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The various Youkai present were shocked at the change in Moka. After some effort she was able to cause her eyes to shift from the slit pupil to the round, but they were still a silvery green.

The Headmaster muttered, "Interesting. To see a Rosario overridden; something rather substantial must have occurred." He then walked towards the barrier room as Hokuto was carried off by the Bus Driver.

Moka looked, nervous, her voice shifting between that of Inner and Outer Moka. "What exactly is going on?" Moka then turned to Tsukune, "Tsukune? Can you try to remove the Rosario?"

Tsukune, having just woken up, made a weak attempt that ended up violently shocking his hand. "Ow! What happened to it?"

Moka replied, "I do not know. I was sealed away for a very good reason, but I do not know what has occurred. My Shinso abilities have manifested. That should not have happened for at least another century. I do not understand the change to the Rosario." For the first time, the Newspaper Club heard the Inner Vampire sound nervous. They didn't know what to make of it.

The Headmaster took in the state of the Barrier Room. While the wind barrier that Naruto had used had prevented some damage, it was unable to prevent all of it. "I will have to do some repairs and maintenance on the barrier. I'm afraid that all of the students will have to return to their homes while this is done. I will be making an announcement at the beginning of the festivities. Luckily, we at least have a few weeks before the new students are due back." With this, he turned and left the room.

The Newspaper Club followed.

Waving the group off; Mizore drug Naruto off to the side as they left the building. "I haven't had a lot of time with just you Naruto. I want to just be with you while we wait for our parents to show up."

There wasn't much that he could say to that. So Naruto nodded. He put his arm around her waist. When they were out of sight of the rest of the group, Mizore roughly pushed Naruto against a tree, stood on her tiptoes and proceeded to heartily kiss her boyfriend senseless.

When the pair had come up for air, Naruto asked, "Mizore, do you feel like I haven't been paying you enough attention lately?"

Mizore looked down, her hair forming a purple curtain between them. She didn't have to say anything.

Naruto proceeded to hug her tightly. How she had missed the feeling of being in his arms and the new definition of his chest pressing into her was equally nice. A light blush began to creep onto her face. "Kurumu, Ruby, and Moka have been around so much. I just wanted some time with you without them around."

Naruto shook his head and rested his chin on the purple hair of his girlfriend. "We may have known each other for years Mizore, but at the end of the day, I am still a male. I think being oblivious at times is hardwired into our DNA."

This caused a small chuckle from the Yuki-Onna. She then rose again softly kissing the blonde. "At least you admit it."

Naruto then picked up the Yuki-Onna. "How about we just sit and watch clouds until they get here?"

Mizore nodded and the pair was soon relaxing on the couch on the training ledge. While Naruto was lying on his back watching the clouds, Mizore was instead laying on her side tracing shapes on the blonde's chest. Only a few more months and she would have the fox that featured in so many of her dreams. She had really wanted to take her mother's advice about moving thing along, but she knew that wasn't what Naruto wanted. The pair had a light conversation that helped the time fly by. Before they knew it, it was time for the parents arrival and they realized that their respective parents would probably be looking for them. It was at this point they had a visitor.

Kurumu saw Mizore lead Naruto away and she realized how much time she had spent with the pair. She thought for a moment and concluded that might be the reason why Mizore had been colder than usual with her lately. She had been cutting into the girl's Naruto time. She let the pair leave without any attempt to intrude, as she had been doing regularly as of late. Not only that, but her mother would be coming and telling her what she should have told her years ago. She could finally begin to focus on finding her Destined One. She held back a small hope that it would be the blonde. But then again, she didn't think Mizore would be willing to share to the level that a succubus required of her Destined One. That and she couldn't take Naruto from her friend, especially with what Mizore had told her of the Yuki-Onna traditions. She wouldn't wish that on anyone. She shivered slightly at being forced to marry someone she didn't know and love.

Kurumu shook her head, clearing it of those thoughts. It was highly likely that it would take some time to find her Destined One. She smiled. She had good friends in the meantime. That was enough. After she washed her face and styled her hair; Kurumu changed into slightly more casual clothes. She changed into a shirt that she could have sworn hadn't been this tight in the bust two weeks ago. At least it wasn't a blouse with buttons. Maybe the joking with Naruto over breakfast hadn't been complete joking. She sighed; at least her bras were designed to expand slightly if she grew. She was still a growing succubus after all. She then put on a pair of shorts and checked her watch. Her mother and father would be arriving soon. She told them that she would meet them near the cafeteria. She was looking forward to this conversation. She also was looking forward to seeing if her suspicions about her father were correct. As she was headed to the cafeteria, she saw an orange haired girl flying through the air while a small bat followed. What was odd was she looked like she had been thrown and not voluntarily launched herself in a ballistic arch. Kurumu shook her head. She would find out what was going on later. She saw the shimmering blue hair of her mother and a head of white hair beside her, Kurumu threw her arms around her mother, laughing happily.

Kurumu then turned to the white haired figure. "Jiraiya, or should I say dad?" At his nod and nervous chuckle, she then dropped the older Youkai with a well placed right hook. "That's for not telling me earlier". She then followed up with a solid kick to his groin. "And that is for telling me that the presents you brought were from you, not my father!" She then bent down and hugged his twitching form. "Naruto told me what you were really doing for the shinobi, his parents, and all succubi. I promised him I would only hit you twice." She pulled away, tears in her eyes. It was taking all the young girl had to not have a mild breakdown. She then turned to her mother. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" She threw herself at her mother, wrapping her arms around the woman and hugging her tightly. "Why didn't you trust me? I just wanted to know. I wanted to be able to say I knew my father and not feel like he didn't want me!" While Kurumu had not intended for the reunion to happen quite this way, her feelings that she had bottled up for so long just came pouring out. She thought she had worked all of this out with her discussions with Naruto and Mizore over the past few weeks since she knew that she would finally get to know her father. Suddenly she was squished between her mother and Jiraiya as they both embraced their daughter. This pushed her over the edge and she just let them hold her upright as she started to cry. She felt an illusion rise that would likely give the trio their privacy. She slowly felt her tears dry up. She turned to her father. "You owe me big."

Jiraiya laughed. "Yes I do, but your mother owes me more. I bet that you would react like this." There was quite a leer in his voice.

Kurumu looked inquiringly at her mother who had a rather potent blush across her features. Kurumu, like any teenager, decided that she really didn't need or want to know about her parents and their activities.

Tsukune sat heavily on a bench after leaving the Barrier Room. That fight had drained him rather heavily. Yukari and Nanase looked at the boy with questions on their lips.

"It's okay girls. Yukari go get ready for your parents. I just need to rest."

Yukari looked unsure. Nanase solved that problem for her. "I'll stay with him while you get ready. I will keep him here while you find them and get reacquainted. We will stay right here. I promise."

Yukari nodded. "Don't do anything without me. After all, I want to see how he recovers from getting that tired from using his wand." She then leaned in close to Nanase, and said just loud enough for Tsukune to hear it, "After all, I want to be just as worn out when he shows me just how well he handles his wand. I'm sure it will leave me breathless and begging for more. You will just have to wait your turn kitten. That is, if I let you have one." Without another word, Yukari turned and left.

Nanase looked shocked. Yukari had beaten her to the punch. It seemed she would have to step up her game if she wanted to win Tsukune. She grinned and turned to Tsukune. A card embedded itself between them in the bench before returning to the retreating Yukari. A slight narrowing of her eyes and her hair shifted as if her currently non-existent cat ears flattened themselves against her head in frustration.

Nanase decided that caring for Tsukune while he has so tired would gain her more points than winning her innuendo contest with Yukari. Tsukune's blush was fading and he looked a little despondent. Nanase asked, "Will I get a chance to meet your parents Tsukune?"

Tsukune tiredly shook his head. "They won't be coming." He then continued. "If they came here they would be killed."

Nanase looked confused. "What do you mean? Are they banned from visiting or something?"

Tsukune fixed Nanase with a searching gaze. A few moments later he spoke, "Before I came here and some rather weird things happened, I was fully human."

