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Tsurara was at the Namikaze residence drying dishes when the news reporter began talking about teen pregnancies being on the rise.

She tried to mutter under her breath. "Unfortunately not with Mizore."

Her muttering was heard by Kushina. "You know she can't even get pregnant until she's seventeen?" The yoko had two pots on the stove that she was tending. The first was for Naruto, and was full of his favorite homemade ramen. The second was something she had been craving. It was a tomato soup to which she had added vegetables, cheese, ground beef, olives, hard-boiled eggs, walnuts, Rocky Mountain Oysters, caramel syrup, dark chocolate chips, strawberry pocky, rootbeer extract, and a sprig of mint was sitting on the top as it simmered.

Tsurara whined back, "But I want grandbabies now…"

Kushina put a commiserating hand on her shoulder. "I know." The pregnant redhead looked out the window. "When is that bus gonna get here? I spent all that time looking for embarrassing photos. I want to share them with his friends."

There was a knock on the door and the two women flew to the door and flung it open. A turquoise haired figure tackled the pair to the ground. Once the trio quickly stood, Ageha smiled at her friends. "I came over as fast as I could! Guess what?!"

Kushina and Tsurara looked at the succubus flatly. Tsurara ground out, "Whatever happened to you giving your husband his welcome home present?" The Yuki-Onna sighed, "You are going to spend the next few days here, aren't you?"

Ageha shook her hand at the Yuki-onna. "We're staying at the hotel, and that was going to happen anyway. No, I have excellent news. I'm pregnant!"

This caused the three women to hug and a few joyous tears to be shed.

Aghea turned to her friend, "What are you cooking? It smells absolutely divine."

Jiraiya and Minato had their hands on each other's shoulders in a gesture that said: I feel your pain.

The three women were babbling about going baby shopping as a voice cut through the chatter, "Mom? What are you doing here?"

(On the bus)

Ruby looked over at Kurumu who was practically bouncing in her seat. "Kurumu, is everything alright? You seem agitated."

The succubus shook her head. "This is the first time I've ever really been out of the Valley. When we took the trip to the beach we really didn't go anywhere. Naruto always told me about his town and also the Yuki-Onna village. I've always wanted to see them. Oh, and the shopping is supposed to be different too!" Kurumu took a deep breath. "And the best part is my mom won't be there to embarrass me!"

A well-endowed woman with turquoise hair sneezed just before she knocked on a door.

Ruby smiled. "I am also excited about seeing the world beyond where I was raised."

Moka spoke up, "Do you think that his parents will like us?"

Naruto joined into the conversation. "They've already met you and as long as you don't destroy the hotel, they'll be fine with you."

Mizore glanced at the girls, "If any of you see any embarrassing photos and laugh, I'll freeze you solid."

Moka looked at Mizore. "But why would your parents show us embarrassing photos?"

Naruto and Mizore just shook their heads and leaned back. Their mothers not showing embarrassing photos was like Mizore not stalking…keeping an eye on Naruto's wellbeing.

Ruby looked at Naruto, "You said that I would be able to look through your library for details about my problem?"

Naruto nodded. "Yeah. But you should also take a chance to see the town. You did say you wanted to see more of the world. Besides, with my mother's mood swings, staying in the house will be difficult."

Mizore cuddled up against Naruto. "It stinks that I'll have to sneak out of my house every night to sleep in your bed."

This caused raised eyebrows from the other three girls.

Mizore sighed and answered their question. "My dad and siblings don't know I sleep with Naruto. His dad doesn't know either. So don't say anything."

This led to expressions of disbelief. How could they not know? Were they blind?

Any chance for questions was cut off as the bus pulled up to the Namikaze household.

The five all got off the bus and were surprised to see the door to the house slightly open. Kurumu's excitement got the best of her and she pushed the door fully open. She froze and her hair stood on end. "Mom? What are you doing here?"

This brought the attention of the adults to the teens that were standing in the door.

The three mothers immediately wrapped their offspring in a hug.

While Naruto, Mizore, and Kurumu dealt with the energetic greetings of their respective mother, Minato walked over to Ruby and Moka.

The blonde man looked at the vampire. "I noticed the change yesterday, but I didn't want to ask in public. Did something happen?"

