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As chance would have it, Tsukune, Nanase, and Yukari had signed up for the same slot as Naruto, Mizore, Kurumu, Moka, and Ruby.

In all truth, no one wanted to chance being on the bus at the same time as the yoko. Because of this, it was the only timeslot still available when Tsukune went to sign up.

During the bus ride, the group talked about their plans during the break and also about how to stay in touch with the soon to be transferring Tsukune. After Naruto and the rest of the girls were dropped off, Nanase and Yukari were talking with Tsukune.

Yukari was very nervous. Her brief sojourn into the Human World showed her that she had a lot to learn. Apparently, frogs were not an everyday ingredient in normal, human cooking. She had also changed from her normal witch attire to clothes more suited to the human world. At least that is what Mizore and Kurumu had said. Nanase had her aunt to help her out in that regard.

"I'm excited for the chance to meet your parents Tsukune." Nanase said. "Are you sure that your parents are okay with us staying there for the break?"

Tsukune shrugged. "Miss Nekonome said she spoke with them. I would assume that it would be okay." It would be mere minutes before they stopped at the Aono household; they would know for sure then.

(At the Aono Residence)

Kasumi Aono sat relaxing after she had finished cleaning for the day. Her little boy, Tsukune hadn't been writing or calling as frequently. Kasumi knew that her precious little boy was growing up. While she was happy that Tsukune would be back at home for good, she couldn't help but wonder if she was still going to lose him.

She smiled. Tsukune was coming back and he was bringing two of his friends from school. One was transferring to the same school, and the other was apparently going to be living a few hours away and was going to go through some specialized training. Kasumi wasn't too clear on the specifics.

She fixed herself a cup of tea and turned on the television. The gentleman on the television began talking about the startling increase in teen pregnancies and began talking about how it affected society. Kasumi dropped her teacup. Tsukune's two friends were girls. They couldn't possibly be? Could they be the reason she was losing her son? Had they seduced him with their feminine wiles? The woman shook her head. Her son wasn't someone contolled by his hormones.

She jumped when the door bell rang. When she opened it, Tsukune came in followed by two lovely girls.

Kasumi pulled Tsukune into a hug. "You hardly ever call, you haven't written me in weeks Tsukune. I've missed you so much."

Both Yukari and Nanase bowed to Kasumi.

Yukari introduced herself to her boyfriend's mother. "Mrs. Aono, It is a pleasure to meet you. I want to thank you for allowing us to stay here. My name is Yukari Sendo."

Nanase spoke next. "Yukari and I are both thankful for your hospitality. I am Nanase Nekone."

Kasumi's worries about these two girls were temporarily put to rest. The pair seemed respectful. As she took in their outfits, her worries returned. Kasumi noted that the necklines for their shirts dipped low, their pants were a little on the tight side. "Would you like some tea after your trip?"

Without waiting for a response, Kasumi went into the kitchen to pour some cups of tea. When the two girls both hugged Tsukune at the same time and were speaking in whispers, Kasumi didn't even move the teapot. Her mind conjured up all sorts of scenarios. Each was worse than the one before it. When she saw her son's blush, she knew the girls had to be talking about something improper. These two girls obviously were seducing Tsukune away from his family. She didn't even notice as the cup overflowed. When Nanase asked to see Tsukune's room, Kasumi put the teapot down in the puddle that had now covered their table.

Yukari noticed the mess and she quickly came into the kitchen. "Let me help you Mrs. Aono." She then proceeded to mop up the tea.

Nanase quickly joined in. Within moments, the table was sparkling. The pair then proceeded to clean the floor beneath it, then the rest of the kitchen floor.

Kasumi stared in shock as the two girls worked at a feverish pace. Her table and floor were both quickly cleaned of any tea or anything even remotely related to dirt. Kasumi was amazed. She then noticed that the girls were always facing away from her son as they were consistently bent over. The pants that the girls wore allowed for the bands of their underwear to be seen by Tsukune as they worked. This had to be another seduction attempt. Looking at her son, she noted that he was shaking his head. Her son was such a strong boy.

When they were done, Kasumi put more water on to boil as the girls followed Tsukune up to his room.