Nanase looked taken aback. "But that isn't possible. You are nicer than any other person I have met. Humans can't come here."

Tsukune nodded. "I know, but somehow I did. It has been both scary and fun." He paused the muttered, "Really scary." The boy shook his head and continued, "I have learned so much, but ultimately I don't belong here. That is why my parents won't be here and I will be transferring out."

Nanase frowned. She hoped that he had changed his mind. "I don't care. You belong here. Can't you stay?" Her voice was pleading.

Tsukune looked at the girl who was sharing the bench with him. Nanase looked like she was holding back tears. "But I have already submitted everything to transfer."

Nanase crushed herself against his side. "Please don't go. Everyone I love leaves me. My mom, my dad, even Aunt Shizuka leaves during school." Silent tears were dripping down her face.

Tsukune was flabbergasted. "I didn't know…" He was cut off as the girl continued. In her dismay she seemed unable to stop herself.

"My mom died giving birth to me. I never really knew her. She was the first to leave me. My father said for years that I was his princess. I was all he had to remember my mom. He never even looked at another woman." Her sniffles became rather strong. She was silent for a few minutes before continuing, "My father worked as a security guard. It wasn't much, but it kept a roof over our heads. He couldn't get a job with any Youkai organization because he was a Monstrel. My mother didn't care and loved him anyway. I saw pictures of her. She was a Neko, just like my aunt. She taught piano."

Her voice took on a quiver. "Dad loved her so much. He always used some of his abilities to catch humans trying to break in to where he worked. Because of that, he kept getting better jobs. Finally he got a job at a company called Fairy Tale. That night, I think he went up against another Youkai. They couldn't find any way that the thief got in." She sniffed. "He wouldn't let someone he didn't know get that close to him. There wasn't even anything taken. They said he delayed the intruder long enough for other guards to get there. He told me that he was going to quit. He didn't like working for them." Nanase then smiled slightly, "Aunt Shizuka took me in. She tries, but it isn't the same." Nanase then looked at Tsukune. "It has been almost eight years. I don't know why, but the only time where the hurt goes away is when I'm around you." Her voice was practically a whisper, "Please don't leave me too."

Tsukune didn't know what to say. Unbidden the words came spilling out of his mouth, "Come with me."

Nanase looked shocked. Internally Tsukune was equally surprised at what he had said.

Tsukune continued, "I am already accepted at a high school near my house. Yukari is leaving Youkai Academy to go to an apprenticeship."

Nanase sputtered, "But where will I stay?"

A voice spoke up behind them, "You can stay at my house." Shizuka Nekonome stood behind the pair; her eyes open for once, displaying the bright, neon blue orbs to the pair. Tears were sliding down her cheeks. This was the most the girl had opened up in years. She had to not mention either of the girl's parents or there would be a rather vocal breakdown. While she would be sad at her niece leaving, if Nanase continued to break out of her shell and move past what had happened, she would stand behind whatever was helping the girl make the change. "I have a house within the same district. I have been handling Tsukune's paperwork and was surprised that we lived so close. It is only about fifteen to twenty minutes by train. If that is how you feel Nanase, why don't you go?"

Nanase just looked between her aunt and Tsukune. It was sudden, it was unexpected, and it allowed her to stay close to Tsukune. The last reason was enough to at least try. She nodded, hugging the poor boy. This was the scene that Yukari walked in on with her parents.

Twin orange pigtails bounced as a small figure walked towards Youkai Academy. Her "sister" had written her many times about her friends, and how one had helped her become stronger. Kokoa scoffed. Like any Youkai could beat a vampire and teach them how to be stronger. Their strength was legendary. All Kokoa had to do was find the little pink-haired imposter and teach her a lesson that she wouldn't forget for a long time.

Kou descended from the sky. "I have found your sister Kokoa. She is headed to your right and is around two hundred yards away.

Kokoa picked up her pace; veering in the direction the bat had given her. She snarled, "That thing is not my sister. I have told you that often enough."

"But Kokoa…"

"Enough talk Batty. I need you to focus. I will teach my sister that she doesn't need that pink abomination any more." Kokoa ran around the building and was shocked when she saw a very familiar form.

There, walking towards her was her sister, and not the pink fake that she normally wore. But there was pink in her hair. What was going on?

Moka stopped and then took off at a run. She jumped on her younger sister and proceeded to squeeze her tightly. "Kokoa, you came! I had hoped you would."

Kokoa seethed inwardly. This was still the imposter. How dare she appear as her sister! She pushed off the older vampire. "I have come to kill you and bring my sister back."

The haughty laugh in response froze the younger vampire in her tracks. That was her sister's laugh. What was going on?

"Do you still think you can measure up Kokoa?" Moka drawled, and then settled into a fighting stance.

Koka grabbed the bat and it transformed into a giant spiked mace. "I will make you pay for taking my sister away from me!" Kokoa jumped at Moka, swinging the mace hard. The powerful downward swing was stopped by one finger that was raised and holding the spiked sphere in place. Kokoa looked surprised. She was even more shocked as she followed the mace into a tree when Moka flicked her finger.

Moka walked over to the downed figure of Kokoa. Kou was back in his bat form and small stars spinning around his head. "Know this sister. I am now both your sister and the one who you think took me away from you. I have become stronger. There are opponents here who have made me work for a victory. I still win, but it is no longer easy. You must get stronger if you wish to come here in a few months. I do not believe Father would want one of his daughters to be a disgrace."

Anything else Moka might have said was cut off by a teary hug. "I don't believe you. No one is stronger than you Moka. You may have dyed your hair but you are back! I won't let anyone lock you up again!"

Moka rapped her Rosario on the younger vampire's head. "Kokoa. Let go of me."

Kokoa merely tightened her hold in response.

Moka's eye began twitching until finally she pushed her sister off and launched her skywards with a powerful kick. As Kokoa sailed away, tears streaming down her face at getting her sister back; she heard the abomination call out, "I'm sorry Kokoa!"

Ignoring the reuniting parents and children, Moka made her way to the training ledge. Since Kokoa was here only to challenge her, it meant that she wouldn't have family visiting. Her two sides warred over how she felt about that. On one hand, she was fighting back tears. On the other, she was coldly aloof. Once she had gone to the ledge, she noticed Naruto and Mizore cuddled up on the couch. The warring feelings stopped. The only feeling she felt was that she wanted to be in the same position as Mizore. Lately her Inner side had been rapidly losing her aloofness regarding the blonde. They both felt that, in part, it was due to the pull of his blood for them. Inner Moka, however, also had a grudging respect for Naruto. He worked hard, trained hard, was powerful, and yet at the same time fun loving and considerate. The two halves of the vampire had been working together over the past few weeks in an attempt to move into the close friend category.

They knew that Kurumu had already reached that point, and Inner Moka refused to lose to a succubus of all things. Apparently, she had joined Naruto and Mizore in their tent at the beach. Given Naruto's state, it was highly likely nothing had happened, but Mizore trusted the bluenette enough to spend the night. Given what Moka had learned about the Yuki-Onna, this was quite the accomplishment.

Both side of the vampire were in agreement. Something needed to be done. The only thing they could do was to swallow their vampire pride. She jumped down onto the ledge. When she was in front of the pair, "Mizore, Naruto, I apologize for interrupting your time together, but there is something that I must say. I wish to do so before I lose my nerve." While the Inner part of her personality was uncomfortable with admitting she was in the wrong, the Outer was embarrassed and afraid of losing her friends. "I have come to ask for your forgiveness."

Seeing the surprised looks on the reclining duo's faces Moka continued, "I should never have treated you simply as a meal Naruto. It was wrong of me to do so. I shouldn't have been so selfish. Mizore, I should have been more considerate of your feelings about me feeding off of Naruto. I have realized that even though you did not hold me in the highest regard, you still allowed it because Naruto didn't have a problem with it. I am sorry for my behavior. I hope my actions over the past few weeks have been enough to show the both of you my sincerity."

Mizore nodded and asked, "Why the change Moka?"