Moka nodded. "When that little pixie did whatever magic she did, I'm stuck in this form."

Minato frowned, "While I don't know too much about magic, it is similar to how the seal operates, maybe it overloaded your Rosario?"

Moka shrugged. "I don't know how it works, my Rosario keeps my inner nature sealed for the most part, but I was wearing Naruto's bypass seal, so both of my sides could talk to him."

This caused Minato's eyes to widen, "Bypass seal?"

The vampire nodded. "He came up with a paper seal that worked similar to the Roasiro being removed, but without weakening the seals within it. Both my inner and outer natures have equal control. But when the magic of the mirror hit it, how was the seal etched onto my Rosario"

Minato shook his head, smiling. "That boy… Well, I have never seen such a thing, but all too often, Naruto has ways of sealing I never would have thought of." Minato gestured at the cross on the girl's chest, "May I?"

"Of course."

Minato took the next few minutes looking over the light etching on the Rosario. "Well, it looks like Naruto combined three different types of seals. None of them should have done anything permanent like this, but seeing it etched on here, I don't know how it would interact with the seals on the inside of the Rosario. I don't know if it can be reversed."

"That's okay, I like it this way."

Minato nodded. "Well then, I'll leave it alone."

Kushina stared at her son. "Naruto, you're lucky I'm pregnant. Otherwise I would have you on dodging practice for the next few days."

Naruto shuddered. "I know mom."

The blonde was crushed by a hug that was easily half belly. "I missed you so much!"

Internally Naruto nodded. His mother was mood swinging again.

Tsurara turned to Mizore. "Any progress? Has he deflowered you yet?"

Mizore sighed. "No mother, we agreed to wait until the Snow Whites. Besides, Kushina said that if we tried before then, she would have another child so she could have grandbabies."

Tsurara nodded her head. As much as she disagreed with Kushina, ultimately Naruto wouldn't break his promise to Mizore. The older Yuki-Onna grinned. "But that doesn't mean you two can't have fun. Tell me have you at least…"

Mizore shook her head. "Mother please stop. You're embarrassing me."

Aghea pulled her daughter close. "I have wonderful news sweetie. You're going to be a sister!"

Kurumu blinked. She stared at Jiraiya. "Not even back home for a few months and you get my mother pregnant?!" Kurumu sighed. "Please tell me that at least you two stayed out of my room."

At her mother's sheepish look Kurumu shuddered. "Fine, just buy me a new bed, new blankets, carpet, chair, curtains, bookshelves, dresser, vanity, door, paint the walls and the ceiling, and burn everything that came in contact with either of you while you were occupied in my room."

Jiraiya chuckled. "All your mother did was vacuum in your room. And if that is the case, all we need to do is replace the carpet."


"Jiraiya…" Mother and daughter said in concert.

Jiraiya gulped, "Hey, I didn't tell her that her new sibling was conceived during that bout did I?"

Kurumu shuddered. "You know what, I'm going to ask the Namikaze's if I can just move in here."

Ruby felt felt like an outsider watching the lives of a close-knit group. Her thoughts over the past few days turned once again to the possibility that she could fit in somewhere. She looked at Naruto and blushed slightly. He was rather good looking.

Ruby was surprised when she was pulled into a hug by a teary Kushina.

"You must have it so hard, being chained to Naruto."

Ruby was uncomfortable being so close to the mood swinging Yoko. "It's not all that bad."

Kushina shook her head. "But you had been ordered to do things all your life and now you can't be more than an hour's walk from my son." Kushina sniffed. Ruby had no warning as the yoko's mood immediately shifted to sad and teary. Ruby was wrapped in another strong hug. "You poor dear!" Kushina proceeded to do her best to comfort the witch. Unfortunately for Ruby, that meant that Kushina wouldn't let her go. Ruby tried in vain to escape when Kushina said, "I'll make you some comfort food. I've been craving gummy bears and hot sauce lately. I'll make sandwiches to go with my soup. I'll use cinnamon rolls instead of bread. Who wants Limburger on theirs? Ruby you strike me as an anchovy person. Would that work? Oooo, and Brussel Sprouts."

