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Aizen's Reality

~ Sleeping in Class ~

Pitch blackness surrounded his mind, and then there was a loud snapping sound. The sound caused Hitsugaya Toshiro to sit up straight, his mind fuzzy from everything that was going on. When the small shinigami opened his bright teal eyes, he found himself suddenly glancing around in confusion at the place around him. "Where am I?"

A man standing next to him spoke up, his voice filled with irritation. "You are in class Hitsugaya Toshiro. How many times to I have to remind you of this fact?"

This caused the boy's eyes to blink a couple of time more, and then he couldn't help but notice that he was in a classroom setting. He was sitting at a school desk, staring towards the front of the class, with many eyes upon him, staring as the teacher towered over him, a ruler on top of the desktop as that was what the teacher had slapped down to get the boy's attention.

However, the young shinigami noticed rather quickly that something was off. "This isn't Karakura High School?"

The other students began to suddenly laugh at him, causing the child to feel ill at ease with the entire situation, his mind trying to figure out exactly what was going on. Last time he checked, he had been in Karakura Town, waiting for the Arrancar to show up. Now, he found himself in what appeared to be an elementary school classroom.

"I know that you like telling tall tales Hitsugaya, but I would appreciate it if you used that intelligence of yours for something more productive then rambling off lies to get attention. We know all to well that you enjoy the attention. Well, this is school, so the attention needs to be on the teacher. Do I need to make you stand out in the hall?"

Suddenly, Toshiro found himself digging into his school bag, while the teacher began to yell at him. The boy's eyes were wide with confusion as he dug through and finally reached his phone. When he pulled it out, the teacher took it from his hands and then snapped at him. "I've told you before that I don't need you doing stuff like this. You have detention after class, and maybe I'll let you have it back."

"Hitsugaya-san looks like he's on some sort of drug." One of the students commented, whispering to her friend, causing Toshiro to suddenly flinch, wondering exactly what was going on.

"Hyorinmaru?" The boy called out to his dragon, felling relieved when the dragon answered him, but it was short lived.

"I don't know what is going on anymore then you do." The dragon spoke up, his voice causing Toshiro to glance down at his notebook an the boring math problems. "I suggest not doing anything to rash, because of the fact you honestly don't know what is going on."

Author's notes: This story may be confusing to some people. I am using a particular trope for this story called "All Just a Dream". A good example of this trope is The Wizard of OZ movie. ANC:68