Moka hung her head. If she truly wanted to change, then she would have to be truthful. Outer Moka took control over their voice at this time. Inner Moka wanted to huff and walk off. Outer Moka grabbed control of their body and would not relinquish it. "I have never really had friends. When I was in the Human World, I was ignored or shunned by the other students. Here, most Youkai won't even come close to me because I am a vampire. Growing up as I did made me feel that as a vampire, I could take what I wanted when I wanted it just because I had the strength to do so. Due to my own strength, that was reinforced daily by my father. That was all before my inner nature was sealed. I guess part of that transferred to my Outer nature. My time here with you and the rest of the Newspaper Club has shown me that it is wrong to think and act that way. When you told me that you didn't want to feel like I was your friend just because of your blood," at the mention of the tasty liquid, Moka's body gave a shudder, "I realized that I had been treating you just like the human students treated me. As an object, not a person." She began to tear up. "I never wanted to treat anyone like that." Moka fought against the feelings that were racing through her. Outer Moka also fought against her Inner self for control. She would not let go. "When my sister came to visit just now; I realized that, in my own way, I had been acting just as bad." At this she bowed her head. Her voice was a pained whisper. "Please forgive me." Inner Moka seethed at the lengths her pinker half was going to, and then she remembered that being a better friend likely meant more blood and was quiet. She valiantly tried ignoring the little voice in the back of her mind that said that she had fought the blonde and they were close enough to be equals and friends anyway, so that shouldn't matter.

Mizore stood up and walked over to Moka. She flicked the slightly taller girl on the nose. "That is for not realizing it sooner. She then gave her a hug that was soon joined by Naruto. "That is for being strong enough to admit when you are wrong."

Naruto added, "I forgive you Moka…"

The moment was ruined by a rather scary growl from Moka's stomach.

Moka blushed and made to leave. "I'm sorry for interrupting. I hope you two enjoy seeing your parents."

Mizore stopped the vampire. "You are hungry. Naruto is right here."

Moka shook her head. "I came to apologize. Not to eat."

Mizore pushed her boyfriend forward. Taking the cue, Naruto leaned in close to the vampire and tilted his head slightly.

Moka desperately fought against the lure of the delicious crimson liquid and pulled away. "Maybe later. While I am hungry, I can wait. Your families should be here now. Go." With this, she jumped to the top of the cliffside and quickly made her way away from the ledge. That was the hardest thing she had ever done. Even as she raced away she had to force herself not to return to the blonde's side to feed.

Jiraiya pulled back from the hug. "Kurumu, your mother and I didn't let the other succubi know because I am Ageha's Destined One. How do you think they would have reacted?"

Kurumu stood still for a moment. It was against Succubus law to attempt to seduce or associate in any intimate fashion with another Succubus' Destined One. Doing so might be tantamount to murder. "You include one or more Succubi in your books, and the seals they are printed with gather any affection, lust, or other positive feelings and direct it towards that succubus. But why does that mean you have to keep it a secret."

Jiraiya smirked. "Naruto doesn't know all that my books do. Each Succubus that is featured in my books, if their Destined One reads it, it alerts them to this fact. Another seal allows them to home in on that individual's location." Jiraiya then pulled out a battered purple book with what looked like loose pages sticking out. "This is how I have kept close to your mother all these years. She always sends me pages to read and add to her book. She also knows where I am and how I am feeling because of it. I tested the idea on her first."

Kurumu frowned. She still didn't understand how the seals worked. "But why does it have to be a secret?"

Ageha sighed. "The seals for focusing that energy and also for locating a Destined One have to be painted on bare skin. They are rather large before being finalized. They take up over fifty percent of the surface of the skin in order for Jiraiya to paint them. Only the Matriarch knows about our marriage and bond. Until our people see that Jiraiya has been doing this for a long time, with my approval, will she say anything to the rest of the valley. Even then, some succubi might decide not to do it. Jiraiya has helped at least fifty succubi find their Destined Ones in the past two decades."

Kurumu's jaw hit the floor. That was over two a year. Normally, if one succubus every five years in the valley found her Destined One it was cause for celebration. Two per year was unheard of. "Why hasn't anyone found out? I have never heard even a whisper about it."

Jiraiya answered that question. "Only the succubi who have found their Destined One because of my book know that I am Ageha's Destined One. The majority of them said that they wouldn't have taken me up on my offer had they known that fact. All they tell the others is that they don't have to seduce humans or Youkai any more because of my books. The Matriarch has ordered them to be quiet about the truth until we have a few more succubi partnered. Once there are enough voices to calm the nerves of the others will our bond be revealed, and subsequently, theirs as well. We decided to keep it from you as long as you might accidentally say something. It was a hard decision for both your mother and me. We decided you were old enough to know and also understand the reasons behind our choices." Jiraiya shared a pained glance with his wife. "That doesn't make our choice right. You have every reason to be angry at me, and also your mother. I just ask that you allow me to try to fix things and for us to be a family." Now tears were sliding down his face. "I am sorry. Please give me the time to fix the mistakes our decision caused."

Kurumu merely grabbed both adults in a hug and said, "I forgive you, but it will take time for us to grow together as a family."

Jiraiya nodded. "I believe you have a conversation that you need to have with your mother. I think I will find my one-time student and his Ice Queen. Minato and Kushina should be here soon." Jiraiya then walked off leaving the two alone.

Kurumu looked at her mother. "This is probably something that might be embarrassing and or private."

Ageha giggled and nodded her head. "I still can't believe I forgot to tell you all of this."

Kurumu responded, "I can. Naruto pointed that fact out to me."

The pair made their way to a bench that was off the main paths. Once they were situated, Ageha asked one question. "Are there any boys here who you can't hold under your Charm?"

Kurumu tilted her head. "My Charm doesn't last long on any of the boys here. When I tried your idea, I practically had to keep it on all the time."

Ageha looked taken aback. "That could mean either you already met your Destined One and don't know it, your strength is not in that area, or all the boys you tried it on are the Destined One of another succubus." Ageha frowned, "None of those options seem too likely. I haven't heard of a succubus that has that weak of a Charm before. You meeting your Destined One already isn't likely either. It usually takes time for the Charm to weaken after that event. You also haven't been around too many boys before you came here."

Kurumu replied, "It didn't work on Naruto when we first met. Now that I think about it, there is really only one time I can think it worked like you told me it would. But even then it didn't last." She paused then continued, "Naruto pointed something out. He said that Jiraiya told him that each succubus has their own methods and style. He also said that it was possible that if I didn't feel comfortable with doing something, my succubus powers wouldn't be very strong. Is that true?"

Ageha nodded and smiled faintly. "His time with Jiraiya has taught him quite a bit about our race."

Kurumu breathed out a sigh of relief. "I didn't like what you had told me to do. I just want what I see in Naruto and Mizore and the Namikaze family. They met, became friends, then fell in love. The idea of vamping around is just unappealing."

Aghea smiled softly. "You truly are romance aligned in your desires. No, you are right; acting like I did won't work for you. I will warn you, you will likely have a hard time finding your Destined One. Most romance aligned succubi do. However, that purity of feeling makes them the strongest Succubi around once they do. Your grandmother is like that."

Kurumu looked confused, "Is that why she is the Matriarch?"

Ageha nodded. "Yes. Well, that is your first clue. The Charm only minorly affects the Destined One of any succubus. However, I should also say that any Youkai or human with enough power or willpower can beat the Charm. That is not enough of a criteria to determine who is or isn't your Destined One." Ageha rubbed her hands together, "The second indicator is when you kiss. Every time a succubus kisses her Destined One, there is a rather potent mental reaction for her. While it is different for each succubus, there is no mistaking it. By this time, I had easily kissed half the boys in my class. But, I'm betting you haven't; have you?"

Kurumu shook her head.

Ageha shook hers lightly in response. "That is the only way to know for sure. Once you know, you devote yourself entirely to him. Once you have sex for the first time and that bond forms, there is no going back. In all truth, you won't want to either. The strength of those emotions is on a completely different level. Also, if you pay attention, you can recognize if your Destined One starts to stray from you emotionally and you have the ability to realize what you need to do to keep him." Ageha then continued, "The bond also keeps your body looking as what entices him the most. Also," she ran her fingers through her shimmering hair, "You hair will develop a slight luminescence."

