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Japanese words that I will be using: Yoko: demon fox Yuki-Onna: Snow Woman Youkai: used as either demon or monster. These were the definitions that I found and will be using.

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Chapter 1 New beginnings

A blond haired man ran into the room where a red-haired woman lay; breathing through the contractions. "Kushina! Someone in the village found out about you!"

"Minato, not now. The baby is coming!"

The man dressed in Hokage robes held his mate through the contraction. When it had finished, he continued, "Love, one of the Uchiha passed by and saw you in your second level form!"

"Minato, I couldn't really contro-OOOOL it!" she spat out through clenched teeth as another wave hit her. They were coming closer together now. True to her words, her form shifted a little as the pain washed over her. Her tails shimmered into existence behind her. Seeing this Minato had an idea.

"These humans will believe what they see, well I will give them something to see." Then, turning to his mate he said, "Love, I will be back in a moment, I need to distract the village. Our plan of how we must leave if one of us was discovered needs to be used."

"Minato! Do you have to go now?" Kushina screamed.

Holding her through the next round of contractions, Minato kissed her head, and created a clone. Using his Youkai instead of Chakra, it would last through a few of the hand-crushing contractions. "I must, there is no other choice and the time is perfect." With this he left. He would be back in time to see his cub born.

Racing out of the village under an illusion, Minato reflected on how this came to be. He and Kushina both had met at Youkai Academy, had fallen in love, fought battles together, and finally revealed their forms to each other. Minato was a water yoko (demon fox) and Kushina a fire yoko. The two races had been fighting for dominance for millennia. The water yoko had allies with the earth; and the fire with air. Since the two sides were evenly matched and balanced, a cease-fire type of truce had sprung up between the two sides. But either side looked for a reason to break it.

Both he and Kushina had been sent to Konoha to "see how weak the humans truly are and to toughen up a little by killing some of them." A few years after completing the Ninja Academy they underwent "a special training trip" by Jiraiya. Who, in truth, was a relatively powerful Toad Youkai who had passed from a D rating up to a solid B by combining the Human fighting methods with his own. Something he endeavored to pass on to his pupils. Minato was the youngest and weakest son of the leader of the water yoko. Kushina was the only daughter of a rather powerful fire-yoko who declared her an "accident." While others studied fighting, he studied the healing side of their powers more. Kushina, on the other hand mastered what her father had told her she never could but kept it from him. They learned trickery from their cousins the kitsune. As such, they had learned to appear weak so as not to draw attention to themselves. This was especially useful in obtaining the various yoko clans fighting secrets.

In reality, they went to Youkai Academy. The years they spent there caused their already strong relationship to grow. Initially they hadn't had an idea that the other was a yoko. They knew the other was a Youkai of some sort. But when Jiraiya approached them about Youkai that truth was easily discovered. After a time they had marked each other, much to the displeasure of both sides of the conflict and fled from all contact with the clans. Should one of the two sides discover them, they might be forced apart or even killed. Until then, they hid in plain sight. None of their families suspected they would hide among humans. Jiraiya had told both of their parents that they had been seen heading to other Youkai realms. After a few years the search was abandoned due to trouble with the vampire clans.

Shaking his head free of his memories, he set multiple explosive tags then set them off, the resulting fires, he fanned with a wind technique that he had learned from the village, soon a fire was raised. He then cast a powerful illusion, using well over half of his energy. A giant nine-tailed yoko appeared, looking like Kushina's father. This would cause him problems, among the yoko council, but it would likely be ignored. Among this group of humans, there were legends about 9 monsters and this illusion would further some of them. Leaving another clone there to throw out high level jutsu, Minato sped back to Konoha.

Arriving back at their safe-house, Minato jumped through the window to Kushina's room. The clone was dispersed the instant he arrived, Minato took its place next to his love's side. Because of their different natures, she had to give birth in her human form, it was easier and would also ensure that their child was born in human form as well, preventing any slip-ups for the first day or two, however since they would be leaving, it didn't really matter. Minato created a few Shadow clones sending them to go to places he frequented. After all, once the plan started he would need people to see him. All too soon, it was time for Kushina to push. Finally, to her what felt like an eternity later, it was over. "She lay back, allowing the newborn yoko to suckle. "How much time do we have?"

