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I want to thank twins of the Earth for being my Beta. and for helping me with scene description and editing for this revised prologue

Danny's POV

"Yes I PROMISED!" I yelled releasing my new acquired Ghostly Wail.

Dan went flying backwards and skidded across the pavement. He weakly tried to stand up, but having never had his own power used against him he was internally weak "That power, ug, it's not possible I don't get that power till ten years from now" he struggled to say while holding his stomach.

"I guess the future isn't set in stone as you think it is" I said weak from using the powerful attack.

I use my Ghostly Wail again sending Dan into a building and it fell to pieces on top of him and I turned back into my human form as the attack ended. I fell to my knees breathing slightly heavy and beaten up pretty good.

"What? That's it?" Dan asked coming out from the building over half his flame hair gone out.

I took a shaky breath and held up the thermos "Time's up," I say and suck my dark side into the thermos.

" Too weak to escape and your too late to save them," Dan said before fully in the thermos.

I gasped in realization, "Oh no," I said and I started to run and try to change into Phantom but failed to do so.

I kept running until I tripped on rock before I got there and the Nasty Berger blows sky high and in that one moment I lost everything, "NO!" I yelled.

Soon after that, the fire department arrives along with the paramedics and thanks to the blast I got a small concussion and the paramedics rush to me and start checking on me just as I passed out. Next thing I know I'm in a hospital bed connected to an IV and heart monitor with a nurse checking it. And she notices me waking up and starts calling for a doctor and seconds later a doctor comes in. His name was Dr. Roy Reid. (A/N real name and doctor plus my Grandfather)(1)

"Ah Daniel, your awake how feeling?"

I winced. Vlad always calls me Daniel and it just reminds me of what just happened…and what can happen now, "A little sore Doc, but fine and can you please call me Danny?" I asked Dr. Reid.

Dr. Reid smiled, "All right, but only if you call me Rocky in that case," he said.

"Deal," I said smiling.

"Danny, do you know what happened last night?" Rocky asked, "If you do I need to know if you have any remaining relatives you can live with."

*Flashback one week ago*

I just got out of the shower and was heading downstairs when I noticed mom licking an envelope and then writing down the mailing address. I asked who she was writing to and she answered, "My half-sister, Anne Possible," mom answered, "I haven't heard from her in years, and to be honest I forgot about her till last night. So I wrote this letter, telling her about me you Jazz and Jack and of course all the ghost activity that been going on."

"So I have a half aunt and her name is Possible?" I asked shocked and a little confused, "And not only are you telling her about me and Jazz, but also about the entire ghost related stuff? Let me guess it's been over 25 years since you've seen or heard from her?"

"Yes," mom answered, "Yes it has been over 25 years and I can't wait to hear back from her once she gets this letter."

*End Flashback*

"Yes," I answered, "I only know her name, but she was my mom's half-sister. Her name is Anne Possible."

"Okay I'll see what I can do," Rocky said, "Oh, and you have my condolences."

I smiled, "Thanks"

Rocky smiled back "You're welcome," he said then left.


A/N I came up with this idea two days ago I mean both Maddie and Mrs. Dr. P have red hair and both have brains and have similar faces so what if they were related and so here it is and now disclaimer

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(1)Yes Dr. Roy Reid is my Grandpa and he is a doctor well a semi-retired doctor He still works but as a Prison Doctor.

PS. This is my first Fanfic ever not on paper and not on my computer! This is the first I have ever written/typed.