As she walked down the hallway with the tray of tea, her hands were shaking like leaves in a storm. She kept telling herself that Tsukune was a good boy and couldn't possibly have been acting like the teens in that special. She was going to go up to Tsukune's room and nothing would be out of the ordinary. No, everything was going to be fine. That thump she heard must have just been Tsukune putting his suitcase on the floor. Nothing even remotely indecent.

When she opened the door, the two girls were rolling on the ground, fighting over something. She noticed her son's face was a bright shade of red. When they saw her they immediately stood and apologized for their behavior. Yukari asked, "Mrs. Aono. We wanted to thank you again for allowing us to stay here for the next few days. May we know where we will be sleeping?"

Nanase bowed as well. "I do not believe you would want us in the same room as your son."

Kasumi nodded again. "We have a guest room. There aren't any beds, but we have two futons and blankets."

Nanase responded, "That will be fine."

Yukari said, "Thanks again Mrs. Aono. May you show us that room?"

As Kasumi showed them their room and watched Yukari and Nanase put their suitcases away, she asked them about how they became friends with her precious boy.

Yukari's response was a small smile followed by, "Tsukune saved me from getting beat up by a group of bullies. He is one of the few people who knows the real me."

Nanase had a similar story. "The Disciplinary Committee had wanted to punish me because I reported them abusing their positions. Tsukune helped get me out of that situation and all of the members who were doing that were punished. He's the only boy I really feel safe around."

Kasumi smiled. Tsukune hadn't mentioned anything like that in his letters. It seemed like her son hadn't wanted her to get worried about any confrontations. Was this why all three of them were leaving the school? She certainly didn't blame them if the bullying problem was that bad. Kasumi looked at the two girls who were fondly remembering the events. Maybe she was just overreacting.

Both girls then added, "I've been his girlfriend ever since then."

Maybe not. The woman passed out.

(On the bus before arriving at the Aono residence.)

Yukari turned to Tsukune. "Tsukune, do you think your mom will like me?"

Nanase added in, "What's the best way to gain her approval?"

Tsukune laughed nervously. He was a little jumpy about his mother meeting the two girls fighting over him. "Well, my mom always says that a sure sign of a good woman is that she can keep a house."

Yukari smirked at Nanase.

Tsukune continued, "She also jokes with my cousin that a good woman is strong enough to keep other women in line.

Nanase smirked right back. She had won the majority of spars between the two.

Tsukune smiled, "My cousin Kyoko always has joked that any girl has to have her approval as well."

Any further conversation was cut off as the bus pulled up in front of the Aono residence.

The trio got off the bus. All three had a large suitcase because they had all transferred out of Youkai Academy. Miss Nekonome had made a few calls and her niece's transfer had been fast-tracked. She was already approved, but everything needed to be finalized. That would only take a few days. Yukari was going to be headed to the Namikaze's after the break.

When Tsukune rang the doorbell, the two girls were glaring at the other, determined to win the approval of the Aono parents. Seconds before the door opened they turned to face the door, smiling.

When Kasumi opened the door, both girls smiled at how she was so excited about seeing her son.

Yukari introduced herself first, followed by Nanase.

The two girls were a little confused by the woman's actions when she asked them if they wanted any tea.

Yukari grabbed one of Tsukune's arms. She then pinned it to his side by hugging him. She whispered, "Tsukune, just think how exciting it will be when you make me moan with your parents just a few rooms away."

Nanase grabbed Tsukune's other arm and mirrored Yukari's actions. "Tsukune, wouldn't it be better to have the both of us moaning? If not, I'm sure to be wilder than the little witch."

Tsukune was slowly becoming used to the antics of the pair, but a light blush still was on his face.

Yukari raised her voice. "So Tsukune, are you going to give us a tour of your home? I know, let's start with your room."

Before Nanase could say anything endorsing the idea, Yukari saw that a large quantity of tea was over the surface of the table and had dripped onto the floor. She smiled internally. She could show her future mother-in-law how well she could clean.

"Let me help you with that Mrs. Aono." Yukari pulled one of her enchanted cleaning rags from her pocket. She had put it there when Tsukune mentioned that his mother would be impressed if a girl could clean.

When Yukari went into the kitchen, Nanase narrowed her eyes. She would not lose to Yukari! Even if it was something as simple as cleaning up a spill. She fished out a duplicate of the cleaning rag. She had stolen it out of Yukari's suitcase to try to earn points with Tsukune's mom.

