A Kiss Between Good and Evil

As soon as Regina got home she flew upstairs, not even bothering to check up on Henry. She was worried and curious about the storm and the magic she could feel seeping into the world. She was desperate to know what was happening.

Stopping in front of her walk-in wardrobe, Regina took a deep calming breath as she made her way to the back of the wardrobe. Behind a rack of coats she barely used stood a door she rarely entered. There appeared to be no lock or keyhole on the door but that did not deter her, instead she just pushed the door open with ease. The room was somewhat small but that didn't bother Regina because the room contained everything magical that had transferred over from the old world.

She headed straight for a small parchment and leather-bound book that contained spells, curses and hexes. It was a book full of dark magic and Regina hoped that it would have something about the curse or the storm within it. The Mayor flicked through the book ferociously, hoping to find the answers in the dark book. Slamming the book shut with a growl, Regina started to pace anxiously in the small room.

It wasn't until she heard the faint shout of her son that she exited the small room and made her way downstairs. She had forgotten for a time that Henry was indeed in the house and as any good mother would, she felt guilty about forgetting him. She wondered though how he had known she was home again when she hadn't checked on him.

"Mom!" she heard him shout again impatiently.

"Henry dear, there's no need to shout. I'm right here," she said as she made her way down the stairs, spying Henry at the door and Mr. Gold on the threshold. Henry rolled his eyes at her and left the foyer, heading up the stairs she'd just descended.

"Mayor Mills," Mr. Gold greeted, smirking happily, "Could I have a moment of your time…please?" he asked.

Regina smiled politely but tightly at the man before stepping to the side and gesturing for him to come in. Closing the door behind him she saw the storm clouds getting closer to Storybrooke. Turning back to face Mr. Gold she tried not to let her worry show.

"What can I do for you Mr. Gold?" the Mayor asked diplomatically, ushering the businessman into her office.

"That all depends on what you remember, my Queen," Mr. Gold replied mischievously, smirking happily at the brunette.

Regina froze for a moment, her back to Mr. Gold before turning to face him, a sneer marring her features. Her eyes narrowed as she looked over Mr. Gold, a hand coming to rest on her hip. She knew who he really was and she wondered how long he'd had his memory, if he'd lost it at all. She'd always had the suspicion that he'd never forgotten but she'd never dared asked him about it in case she'd been wrong.

"So you do remember, Rumples," she said slowly, emphasising the name, watching as he flinched as she said it.

"Of course I do dearie," he replied quickly, the same delusional smirk Rumplestilskin wore crossing his features.

"You can feel the magic too then," she said, sounding almost like a question.

"Of course I can," he told her happily, "I did after all, create the curse didn't I?" he asks her rhetorically.

Regina's eyes flashed dangerously at the imp before she quickly composed herself. She had to calm herself because she knew he was the only that would know how and if the curse was currently breaking.

"Tell me, this magic – it is the curse breaking, is it not?" she asked him carefully, watching him suspiciously.

"The curse is breaking," he confirmed for her, grinning maniacally.

"How is the curse broken? You assured me there was no way it could be," Regina spat somewhat angrily.

"AH, ah, ah my dear," Mr. Gold started, shaking his head, "I did not say it couldn't be broken. I simply chose not to tell you how it can be broken."

"How does the curse break, Rumpelstilskin?" Regina hissed, looking like a predator about to pounce on her prey.

The man before her shuddered at the use of his real name before speaking, "How does any curse break, Madame Queen?" he answered rhetorically, "Through True Love's Kiss, of course," he told her, smirking at the alarmed look that crossed her features.

Regina stood frozen in her spot as she thought over what the little imp had just told her. Of course True Love's Kiss would be what broke the curse, it was entirely unoriginal and utterly overused but it was a classic in the makings of a curse. She wondered though about who had broken the curse and could only assume that Snow White and James had finally kissed in this world. The thought made her angry, even in a world created by her Snow White had still managed to steal her happy ever after away.

Emma is smiling as she makes her way in to Mary Margaret's apartment. As she steps into the open area living room, Mary Margaret at her kitchen table, she tries not to look so upbeat. She knows the school teacher will ask her what she's smiling about and she really just wants to keep what happened between she and Regina private for the moment. Plus she got the feeling Regina would kill her and hide her body in the woods if she found out she had told someone without Regina's say-so.

"Hey," the teacher greets brightly smiling up the ex-bail bonds woman, "Where have you been? I expected you a few hours ago," Mary Margaret continued, eyeing the smiling woman suspiciously.

"I was…busy," Emma replied, a hand winding its way into her jeans pocket.

"Busy, hmm…with the Sheriff?" Mary Margaret teased jovially.

Emma looked up wide eyed at the comment, "The Sheriff? Graham?" she exclaimed shocked, "You think something's going on between me and…Graham? No, no, no…we're just friends Mary," Emma told her, trying as best she could to erase the image from her mind.

"If you say so Emma," Mary replies lightly.

Emma rolls her eyes at her brunette housemate, glad that Mary wasn't going to press the issue. She doesn't think she has enough will power at the moment to not cave in to Mary's relentless teasing and questions. She could only imagine what the teacher would say if she knew who was really behind the smile on her face.

The two are silent for a moment, not really sure what else to say to each other when a knock on the door startles them both. Emma quickly goes to the door, hoping to avoid Mary's smug gaze and is surprised to see Henry standing there only a little wet. The boy grins at her before making his way into the apartment and shaking out his wet hair.

"Hey kid, ah, what are you doing here?" Emma asked slightly confused by Henry's appearance on her front door.

"I've got proof Emma!" Henry practically squealed, "My mom is the Evil Queen and I finally know who Mr. Gold is," Henry exclaimed, almost bouncing with excitement.

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