"Only a few hours. Can you make sure to seal away the special library?"

"Like I would forget that. We almost lost a tail each stealing that information."

"Well, I had better go to the office. I will tell Hiruzen that you passed away in childbirth. It is good we never really used a bank. We can get away with all of our funds. Start a new life somewhere else."

"Minato, don't forget your project. We have been able to do so much with those jutsu and seals. If they think it is destroyed, then they will have no reason to be angry."

"Of course Kushina. Most of the clan heads were under a compulsion anyway. I felt bad for doing it, but it has helped."

Their "project" is in fact the forbidden scroll. It is a compilation of all the techniques of the village, including clan techniques. Minato had to hide those in the scroll. By a stroke of luck he had gotten Fugaku Uchiha to let him into the Uchiha library, under an illusion of course, and Minato had been able to use a jutsu to copy everything that they had recorded. Since they had been copying other people's jutsu for some time, it took hundreds of Shadow Clones weeks to organize everything into a format that he could put in the scroll and not make it seem like it was taken from other villages. He had begrudgingly gotten the main clans that did not depend on a bloodline to put their clan and family jutsu in, under seals, of course. Although they were under blood seals, Minato had made the seals so he could break them as well. He and Kushina had even created something similar with all of the yoko techniques that they had appropriated when they left their homes. Since each set of yoko allies had shared libraries, it had been easy, but they were almost caught, and had to work together to take down a guard that had found them. What the yoko didn't know is that in the shinobi villages, someone had unlocked the secret of gaining an additional affinity other than the one they were born with, as such, both Minato and Kushina could use any of the techniques even if they were not originally of that clan. The art of seals was another that when used with Youkai energy made them extremely formidable opponents. These facts alone would make it easier for them to fight off anyone who wished to separate them. What Minato and Kushina didn't know, however, is that as such, they had changed the nature of their Youkai energy.

Minato had finished writing an extremely powerful illusionary technique into the scroll that he had labeled Shiki Fujin. It could literally scare enemies to death. Hiruzen was standing behind him as he did this. Since Minato had told him that Both his wife and child had died in the birth, Hiruzen was offering emotional support to the younger Hokage. Acting along, Minato had covered the real actions in an illusion as he wrote Hiruzen would think this as a massive sealing technique. He had been saving this until the last step of his and Kushina's plans. When he set down his brush, a chunin burst into the office.

"Hokage. Sound an alarm, there has been a sighting of the Kyubi! It is headed toward the village!"

"Understood! Hiruzen, take charge of the village forces. Help get the civilians and injured into the bunkers. Hopefully they will last." Suddenly an explosion rocked the tower. Looking out, massive fireballs were being launched by an imposing red figure. Hiruzen ran from the room to help his people. Minato slung the scroll over a shoulder. Even with the small writing and abbreviations, the scroll was huge. Then again it contained a copy of everything the village had in the way of knowledge.

As he jumped from the room, he directed passing ANBU to head towards the largest blast site. Funny how it just happened to be situated exactly where Danzo's old house had stood thereby exposing a network of tunnels that ROOT used. As his final favor to the village he exposed the man for who he really was. Eliminating that program would make things easier it helped that Danzo himself had been pinned under the debris, half of his body crushed beneath stone. He would not live through the next few days. Minato smirked, 'gotta love paralysis seals.' Many other fireballs had exposed other village annoyances, one, burning the only copies of the Caged bird seal, another crashed through and destroyed the secret shrine of the Uchiha, Minato had already removed that knowledge from those who knew of it. This same fireball hit the Uchiha who had seen Kushina transform. Orochimaru had stepped out of one of his hidden labs and was dead before he could pull off another jutsu. The resulting explosion allowed for later clean-up teams to free his captives and save most of the people who were still alive. Kushina, upon leaving their house, set off some explosive tags, and with some well-placed fire jutsu ensured only ash would remain. All of their possessions had already been sealed in the scroll that was on her back, below where their newborn child was carried. After changing her appearance to that of a nondescript Chunin, she set off towards the site of where the "battle" was taking place. Coming alongside Minato she whispered to him that she was ready. Shortly afterwards he began making handsigns for the benefit of those around him. Ordering only Kushina to stay, he sent the others to attempt to guard the village. The fox then focused solely on Minato and Kushina. A large ball of energy grew from its mouth. All shinobi present felt a shiver of fear as a robed figure similar to the shinigami appeared darting forward the two attacks met, causing a massive explosion and flattening half of the forest. Under the cover of their illusions, the small family slipped away unnoticed.