The two girls sought to out-do the other. When Nanase began cleaning the tea from the floor when the table was spotless, Yukari followed. Because they were glaring at each other, they merely bent at the waist to clean.

When the floor was clean, Yukari and Nanase stood. Tsukune was shaking his head. He was sure that magic had been used. As he walked upstairs to his room, Yukari and Nanase followed him.

Once they were in the room, Tsukune was sent sprawling onto his bed. Yukari had pushed Nanase into the room, taking the enchanted cloth away from the cat-girl.

Her voice was low. "You cheater. You think that just because you stole one of my cleaning rags that you'll win that easily?"

Nanase growled. "I can clean without magic. Can you?"

Both girls threw themselves on Tsukune. Yukari spoke up, "Tsukune? Who did a better job at impressing your mother?"

Nanase added, "Do you think we did a good job?"

When the girls noticed their position, they wanted to be the only one with Tsukune on his bed. Yukari went to shove Nanase off, but was grabbed by the girl. When they landed on the floor with a loud THUMP, they began wrestling with each other.

When the door opened, both girls quickly stood and apologized for their behavior. When Kasumi showed them to the room they would be sleeping in during their stay, she asked, "If you don't mind my asking, how did you two become friends with Tsukune?"

Yukari thought about when she saw Tsukune treating one of the lizardman like a bucking broncho. She smiled slightly. She couldn't tell the woman about the Youkai, so she edited her response. "Tsukune saved me from getting beat up by a group of bullies. He is one of the few people who knows the real me."

Nanase had a similar internal monologue. "The Disciplinary Committee had wanted to punish me because I reported them abusing their positions. Tsukune helped get me out of that situation and all of the members who were doing that were punished. He's the only boy I feel really safe around."

Kasumi smiled at the two girls. She was obviously proud of her son.

Yukari and Nanase had an identical thought and acted on it at the same time. Their voices spoke in unison, "I've been his girlfriend ever since then."

Kasumi Aono passed out in a dead faint. Maybe that hadn't been the best idea.

After helping his mother back up, Tsukune gave the woman some tea. "Mom, are you alright?"

The woman lamented, "My son can't be on a hormonal rampage! You're too young!" She went down the stairs in tears over her son's actions. Something in the woman's mind snapped. It was almost audible.

Tsukune had fled to the only room in the house where he thought he would have some privacy. This was proved to be incorrect when Yukari used magic to unlock the door and come in. She was only wrapped in a towel.

"Yukari? What are you doing here?"

"Relax Tsukune, I just wanted to talk without being interrupted."

Tsukune covered himself in suds and hoped Yukari's visit would be a quick one.

Anything else was cut off as Nanase pushed open the door also clad only in a towel. "Tsukune! Everyone knows cats are the best at bathing, so I'd thought I'd give you a hand…Yukari…"

Lightning started flashing between the girl's eyes. Nanase tried to throw a bucket of water at the witch, hoping she would melt, but instead it washed all the suds off Tsukune.

The resulting fight drew the attention of Kasumi. When she opened the door, her head twitched a little. Her eyes seemed to be glazed over and not seeing what was happening. In all truth she was refusing to acknowledge what was going on. "Oh, how nice, you two are bringing Tsukune a towel. He always forgets. It was nice of you to make sure the towels were dry by testing them out on yourselves first. You two girls really should have waited to take a bath until Tsukune was finished. You wouldn't want Tsukune seeing you naked."

Tsukune, Nanase and Yukari all stared in confusion as Kasumi walked away. Her head gave a little twitch as she walked down the stairs.

Nanase turned to Tsukune who had taken a moment to wrap a towel around himself. "Tsukune? Is your mother alright?"

Yukari began rubbing her towel-clad form against Tsukune's back. "I can help you dry off Tsukune."

The boy ran for his room and locked the door.

When he emerged, dressed. He hoped Yukari and Nanse had gotten dressed as well.

When he went down to the kitchen, his mother was washing dishes. Well, she was washing the same cup over and over again. Tsukune briefly wondered how long it would take to get the glaze off the teacup.

Tsukune took his mother sat her down and gave her another cup of tea.