Kurumu nodded. "What did you mean when you said that the boys were the Destined One of another succubus?"

Ageha replied, "A male will not truly respond to the Charm if he is the Destined One of a succubus, whether they are your Destined One or not. The only exception to that rule is if the succubus using the Charm is doing so in defense of themselves or their Destined One." She nudged her daughter, "But you seem to have that problem anyway."

Kurumu huffed. "I will have you know that I can make tactile illusions already. I even temporarily changed a girl from her stone state back to normal. That was hard."

Ageha looked shocked. She hadn't managed to have reality changing illusions until after she had bonded with Jiraiya. "Well, then it is either you have already gained the love of your Destined One. That kind of thing only happens if you have already spent quite a bit of time in close personal contact with him." She then smirked at her daughter, "You aren't lying to me about sleeping with any boys are you?"

The scarlet shade of Kurumu's face and her stammering denial was all the response Ageha needed.

Ageha continued, "There is also the possibility that your inability with the Charm means your illusions are stronger."

Kurumu then asked in a quiet voice, "What if I never find him, or if he is already taken?" The last part was barely mumbled.

Ageha's ears still picked up on the comment. Judging by the girl's letters home, she likely had a crush on the blonde she had met so long ago. She shook her head, remembering the conversation with her husband just at the beginning of Naruto's training trip. Given the requirements, and what Jiraiya had told her of the boy, it was a coin toss if Kurumu had found her Destined One in the blonde all those years ago. Her daughter's happiness was the most important thing to her. She decided to prod a little bit. "For your first question, you keep pushing forward like every other succubus who is facing the same problem. For the second, well let's just say for this example; that your Destined One is Naruto."

The blush and quickly hidden look of longing on her daughter's face was more than enough to convince Ageha that Kurumu hoped for that on at least some level.

"Using Naruto as an example, the answer is simple my daughter. You make him yours and you ruin him for any other woman. I would recommend that you take him from Mizore and never let Naruto out of your clutches."

Ageha's timing and word choice could not possibly have been worse.

Tsurara had approached the pair to ask about her daughter's whereabouts and only heard the final comment. Inevitably the woman came to all the wrong conclusions.

Naruto and Mizore spoke quietly about what they wanted to show their respective parents. Mizore knew that her father would not be here. Mizore was trying to not react when Naruto said that likely his father and Jiraiya would be answering his questions. The pair kept an eye out for their parents as they walked around the campus arm in arm. A familiar surge of Youkai energy greeted them as they walked towards the dorms. They saw Ageha in the air dodging various frozen projectiles.

(Moments earlier)

At Ageha's comment, Tsurara shifted hands into ice claws and her hair shifted from her bun and bangs to ice, with her eyes glowing an electric blue. "You trollop! How dare you tell her to steal him from my daughter!"

Kurumu dodged out of the way, getting as much space as she could between herself and the angry Yuki-Onna. She knew that being too close was a dangerous place to be. In her haste, she ran into Naruto and Mizore and all three of them fell to the ground in a rather interesting position.

Tsurara saw this and decided to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of her old rival. "Ageha!"

The pair attacked, defended, and dodged. Neither could seem to gain an advantage.

Tsurara spat out, "You dare to ruin the chance for happiness that my daughter has! Why?!"

Ageha, now completely forgetting the discussion she had just had with her daughter, got back in the swing of things of fighting her old nemesis. "My daughter's happiness is more important than yours!"

"Of course a succubus knows nothing of romance and love."

Ageha scoffed as she tried to bisect her opponent only to have to dodge a sword. "You do know that when two people take a long romantic walk together and only one of them knows about it; that's called stalking right?"

At this, Tsurara shifted her ice claws back into hands and pulled out two Desert Eagle handguns from the folds of her kimono. No, there was no way they should fit in the folds without any indication they were there; yet they did. To the casual observer unfamiliar with the strength of a Youkai and the size of the wristbreaker that is a fifty caliber semiautomatic handgun, they would worry about the thin woman breaking something, such as her hands, forearms, or the recoil causing the aforementioned firearms to crack her skull. Tsurara, however, could hit where she wanted, every time, and the recoil wouldn't budge her tiny hand. She had started carrying these ever since that day with the Yeti all those years ago. Her 'little babies' were her preferred first stage deterrent. With the high capacity magazines and custom rounds, her guns were her third favorite love; behind her husband and her children. Snowflakes were lightly etched into the grips. The slides of each gun looked like flowers and fern fronds of frost had crept over their surface. The end of the slide, over the barrel, was also etched with a snowflake. She calmly and deftly used the slide to chamber a round in each of the intimidating pieces of weaponry. The fact she could do so with two pistols simultaneously was also a hint at her dexterity and how much she practiced. "This is your last chance. Tell your daughter to leave Naruto alone.

Ageha's hair started to glow bright neon blue. "Do you think those little toys intimidate me?"

Before either side could launch their attack, they were tackled to the side by their respective daughters.

In unison, Mizore and Kurumu shouted, "Just stop it mom!"

Kurumu spoke up before Tsurara could make any comment. "My mom was telling me how to recognize my Destined One. She was just using Naruto as an example. Besides, Mizore is my friend. Even if Naruto was my Destined One, he was Mizore's first. I promised Mizore I wouldn't try to seduce Naruto away from her."

Seeing her mother's skeptical look, Mizore added, "Mom, it's the truth. Kurumu didn't know how to determine who her Destined One is. Besides, do you honestly think Naruto would break his promise to me?"

Kurumu then rounded on Ageha. "Didn't you even try to explain yourself or did you just fight back?"

Mizore and Kurumu muttered in unison, "I can't take you anywhere in public can I?"

The sheepish look on both women's faces was enough to stop the fight.

Naruto then approached the two older women. "Tsurara, Kurumu hasn't even tried seducing any male here until she knew how to see who her Destined One was. There are, however, quite a few guys who would wish she would try."

This caused Kurumu to blush. When Ageha heard this remark she turned and looked at her daughter, "Really?"

Tsurara nodded and put her handguns back in place. "Mizore. I need to talk to you alone for a moment."

Mizore followed and the duo went just out of hearing range. When Mizore returned her face was rather red and Tsurara had a disappointed look on her face.

Before anyone could say anything, Jiraiya's voice rang out. "There you are."

Naruto was then almost pushed to the ground from behind. Red hair falling over his shoulders entered his vision.

"Oh, my little boy, I've missed you so much!" a perky voice almost shouted in his ear.

Naruto managed to turn and see who had glomped him, "Mom?"

Minato put his hand on Kushina's shoulder, "Love, you are embarrassing our son."

Kushina yelled, "Be quiet! I haven't seen my baby in too long. You will let me do this the way I want to understand?!" Kushina's mood had taken a one-eighty and her arms tightened around Naruto's neck, cutting off his air supply.

Jiraiya, Ageha, Tsurara, Mizore, and Kurumu all took a step backwards from the moodswinging yoko.

Naruto finally wheezed out, "Mom, air…"

Kushina quickly released her son, allowing him to breathe once more. "Oh my baby. I'm sorry! I hurt you! I'm a horrible mother!" At this she burst into tears.

Jiraiya, Ageha, Tsurara, Mizore, and Kurumu all took an additional step backwards. Jiraiya whispered in a tone loud enough for all the girls to hear. "Pregnancy hormones."

He was just a touch too loud. Kushina turned towards the white-haired man, "Are you saying I'm hormonal?!" Flames were rising from her hair.

All present shook their heads as if their lives depended on it.

Minato hugged his wife. "Honey, we have to have that talk with Naruto. Why don't we let them go have some fun? We will join them soon. Besides, I think I smell pizza."

Kushina's mood shifted once more, "Talk, then pizza. But I want anchovies, shrimp, Dijon mustard, and ground beef on mine. Maybe with some chocolate chips on top…"

Minato ignored the suggestion of a gastronomic atrocity. His son and everyone else, however, went green. Tsurara took Mizore off to talk with her once more and the Kurono family went towards the Festival booths. The yoko family then made their way to Naruto's dorm room.

