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As for every reason Percy was forced to endure something desperate, this one involved family. Though, surprisingly, this time it had to do with his mom's family. After years of nearly dying left and right at the hands of manipulative cousins, egoistical half-brothers, psyco self-centered aunts and uncles, and an all-powerful grandpa and his ten foot tall goons trying to take over the world while possesing his young adult second cousin… This was relatively normal. Well, in the sense that nobody was trying to step on him or push him into a bottomless pit or gobble him up this time.

That was his father, Poseidon's (the immortal greek one), side of the family. The reason he was in a state of paranoia that his uncle Zues would strike him down and why he was holding onto his cousins like they were life preservers was because of his mom. Sally Jackson, a wavy haired, blue-green eyes woman in her mid-thirties was calmy reading a paperback novel in the reclined seat across the isle. Her son and his cousins whom she had adopted two years before were fearing for their lives all the while. She did care though, don't get her wrong, but she new that they were protected as whilst flying from lord Zues' wrath as long as Thalia was with them. They knew that her father, said god of the heavens, still felt guilty about the past handful of years for reasons I wont bother going into right now, and wouldn't murder his own daughter along with a packed airplane of innocents just because of a grudge against his brothers and their two sons.

Percy Jackson, Sally Jackson, Thalia Jackson, and Nico Di'Angelo-Jackson were in coach in early august on a flight to Britain. As it turned out Sally hadnt been honest with them with the topic of her family. Percy had grown up with the knowledge that when his mother was six her parents had died in a plane crash leaving her in the care of her uncle Richard who died of cancer when she was in highschool. They had been informed recently by her personally that she actually had sisters. Two, in fact. She had told them how she was the youngest child in her family who had lived in England and how after things had gotten dicey at her home she had ran away when she was 10 when her father died and escaped to America where she came into the hands of her uncle Richard. Her mother, lost in depression over the lost of her husband, had not noticed her absence until a week later. She and her olderst daughter had set out to find her but had given up after a worn month or two.

The previous weekend Sally had gotten in touch with her eldest sister who had settled down and got married and had a son, just to learn of the death of her mother and sister along with her sister's apparent husband over the phone. Her sister, Petunia Dursley 'nee Evans had delightfully invited her sister and sister's children to her home to meet her family and rejoice. Several days later the four of them were provided with a plane with Petunia's husband Vernon's money,on their way to Europe. Thalia, who was afraid of hights, and her close boy cousins (now siblings), who were afraid of their uncle's temper, were all huddled in a tight embrace with their eyes closed. Hours later, they were off the plane and on the ground where it took all their willpower not to kiss the floor. They, still shaken from their experience, roll their bulging nylon suicases across the polished floors of the airport and into a cab where they gave the driver the adress.

"What do you think they're like?" eleven year-old Nico asked shifting in his seat to look at his adopted brother and sister

"Bet you they're British" fourteen year old Thalia supplied. Nico rolled his eyes

"You know Thals I totally had absolutely idea that they would be" he said sarcastically

"They have a son right? Duncan or Dimple or whatever?" Percy spoke up for the first time since they had boarded the flight hours ago

"Dudley, I think. Petunia said he was fifteen" his mother replied. Thalia snorted

"Who would name their poor kid Dudley?"

"Who would name their poor kid dimple?" Nico looked amusedly at Percy

"You never know!" the seagreen eyed boy held up his hands in defense. After that their topic wandered to things from their camp, Camp Half-Blood, back in New York to music to Twilight.

"Isnt the baby some sort of mutant?" Percy asked randomnly

"'think so"

"Bet you anything its gonna pop out in her tweens and stay that way" Nico said

"Who do you think they'll get for the baby?" Thalia asked, disturbed at Nico's theory

"Someone with red-ish hair, that lookes more or less constipated than her parents, and is short enough to pass of as a little girl…" They exchanged a look

"Bella Thorne" the said together

"Isnt that the scrawny girl from the show on Disney Channel. Shake it Up?" their mom said from the seat behind them

"Yup" Thalia popped the 'P'

"What do you guys have against her? Its not like shes Lindsey Lohan or anything"

They just shrugged and changed the topic. 'It would be weird if Lindsey Lohan was casted as Bella and Edward's baby' Percy thought before looking out the window at the passing cookie cutter neighborhoods while his cousins/siblings bickered.