Yukari was determined to impress Mrs. Aono so she enthusiastically finished the dishes. Who would care if she got a little wet?

Nanase used this time to finish the preperations for dinner that Kasumi had started. She took the cabbage out from soaking and began slicing it. She also had to rinse the mushrooms. She accidentally sprayed herself a little. She ignored it and went back to chopping.

Kasumi Aono sat watching the two girls. Yes, she just was imagining things when she found the two girls in the bath with her sweet son. They were helping out, just like any guest would. She took a calming breath. They weren't out to seduce her son. The nervous mother just kept telling herself that. Her head began twitching when the girls turned around and stated they were done at the same time. Both of the girl's shirts had been soaked and were plastered to their bodies. The now wet shirts did nothing to hide their supportive undergarments.

Tsukune shook his head after a moment. He had seen glimpses of more during the fight in the bathroom. He gestured frantically to the pair at their shirts.

Both Yukari and Nanase cottoned on to what he was trying to say and frantically tried drying their shirts. Nanase pulled hers over her head and wrung it out in the sink. Not to be outdone, Yukari followed suit. Both girls knew that Tsukune would be looking at them and were determined not to lose to the other.

After excusing themselves for a moment to get a new shirt, Kasumi began stuttering. "They obviously hate being wet. They didn't mean to be shirtless around Tsukune. It was just a mistake. A mistake that could happen to anyone." At this moment the woman was fantically building walls of denial. Only time would tell if they held.

"Mom, are you okay?"

The doorbell ringing interrupted any response.

When Tsukune opened the door, his cousin Kyoko was there. "Tsuki! What are you doing home?"

Tsukune let his cousin in the house. "Kyo, I'm transferring schools to be closer to home. I thought Mom would have told you."

Kyoko shook her head. "No. Auntie Kasumi hadn't mentioned it. But your grades have never been all that good. How did you get good enough grades to transfer?"

Yukari's voice piped up. "That would be my doing. When he's properly motivated, Tsukune can study very well." Since Kasumi wasn't anywhere nearby, Yukari's voice had taken on a rather suggestive tone.

Nanse piped in, standing behind the girl on the steps. "As if. Tsukune only applied himself because I was transferring too."

Kyoko watched as this degenerated into an argument between the two. "Who are you?"

Nanase pushed Yukari out of the way. "Hello. My name is Nanase Nekone. I'm Tsukune's girlfriend."

Yukari smacked her head. "You wish. It is a pleasure to meet you Kyoko Aono. My name is Yukari Sendo. Nanase isn't Tsukune's girlfriend. I am. She's more like a stray that followed us home."

Tsukune blinked and asked the question on Kyoko's mind. "How did you know who she was? You've never met her."

Yukari blinked. "Mizore found some pictures of you two and on the back was written Tsukune and Kyoko. Was I wrong?"

Tsukune shook his head. "No you weren't. And why was Mizore going through my stuff? What did you pay her to find out other than my birthday?"

Yukari blushed, "Well…"

Nanase laughed. "Busted."

Yukari turned to the cat. "I know for a fact you stole that file she put together. At least I didn't steal some of his clothes to sleep on."

"How did you…Why you!" The two girls began fighting again.

Kyoko was shocked. She pulled the pair apart and had them sit down in the living room. She also brought her aunt into the room.

"Alright. First question. Who is Mizore and why did she spy on Tsukune for you?"

Yukari shrugged. "Mizore is a friend of ours. I wanted to learn more about Tsukune and she needed some money to help repair Kurumu's room. Her egg rolls exploded, blasting a hole in the ceiling."

Both Kasumi and Kyoko looked at Tsukune in disbelief.

Tsukune nodded. "Mizore's cooking attempts are often dangerous and destructive. Her attempt at cupcakes in home ec class got her banned for life when they had to remodel the classroom. Twice."

Kyoko shook her head, leaving that tidbit of information alone for later perusal. "Is she another one of Tsuki's girlfriends?"

Tsuknune, Yukari, and Nanase all laughed.

Nanase answered. "Mizore is a good friend. And no, she isn't interested in Tsukune at all. She is the girlfriend of Naruto Namikaze."

Tsukune snorted. He muttered out, "She's his stalker."

When Yuakri coughed out the same thing, Kyoko blinked.

Kasumi looked concerned. "He's dating his stalker?"