Once the door was closed, Minato started the ball rolling. "After quite a bit of research into the issue, we think we found the answer to the multiple mates question."

Naruto nodded.

Minato sighed. "It's complicated Naruto. From what we have found, there are two possible answers, but neither is definitive, and also there is historical evidence backing both theories up."

Kushina then took over. "The first instance where multiple mates show up is when a yoko has more than one nature. They are usually trained to use only one. That doesn't make the others go away."

Naruto was confused. "What does that have to do with anything?"

Kushina glared at her son for interrupting. "If a yoko has more than one nature, it calls into question to which clan he or she belongs to. Whatever is his or her most trained nature is the one that they claim. Since a multiple nature never goes away, there is a chance that the second nature can create the same multiple alignment in any offspring. We don't know if there is a reason beyond clan politics for this example. There is a technique to only pass one alignment down to an offspring, but, there must be an equal amount of mates for that to work. Such as for a dual nature, there must be either two, four, six, and so forth."

Naruto blanched. "You mean I have to have at least four..."

Unheard by the family, extremely soft footsteps led away from the door.

Kushina snarled at being interrupted again. Naruto wisely silenced himself.

Kushina continued. "That is likely only to keep straight which yoko goes to which clan. It is encouraged by the council to keep things orderly. It is not indicative of the fact that you will have multiple mates."

Minato continued before Naruto could mentally integrate that statement. "The second example that we found reference to is that any male third-tiered yoko usually has more than one mate. We thought that odd until we found an old decree from both the water and the fire clan councils. The decree was that any third tiered yoko is to take more than one mate in an effort to have a higher amount of strong yoko that can be trained. There is evidence that suggests if the parents have a high number of tails then there is a higher possibility that the offspring will have more tails as well. That is not always the case, as you well know with there being many one and two tailed yoko. But there is enough evidence to show the valid probability of the trend. All of the male yoko who have multiple mates of this category were third tier before they marked their mates. Not after."

Naruto looked puzzled, "So that means that I don't have to take more than one mate?"

Minato continued. "Maybe. There is one thing that you must think about Naruto. As a yoko, the main council still has some pull over what happens if anyone decides to cause problems for you or us. Even though you are not officially part of a clan, the council governs the race as a whole. As long as yoko offspring are produced, then the council cannot do anything by their own rules. There was, however, one recorded incident where a yoko had two mates but only one could give birth to a yoko offspring. The second was unable to be removed from the situation because one of the pair was still viable for producing yoko."

Naruto frowned again. "What does that have to do with me?"

Kushina sighed, "Naruto, Yuki-Onna usually breed true. They also usually have daughters. It is likely that any daughters you had with Mizore would be a Yuki-Onna. Exceptionally strong ones, but Yuki-Onna all the same. Your strength may play into having a yoko offspring. Also, with the Yuki Onna fertility period, you would only have a few years to have at least one yoko offspring. Given the enmity between yoko and most of the other races, they might kill Mizore and any children if non yoko offspring were produced from the two of you."

This knocked Naruto back on his heels. He hadn't even thought about those particular details. "What do I do?"

Minato shrugged. "You and Mizore need to have quite an important discussion. Ultimately it is your choice. You must decide what the two of you are going to do. Your mother and I wanted to give you all of the information and let you come to a decision." Minato looked at his son, "We will support you in whatever you choose."

(A few minutes earlier)

Ruby had noticed the Namikaze family go into the dorm building. She figured now would be the best time to discuss her problem and request to look in their library. She arrived at Naruto's room and went to knock. Her hand was stilled as she heard the voices coming from the other side of the door. Her time at the Knoll had given her excellent hearing. She had been expected to hear an order spoken from the other end of the house. As she listened to the conversation, her feelings became conflicted. On one hand, Naruto was a great guy, yoko or no, and given their link, it would be a possibility that she might be asked to be one of those four. On the other hand, was she just being used again; with no regard as to what she wanted? The second option seemed less credible, and given the boy's tone at the news, he did not seem too enthusiastic about the news. Given Gin's proclivities, she had thought that Naruto would be excited and much more enthusiastic about having four females at his beck and call.

Ruby shook her head as she walked. While there were multiple girls who wouldn't mind being at his side, the only one he had lavished attention on in that way was Mizore. Kurumu, while flirty, and a friend, didn't have the same connection to the blonde. Moka, before her change was almost like his maid. Now, after the change, Ruby wasn't too sure what was going to happen between the two. Ruby then thought about herself. If they couldn't find an answer to what was happening, it was likely that she would have to be part of that family at least in proximity. What did she really feel for the boy? Sure he saved her, but even if it was unintentional, he held her leash once again. There was a niggling voice in the back of her mind. Was that really a bad thing? He didn't want to control her. Whatever the bond they had, she was pretty sure it would not allow for another Vow to form. She still had nightmares about that.

He was cute, too. He treated Mizore like she mattered and was important. Ruby was sure that Naruto would treat any woman like that. A large part of her psyche craved the same attention and care. The comments from Mizore hinted that his mother would be very upset if that was not the case. She would have a chance at happiness, even if marrying such a Youkai hadn't been in her plans. She might even be able to see the world at his side.

Ruby's musings and wanderings ultimately led her to the seaside cliff. Moka was staring out over the water.

"Moka?!" Ruby was surprised to see the vampire alone. "I thought you would be here with your parents."

Moka scoffed. "There was only one member of family who made an appearance. They were more of a nuisance than anything else." Her tone changed, "But it was good seeing Kokoa again." Moka rolled her eyes over her own statement.

Ruby's pensive mood lifted. Seeing the difference in the two sides of the vampire was rather amusing. Ruby needed to talk to someone and Moka's inner self acted more mature than most of the other girls. "Moka, can I ask you a question?"

The vampire nodded slightly.

Ruby took a moment to compose herself. "Do you think Naruto would ever use his blood to control you?"

Moka shrugged and turned to stare out over the water again. "He already has."

Ruby was shocked. Maybe she had been wrong about Naruto.

Before she could say anything the vampire continued, "I have changed because of him and his blood. It was not a change I would have voluntarily made. However, it was a change for the better. I actually have friends. I had none before I met him. He even gave me a challenge in some spars before I started using my full strength again. I am trying to be a better friend. He didn't want to be seen as a blood bank. I wanted to be a better friend, and he was the one who motivated my change. So yes, I would say, in a way, he has controlled me with his blood."

Ruby looked confused. "What do you mean? Did he tell you to change or he wouldn't let you drink his blood?"

Moka shook her head. "Nothing like that. He told me that he he felt like I wasn't acting like a friend. While I do want to drink his blood, that statement hurt. It allowed me to see things differently. I don't know why, but his blood has a rather potent draw for me. His blood is rather delicious after all. There is another quality that just seems to be like I can never get enough. I don't know why. When we were under the influence of that mirror, I lost control. I drank until I felt a shift. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. I don't really know what happened, but it is like I can feel something. I find it odd. It is almost like I know what I need to do to get more blood. Being a true friend is enough. Also I do not think he would make me debase myself in any derogatory manner."

Ruby looked pensive. "If, like some yoko, Naruto were to take more than one mate, would you want to be one?"

Moka froze, then turned to face the witch. "I never thought about that." The blush on the girl's face showed she had begun thinking about the possibilities. When it didn't go away, Ruby realized that both sides of the vampire seemed intrigued by the possibilities of the idea.

"Do you think he would treat you similar to Mizore?"

Moka shook her head. "If this question is merely hypothetical, then I would hope he would treat me differently. I am not a fragile Snow Maiden. I am a Vampire. If he were to take multiple mates, if he treated them the same as Mizore, then he would assume that they are all alike." Moka raised an eyebrow at the witch. "Since when are two women ever alike?"

Ruby had to chuckle slightly.

Moka then turned the tables on the witch. "You know something, don't you?"

Ruby debated for a moment then decided to not pass on what she knew. "It is not my information to share."

Moka's face cycled through a few different emotions. She then nodded and said, "I can respect that. I do, however, have a good idea as to what that information is due to your questions."

