

(Bang…Bang…Bang) Oh he's back.

Balthoron enters the room smiling as he holds onto iron chains that bound the leaders of the revolution against him. I could see 'Him' among them. Naturally of course, for Balthoron would not be this ecstatic without someone like him joining our party.

"My dearest I have come as I have promised to you."

"And I see you also brought an audience. Trying to lose intimacy between us so soon?"

"Well my Queen. It was what was it your humans are fond of saying? That thing about pricing and a number? What was that?"

"How should I know? There are a number of such sayings." He continued to think on his stupid little saying. Clearly the looks of how we were defeated by this flea brain of a elfling. I could not help but think this as well as I looked down upon him. Only my mind began to draw upon the inspiration of the stupid villains of juvenile shows losing respect for him.

"Oh wait I have it now. Two for the price of one! It was much like a two for one sale."

"Good you have your saying, but at the cost of appearing as one with diminutive talents at leadership."

"Such a bitter tongue again, my lovely Persephone?" Cue the bitter look before rolling my eyes. He comes to my side and begins the pathetic act of a whipped little boy.

"Persephone don't give me such a nasty look like that, you know that I had to do this alone. It's very important that I do this on my own. Please don't give me that look." Why must he attempt such cheap tricks as puppy dog eyes? "After this I will get you the finest jewels of our newly conquered people. Or is it a new pet you desire? A puppy, a little kitty or a horse of the finest pedigree, I'm sure the people of Rohan would be ecstatic at the idea of their finest horse in exchange for their lives. Still not a single smile?"

"No. Not a single smile."

"Flowers then?" I slap his gestured hand scaring him a bit. I think I even sacred the others in the room.

"Flowers?! Flowers?!"

"Well you could tell me what you really want my Dear Heart. And how dare you slap my hand like that!"

"How dare you act like a pansy!" I shout at him and he though surprised by my reaction was able to at least put on a calm enough face for the situation.

"What are you talking about?"

"The little show you just put on was pathetic. It is time for bringing the final blow to our enemies and what do you do? You stop in the middle of it to think of a saying. A pointless, worthless, juvenile saying. Then (pause for some insane laughter) you go and try to apologize to me with silly little gifts. As if now was the time or place. You should have been focused on your enemies not on me. A king deals with those who pose a threat to his reign first or else there will be none to rule. Where would that leave me? Did you think at any point while you attempted some half-assed apology to me? Well did you? I don't think so. It makes wonder about two things about you. Are you less of a king or are you less of a man, because you act like a child in trouble?" The heat of shame and anger was rising behind his eyes, but thankfully he was regrowing a spine at the same time.

"A queen should hold her tongue in the presence of her king. I will teach you that lesson after I finish with this one false king."

"That was much better Balthoron. You are starting to act a king. I am almost ready to believe you are a king."

"Just watch what I do to him and you will see how much of a king I truly am." He raised a death blade out of its scabbard making his way towards the prey whose blood would quench its thirst. He raised it high only to be stopped by one voice in the crowd.

"Wait. I want to speak to him before he dies."

"My Queen is this truly necessary? I am at unease with allowing him this long of life. Imagine how infuriating it is for me to see him breathing in front of me when he can so easily be disposed of?"

"All good things come to those who wait and do not start acting like a baby complaining that you have waited long enough. Just allow me the short time that I need to…discuss with him before the beautiful sight of his red blood flows upon the smooth stone floor. With lifeless eyes to greet the empty void of his soulless afterlife. How wondrous a sight it shall be when comes after just a few short moments for him to savor his life?" Frodo and a few others' faces turn a shade lighter, but only Frodo was able to speak about it.

"I had no idea you were this malevolent." I move away from the elf king to the hobbit strutting with every inch of pride I could muster. Stopping in front of him I bend over so that I was eye level with him. Carefully I cupped his face and brought it closer to mine no doubt causing my husband to be to start raging with jealousy.

"What you and everyone else doesn't know about me could fill a book of sordid details." A smile of the crocodile best fit the scene. I walk with deliberate steps to the one named Thranduil.

"This is it. This is the being that has looked down upon me from his high in the nose bleed sky horse. I can't help but feel that it's rather a large let down to look at you now. On the floor like a dying dog as well as on your knees embellishing the image I have just thought of. This must be humiliating for you." I release a small chuckle.

"I do not find this so funny. Only disappointing."

"What you were under the impression that you would die in some sort of blaze of glory? If that is what you desire then we can accommodate you. We would just need the largest firework to be created from Gandalf and we will strap you to it."

"You are a sick woman to think of such things. It amazes me so how I was right about you from the first moment I had met you."

"And what was that particular thought?"

"That you are a disappointment of a person to ever come into the Great cities of the elves. How you were able to bewitch my son into marriage as well as charm this noble hobbit is beyond my understanding. You who have fleeting qualities worthy of these pure beings were able to capture their attentions. It does not make sense for this to have happened."

"Are you done with your little monotone speech or do we have time to eat while you finish?" Balthoron is seething at the lack of the elf king's bloodshed. With no answer from him it is time to go in for the kill. Sinister and sweet is how I whisper these words into his ears. "Because I believe that we have come to the finale."