The Dursley household was up and about preparing for the arrival of Petunia's relatives. Vernon, Dudley, and her nephew Harry were all shocked to learn of her sister and were given no time to think over as they were put to work abruptly to get the house ready and themselves presentable before the family of four's arrival.

Harry had polished the furniture and silverware, trimmed grass, cleaned the bedrooms, scrubbed the toilets, swiped the floors, and vaccumed the carpets in the past half hour and only when the house was thoroughly clean was he shooed off to get dressed and groomed. His Aunt Petunia was at work cooking lamb chops, mashing the potatoes, tossing the salad, and baking a vanilla custard for dinner. His Uncle Vernon and cousin Dudley were squeezing into dinner jackets and combing their hair to make a good first impression. Vernon Dursley was told that Petunia's youngest sister was 'normal' and much unlike her deceased sister, Lily, and was running over what to say that wouldn't cause sheer awkwardness and would bring pleasentries. He was failing. Dudley was staring a the wall in his bedroom trying to sort out what was happening. He would only actually realize/ accept it later on in bed where the day's events would catch up on him, albeit slowly.

Harry Potter lay eagle-sprawled on his comforter in a dress shirt, slacks, and a tie, his jet-black hair only knotted up more from his failed attempts at combing. Harry had been in a foul mood all summer and was now wallowing a deep mixture of hope, fury, teenage-angst, accusing, trauma, confusion, surprise, and tired-ness.

He had relatives? Other than the Dursleys? He wondered on what his cousins were like. He knew there were three. He had an aunt too. He checked his watch and saw it was ten minutes until they arrived. It was all happening too fast. He was somewhat glad he had family other than the hippos of a cousin and uncle and horse of an aunt he lived with. He wondered why he never knew about them. What had happened that made his lost aunt leave and loose touch with her kin? Then again he hardly knew anything about his mother's family. Harry felt a flicker of hope inside him, eating away at his sense. Could Sally Jackson adopt him… take him away from the Dursleys? No, he told himself. They lived in the States. He would have to leave Hogwarts, and Ron, and Hermione, and his dormates, and the Weasleys, and Sirius. He couldn't possibly do that. Its not like they care.His inner subconsious reminded himself. Wanting to hear of their reactions to the news and needing something to talk about other than his escaping Privet Drive and learing of Voldemort's whereabouts, Harry grabbed a leaf of parchment from his desk. He withdrew a quill from his drawer and dipped it in an inkwell


Did you know my mum had another sister? In America? I didn't. She and her children are coming over in a bit. Have you heard of them? Her name's Salvia Jackson. Has three kids. I wonder what they're like. Write back soon


Satisfied with his brief but informative letter he blew on it quickly to dry the ink, sealed it in an envelope, and tied it gently to his owl's foot. His snowy owl, Hedwig, hooted softly and cocked her head to the side as if inquiring the reason for his outfit before soaring through the window in the direction he supposed his godfather was. Harry closed his eyes for a few minutes, getting his bearings together, and opened them only when he heard who he figured were the Jacksons at the door. He sighed put his hands on his lap and hoisted himself up. He stopped at his door, hand on the knob, listening to his Aunt Petunia greet her long-since sister and introducing her husband and son in a sacherrine voice.

"Harry! Get down! You must excuse him he's been troubled lately, always cooped up in his room… Harry, now!" Petunia's shrill voice rang up from the the landing. Anxious at the sight of his new cousins and aunt, Harry slowly turned the knob and descended down the stairs.