Ruby nooded and repeated herself. "It is not my information to share."

Moka nodded again. "So what are you going to do about it?"

Ruby curled in on herself. "I don't know."

Moka's eyebrows drew together. "Then you need to make a choice. I know what mine will be."

Yukari's parents were witness to another girl hugging the boy that their daughter had said was her boyfriend. After the initial awkwardness, Yukari stormed over to the blue haired girl. "Nanase! What did I say?!"

Nanse pouted but didn't let go of Tsukune. "You said don't do anything without you. You're here now so it is perfectly fine." Her tone was bubbly and happy. She then proceeded to rub herself against Tsukune. "I don't hear Tsukune complaining."

The reason why Tsukune wasn't complaining was that as soon as Yukari's presence had been noted, Nanase had placed a hand firmly over his mouth.

Tsukune struggled because Nanase's hand was also covering his nose. His grasping fingers were no match against the strength of the blue haired Youkai.

It was only after Tsukune had gone limp that Nanase noted the blue face of the boy. She quickly pulled her hand away and shook the boy like a rag doll."Tsukune?! What happened to you?"

Yukari yelled at the catgirl, "You suffocated him you idiot!"

Nanase brightened. "I'll give him mouth to mouth!"

Yukari's hair raised in frustration. "If anyone is going to give Tsukune mouth to mouth, it's going to be me!"

This quickly degenerated into a brawl between the cat and the witch.

Fujiko Sendo chuckled and waved her wand, causing Tsukune to regain consciousness. Tamanori Sendo was angry. His little girl was growing up. This boy was the one that was pulling his precious little girl away from her family.

"What kind of boy toys with the hearts of two young girls?" Tamanori muttered.

Fujiko giggled and whispered back, "You know, my father asked me that about you. Even if it was only me back then. Only if I remember correctly, I pursued you, not the other way around. Yukari's letters have indicated that our daughter is just like her mother."

Tamanori looked depressed and refused to acknowledge the point.

Tsukune edged away from the squabbling girls; his back bumping against the legs of the older witch.

"Girls?" This caused the fighting pair to stop what they were doing. Yukari had Nanase's tail in her hands, about ready to bite it. Nanase was holding the witch's wand far beyond her reach. Both blushed at what had happened. Yukari was even more embarrassed that she had completely forgotten the presence of her parents in her ire at the catgirl. "He's trying to get away." Fujiko pointed to the retreating form of Tsukune.

The look on Tsukune's face at the older witch's actions was one of utmost betrayal. Tamanori couldn't hold back his laughter. When both of the girls tackled Tsukune, preventing his escape, they landed in a rather compromising position. This quickly cut off the wizard's laughter.

Fujiko decided that a conversation needed to be had with her daughter. "Yukari, can I talk to you for a few moments?" The tone of her voice was one of they would have a chat.

Yukari bowed her head and said, "Yes mom."

Nanase stayed on Tsukune, smiled, and stuck her tongue out at the retreating figure of Yukari.

Miss Nekonome also had noticed her niece's actions. "Nanase. Please come with me."

Tsukune stood and made to leave the scene when a hand landed on his shoulder. A foreboding voice spoke, almost as if Death himself was behind the teen. "Tsukune. You and I need to have a little…chat."

Tsukune turned and saw the rather frightening visage of Tamanori Sendo. His glasses had become opaque and there was a black miasma behind the man and what looked to be small skulls with brilliant, glowing red eyes that seemed to move in a chaotic pattern, yet always staring at the teen. He gulped. Kuyuo should have taken lessons from the wizard. He was far more intimidating.

Naruto was in a state of shock and his parents let him adjust to what had been shared. Ultimately, they were right. He would have to talk to Mizore about this. After shuffling the information away, he decided to ask the question for Ruby.

"The letter that I sent that got burned; I had asked a question for a friend." Naruto paused, "Remember when you came to that beach for me?"

Minato nodded.

Kushina merely smirked. "You are so lucky I am pregnant or you would be getting dodging training from me during the next break."

Naruto gulped then continued, "Somehow there is a link between us now. In the morning when you were there, Yukari said that Ruby shouldn't have survived the spell. Well ,Ruby is a witch who was mistreated and something happened. Since the plant thingy she turned into drained my blood to give her some of my abilities, we thought it might be related to some yoko physiology. Do you have any ideas?"

Minato shook his head, but Kushina looked pensive. She then paled.

"Kushina? What is wrong?"

Kushina began to speak in an empty, hollow tone. "There is only one thing that I can think of that might be able to do that." She seemed to gather herself. "The Ceremony of Oaths."

Minato frowned and looked to his mate for clarification.

"What is that Mom?"

Kushina looked down. "I overheard this during a conversation between my father and his advisers. The information is only available in the clan library's restricted area. Since it isn't an attack, most don't bother looking it up. The Ceremony of Oaths isn't just an alliance ritual. It can be anything from a fealty to a slavery bond. Yoko can, under the right circumstances, bind others in various ways. The key ingredient is our blood. That is how the Earth and Air clans got drawn into the fight between Fire and Water. It is also why a previous Clan leader can't challenge to be the head of the Clan once they have lost the title." Kushina frowned. "To my knowledge, no one has ever tried to bond another species before. Who knows what might happen?"

Naruto frowned. "Is there any way to break it?"

Kushina shook her head. "Not that I know of. I will check."

Any further conversation was cut of as Kurumu and dove in the open window. She realized that she now had three yoko looking at her. She laughed nervously. "Naruto, can I hide in here for a while?"

Minato shook his head. "We will look into it for you. But in just a few minutes your mother will want her anchovy, shrimp, Dijon Mustard, and ground beef pizza." Naruto was one hand disgusted, the other; impressed that his father remembered all of the toppings his mother had mentioned.

Kushina piped up, her somber mood gone, "And chocolate chips. Oooh, maybe some maple syrup and whipped cream on it too."

Naruto and Kurumu tried not to be sick at the thought.

(Just a few minutes earlier)

Ageha, Jiraiya, and Kurumu all walked down a path to get to the Festival. They encountered a shaking Tsukune, salaciously grinning Yukari, and a blushing Nanase. Miss Nekonome was there as well as two older people, which judging by the woman's attire, were Yukari's parents.

Kurumu made the introductions. When Fujiko found out about the publishing company that Ageha ran, the older succubus was peppered with questions. The most prominent was when the next Toad Sage book would be making an appearance.

Tsukune was still getting over the fear that had been generated by speaking with Yukari's father.

Tsukune was walking shakily away from the older man who was still glaring menacingly at the boy. He tripped over his own feet and stumbled into Kurumu, knocking them both to the ground. He was so stressed, that he passed out on top of the bluenette. His lips landed squarely on Kurumu's.

Once Kurumu realized what happened, she violently pushed Tsukune off. She was wiping her mouth furiously. "Tsukune! Watch where you're going. What are you doing knocking me down? And that does not count as my first kiss!"

Ageha tilted her head, "So, no reaction Kurumu?"

Kurumu looked shocked, "Of course not! He knocked me to ground…" Her voice trailed off.

Yukari and Nanase had rather ominous looking black smoke rising from their heads. The normal blue of Yukari's wand was a violent red and Nanase's eyes were glowing a sickly yellow. The duo screamed incoherently in rage.

Kurumu decided that discretion was the better part of valor. "Mom, Dad, I'm gonna go get the Namikazes. Bye." With this, she beat a hasty retreat. She had to dodge various spells from Yukari until she was in sight of the male dorms. Naruto's window was open. She hesitated for half a second on barging in on the private conversation, but a scary looking Nanase was preparing to jump. That made the decision for her. She dove in a barrel roll, just righting herself as she entered the room.

At the mention of a pizza that made Kurumu anything but hungry, they all left the dorm.

As they descended the stairs, Kurumu then asked the Namikazes "What do you think about Naruto's eigth tail?"

Kushina turned sharply to her son, "You know, he did not tell us that tidbit of information." Her stomach grumbled, "We will talk about that later. I'm hungry." Her tone was such that it boded ill for her firstborn.

