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Well, ones are equal in life, and equal in death, so even a youma deserves love and friendship. Would those senshi ever understand this? -By OTOMOL (as the author).


The story:

At that moment, there was no fear in my heart, not at all, all I had filled my heart was sorrow. We were too weak to defeat the second-ranked tennou. I didn't have the mission done, What if that annoying auburn-haired man took reprisals against Zoisite-sama?

Suddenly I understood that I could never win in this love competition with a great disparity, I couldn't defeat Kunzite-sama, from the beginning to the end. Although my love to his little sakura was no less than his; although I was a female while they are the same gender. Only the ice king with strong arms and the broad shoulder was powerful enough to protect and take care of that beautiful blooming rose.

My one-sided love was doomed to be completely hopeless. However, I was still willing to do anything even die for him, like what Thetis had done for Jadeite-sama.

Even more despairingly by with less hesitation than Thetis, perhaps.

Yet, Nephrite hadn't killed us. He just took that girl away with him. Balsamine and Convallariae helped me up keeping silent, no more words were needed, and I knew they cared of me.

We struggled onto our feet and went on tracking the trace of the starlight. During my life, I had loved a man so deeply, though hadn't I ever got any response. At least he had smiled to me, and his voice was so tender and sweet when talking to me—not particularly to me but only his usual style, but that was enough to Grape, who was me.

However I really owe to my friends Balsamine and Convallariae, for drawing them into such a mission which would surely be a risk of our lives. I threw my life for the man I loved, but they didn't deserve death. I gazed at them with regret in my gaze, and Convallariae slapped my back gently as she read what I thought:"Come on, Grape, we haven't finished the mission yet."

I was about to apologize while Balsamine held my mouth to keep me from saying anything:"I know what you want to say, Grape, but just don't mention it. You know what a friend is for."

Being moved by the words of my friends, I nodded and said:"Nephrite was wounded after all, they could not be far away, let's go and find them."

As I expected, the girl led Nephrite into a forest in the Ju-ban Park.

When we found them, they were chatting and laughing under a tree, almost completely off guard. What a stupid human girl, don't you know what a perfect advantage a silent forest at night would become for we youma during fighting against you human?

But to be honest, I couldn't help envy her. At least she had her lover laughing with her…

Zoisite-sama used to smile mildly, but usually that was no more than his habitual expression. Only to his Kunzite-sama would the gorgeous, splendid beauty smiled sweetly and sincerely, as pretty as a blooming rose.

I had never dared to dream that one day I could step close to that blooming rose. And only if it were possible, I would like to allow my both hands being badly mutilated by the thorns of the rose and flooded by blood, only for a chance to hold that rose in my both hands and stare at it, even though for only one second.

For such a single second, I was willing to pay my whole life as the price, only if it were possible.

With the energy of love, I collect all my power and thrust my rattans to that king of the stars, who was completely off guard. He pulled that human girl away , but my rattans at last hit him on his chest. The human school girl screamed, her voice was sharp but sounded so sweet to me. Because I knew that no one would disturb the work of Zoisite-sama, at least no one from the Dark Kingdom.

And no one would cause his tears, not any more.

That girl tried her best and pulled two of the rattans out from where they were, but it doesn't matter, the rest rattans are more than enough.

But it still surprised me. Such a weak human girl could do that…Was that also the power of love? Well, in some way to speak, we are in the same situation, Osaku Naru. We are both for our deep, unforgettable love, but you are much luckier than me—you had your Nephrite loved you back while Zoisite-sama was deeply in love with someone else—someone that far more powerful than me.

At least Nephrite saved you when we attacked him with all of our power.

Finally the kuruzuishou appeared in front of us.

Hence, Zoisite-sama appeared in front of us as well. He had achieved what he wished and got the kurozuishou. The voice of this beautiful young man was so sweet and made me intoxicated even when he was mocking his enemy.

"Clear the battle field, it's your place now." He said, and then he smiled, it was a real smile from his heart, and it was to me.

It had nothing to do with love, but that was enough. The single smile was like honey and enough for me to ruminate during my remaining years.

Only if I had years remaining.

The Sailor Scouts appeared, and the "Moon-Tiara Action" winded up my life, while at the same time brought my hopeless one-sided love to an end.

When I was attacked by the moon-tiara, I couldn't help smiled. Sailor Scouts, you naïve school girls may claim that you are the senshi of love and justice, but you would never know that a youma could also own love and friendship, even deeper than yours.

I died smiling. At least I had seen the blooming of the rose. Although still far away, it was really blooming to me.