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Las Vegas strip

Another scorching day in the state of Nevada, Clark county and its Gold city of Las Vegas.

The Assistant Sheriff for Law Enforcement Operations, Xena Ryan, and the Assistant Sheriff for Law Enforcement Investigations, Haruka Tenoh, lounged pleasantly in the amazing café garden of the very ˝Caesars Palace casino˝ resort. While the former enjoyed thoroughly her plate of Greek salad, not having time to eat anything before lunch, Xena sipped slowly her Frosted Gingerbread Latte and observed the area with her eyes hidden behind the Ray-Ban dark tinted RB3362 sunglasses. Though the subjects of her attention were precisely, gorgeous women bodies swarming around one of the many pools of the ˝Caesars Palace casino˝.

˝If you continue gorging on such large amounts of food , dear, I wonder what will happen with your army of female fans in Las Vegas…˝, the observation could have been heard from the black haired, breath taking Assistant Sheriff, clad in tight black flair trousers and even tighter black shirt that accentuated not only every amazing feminine curve of her strong body and rich decollete area , but her goddess-like beauty in overall. The smile never leaving her lips, words seasoned with false mockery thrown at her blond-boyish style-haired long time best friend and colleague in the LVPD lines, handsome, and in her own way breath taking, investigation Assistant Sheriff, Haruka Tenoh.

˝Geeez I wonder what are you jealous of, after all, Xena? Of having to spend more time in the gym, than me, in order to waste all the calories, honey?˝, the owner of the silky, husky voice finally let herself be heard . ˝Though we both know with the amount of women in your bed, which is not such a bad habit maybe after all, when it comes to toning up that body of yours, I really doubt you need some extra gym time.˝ And then a soft chuckle of Tenoh´s is heard next along the raised perfect, blond brow above the emerald green eyes one could drown themselves in.

Friendly bantering of the two best buddies was something usual to hear from those two, and honestly speaking, they enjoyed the favorite type of the pass time of theirs, a lot!

˝Oh, the two of you better stop immediately! Sometimes it is too much for me to handle both of you simultaneously , and especially when I m taking the pause!˝, the dark haired Assistant Sheriff for Law Enforcement Services, Mamoru Chiba, announced jokingly, joining the two of his favorite people in the Las Vegas police department.
˝I´ll have a light beer, please!˝, he placed the drink order to the brunette waitress who passed them at that very moment.

˝Ahahahaha, and what is Usagi going to think when I tell her that you are drinking, and especially when on duty, boy? ˝ , Haruka started laughing hysterically.

˝Oh somebody is in a very good mood today, I see˝, Mamoru counter attacked, chuckling.

˝She is just hysterically nervous because of the fact that Michiru´s and Usagi´s band will open the concert of her favorite band, and she ll finally have no place to hide from the crush of her life embodied in Michiru Kaioh. Good afternoon, to you too, Mamoru!˝, Xena responded to her younger half-brother. The striking match between those two could be seen ! Both Xena and Mamoru with piercing blue eyes and midnight dark hair, as well as irresistible mix of beauty and handsomeness in both, inherited from their mother. They only didn´t share the surname as Mamoru inherited his from his father of Japanese ancestry , Anda Chiba.

Actually, in the Las Vegas public, this trio of Sheriffs was known as Handsome and Brave. Despite the fact that two women were part of the trio, people couldn´t find better name for them. Not only do they turned others´ heads wherever they appeared at, but since the moment they stepped into the place of Assistant Sheriffs, the rate of the organized crime in Las Vegas dropped down in a dizzying manner !
That was the fact why Anda Chiba, as the half owner of ˝Bellagio˝ and one of Yakuza bosses in Las Vegas, harbored pure hate for the emerald eye, butch woman, and his step-daughter, too. And that was why he was always at a loss with what to do with his own son who proved to be one of the rare uncorrupted people he knew in Las Vegas, and being a member of police forces on top of it all… Sometimes Anda Chiba wondered what the future could bring for them all.