Minato's face and tone mirrored his mate's. "Naruto. We will be discussing your lack of sharing that information."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "I told you in the letter that Mom burned."

Temporarily convinced, the two adults pulled away. Kurumu whispered, "You didn't tell them did you?"

Naruto merely smirked and gave a brief shake of his head.

Kurumu saw her parents giggling when she hid behind Naruto as Yukari and Nanase stomped towards the succubus. Kurumu decided to stop the advancing pair and created dual illusions. For Yukari; she saw Tsukune pull Nanase off to the side and deeply kiss her, apologizing for Kurumu's actions. For Nanase, it was the same, but with Yukari substituted. She then had the illusion of Tsukune return to where he was standing.

This caused the pair to glomp Tsukune and demand the same attention that the other had recieved.

Tsukune's reaction of what they meant, combined with the two girl's arguing over who Tsukune kissed only allowed for more laughter not directed at Kurumu. That was enough for the succubus and she walked over to Mizore, still staying behind the blonde yoko.

Mizore looked hesitantly at Naruto. "What did you find out?"

Naruto shrugged. "It is something we don't have to worry about right now. Let's have some fun."

Kurumu saw Mizore look nervous for a brief moment and then hide it. She nodded and took Naruto's hand. "Yeah, let's have fun."

Kurumu walked back to her parents leaving the pair to their own devices as they made their way over to the stage where the Headmaster would be kicking things off.

When they arrived they saw the white robed figure stand up in front of a microphone. "I would like to thank all of you for coming to see our school. I know that many here are alumni of our institution. For some much has changed, for others, hardly anything. Your children have put together quite an interesting event today. I also would like to add something to the festivities. Due to some staffing changes and related school business, we are encouraging all students to spend the next three weeks at home instead of here." The cheers from the students at being able to return home, even if for a short while, were enthusiastic. Once the excitement had died down slightly, the Headmaster continued, "Should you need it, as some here don't, the bus will be made available for all students. We will be sending the younger students home first. Signup sheets will be posted by the dorms in a few hours. Also if you will be leaving with your parents, please notify your homeroom teachers. They will be making sure that all stuents are accounted for. They already have rosters and will be in their normal rooms for an hour after the festivities. Should any student misbehave during the Festival you will not be allowed to return home and will be on janitorial duty for three weeks. I will have you washing the uniforms for the school's sumo wrestling club. That said, I hope you all enjoy yourselves." With this, he walked off the stage.

The crowd, students and parents alike, was much more enthusiastic about the changes and the possibility of a break from school. The threat of what would happen otherwise ensured that the School Festival was enjoyable for everyone there. After talking to the other members of the Newspaper Club, Moka and Kurumu asked to stay with the Namikaze's. Minato and Kushina agreed but said they would need to take the bus since Kushina's pregnancy would not allow for normal travel methods. Ruby coming along would be a given. Ageha hinted that Kurumu probably wouldn't want to be around the house since she was still giving Jiraiya his welcome home present. Kurumu ignored the fact that the man had been home for months and decided that staying with the Namikaze's would be much better. She begged the pair until they acquiesced. Even if she had to sleep on a blanket in the living room, it would be better than at her home. Kurumu shuddered. Think about something less scary than her parents doing that. Thoughts of teaching Mizore how to cook and the illogical explosions and life threatening situations that followed quickly settled the succubus' nerves.

Naruto created a clone to sign the four up for an adequate time slot.

Tsukune was begged by both Yukari's parents and Miss Nekonome to take the girls home with him for that time. Their reasoning was that the two had to learn to be normal humans. What better way than at Tsukune's house in the human world?

Miss Nekonome had gotten on the phone and cleared it with his parents before the boy could voice anything against the idea.

His mother was enthusiastic about meeting his classmates. His father voiced his excitement that his son was manly enough for two women. He was abruptly silenced as a cast iron skillet hit the back of his skull with a resounding THWANG!

No one paid any attention as the Bus Driver drove three students through the tunnel before things even got started.

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Omake 1

The Headmaster continued his tour and Kiba politely asked to walk around on his own. He was given a map and a visitor's badge so that no teacher would give him any grief about being out of class.

He stopped when he saw a student perched on some barrels and crates looking a room that had steam wafting out of an open window.

Using his shinobi stealth, Kiba snuck up on the guy and froze when he heard the voices drifiting out of the open window.

"Akeno, you had to get a new bra size again, I'm so jealous. I have to ask where you buy them. Yours always are so much prettier than mine."

Kiba put two and two together. That was a girl's locker room. He had to see how they measured up against the girls of the village. Since the girls likely had no training he didn't even have to be all that stealthy.

He tapped the older boy on the back of his leg. "Can I join you?" Kiba whispered.

The older boy turned and Kiba saw that he wore a red headband and had a necklace with a wolf's head on it. He even smelled dog-like.

Gin put his finger to his lips and nodded. The two shook hands.

"Ginei Morika. Student"

"Kiba Inuzuka. Visiting"

Gin motioned to the window and the two looked in. The girls were changing into Karate Gis. Kiba and Gin both were attempting to commit the scene to memory, just as the girls had begun to shrug out of their shirts, the wooden crate creaked ominously then collapsed.

The pair's shouts alerted the girls to the presence of peeping dogs.

Gin stood quickly. "Hope you enjoy your visit. Gotta be fast around here."

Kiba could hear the girls storming out of the building. He quickly formed handsigns and whispered out, "Man-beast clone, puppy version."

Both Kiba and Akamaru shifted into puppy versions of Akamaru. The girls rounded the corner and saw the retreating Gin. They all chased the werewolf save one girl who stopped to pick up the adorable pair of puppies that likely had been injured by the werewolf's intrusion of their privacy.

Once the beatdown of the wolf had occurred, the girls all saw the squirming pair of canines. Gin, unable to form any words merely thought, "That lucky dog. Why didn't I think of that?" Uncounciousness took him moments later.

Kiba and Akamaru were beset on every side by girls wanting to hold and cuddle the cute little doggies. Kiba was kissed and pressed against the chests of every girl there. He was even carried to other girls and passed off when the first group had to leave. Said passing usually occurred in the girl's locker room. His assumption had been correct. The girls couldn't detect a henge technique. He even was snuck into the cafeteria under a jacket and fed by the cooing girls. This allowed the pair to be passed off once more. After hours of such torture, a bell rang and Kiba was released from the attention as the girls had to go do other things. Once he assured he was alone, he shifted back to his human form. He looked at the time and set out to the predetermined meeting place. He could see that there were two green clad figures standing in place. In front of him, Kiba saw Shino get a kiss as well. Kiba merely thought, 'Looks like Shino is having a good time.'

He slung his arm over the bug user's shoulder. "Found you. Gai and Lee are ready to go."

Kiba didn't understand why Shino practically tore his arm off trying to hurry back to the Green Beast and his student.

Omake 2

The Headmaster had shown the matching pair the campus and led them to the cafeteria for lunch. Seeing Ruby with a clipboard, the Headmaster said, "Why don't you two have some lunch and I have something important to do over there." The Headmaster quickly moved in the direction opposite his assistant.

The normally boisterous pair was quiet as they listened to the general chatter. The pair then got up and gave their vouchers to the lady in charge of loading the trays they had been given.

When they claimed new seats, Lee overheard a rather interesting conversation.

"Why do you even have that Yukari?"

"Nanase, it is just to lower his inhibitons a little. He has the two of us chasing him all the time yet he never does anything."

"You're right. Besides, from what I hear, those four girls wear Naruto out. Tsukune should have plenty of time for us."

"Sometimes he wears them out too you know?"

"Does Tsukune have the same amount of stamina? He is a teenage boy."

"I doubt it, but he was trained by Naruto before he picked up magic, so I would certainly think he has lasting power. From the looks on those four's faces it takes quite a bit to wear Naruto down. They really have to work at it."

"I wish Tsukune would wear me out."

"I'm first."

The conversation was cut off as a boy in a green blazer passed the table and nodded at Gai and Lee. He found it odd why the older man's face was so red.

Once he sat down he turned to the green pair. "Would you like to eat lunch with us?"