Tsukune dove on that landmine. "Mizore and Naruto grew up together. In her own words, she has a healthy interest in his well being. It has become kind of a game between them. She tries to watch him and not be seen, and he tries to spot her throughout the day."

Kasumi looked confused. "Why would they act like that?"

Tsukune shrugged. "I heard it mentioned more than once that there is some kind of arrangement between the two of them."

Yukari couldn't stop herself. "Yeah she arranges herself in his bed every night."

Nanase elbowed Yukari, "And Kurumu and Moka want to join in."

Yukari giggled. "At the beach Kurumu did."

Nanase giggled again. "Don't forget he has been seen exhausted with Ruby helping the other three."

Kyoko turned to her cousin. "Tsuki! How could you be around someone like that?"

Kasumi stood, irate. "You are lucky you're transferring here young man. I do not want you to be around such a delinquent."

Kyoko looked at Nanase and Yukari. "How could his girlfriend put up with that?"

The two girls shrugged. Yukari spoke up. "Mizore doesn't share. It's all just rumors. Absolutely hilarious rumors, but they aren't true. No one believes them when they are adamant about nothing going on. But if anyone could satisfy four women it would be Naruto. The boy's stamina is unreal. He is top in gym class. From what I've been able to get out of Mizore, they only sleep in the same bed. It was a regular occurrence when they were younger. There is nothing illicit going on. Yesterday was the school festival and families came. I saw Mizore's mom was questioning her about the topic."

Kasumi looked a little relieved at that news.

Kyoko scoffed. "Of course a girl would lie about it when asked by her mother."

Tsukune cut in. "Kyo, I heard his mother tell Naruto that if he did that before he was officially married she would make sure that the only grandchildren would come from her soon to be born daughter."

At this Yukari, Nanase, and Tsukune all shuddered.

Nanase piped in. "His mom is scary. When she's pregnant, her mood swings are something to see."

Yukari validated the comment.

Kasumi looked at her son. "Why didn't you say that yesterday was a school festival? We would have loved to come."

Nanase jumped on that. "He knew that since he was transferring schools he didn't want to have you make the trip to a place he was leaving anyway."

Yukari nodded frantically.

Kyoko decided to get things back on track. "So why are you both Tsuki's girlfriends? Are you both transferring schools with Tsuki?" She turned to stare at her cousin. "You aren't a player are you?"

Tsukune sputtered denials.

Yukari spoke first. "I'm Tsukune's girlfriend. He saved me from some bullies that were planning on doing some particularly vile things to me. Naruto and Tsukune stopped them. Tsukune took down the one who was about to hurt me. As for your other question, I'm not transferring schools. I have been selected for a unique opportunity. I am beginning an apprenticeship in a skill that is quite rare. I am from a very small village in the mountains. Hundreds of years ago, we were well known for this particular trade. We were known as some of the best in the world. A long time ago, everyone who knew how to perform this trade had been killed in a battle. My village is actually paying for my training and lodging so that we can regain that part of our history. They asked the man who is teaching me if he could take other students and he said that I was going to be the only one for the time being."

Kyoko blinked. "So you're going to become a living treasure?"

Yukari shrugged. "I'll be training to become something similar, yes. It will take a lot of time and effort, but it will be worth it if I succeed. My parents are very proud. I highly doubt it will ever be nationally recognized, but it's more than enough to have that piece of our history back. We had thought it had been lost forever. Tsukune helped convince the man's son to teach me the basics so I could be accepted."

This impressed both Mrs. Aono and Kyoko. Mrs. Aono smiled. "My son really is a good boy."

Nanase fumed. After fighting down those emotions, she spoke, going for a different tactic than Yukari. "Tsukune is my boyfriend. I have been closed off and depressed for quite some time. My mother died in childbirth and my father was killed by some truly bad people. I felt so alone for so long." Nanase's eyes began to tear up on command. "My aunt was all I had left until I met Tsukune. Since she is a teacher at school, I really didn't have anyone to talk to. I was so lonely. When I went to school, I saw that some of the members of the Disciplinary Committee were abusing their authority. When I went to report them, they locked me in a room and tried to convince me not to say anything. My aunt was frantic because I had seemingly disappeared. Tsukune created a diversion, allowing me to escape."