"Are you ready darling?" I ask. Balthoron's smile widens to its fullness as he approaches his uncle. "Wait aren't you forgetting something Balthoron?"

"What?! Pray tell would I be forgetting?"

"Well it really is not something that could possibly wait. It's just I cannot help but feel that we have lost sight of something important and it's just bugging me that it could be something big enough to affect everything going on right now. Just give me a second or two to remember what it was." Balthoron sensing that something must be wrong roughly grabbed me by the arm and through his teeth said this.

"I can see what you are doing as plain as day. You are stalling for some savory that will not come. I should have known that you were not truly devoted to me." I looked down and then back up into his soulless eyes.

"You're right. But you still got something wrong. So terribly wrong. Can you guess what that is?"

"What?" He asks in his arrogant way only to have his breath sucked back into his lungs from the pain going through his gut. Looking down he sees the dagger I have struck him with.

"I was never waiting for someone to save me. I can already save myself." I twist the small dagger in his gut for emphasis before backing away from him. Blood did not pour from his wound in gushes like it does in the movies. It was a minor wound really, but still there wasn't any blood coming from it. Instead it seemed to reverse its course and thread its way back into his body. A wound was nowhere to be seen only the tear in fabric remained. He then began to laugh.

"I have to give you credit. You played your part well the deceitful bride. Presenting herself as truth, but in all reality is false in everything including love. If it weren't for this little stunt you have just tried on me. I would still consider you to be my queen."

"I'm glad that I am out of the running finally. It took far too long to realize I hate you. But what can you expect from a mental case like you."

"On second thought you'll die first. Uncle will be afterwards."

"Before you try to do that I feel bad about something that you need to know." He rolls his eyes once more believing that it was another attempt to stall death but lets me go on anyway. I bet he thinks that I am going to beg him to spare my life or something to that effect. The (insert appropriate descriptive swear word here). "That dagger wasn't meant to kill you."

"WHAT? What?" The larger what was from the others, the smaller from him.

"That dagger I stabbed you with was not meant to kill….stay with me now. It was not meant to kill you. It was meant to do something worse. Try to use your powers and you tell me what you notice that is different from last time."

Balthoron attempted several times at magic. But found that nothing he could do before was available to him now. He seethed in angry regaining his attention to those that he saw as the destroyers of his perfect world. He took a few steps towards us and we were at the ready but then his face shifted. It shifted into a twisted mix of glee and sick hope.

"Do you really think a spell on a dagger is going to keep away my abilities?" Well I knew there was a time limit and if you would just shut up I could have some fun and kick your ass right now. In fact let's stop talking and get to it now. Setting into the right pose I urged him to come forth. "Impatient are we?"

"Something like that. I know this is going to be quick." I said with bravado.

"You have no idea how quick it can go."

"Are you making a statement about you in bed?"

"Did you really have to make such a sexual comment now of all times? It's hardly decent!" Thranduil shouted after slicing the neck of an orc that tried to stab him.

"Who's side are you on anyway?!" I shouted to him. Unfortunately I turned when I shouted and that gave Balthoron a great chance to strike at me. If I hadn't moved when I did I could have lost an arm. He still nicked me in the arm, but it was something I could live with. Balthoron lunged and I swirved gaining the momentum to shift my weight into a spin kick that landed right at the center of his back. I must have hit him pretty hard through because he appeared stunned. I took this opportunity to rip off a section of this gown he forced me into to stop the bleeding along my arm. His royal jerkiness gained back his speed and used his blade against me this time cutting off a section of my hair in my avoidance of his attack. I mumble out "You are so lucky that you did not do this to Snooki."

"If all you can do is avoid my attacks than what good are you to the side opposing me? Perhaps I should thank you for this rebellion it will allow me to find a more suitable queen to rule by my side."

"You know what just shut up! Shut up! No one wants to hear your opinions, no one cares about your opinions and if I wanted to hear about how worthless I was I would listen to King Thranduil over there. Not to someone who is just pissed that his desired wife would rather do anything than even look at you. So if you're going to fight. Fight don't talk at all!"

"Fine then." He moved once more to stab me in the gut. I dodge and use his momentum to shift the blade over enough to snatch it away from his hand. His grip was strong and we struggled with ownership of the blade. Till I was able to get his arm into the right position and slammed it against my knee. In pain he let go of the blade and it fell to the floor. He went for it, I got it and smashed it against a stone pillar in an attempt to strike him with it. Instead Balthoron was knocked off his feet. The blade shattered into two large pieces and I kicked it out off to the side. Using the spinning crescent kick I knock him from kneeling to flat on his back. I jump on him and proceed to punch his face ending with a palm strike to the face.

"That was a quick fight." I said to myself as I got up. I then felt the wind get knocked out of me as I fall to the ground. Balthoron uses this opportunity to pull out a knife and hold it to my throat.