Yukari used this moment to switch Tsukune's glass with a high-proof sake that was spelled to not allow its scent to alert Tsukune to what was going on.

Gai merely nodded his head for Lee to sit with the other students. He didn't think he could converse with the students. After all, Lee was the only one who had demonstrated ample youth to understand the man's enthusiasm.

Lee nodded and sat down. Unfortunately, he jostled the trays, but was quick enough to catch both of their drinks before they spilled. Inadvertantly, he swapped the two drinks. Once he realized it, he shrugged and quickly drank the glass now on his tray. It wasn't like either of them had taken any sips, so it would be okay.

Yukari and Nanase were staring at the distinctive bowl cut and thick eyebrows and missed the change. Tsukune, in the meantime ,took a long drink from his glass. Odd, he didn't remember getting orange juice. He shrugged and downed the glass. For some reason they were always out when he wanted some.

Yukari paled when she saw the last of the orange liquid disappear.

Both boys got light hints of red on their cheeks.

Lee turned to Tsukune, "Sho who izsh thish Naro, Natur, Naruto who has such youth to cause four girlsh to be sho exhast, eshtax, dexaust, worn out?"

Tsukune slurred back, batting away Yukari's wand absently as it tried to hold the boy in place, "Hesh a, a great guy. A grrrreeeeaaaat guy. He hash such youth that four girlsh chasesh him. I only hash two."

"Yosh! Suches youth! Tsukune, do you wishes to has youth sho you can hash four girlshes?"

Tsukune hiccuped, wobbled, and then giggled. "Yukari and Nanashea want to keep me for themshelves. But I can't handles them both."

Lee stood swaying. "Yosh. Tsukune my youthful friend. Do not let your flamesh of youth dies so, quicky, so qui, so fast. Youth will alwash triumph!"

At this, most students began edging away from the pair. Yukari and Nanase were frozen in shock. It was like watching a train wreck and they just couldn't look away.

Lee turned to his teacher. "Gai senhsei! Tsukune here wishes to strengthen his flameses of youthes!"

Gai noted the state of both teens and decided to keep them from fighting. He wracked his brain for how to do so.

Tsukune nodded rapidly. "Yes shir mishter Gai shenshei. My flames for youths need to be stronger."

Lee produced a green jumpsuit from who knows where and gave it to the other inebriated teen.

"Firshtes you must wear the youthful suit. Flames of youths buen hotter whens you wear one."

In the blink of an eye Tsukune was standing in similar attire to Lee. Yukari and Nanase couldn't fathom how they missed it. They were watching the whole time. His tie fluttered down to the tabletop where his uniform now rested.

Lee almost fell over but righted hiself quickly. "Tsukune if Gai Shensei can not fan the flemash of youth insidy, dins, within yous, I will show yous how to be youthfulsh enough for two pretty girls!"

Tsukune responded, "If I cannot learns your youthful methodsh I will not restsh untish I can wear both Yukari and Nanase out!"

The two girls liked the sound of that.

Lee replied, "If you cannot then I will personally demonshtrati the youthful technique of doing pushups withs only your tongue!"

The witch and catgirl were now very interested in the proceedings. Other female Youkai had stopped edging away and looked at the pair hungrily.

A few males were leaning in attentively in an attempt to increase their appeal to the opposite sex.

Tsukune responded, "Yosh! If I cannot learns your waysh I will work until I can doesh one hundresh pushup withs my tongue!"

Yukari and Nanase were really enthusiastic about the training now. Blood began dripping from the pair's nostrils.

Gai finally remembered the jutsu Kakashi had showed him once. Sadly it only worked on contact. He formed the handsigns behind his back, softly whispered sobriety no jutsu, "Lee, Tsukune, your Flames of Youth are burning brightly!

The two smaller green clad figures Shouted back, "Gai shensei!"

"Lee! Tsukune!"

"Gai enshei"

"Lee! Tsukune!" Tears were streaming down the trio's faces.

Suddenly behind the trio, who were now running in slow motion, an orange-red sunset over a beach appeared. As the three green-clad figures embraced, a wave crashed against the beach. There was a blue flare of chakra raced over the heads of the two boys, resounding crys emanated from those around them. Sadly for the other denizens of the cafeteria, this jutsu would not take effect before the genjutsu wore off.

The desolate cries of the other students were along the following lines:

"Make it stop!"

"My eyes!"

"Why do such things exist?"

One Youkai shifted his head into that of a rather vicious looking dragon. "Burn it with fire!"

As he inhaled, a resounding cry emanated from the trio, "Flames of YOUTH!"

The boy next to the dragon Youkai shifted into a hairy monstrosity and forced the dragon's head towards the ceiling. "You fool! Fire will only make it stronger! The insanity will take us all. It has already infected that boy."

"YOSH!" echoed through the cafeteria.

All students turned and ran from the appalling Three-way Youthful Hug of Doom

Once Lee and Tsukune had regained their sobriety, Tsukune quickly threw on his uniform once more.

Gai handed Tsukune a scroll. "Good luck with your training for your youthful girls."

Tsukune took the scroll with an odd look on his face. He had no idea what it was.

Gai and Lee wandered around the campus, but oddly, all the students ran screaming from the pair.

They decided to wait at the predetermined meeting place.

Tsukune walked past the pair and waved. Yukari and Nanase then pinned the boy to the tree. Yukari was holding the opened scroll in her hand. The two girls said in unison, "Tsukune. You are going to learn how to do these push-ups!"

Gai and Lee both swept a tear from their eyes. Such youth.

As a rather fearful Shino and happy Kiba made their way to the pair, the bus pulled up to bring the shinobi back home.

A petition would be sent to the headmaster the following day to never allow the visitors back to the school.

Alternate ending to Cafeteria scene

The hairy boy was unable to divert the flames in time. As the properties of the fire combined with the Sunset Genjutsu, something unexpected happened. The combination of the two techniques caused all in the cafeteria to now appear to be in green jumpsuits.

The Sunset image, instead of merely being burned into the memory of the witnesses was forever imprinted into the cafeteria. No matter where one stood, they would see the three hugging figures and the sunset. No student could eat in the cafeteria again. Ultimately the Headmaster condemned the building, and for generations first year students would be forever dared to look in. The mental trauma would demand a new wing be added to the medical building.

Omake 3

Tsunade shook her head. The three reports just didn't make sense. If only Shizune would take the day off, then she could get properly drunk to make sense of the conflicting reports.


Shino's report was rather factual in that the school operated much like the academy, but focused on more civilian subjects and blending in with the Human World. While he did not think that Youkai Acadmey was a threat to Konoha or the Elemental Nations, he expressly requested, in language rather not in the stoic boy's character to ever be sent back and that contact with the Youkai world would be detrimental to the Aburame Clan. In no uncertain terms he also said he would become a missing nin before setting foot back on that campus.

Tsunade was impressed at the normally stoic boy's surprisingly vulgar vocabulary. She was also curious as to what was so bad with the Academy when he said that there would be no threat to the Elemental Nations.


Kiba's report was a request to return and conduct further investigation into the motivations of the students at the Academy. He said, while he had a chance to familiarize himself with some of the students, he knew very little about the true motivations of those he had met. He also put in a request for more training, specifically in how to be able to keep a jutsu in operation while he slept. Kiba openly volunteered to infiltrate the campus to fully discern the motivations and goals of the teachers and students. He even offered to take C rank pay for a potentially B or A long term mission. He stated it was for the good of the village that he be allowed to return once he mastered the new skill.

Tsunade was just plain confused as to the reasons behind this.

Green Team

Gai and Lee echoed Shino's statement that it was unlikely that the school had any intentions in being a threat to the Elemental Nations. The staff that they had met had acted just like civilian instructors. On a side note, they did say something about the Flames of Youth existing outside of the Elemental Nations and burning brightly.

That statement make Tsunade's head hurt more. She shuddered to think about what might happen if there had been a sympathetic ear among the students to Gai and Lee's Power of Youth rants. It might be worse if she allowed the insanity… that is to say their enthusiasm spread.

She needed her sake.

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