Ruby looked positively green. Witches often had an odd concept of what was normal in a diet. Kushina's ideas would make even the oddest of witch hold back bile and decline. The fact that a rather bizarre odor was emanating from a pot on the stove just cemented her choice.

Minato did his best to stop his wife from creating such a culinary horror while everyone tried to remove the image from their minds and keep their most recent meal down.

When Minato called the hotel chef and told him that his wife was having cravings again, sounds of a grown man sobbing carried across the line

Everyone sat and talked while Minato arranged for lunch that wouldn't require a trip to the emergency room to have their stomachs pumped.

Naruto shook his head at his parent's antics. "Moka, Ruby, what do you think of the house?"

Moka was confused. "You have spoken several times about training. Your yard is small. How could you possibly train outside?"

Naruto grinned. "Come with me." He stood. "Mizore, Kurumu, I'm going to be showing Moka and Ruby the training room. Want to come?"

This of course started the procession to a door that seemed like a junk closet. Naruto spun a circle that was engraved into the door knob and channeled energy into it. He then turned the knob, and the door led to a hallway. As they walked down the stairs at the end of the hallway, Ruby was asking questions about if eventually Naruto could teach her how to make a door like that.

Jiraiya grinned at his pupil. "Naruto, two witches for students, and all those girls following you around, why if I didn't know any better, OW! Tsurara that hurt."

The Yuki-Onna looked at Ageha. "Can you please keep you husband restrained?"

Ageha smirked. "Sorry, I left the whips and chains at home. Jiraiya prefers to be on a comfortable bed when we do that."

Kurumu put her fingers in her ears. "La la la. I can't hear you."

Mizore spoke up, "I shared a wall with my parent's room for years. This is nothing."

Ageha smirked, "Why Jiraiya, I'm afraid we'll have to make up for lost time."

Kurumu grabbed onto Naruto's arm. "Naruto, I'll sleep on a blanket in your closet during our stay. Please don't make me stay in the same building as them."

Jiraiya smirked. "Kurumu, your mother is just teasing. Mostly."

It was at this point they arrived on a platform overlooking a large expanse that had been carved out of rock. Massive and complex seals were drawn on the walls and the visitors were surprised as the platform lowered itself to the ground. Naruto gestured to the expanse. "This is where I trained."

Moka grinned. "This is quite a useful place. I wish I had something like this. What do the seals do?"

Naruto shrugged. "They keep the walls from being destroyed." Naruto gestured to the ground and power draining seals littered the floor. "The arrays remove half of the strength of the attacks to power the seals. So the two forces cancel each other out."

Naruto gestured to a hot spring pool in one corner. "That is for training water abilities. Another large circle was devoid of seals. "That is for earth. Air and fire we don't have to worry too much about."

Moka looked at Naruto. "Can we spar while we are here? You have improved since we began."

Naruto nodded. "Mizore would train her ice abilities down here. Well, she said that is what she was doing while I learned various things, but I know now that she was just watching me."

A voice sounded from an intercom. "Everyone, the chef from the hotel will be bringing lunch by in just a few minutes, please come back upstairs."

Once the teens were all back in the main area of the house, the doorbell rang. The chef spent the next fifteen minutes begging Minato to not let Kushina in the hotel kitchen. Two sous-chefs had needed to go to therapy after she snuck in last time.

Before the man left, Kurumu made a comment about adding dried cranberries to the salad.

The chef stopped. "Why do you say that young lady?"

Kurmu shrugged. "The pasta and the bread are both warm, the salad cool. The dressing is tart, but if you add dried fruit for a hint of sweetness, it widens the taste range of the meal. The chewiness of a dried cranberry also slightly offsets the crispness of a salad. It is good, but with a slight change, overall effect would be better."

The chef blinked. "I hadn't thought about that before. What about a blueberry vinaigrette?"

The conversation turned towards refreshing the palate, combining flavors, and even changing the type of lettuce.

The chef smiled. "It is rare that someone so young actually understands the importance of good food."

Kurumu smiled. "I do want to become a chef one day. I figured I had better learn now."

"If you would like to spend some time in a real restaurant, you would be welcome. We can always use an extra pair of hands during the dinner rush."

Kurumu smiled. "I would like that. But since I just got here today, I'd like a day or two to settle in."

After a rather delicious meal, Naruto's time was monopolized by his mother.

