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Chapter II: Hyo-an

/Hyo-an's POV/

I've always been fond of fishes, because they aren't just floating animals that breathe underwater. Fishes can be symbols too.

I used to be happy. The two of used to be so happy, but all of that happiness stopped as we entered high school. I tried to remain the same, but she got carried with the tide. Slowly, she became different. Their venomous poison had reached my Yul's soul.

Yes, my Yul. Ho-soo is important to me too, but Yul is far more important. She's the sister I never had, and the best friend that I could ever ask. Sometimes I can feel her jealousy, because I knew how she was brought up. I know what kind of family she has. In this modern world that we live in, everyone wants to be wealthy, but they don't know about the consequences of being wealthy and powerful. Like Yul, one has to sacrifice his or her own happiness. One can't choose, or decide for themselves.

I can't exactly go to Yul's house, knock on her father's door, and ask him to change his mind. That will never happen, for as far as the adults ruled this jungle, in the long run, it will become a trap for ourselves. I don't want for anyone to fall into that trap, because it's not easy to break free. I can feel Yul's struggle. I can see how she slowly separates herself from me, and joins them instead. I can see the hesitation in her eyes, and the sadness and guilt in her voice. I can feel that she doesn't really mean the things she say, because, like Yul, I'm also trapped in this jungle.

I just want to help everyone who are trapped in this jungle to break free. Adults aren't right all the time. It may be that they just want what's best for us, but in reality, they are breaking us, controlling us, make us fight with each other, and take our smiles away…

I just want to see Yul smile freely again.

I just want for this unfairness and inequality to end.

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