Nansase smiled a teary smile. "He even put a few students in their place. Because of what he did, there were some students expelled, and the new members of the Disciplinary Committee are always observed to make sure they don't overstep their bounds again. When I finally got enough courage to talk to him, it was like light had come into my world. He was the first person that I could really talk to about my past. He made the walls fall down." She sniffed.

Kyoko and Kasumi seemed to be fighting back tears.

"My Aunt wanted to help me to open up some more. Since I'm her only living link to her sister, she wanted me to be happy. She filled out the transfer paperwork and she even owns a house here that she is letting me live in so I can be closer to Tsukune. She doesn't want me to lose what he gave me."

Nanase was wrapped in a hug by Kyoko. "I never thought that my stupid cousin could help someone so much!"

Yukari huffed at Nanase. "Tsukune is my boyfriend! I'll have you know we spent a wonderful night on the beach in the same sleeping bag. Having my face against his bare chest is a memory I'll treasure."

Nanase narrowed her eyes and almost lost control of her transformation. "So?! Tsukune rode me. The feel of his hands in my hair was amazing. Having his body on mine while we moved together was delightful. How could he be anything but my boyfriend after that?"

This broke the mood that had built. Kyoko just sat with her mouth open and blinking. She looked like she had been hit in the head with a brick.

Kasumi finally broke down and cried. "I can't deny it any longer! My son is on a hormonal rampage! I'm not ready to be a grandmother!" She ran from the room.

Kyoko began berating her cousin.

Kasumi was on the phone with Koji trying to convince him to come home to have words with his sex-crazed son.

Tsukune turned to Yukari and Nanase. "You do realize that unless you come up with a realistic explanation for what you just said, she won't let you stay here?"

Both girls paled.

Tsukune looked at the pair. "I'm going for a short walk around the block. You two need to fix this." Without waiting for a response, Tsukune left.

A few blocks away from the house, Tsukune ran into a few of his old friends.

"Hey Aono, what are you doing here? I thought you went to a school in a different district."

Tsukune turned to the boy who was talking to him. It was Sutchi and the rest of his friends. "Hey Sutchi. I actually was able to get my grades up so I could transfer and be closer to home."



One of the other boys spoke up. "So were the girls there just not that attractive? Or did you get turned down too many times?"

Tsukune shook his head. "No. The school was a little too crazy. I just focused on my studies and was able to get better grades."

The boys talked for a few minutes about what had been happening. Tsukune shared highly edited commentary about what he had experienced at Youkai Academy.

They were interrupted by a shout. "There he is!"

A partially transformed Nanase jumped on Tsukune's back. Her ears and tail were visible. "Tsukune, you left me all alone. Without you there, who would I have to scratch those pesky itches I only want you to scratch? It always feels so good when you do."

Yukari showed up in her witch outfit. "Hey, I get him first Nanase. I was the one who convinced his mother that Tsukune dating two girls was normal and accepted in this day and age. So I get to ride him. Besides, I need to see how he handles his wand before he can scratch any itches you might have."

Nanase pouted. "Tsukune, back at school you always could do both. Why don't you do both at the same time?"

Yukari and Nanase seemed to notice the other boys at that moment. They said almost in stereo, "Who are your friends?"

Tsukune shook his head. "Guys, meet Yukari and Nanase. They are two girls from my school."

Again the girls spoke in stereo, "I'm Tsukune's girlfriend."

The boys began muttering about how Tsukune was lucky with two cosplay girls hanging off of him and willing to date him at the same time and likely do unspeakably perverted things to Tsukune. One even muttered about a witch and her cat. They were valiantly trying to keep their noses from becoming crimson fountains.

Nanase nudged Yukari. "We need to get the strawberries for after dinner."

Yukari nodded. "We can't forget the whipped cream either."

One of the boys croaked out. "What kind of dessert is that for?"

Yukari grinned. "A special type. Let's just say Tsukune will be very happy with it."

All of Tsukune's former classmates were blasted into the wall behind them and into unconsciousness. More than one of them had the thought, that maybe they should have gone to this other school with Tsukune.

Tsukune leaned over to Yukari. "How did you convince my mom of that?"

Yukari rolled her eyes. "Magic. How else?"