Mizore and the other girls went back down to the training area.

Mizore looked at Moka and Ruby. "Something has been on your minds since yesterday. What is it?"

Moka huffed. "You know very well what has been on my mind."

Kurumu added in, "Naruto's blood?"

Moka smirked. "That too." The vampire turned to Ruby. "Tell Kurumu what you told me. She deserves to know."

Ruby blushed. "I heard his parents tell Naruto that he needed at least four wives because of his various natures."

Kurumu gasped and Mizore frowned. Mizore ignored her friend's shocked look.

The Yuki-Onna spoke up. "You only heard part of it. It is his choice. It may be mandatory, it may not."

Moka scoffed and then her expression softened. "If it really is his choice, then we need to convince him to choose to add us to the group. It would be worth it."

Kurumu blinked. She cared deeply for Naruto, but if she found her Destined One, then those feelings would fade. Kurumu shook her head. "If it is Naruto's choice, then shouldn't you respect Mizore's opinion? The two of them have been together for most of their lives."

Inner Moka decided to speak out, "Like I'll believe a succubus would be willing to ask another woman's opinion."

Ruby spoke up, "What about me? Would being one of Naruto's mates free me from whatever the spell did to me?"

This caught the girls unawares.

Mizore asked, "What makes you say that?" Her eyes had developed a light blue glow.

Ruby pulled out a rather large book. "I was reading up on that merging spell. It is possible that a quality of his blood mixed with mine and created a bond."

Kurumu sighed, "We already know it did."

Ruby frowned, "I'm not finished. It also said that a bond that is created can only be overridden by a more powerful one. It mentioned a marriage ritual as being one that would displace it."

Mizore looked at Ruby. "Would you even want that?"

Ruby blushed. "Well, Naruto is rather good looking and polite. It wouldn't be difficult to consider. He would never take advantage of me."

Outer Moka spoke up. "He's always been nice to me. I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with him. Yoko are one of the few species that lives as long as vampires."

Mizore was seething. Here were two girls that were trying to take Naruto away from her. Her anger rose and the temperature dropped.

Kurumu spoke up, "Why are you two even talking like this?"

Ruby asked Kurumu, "Haven't you at least wondered what it would be like?"

Kurumu looked at the floor. "Of course I have. I could see myself very happy with Naruto. But what if he isn't my Destined One? Besides, I know what will happen if Mizore doesn't marry Naruto. I promised her that I wouldn't intrude. While sometimes I cross the line of being a friend, I wouldn't wish what would happen to Mizore on anyone."

At Moka's and Ruby's confused looks Kurumu elaborated, "If a Yuki-Onna doesn't have a committed husband on her seventeenth birthday she is given one." The succubus shuddered. "Having a man forced upon you is something that succubi find sickening."

This silenced the two girls for a moment. They didn't like it either. They then continued on about why it would be a good idea to have Naruto share.

Mizore was still fixated on the fact that Moka and Ruby had talked about stealing Naruto. She shifted into her Yuki-Onna form. As the two girls continued to speak about the possibility of being with the blonde in such a manner, Mizore's rage continued to grow. Kurumu had taken several steps out of the potential blast radius.

Mere moments before the snow-haired girl attacked, Moka and Ruby took in her frightening visage. Moka went to launch an attack, but Mizore disappeared in a flutter of snowflakes.

An icy wind pushed the vampire back as Ruby took to the air. Mizore stood by the large steaming pool that Naruto had mentioned earlier. "Naruto is not yours to say who he belongs to. He is mine!"

Shards of ice surrounded by snow flew from her hands. As the targets of the girl's anger dodged, Kurumu noticed that the ground around where they hit developed a light coating of frost. Moka jumped at the Snow Maiden who was going to attack her. Mizore dodged at the last moment and froze the surface of the hot spring, trapping Moka's lower half in the water.

Mizore ignored the vampire's screams as she focused on Ruby. The witch flew through the air and sent a barrage of spells at the girl.

Mizore had to dodge for a few moments before she jumped and landed beneath the aloft witch. She punched the ground and a massive pillar of ice arose, pinning the girl to the ceiling.

