The Rose Blooming Far Away

Author: OTOMOL

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Disclaimer: Sailormoon is the property of Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha and Toei Animation. All characters, settings etc. are used without permission. This is a fanfiction of Sailor Moon, for my interest in the KunZoi pair, and I promise that there is definitely neither illegal nor financial purpose.

The story:

"Zoisite-sama…" I called his name in a low voice which could be hear by almost nobody but myself, as if only calling such a beautiful name would bring me the illusion of the that fragrance of roses.

My best friends Balsamine and Convallariae were looking at me. Perhaps they hadn't seen what I had whispered, but from their gaze filled with sympathy and pity to me, I could tell that they had guessed which name I was calling. They were so kind to try to persuade me to give up, and stop wasting tears on such a one-sided love which was doomed to be helpless. However, I wasn't able to give up, neither was I willing to give up, from the beginning to the end.

Queen Beryl-sama called him Zoisite. And this name deeply engraved on my heart since I first heard it. I repeated quietly in my mind, found myself could never forget it.

As a common youma, I , Grape, had never got any kind of ambition. Although I was directly under the command of Her Majesty, I was still as inferior as dirt.

The moment I wished most everyday was the moment at the throne room of our queen. I could stand there with the other youma, watching Queen Beryl summoning and talking to her tennou. Only at that moment dare I stare at that beautiful young man with copper hair and emerald eyes, who was like a blooming rose in from of the throne of Her Majesty, afraid of nothing.

In the rest time of the day, all I dared to do was to tail after him, stare at his slender figure and his brisk moves, scented about the faint fragrance of rose trailing in the air he walked by.

Or I could only hide myself in the shadow, stared at the beautiful young man leaning docilely in the embrace of a man with silver white hair and icy cold eyes. The man whose stony face without even a little bit hint of expression was cold and merciless as if it was a glacier froze in the cold air of the North Polar, only to his lover would his freezing sight and expression warm up anHe turned to some gentle and soft affection.

I mixed every drop of my jealousy even hatred into my gaze, and stung that icy cold silver figure with my toxic gaze. However they were always so devoted into themselves that neither of them was aware of me being there…or just didn't care at all.

Well, clearly I knew that I was no more than a youma, I was not high-ranked enough to draw a tennou's attention. However, ever since I was common, ever since I was inconspicuous, I have never expected that I as a female would lose to a male on my love to a man.

Had the lover of his were another female youma, or Queen Beryl-sama, or…even a human girl like what Nephrite-sama had done, I would be tactful and give up. However, the only one who had the luck to gain his attention and affection was a merciless man who was like to be made with ice and silver.

And he called him, Kunzite-sama.

He gave all his heart and all himself to that man, and the delicate, beautiful rose only bloom for his Kunzite-sama.

I could heard him calling his Kunzite-sama. His voice was soft and gentle, like that of mine when whispering his name. However, he was enjoying far more happiness than me, because his lover would tenderly hold him into his arms, whisper to him, kiss him and give his a warm embrace which only belongs to him.

But all I could do was to stand far away, hide myself in the shadow and gazing at that rose blooming in the ice. After that, I knew I had to leave quietly, although I was reluctant to do so.

Balsamine and Convallariae knew what I thought, but they didn't understand my heart.

Actually, after the leave of Thetis, who is another friend of mine, there was nobody who really understood my heart in the whole Dark Kingdom.

Thetis had fell in love to a tennou, just like what I did. The man who had drawn her attention was that blond Lord Jadeite, who was well known as the most loyal general with indifference to anyone else except Queen Beryl-sama. Thetis even dead for him, though himself was put into an eternal sleep as a punishment to his failure fighting the Sailor Scouts.

Jadeite-sama was punished because his failure on his mission, and Zoisite-sama…it seemed that he was bothered by something. Her Majesty ordered him to search for the ginzuishou, but who knows what that crystal was?

Whenever thought of that fear came over me, and I was in fear for him. I feared that the delicate blooming rose would one day be sealed up into eternal coldness and darkness by the queen with a capricious temper, just like what she had done to Jadeite.

Perhaps Kunzite-sama was the only one who was able to protect him and comfort him…these thoughts were definitely not willingly, however, I had to admit that. After all Kunzite-sama was the most powerful warrior of our Kingdom and was able to help him a lot on whatever he needed, while I was no more than a weak youma who could only stare at him infatuatedly but powerlessly, from the corner hidden in the shadow…from far away.

I have got comforts from Balsamine and Convallariae, the comforts of the kind that were from homegirls, no virtual use at all, but at least I knew I was not alone, and there were someone care about me…not the one whom I expected the most while at the same time I clearly knew that was impossible, though.

Occasionally I dreamt about Thetis, and she was always encouraging me to endeavor for my love. I could recall the warm and encouraging words she said to me, however, when I saw the way the two lovers gazed at each other, I would be engulfed by despair again.

We are different Thetis, we are different.

There was never anyone who was by the side of Jadeite-sama to support him, love him, protect him and care about him while at the same moment being loved, depended on and believed in by him, neither males nor females, was there? Hence, you had got a chance, Thetis, but I would be never deserve a chance.

When I heard that his work on the ginzuishou was disturbed by Nephrite who was the second-ranked general—and the auburn-haired was even planning to take his place, I felt taken by fury, I was even angrier than Zoisite-sama himself.