Staring out the window, I ponder my existence.

My glazed and vacant eyes see nothing now but

Snow covered trees and empty sidewalks.

There seems to be nothing that makes life worth-while.

When everything I ever cared for has disappeared into the forest

He walked, or ran, or whatever it is that he did, right out of my sight…

He kissed me and just…left.

I sigh, watching the scene playback in my mind. It still hurts but, it's better now.

I still feel like zombie, like I'm just dead and cold.

Despite the chill of his body it's almost as if he made my life a flame.

Burning bright, giving me the reason I have always needed to keep going

And keep going because I actually felt like someone, anyone, would care.

Like I mattered. But, I take a deep breath, he walked away.

So maybe I wasn't as important as I thought.

This is who I am now. I don't listen to music or watch movies.

I don't go out or connect with anyone anymore

because he took that part of me with him.

He took my fire, what little life was left in me is gone.

My fire has quite gone out.

Poof, goodbye,