Mizore looked over the two trapped girls. Both were in pain. "Naruto is mine! If we decide that he will take more than one mate, then I will be the one choosing them. Until that point, if I hear you speaking like that again, I will end you!"

Mizore stormed out of the underground room looking for her boyfriend.

Kurumu sighed and broke the thinning ice around Moka and helped pull her out. She then flew up and sliced a section of the ice pillar and pushed it out, causing the pinned witch to be able to free herself.

As the two girls recovered from the rather savage attack, Kurumu frowned. "You two have known her for how long?! You should know better than that."

Moka was breathing heavily. The water had severely sapped her strength. "But we're her friends."

Kurumu nodded. "Yes, but Naruto is her future husband. That is far more important to her."

Ruby winced. "Why didn't you help us Kurumu?"

The succubus shook her head. "I got you free didn't I? I've seen the depth of feeling that she has for him. If I would have interfered, I'd be trapped in ice as well. For the past ten minutes, you have been talking about how either it would be amazing to have him nearby all the time or that he would make a decent husband. You were doing so in front of a girl that he already promised his future to. Given how protective and 'concerned for the wellbeing' Yuki-Onna are for their spouses, what did you think would happen? Even if I agree with your points, I'm not stupid enough to admit it like that. Besides, if Naruto is my Destined One, I still have to convince Mizore that it would be a good idea to share. That won't be easy."

Kurumu flew up to the platform. She called down, "Think about that."

Ruby and Moka both rested and then climbed the stairs as well. They had quite a bit to think over.

That night both Ruby and Moka apologized to Mizore for their actions.

Also that night, Mizore and Kurumu had a conversation in the backyard of the Namikaze house.

Kurumu looked at her purple haired friend. "Is that true Mizore? Is it really Naruto's choice?"

Mizore sighed. "We don't know. There are a few problems that we need to decide on."

Kurumu frowned. "Like what?"

Mizore looked at the ground. "Even though Naruto is not an official member of any clan, he still has to abide by the Yoko Council. Yoko matings are only approved if the offspring has a chance of being yoko."

Kurumu blinked. "You mean?" She stopped, "Can a Yuki-Onna give birth to a yoko?"

Mizore shrugged. "Yuki-Onna normally breed true. All females will be Yuki Onna. Having a male child is a rarity. We would need to have a son in order for the yoko council to not kill me and any children we may have. We would have three years in order to have a yoko child."

Kurumu was shocked. "That's barbaric!"

Mizore shuddered. "That is why it is a hard choice to make."

Kurumu put her hand on Mizore's shoulder. "Good luck." The succubus grew somber. "Mizore, I hate to ask, but before you decide, can I determine if Naruto is my Destined One?"

Mizore's eyes narrowed. "Why?"

Kurumu looked down at the ground. "I don't want you to feel pressured on a just in case."

"But if he is? I will be pressured then."

Kurumu shrugged. "I wouldn't tell you until after you made your choice."

Mizore looked at the glowing windows of the Namikaze house. "Let me think about it."

Kurumu hugged her friend. "I know how hard it is for you to say that. Thank you."

The next few days were rather eventful. Kurumu eventually did help the chef. It was mostly to get away from her parents. The brunt of the staff scoffed at such a young girl in the kitchen, regardless of how attractive she was. When she made a sauce that had the head chef in tears at how good it tasted and how well it complimented a seafood dish, they changed their tune. As it would happen, it was used on the daily special. The food critic that had secretly visited would rave about the dish in her next article. All other times where she helped in the kitchen, the only complaint Kurumu had was that she sometimes had difficulty seeing what she was cooking because of her substantial bustline.

When he saw the review from the critic, it was a clincher for the head chef. He had never received anything positive to say from that particular critic. It was all owed to the friend of his employer's son. He told Kurumu, "You will always be welcome in any kitchen that I am a part of. If you need a letter of recommendation when it comes time to apply to a cooking school, I would gladly offer one. Even if you get rejected, I will teach you everything I know. I still have friends on the admissions boards of a few schools. Let me know if you need a good word."

Kurumu's smile was wide. "Thanks." That endorsement was a rather large one.