In the days that followed the Village Hidden in the Leaves held a memorial for those that died. Hiruzen noted that the loss of life was minimal, and many of the things that were destroyed were detrimental to the village anyway. When the Third Hokage shared the story of Minato losing his wife and child in childbirth then his life defending the village, his honor rose even higher. The Fourth Hokage was immortalized and a statue of him and Kushina was erected just outside of the Hokage Tower. In their arms was a little boy. Theirs was the only family that had been lost that night.

A few days later and leagues away, Minato and Kushina were sitting by a fire.

"Kushina, I don't understand what you have against living close to Tsurara. You two got along well enough at school."

"Minato, it's not that. They run a ski resort. I am fire based."

"So you should be able to stay warm. We decided that we could open an inn nearby. She always has said that their lodges don't have enough room for all of the tourists."

"I don't like the cold."

"So use fire manipulation to stay warm. If anyone is looking for us they will be looking where it is warm. They have cold over half the year. Besides you miss her." Minato waited for a few moments before making his final argument, "You do know that if we live close to Ageha, our son will turn out far too much like Jiraiya for my liking. She can't do anything to me, but to our son " his voice left the results unsaid

Kushina shuddered at the implications. She liked her two friends from school, but Ageha was a handful. She wholly embraced her succubus nature. Yoko were known for being faithful to their mates. Some of the more powerful by their nature, took multiple mates, but all had to be marked within a few days of the other, otherwise it would not take. Only a very powerful yoko could override this, one of the reasons they were still in hiding. Until Naruto, their son, grew at least his first tail, they could not be recognized as a pair, and could still be separated. Yoko could have a child at any time they wanted, even at an old age, but it was hard on the female. Once the kit was shown to be a yoko, then the mating would be recognized by the clans since some unions would not produce more yoko. Once recognized, no one could break it.

She sighed then responded, "Fine, but YOU have to be in charge of making sure Naruto stays in his human form in public."

"Already working on a seal until he can control it."

"Fine, we leave in the morning."

The following morning, Minato drew a complicated seal on the ground allowing the small family to teleport the distance necessary.

Upon arriving, Minato and Kushina made their way to the Yuki-Onna village. They had to be careful. While they were friends with Tsurara, most yoko were feared and hated by the Yuki-Onna for decimating their race years ago, they had worked hard to get their population back up to even the small numbers that it was. Unlike the yoko, they could only have children for a short time, even if the pregnancies were easy on them. If the village knew that there was a yoko nearby they might kill them.

Stopping to read street signs, they heard a voice. "Kushina? Is that you?"

Turning, the couple saw a pale lady in a white kimono carrying a blanket-wrapped bundle.


"What are you doing here? I thought you had run off with that crazy man of yours."

"Well I did and we are moving to the village just down the mountain." pulling her friend close she whispered, "Can you not let your village know that a family of yoko are coming to town?"

Tsurara looked stunned, "You mean he is.."

"A water type. You can see why my father would not be pleased."

"Yes I can imagine he was rather unhappy at that. That aside let me see your new one." she said pointing to the thicker bundle Kushina carried. Looking under the blankets she saw the blue eyes and furry ears on top of his head. "I'll take you to my home. You can be warmer there. We do have guest rooms that are warmer than the rest of the house."

"That would be appreciated. I am freezing out here."

Tsurara laughed at the image presented. The normally trim woman was covered head to toe, only her eyes showing, it looked like she had at least three coats on, maybe two hats, at least five scarves, and massive boots. She had only recognized her friend due to her aura that she was giving off. Minato however was dressed like the average skier, and his was almost completely suppressed. "Let's go."

(At Tsurara's house)

"So do you have any idea what kind of yoko Naruto will be?" asked Tsurara.

"Not really, with Kushina a fire and me a water, it might be one or the other. We will have to wait until his tails grow to find out. Red for fire, white for water, brown for earth, and yellow for air. In all truth the last two aren't really possible and it will be a year at least before he grows his first tail."


"Yes Kushina?"