Kuyou was in his full yoko form as he groveled before a large, red fire yoko. They were the only two in the large room. He had just given an overview of why he was expelled.

"You have failed Kuyou. You have ten seconds to tell me why I shouldn't have you tortured for a solid year."

Kuyou didn't even look up. "I know where your daughter is Lord Karuma. Only her offspring would possibly have fire and water abilities. The one who defeated me used both and had enough tails to match me. You can rid yourself of the shame of your traitorous offspring." Kuyou left it unsaid that he had already sent a missive to the water yoko informing them of the same thing. Naruto would pay!

The voice dropped, becoming more sinister. A massive red head leaned forward, the fire in the throne room flared. "I'm listening."

AN: Granted it's not as long as some of my other chapters, but I felt that I owed my readers something for putting up with my delays. As a heads up, I'm prepping for a move so until that dust storm settles, I won't be able to get back to this.

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The Bus Driver looked at the tall gates guarding a city. "Are you sure this is where you want to get off? This really isn't your home town."

The girl nodded. "I already told my parents that I would be here. I have their permission. You can see the note if you want. Can you pick me up from here a few days before school starts?"

The Bus Driver nodded. With a growl, the bus drove down the dirt path before disappearing into the distance. Quite a few of the patrols had watched the odd yellow conveyance approach. A teen-aged girl wearing a bandana stepped off, and after shouldering her bag walked towards the guards. The ANBU and chunin on patrols only felt a chunin level of chakra from the girl. She likely wouldn't be a major threat.

The girl grinned as she walked up to the gate. Kotetsu and Izumo warily observed the girl as she approached.

With a smile on her face, she asked, "Excuse me, is this city where the Aburame Clan lives?"

This caused the Eternal Chunin Duo to blink. Kotetsu spoke up. "Yes."

The girl's smile widened. "My name is Rin. I was curious as to what it would take to meet them. I have always had a rapport with insects and when I met Shino he seemed to know about insects I had never even heard of. I was curious if I could compare information."

Izumo blinked. "We'll need to get some information first. Name, where you're from, how long you'll be staying, that kind of thing."

The girl nodded. "Do you have somewhere I can sit to fill out the paperwork?"

At the mention of the dreaded forms, a mournful cry was heard in the distance followed by a rebuke, "It's too early for sake!"

Rin followed the guards' lead and ignored it.

The next little bit was spent filling out the paperwork and obtaining her permission to be in the city.

Izumo and Kotetsu walked the girl to the Aburame complex, known to many as the Hive. Izumo rang the bell and two stoic members answered the door.

After being introduced, Rin explained that she had met Shino while he was visiting her school and was intrigued by the knowledge he had of insects and was curious if the rest of his family was the same.

Once the Aburame Clan got over the fact that an outsider knew almost as much as they did about insects and had no problem with their kikai allies, Rin was welcomed with open arms.

Shibi Aburame and his wife were particularly enthusiastic about meeting Rin.

Once he found out what she wanted, Shibi nodded. "Shino is currently out of the village on a mission."

Rin nodded. "The brief time I knew Shino it seemed like we connected. He smelled unlike anyone else I've ever met."

Shibi's voice was confused. "Smelled?"

Rin grinned sheepishly. "Well, I guess you could say I'm part insect myself." Rin removed her bandanna and green antennae extended and began waving in the air. "Shino's pheromones smelled absolutely divine."

This led to a myriad of questions from the Aburame about her abilities. Rin also prefaced this with that her parents could transform into large Praying Mantis-like creatures. The Aburame Clan merely took this as a new bloodline to be analyzed. Rin assured them that her father was still alive, unlike many of their counterparts in nature. She even provided recent photos to substantiate her claims. Ultimately, Rin demonstrated her own transformational abilities. She still needed practice because she could not transform fully into human or insect.

When Shino's mother shooed the men out of the room and asked a few female-only questions, it was discovered that Rin was rather smitten with Shino and was determined to clear up the misconceptions that were present.

Over the next few days, the Aburame clan was rather enthusiastically discussing the new visitor. Ultimately, the Elders of the clan began pressuring Shibi to encourage his son to strengthen the clan and bring a new bloodline into it.

The only spare room available was Shino's and Rin was given it to sleep in until Shino returned. She was grateful because it smelled like him.