Ruby would approach Naruto and ask for a formal tutelage on seals. She had been working on calligraphy and drawing so that he could see that she was serious. She was given a puzzle crystal and a list of kanji to perfect. She also was given several books from the library about the Oath of Blood and was told it might be affecting her. Ruby spent most of her time alternatively looking to see if there was a way out of it, or if there was evidence that she would need to be Naruto's mate. She was still rather confused about her feelings.

Moka helped Kushina around the house. She was the only one other than Minato and Naruto who was truly strong enough to handle the woman's mood swings. A few more weeks would have the redhead on bed rest and Moka had been asked to help the older woman prepare for it.

During this time, when the redhead was lucid and not ruled by her hormones, she commented that Moka was a rather caring soul. This happened when Moka had carried a tired Kushina to a couch as she became faint and proceeded to finish the cleaning chores before watching over the woman. Both sides of Moka developed not only a liking for the woman, but also respect. She was extremely caring, but also forceful enough to not be pushed around.

Naruto and Mizore took every moment that they could to themselves. After the girls' fight she told all of the others that she needed some time alone with him.

Naruto and Mizore spent the time wandering around both the town and the Yuki-Onna village. When they went to the village, Ruby would follow and stay at the Shiranui residence reading.

As the pair was sitting in a field of snow watching the sun set, Mizore turned to Naruto. "My birthday is in a few weeks."

Naruto nodded. "Do you think we can get an exception from school to come back here? I did promise that on your seventeenth birthday we would be there." Naruto pointed to a distant field filled with white flowers.

Mizore shrugged. "I don't know. We'll have to ask." She cuddled into the blonde boy. "Even if we don't get one, our mothers would pull us out for a few days anyway."

Naruto chuckled at that. "Given how much our respective mothers speak at length about grandbabies, I think that will happen anyway." Naruto then whispered into the girl's ear. "We both know that we will be getting a little less sleep every night once that happens."

Mizore's responding nod and blush was spectacular. "I want to have your babies Naruto. I have read a lot on what it will take to conceive. I want to practice that as often as possible."

Naruto reached into his pocket and pulled out scroll. He unsealed a dinner for the pair. They wouldn't leave from their spot until the stars had come out.

At the Aono house, Yukari called the Namikaze residence.

"Mr. Namikaze, I will be arriving tomorrow by train. Will I need anything like a uniform to work at the hotel?"

Minato shook his head as he answered the question. "With my wife's condition, you'll be working with my teacher. Naruto suggested that with your skills, you'd be a perfect fit for our cleaning crew. It will mostly be in the morning, leaving you to study seals in the afternoons. Will that work?"

"Of course Mr. Namikaze."

Hokuto walked imperiously into an intimidating office building. As he approached the front desk in the lobby, a severe woman looked at him and curtly said. "Your appointment is in ten minutes. Go to the fifth floor. The conference room is in front of the elevator."

As Hokuto sat in the conference room, a series of menacing and rather powerful individuals entered.

A dark haired man with the same apparent age as Hokuto spoke up. "Mr. Kaneshiro I am rather curious as to what a high school student could offer an organization such as Fairy Tale."

Hokuto smirked darkly. "Three things. First a way to keep the Yoko occupied and distracted from your operations. They don't like it if someone tries to be stronger than them. Second, a potent source of magic that I'm sure you'll find a use for. Third, I have heard rumors that your organization is looking for a Shinso Vampire. I can get you all three at once."

The dark-haired man's face gave nothing away. "And should we decide to take you up on that offer, what would you like in return?"

Hokuto's eyes flashed. "Other than being left alone by your organization, my request is rather simple. To help." At the slightly bewildered looks of the Youkai present he explained. "It would be a rather delicious revenge."

Slight nods emerged around the table. That was a motive they understood.

Kokoa stood in front of her father. "That is what I saw Father."

Issa Shuzen sat back. "And those were the exact words your sister used? And she seemed to be a merging of her inner and outer nature."

Kokoa nodded and left the office.

Issa stood and stared out the window. "Moka, what have you done?" His eyes narrowed. "Or what has someone done to you?" His fists clenched. "If someone has harmed you I will kill them."

AN: There you have it.

Omake 1

Kurumu stared at the ceiling of her room at the hotel. After thirty seconds of noise coming from the wall she threw on her robe and went to the front desk. "Excuse, me can I get my room changed? One of the people in the adjoining rooms is being rather loud. I am in Room 723. The loud tenants are in 725."