"Is there still too little room in your lodges?"

"Yes. We were thinking of building another one, but we would have to find a place for it."

"Minato and I were thinking of opening up an inn down in the village, you said that the one there is pitiful and no one likes it."

"That dump? Yeah it needs to be torn down."

"Could we arrange for a transport from the lodge to the main lodges?" interjected Minato.

"It might be feasible. As Yuki-Onna we could keep a road clear for you."

Before the conversation could continue further, both children finished eating. After the obligatory burps and spit up, it was time to put them down for a nap. "I am sorry Kushina, but would it be okay to put them in the same crib? I have a heating pad that we could use for Naruto. Mizore is still too young for too warm of temperatures. She is older and he can roll around a bit."

Kushina responded, "That's okay, for some reason, his fur is a little bit longer than we thought it would be. A blanket should be fine. To give you a fair warning, he can already push himself around slightly. So if she is too cold, for him, he can move away. He is going to be a strong yoko when all is said and done."

"Well that is good for you."

At this the parents continued their conversation. After they turned away Mizore rolled over and grabbed the furry leg of the baby next to her.

As time passed the Namikaze family ran a prosperous business. They were known as the only place that could get people up the mountain to ski quickly. At six months of age, Naruto sprouted four tails, all at the same time. Needless to say this astonished his parents. He had one of each color. They sent proof of his birth and proof of him as a yoko to the council. Jiraiya delivered it for them. They conveniently left out the fact he had four tails. Any remaining search parties were called off because of the laws. However both were cast from their clans.

The majority of the Yuki-Onna village was unaware of the presence of yoko until a real Yeti attacked the village. Luckily Kushina was visiting with Naruto at the time. She ducked into an alley and transformed. Because of the nature of the yeti was immune to cold, it was having great success until it was surrounded in flame. The Snow Women drew back afraid of the two. Kushina, in her now six-tailed form leapt through the flames and spat a fireball at the yeti's head burning it quickly. Confirming the Yeti's death, she used an illusion to hide herself until she changed back, just moments later. She leapt out of the flames, invisible to all, only dropping her illusion once she was next to Tsurara again.

Needless to say among the adults of the village, there was near hysteria. Tsurara was able to quell it slightly saying that she personally knew the yoko from school and that the family was only here to live, not fight. She also shared they had been cast from their clans because of not wanting to fight. The benefits were also shown when Minato was able to extend her fertile period for two more years and heal her health problems after it was discovered that the pregnancy had injured her. Mizore had five other siblings; one was even a Snow Boy. Something very rare among their race. The birth of one was said to bring luck to the village. The fact that he had a twin sister was also cause for shock.

The identity of the Namikaze's was never announced; when healing was needed Minato always came in his yoko form. When asked who the benevolent yoko was, even the Snow Priestess was quiet. She did warn her people that if they spoke of the yoko to other Youkai, then more might come who did not have good intentions in mind. With his healing abilities there was a small boom of children born in the years following, the once quaint village was growing. Apparently the healings gave rise to a noticeable number of twins. With more people available, the slopes were better and drew more people to the mountain. . This of course caused the Namikaze business to grow as well.

Over the next few years, Naruto and Mizore were inseparable. He didn't mind the cold, and for some reason, she never was bothered by his warmth. It amused their mothers to no end with the teasing opportunities. Unknown to the villagers or the Yuki-Onna Naruto was trained to fight as a Yoko and as a Shinobi. They had a training area below their hotel. Luckily seals were able to contain any noise and damage. True to his heritage, he excelled at illusions. Most jutsu he took to like a fish to water. The nature affinity jutsu were particularly easy for him. While she was there, Kushina taught both Tsurara and Mizore how to use blades. If course theirs were always ice. Time passed as it always does.

When Naruto and Mizore are twelve:

Jiraiya announced that he is taking Naruto on a training trip. Of course the Namikazes knew, but it was a shock to one purple-haired girl. Shortly after dinner the two were in Naruto's room behind the Hotel. Sitting across from each other on the floor, Naruto decided to go first.

"Mizore, I told you I don't have a choice. I need training to control my Youkai abilities. My parents say that I am stronger than they are. Until I get them under control, there is not much they can teach me. Jiraiya is going to help me with that. He knows how to help get them under control."