During her stay, Rin shared information with her hosts about the insects she knew of and gained some in return.

The night before Rin was to leave; Shino returned, very late.

He stumbled into his room, quickly undressed, and fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow.

When he woke up, his head was cushioned by a different set of pillows.

The first thing that went through his head was that he must have walked into someone else's room. He had been rather tired; maybe he misinterpreted his hive's directions. Although he couldn't remember any female in the clan being this well endowed. He shifted, preparing to apologize profusely if the female in question was awake. Given that a hand was stroking his hair, it was likely that this girl was indeed awake. Although he was curious why there hadn't been any screaming or violence towards the sleeping arrangements, it also felt very relaxing to be in this position. Maybe he was dreaming? That was the only logical conclusion. Shino settled his head a bit. This dream sure felt real.

Suddenly a voice that had haunted his nightmares spoke up. "Shino, well aren't you forward? That's alright, I don't mind."

Eyes flying open in fear, Shino jumped back, his jaw dropped in shock. It was her! Shino paled, began stammering, and bolted out of the room. He immediately began pounding on his parent's door. There was no answer.

Rin followed, "Shino, we need to talk."

Shino used a replacement technique to get outside the compound. He tore through the streets like a man possessed. Everyone he encountered was rather shocked that a normally unflappable Aburame was running like death was following close behind. The fact he was spouting gibberish and was wearing only a pair of boxers while holding his clothes made people curious about what was going on. Girls in the village were rather appreciative of Shino's physique. When a random jonin managed to halt the boy, the insect user merely yelled, "She's gonna eat me!" before taking off once again.

They were confused when a pretty girl unerringly followed. "Shino!"

Being a shinobi, Shino was admitted to the Hokage Tower. When Rin was stopped outside, she realized that she had to get her things ready to return to school. Last night she had packed most of her things so it would only take a moment or two. Dejected, she went back to the compound and gathered her stuff before heading to the gate to await her ride home. She hoped that Shino's parents would inform their son of the truth of the matter.

After shrugging on his clothes, Shino ran up to the Hokage's office. "Lady Tsunade!" Shino was surprised to see his parents and the Elders of the Aburame clan all present.

The blonde Hokage grinned. "Shino. Just in time. I have wonderful news for you."

Shino took a few minutes to collect himself. Maybe he would have a long-term mission outside the village and it would be dangerous enough that there was a chance of him not returning. That is what he was hoping for. Regardless of his rumpled attire, Shrino drew himself up to military attention. "News, Lady Tsunade?"

Tsunade grinned. "Your clan has informed me that there has been a visitor to the city and they have requested that you be removed from active duty as a shinobi to do you duty to strengthen your clan. Given the bloodline that could be possibly be brought into the village I want to agree with them. However, I wanted to know what you thought."

Shino pulled his headplate from his hood. Taking a kunai, he etched a line through the symbol of Konoha. "I'm afraid I can no longer stay here or be a shinobi of the Leaf if my family and city have such disregard for my safety. Farewell."

Shino then used a shushin to leave the tower and it's occupants in shock as he leapt towards the gate.

Shino dodged his pursuers and jumped through the gate, only to crash into a figure waiting just outside the large gate doors. The pair rolled to a stop and Rin looked down from her position on top of Shino. "You came to tell me goodbye. I'm so happy."

Any attempt of denial on Shino's part was met with a rather feverish kiss. Part of Shino's brain wondered briefly why there were two tongues in his mouth.

Rin's arms had unconsciously shifted into their insectiod forms, pinning the hapless boy in place.

Shino was frozen in terror at his current situation. A rather loud sound was heard, causing the girl to look up. The bus had returned and was honking at her.

"Drat." Rin turned to look at Shino. "Interrupted by school." Rin rubbed herself against the prone boy. "I'll be back during the next break Shino. Please wait for me."

Shino cursed his traitorous body as Rin caught his reaction and smiled.

The girl winked, "It's nice to know I'll be missed handsome." After one more kiss, Rin stood and picked up her bag and climbed onto the bus, blowing a kiss at the now-restrained boy.

Shino attempted escape no less than thirty times in the next five hours. Ultimately, they needed to sedate the boy and seal his chakra. It would be months before he stopped waking up screaming and even longer before he would listen to his parents.

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