I drove along the dusty road cranking the radio and enjoying the hot sun beating down on me. My name is Bella Swan and I have been in Texas for the last 3 weeks. I originally came from the other side of the world; New Zealand. I found my way to Texas with a past to hide and a future to contemplate…

Bella POV

Driving up the dusty drive, I saw a beautiful ranch style homestead with a wraparound porch and a modern country home-style touch. Pulling up, I thought to myself welcome to Texas Yeeha! .. I hope. As I got out of the rent-a-car, I mentally prepped myself as the front door opened and a lady in her late forties came out.

I had little knowledge about the people I was staying with except a few exchanged emails and my aunts word. The people I was staying with, the Clearwater's, were friends of my aunty's and she had organised me to stay here for free in exchange of my help around the ranch.

"Hi honey, you must be Bella, It's great to finally meet you in person. Leave your gear there and come inside and freshen up, you must be mighty tired. I'll get one of the boys to bring your things in later"

Hi Sue? Thanks, nice to meet you too. I'm glad to finally be here and thanks again for putting me up here" I tried to smile confidently as my insides turned to moosh.

As I walked inside behind Sue, she led me into the kitchen,

"Take a seat dear, can I get you a cold lemonade"

I smiled gratefully, "thank you heaps, I never realised quite how hot is here in Texas, the temperature is so much different back home, my aunt did warn me but it's different when you really get here"

That was all the need be said for Sue to begin asking me everything she could about home. After a while I stifled a yawn.

You must be exhausted dear, let me show you to your room" Sue spoke kindly.

I followed Sue down the hall and upstairs, "thank you once again for having me stay"

"No problem, your aunt and uncle are very good friends of mine and I love catching up ith them whenever they are in the country."

Sue showed me to a gorgeous room that looked out over the farm. The room had a big bay window where I could sit in a watch the night sky roll by. It was decorated with light blue summery tones offset with green trim and ensuite.

"You should find everything you might need to freshen up in the ensuite, let me know if there is anything I can get for you. You'll be able to meet everyone then. I know my daughter alice has been dying to meet you, I know you two will get along just great" Sue said with a smile that reflected her love and pride in her daughter.