The woman behind the desk checked the computer and shook her head. Mentally she was irritated that a girl younger than her was better endowed than she was. "I can call up and ask them to be quieter. But because there is are convention reservations starting tomorrow, I can't just move your room."

Kurumu shuddered. "I don't think calling them will help."

The woman blinked. "Why not?"

"They sound rather...Occupied"

"How so?"

Once again Kurumu shuddered. "They are being rather vocal as they are being intimate. The sounds." The succubus shook her head. "You know what, I'll find alternative lodging for the night." With this she walked out the front door and took to the skies.

The desk clerk went after the girl in her bathrobe and was shocked to see her gone.

Kurumu knocked on the door to the Namikaze residence. A drowsy Minato answered. "Kurumu? Is something wrong?"

The bluenette nodded. "I can't sleep at the hotel. Can I crash on your couch? Please?"

Minato shrugged and got the girl a blanket.

Back in Room 725 Jiraiya and Ageha were looking at one another. They had been rocking the bed back and forth and Ageha had been moaning.

Jiraiya looked at his wife. "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Ageha nodded. "Of course. Mentally scarring your children is part of being a good parent. Besides, she didn't even last a minute." She pulled the white haired man down to the mattress. "Now that she's gone, we can have some fun."

Omake 2

Kushina was checking on the progress of the early morning deliveries when she got a craving. She went into the restaurant and then the kitchen. Since it was still rather early, no one had arrived. Kushina took out various leftovers that looked good and got to work. She took some crepes and filled one with shrimp linguine and maple syrup. The next one had banana, pineapple, bleu cheese, and grated radish. The third one she made had with the pieces from two leftover shiskabobs covered in whipped creme and diced onions. She artfully arranged them on her plate. After liberally adding sliced raw salmon, a white chocolate garnish and a dusting of used coffee grounds, Kushina covered the plate and began washing her dishes. Their chef didn't mind them being in the kitchen as long as they cleaned up after themselves.

One of the sous-chefs came in to start the prep work. "Good morning Mrs. Namikaze."

Kushina waved back. "Morning Ichigo. I made myself a little something. I had a craving that wouldn't go away. I'm just cleaning up."

The man nodded. "Thanks." He looked at the seemingly innocent silver cover. There had been some joking in the kitchen about when any pregnancy cravings would start. Ichigo wondered what kind of things the woman was craving. He lifted up the lid. A look of horror was on his face as the smell hit him. The lid fell back into place and the sous chef fell to the floor.

Kushina was humming and didn't hear anything. Moments later, a similar process was repeated by the second sous chef.

When Kushina was done and drying her hands on a towel, the head chef came in. "Morning boss. How are you doing? Getting any cravings yet?" His two sous chefs weren't anywhere to be seen.

Kushina nodded. "I hope you don't mind, but I cooked something up. I finished the dishes. Do you want me to put them away?"

The man shook his head. "We'll take care of it. Do you mind if I have a look at what you were craving, just in case I need to keep any particular leftovers in stock?"

Kushina nodded happily. "Sure." She whisked the cover off of her plate and the head chef was speechless. The odor alone was nauseating. He quickly identified each item and was further astounded when the redhead heartily dug in. A detached corner of his mind noted the two sous chefs passed out on the floor. Each had an expression of disgust on their faces.

After a moment Kushina mis-read the man's face. "I'm sorry, did you want some? It smells so good."

The chef drew on his years of dealing with unspeakable kitchen atrocities to not vomit. In a rather strained tone he said, "So, that is what you were craving today?"

Kushina nodded. "It is just so tasty."

The man excused himself after saying, "I'm sure a dish such as that would make all the other diners jealous, can you not take it out of the kitchen. I do not want to have any unhappy customers." He retreated to his office and took two 'medicinal shots' of alcohol to clear his mind. When he looked out, Kushina had wiped her mouth and was washing off her plate.

Once the redhead had left, he burned the napkin and tossed a cup of water in the face of each sous chef. He then provided a bucket.

When Ichigo began muttering about how wrong it was he was slapped in the face. "Pull yourself together man! We have people to feed."

The two sous chefs would need some therapy to deal with such a gastronomic horror.

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