"I can allow your life to go if you stop this resistance. Both of us know that when we touch you still feel the longing desire." As much as it pains me to admit this, his stupid potion was still in effect. I've only had to touch him briefly for the most part so it hasn't affected me badly until now with his body hover on top of me. It wasn't helping that his face was all dark and mysterious looking with a bad boy flair. "I will need a concubine until my new queen can be located. I can allow you to live and your body will be able to gain immense pleasure. Your times running up."

"I won't back down." He looks cross and digs the knife a little deeper into my throat breaking the skin with a thin trail of blood slowly going down my neck.

"Excuse me but if you are going to agree to be my…" I look into his eyes fierce enough to stop his sentence from forming. I gather my strength to not give in when his eyes shift to a lusty look. I had to stay strong this isn't right to give in to him.

"I said I won't back down! I am not going to be your queen, your concubine or your first date! There is only one guy for me and no matter what I will find a way to get him out of that prison you put him in and put you into a well fit coffin."

"Then I have no regrets ending things between us permanently. Ugh!" He looks down at the source of his pain. While he had been so caught up in trying to convince me to be his concubine he failed to notice that we ended up near the shards of the blade. I grabbed one of them and rammed it into his heart. Or where his heart should be I should say. He fell to the side pulling the sword shard out of his side causing him to bleed more. He started to struggle and say incoherent words of revenge and death to us all, trying to be poetic with it, but the more he talked the worse he got. There wasn't much chance of him surviving such a wound. Now that his powers were gone which I know had some kind of regenerative ability he couldn't heal himself. And I doubt anyone was willing to help heal him, okay maybe I was if I knew how to. I can't help the fact that I feel guilt over something like killing someone. I never had to do that before. Beating them up so that they are writhing in pain yes, kill no. It wasn't till he died I felt the full wait of killing someone on my shoulders. No wait that's Gandalf's hand on my shoulder. He didn't say anything but he didn't need to. It was unavoidable that he was had to be put down permanently. If I hadn't done it someone else would have had to and could have died from doing so. Merry and Pippin came running into the room.

"He's not awake!" Pippin shouts to us. Merry then continues for Pippin.

"Legolas is still asleep we went in there to see if he had woken up since Balthoron lost his powers. But he hasn't awoken he is still asleep!" All of us rush to the room that still looks like a tomb. There Legolas laid in a frozen sleep that none of us knew why he was still asleep.

"That spell was supposed to null all of his powers. At least it's supposed to, isn't it Gandulf?" Gandulf looks at me in confusion but then something passed over his face to say that he gravely knew something he hadn't told us yet.

"It works on closing his active powers however a curse does not need the help of an active power."

"You mean he's stuck like this forever?" King Thranduil asks looking like age had touched him for the first time.

"There is one idea I have that could work and Carla I believe that you are the only one who can break this curse. I believe that it is a common theme in your human fairytales to have a sleeping royal awoken in a special way." Special way? What the hell kind of special way could he be…oh I see where he is going with this now. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it out at least. I walk quietly and quickly over to where Legolas lay sleeping. He looked like he was alive. His skin looked healthy and I guess that is a good thing. That means this could actually work. I'm talking like this because I'm a bit nervous about this. If it works that's fantastic and if it doesn't well then there may be no chance of getting him back. And I have to kiss him in front of his father and everyone else. But Legolas is more important than having his father watch me kiss him. I lean down and kiss his lips. They're cold, but still soft. I look down at him and see that nothing has changed. He still is asleep. Tears are starting to form with the knowledge that there was no chance of him awakening now.

"Perhaps you didn't kiss him long enough? You just gave him a peck, which isn't really a kiss." Everyone turns to Merry wondering how the heck he came to this conclusion. "My wife prefers a kiss over a peck in the mornings."

He could be right. I lean down again and I feel someone grab my arms and pull me into a warm, passionate kiss. It feels so good and yet I have a distinct urge to slap him after this kiss of course.

"Now that one was a kiss." He says. He then adds something else because he has learned that this would be something to explain. "How many times will I be able to have a beautiful woman kiss me awake?" Okay I didn't slap him, I'm too happy to have him back. All of us head back to Rivendall for some rest and celebration over the defeat of Balthoron. For a week all of us relaxed not thinking about the future but just of the fact that once more a great catastrophe was avoided and this time a huge war wasn't needed. It wasn't till one night that Legolas and I approached the subject of going for a wedding again.

"I think after everything that has happened planning another wedding will feel like a cake walk." I say to him while holding onto him from behind as we look at the stars in the sky.

"The sky is beautiful tonight. All the memories are present." Okay weddings are memories I suppose that is the connection he is trying to make. But what makes the memories present? "Stars represent memory to us. The most important ones are the brightest."

"What memories are those for you?"

"There are a number of them up there, but there is one memory that has yet to be put up there. Please wait here. I won't be long I promise."

"Only if you promise to come back as yourself and actually come back."

"There isn't a chance that I won't come back to you Peresephone." We share a light kiss before he goes off somewhere. A rustling sound occurs next and the twins step out.

"Eric, Janie what are you doing out so late?" The two look at each other and giggle then take my hands and lead me somewhere. "Um guys Legolas is going to be back soon I really should be staying right here." For some reason that made the twins laugh harder and pull harder towards where ever it was that we were going.