"Naruto, it is almost three years!" she replied her voice low, "I'll miss you. We've never really been apart for that long. What will I do without you?" the last was almost a whisper.

"Same thing you always do. Have fun with your sisters, tease your brother, help on the slopes, and be a better snowboarder than I am."

"But I don't even know what type of Youkai you are!"

"You mean even with all of your spying, you never figured it out?"

"How did you know about that?"

"You are a Yuki-Onna."

"Your point?"

"Mizore. We are friends, we grew up together. I do care for you."

At this two parties sucked in a breath, the young girl and the mothers watching this play out. The latter was hidden behind illusions and seals so as not to be discovered.

"You do? But you never told me what you are."

Naruto sighed. "I will tell you only if you make a promise not to tell anyone."

Mizore, seeing a chance that she had hoped for took it. "Only if you make a promise to me in return. I would have to deny the information to a lot of people. A lot of people have asked me."

"What do you want?"

"In just a little under five years time, when we are seventeen, Take me to the Snow White fields."

Two more people drew in a breath, this time it was Naruto and the mothers watching.

Naruto had grown up around the Yuki-Onna and as such knew what the request meant. "Mizore..."

"Promise me! You are the one that I want to take me there; no one else even comes close to knowing and understanding me like you do. In the village I feel like no one sees me most of the time, but when you visit, I feel like I'm visible again." As she said this there were tears in her eyes.

"Do you really mean that?"

"Of course I do! You mean everything to me."

"Even if it means you might have to share?"

This brought her up short. "What?"

"Mizore, the type of Youkai that I am, if I am a high enough level, then I will be driven to take multiple mates. From what my parents tell me I won't be able to control it. I don't like how that sounds!" After a few moments of silence he continued, "I asked my father and he said it is likely. Jiraiya will know for sure. We don't have access to the clan libraries because my parents were cast out. That is one of the reasons for this trip."

Mizore looked at him for a few minutes saying nothing, seeing truth behind his eyes, she slumped slightly. Then straightening she said, "As long as I am first, and you can give me children. I can deal with that."

At this Naruto blushed. "According to my mother we are compatible in that regard. She has told me that often enough."

Mizore mirrored Naruto's blush. "Well?"

Naruto looked her in the eye, "You know I don't break my promises. I promise you that you and I will go to the Snow White field when we are old enough."

At this Mizore couldn't contain herself any more. She pounced on Naruto and kissed him. It was their first kiss, innocent, yet with a promise of something more.

The pair of mothers grew teary eyed at the scene.

When they drew back, Mizore blushed again. "I promise I won't tell anyone what kind of Youkai you are." she paused, "Are you scary looking?"

"Not really, but you can talk to you mom, she knows, I think she told you dad too." At this, Naruto shifted to what he called his kitsune form. Ears matching his hair sprouted on top of his head, and twelve tails spread out behind him, three of each type. "This is just a partial transformation. Give me a second and you will see what I look like fully transformed." His form then shifted to that of a large blonde fox with the twelve tails spread out behind him. His head easily would have come up to her waist if she hadn't been sitting on the floor.

Mizore was dumbstruck again. Her jaw seemed glued to the floor as Naruto shifted back to his kitsune form.

Crouching down next to her, "Say something Mizore " Naruto began but was cut off as Mizore threw herself at him a second time, this time burying her head into Naruto's chest.

Mizore mumbled something into his chest, even with his hearing he couldn't make it out.

"What was that?"

Mizore looked up, her face a nice shade of tomato red. "Could you... I mean can you... "

Naruto merely raised an eyebrow at her.

"Can you hug me and wrap your tails around me? I always like it when you hug me." She asked studying her feet.

"Yes, but can we stand it's not the easiest to do with you on top of me."

With that they stood and lightly embraced, the twelve tails almost covering her entirely. Mizore sighed and deepened the hug, pressing herself into her friend.

Unfortunately the moment was ruined by ice spears and gouts of flame erupting past the pair and knocking a white haired figure into the distance. As it faded they heard "I regret nothiiiiiiing!"

The next day Jiraiya and Naruto left the village, but before they got onto the train heading from town, a purple- haired blur appeared from behind a bench, kissed Naruto, whispered goodbye, and then took off again.. Jiraiya laughed at this as did several of the humans who were watching.

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