Jak and Crash Revelations

Its been two months that cortex, coco, tawna, and the others have come and save havlon with the help of Jak, daxter, and their friends by defeating and keep veger " The now former commander of havlon" by saying to the queen that cortex and his team are outer planetary menaces set to kidnap Jak " The Queen's grandson" and he's also responsible for making the Darkmakers to harm havlon. Right after opperation Bring Salvation maded by cortex and the 1 hour battle between Veger, a powerful Dark Maker against Cortex, Coco, Jak and Daxter. They captured Veger banished the Dark Makers and Veger to the most hi-tech prison in the galaxy for life, Jak's grandmother clears Cortex's team for the false framement of them by Veger. Right after that, the Queen proclaims Cortex's and Jak's team heros and guardians of havlon and they were also honored. After the celebration, Cortex says now that we saved the world for you, could you please search for my son? Yes for a deal is a deal Jak said. As Jak began to search Crash with his searcher, it beeped and Jak said he is in this room. They were surprised and suddenly a figure tapped Cortex's shoulder and said hello Cortex. Cortex turned around and said hey who's the wise guy, as he looked up he couldn't belive what he saw even Jak, he saw his own last, thought dead son and Crash said hi dad whats going on? Then Cortex's and Jak's teams who just came inand they were amazed to see Crash alive. Cortex said happily to Crash my son my own flesh and blood I thought you were dead. No Crash said I was actually alive, but howed Cortex asked? Well, remember the day before my death I disapeared for a half a day, yeah Cortex said. Well I knew the world will die, but I found out a good person like me should die in order for the world to stay in balance. I used wumpa magic that Aku Aku taght me to clone myself and I send my clone to die, so the galaxy will have balance. Right when he die I suddenly been transported to the time of the Middle Ages where i spend for 2 years. Then I used wumpa magic to transport back to the present, but instead of Earth, I was here at havlon. Aku Aku then came and told me stuff tht he knew you were still alive because of his plan to teach me wumpa magic to keep me from being killed 2 years ago. Then he told me about havlon, its history, the cryiss of MetalHeads was going still 2 years ago and a hero named Jak which I already knew back in my early years, because I have the ability to see futures and see alternate pasts and futures of other universes. Aku then told me that you and your team will be here in a month, so when I heard you came, I tried searching for you andafter 2 months I was going to give up. But Aku told me tomerrow you and Jak are going to battle Veger, so I transported here to help you. When I saw youwere about to be killed by Veger, I came and stopped and weaken him for you, so that shadowly figure was you Cortex said. Yes, Crash said. After that, I saw you and Jak talking, so I came to join you which is now. After Crash told his story, everyone in the room were thanking their gods for bring him back. When Crash, Cortex, and the team were leaving, Jak said that they can vist anytime they wanted. They thanked him and went back to earth and told and showed everyone that Crash is still alive, then they rejoiced.