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"Alright Goten, we've collected all seven dragon balls, you can thank me later for getting the ones around the world that you couldn't get since you can't fly," said Trunks with a smile as he looked down at the bounty. All seven dragon balls glowed their familiar orange glow as the two boys looked at them in awe. "So Goten what you going to wish for?" asked the lavender haired boy excitedly.

The Son boy looked at Trunks confused. "Wish, what wish?" he asked childishly.

"You mean you don't know what the dragon balls do?" asked Trunks.

"I just wanted to see the dragon," said Goten with a smile causing Trunks to smack his forehead with his palm.

"The eternal dragon is able to grant two wishes to anybody who manages to get them all," explained Trunks. "Then the balls blast off and you can't use them again for a year but if you only make one wish then you can use them again in half the time."

"That sounds like fun," said Goten. "But I don't know what to wish for. Wait, wait I've got one!"

"This better be good," mumbled Trunks under his breath before summoning the dragon. The sky turned black and lightning spewed forth from the balls as the familiar green dragon roared to life.


"Umm, mister dragon sir, is it alright if we only make one wish?" asked Goten who stared up at the dragon in awe. Trunks was speechless as this was his first time seeing the dragon as well and he couldn't help but feel intimidated by the sheer size and power such a massive creature could have.

"THAT IS FINE BUT STATE YOUR WISH!" bellowed the dragon.

"Well you see, my brother is starting high school tomorrow but I don't know if he's going to fit in since he hasn't really spoken to anybody outside our family and I think he will be uncomfortable and all and..."

"GET ON WITH IT!" shouted the dragon causing Goten to swallow deeply.

"Okay then mister dragon, I wish..."


"Who's responsible for this?" asked a seriously ticked off Videl as she looked at the damage done before her. The chief had called her up to explain that there was a robbery going on and that she needed to get there right away. As such she had had to go without breakfast and fly to the scene of the crime only to find that somebody had already done her job. The three robbers were unconscious on the ground, their ski masks still covering their faces while there were two others in the car. Their getaway vehicle was leaning on its side and the back wheel was still rotating slowly. The weapons that the men had been using were crushed into tiny pieces that now resided on the floor. A police car was looking worst for wear in the background as it had been riddled with bullets causing a massive amount of damage.

"Videl, what are you doing back here?" asked an old man who saw Videl standing there upset.

"Back here? What are you talking about?" asked Videl.

"Oh, I must have mistaken you for that woman who defeated those men," said the man apologetically. "She came in so fast and defeated those men in an instant and the only girl I knew strong enough to do that was you so I guess my mind is playing tricks on me."

"Are you saying a girl who looks like me did this?"

"Well I didn't get all that good a look to be honest; she was in and out in a flash, I'm not even sure if she was a woman."

"Well whoever it was they would need to be pumped up on steroids to be able to make that car tip on its side," said Videl as she walked closer to inspect the damage. Looking at the bonnet of the car, the person had driven their heel into the front corner of the vehicle and had caused the whole car to pivot on that one point. Videl was starting to doubt herself, even if this person was on steroids they shouldn't have enough strength to cause an entire car to flip over like that.

Leaving the scene to the police, Videl jumped back inside her jet copter and took off towards school. While breakfast would have been nice she didn't have time to be late for the first day back, even though she was the champ's daughter it wouldn't be a good first impression for her new teachers. So, despite her best interests that included a full breakfast with eggs on toast, she would have to wait it out until the lunch hour in where she would eat whatever she put in her food capsule that morning.

Landing on top of the school, she capsualized her jet copter and placed it in her pocket when she realised that said pocket didn't weigh as much as it should have. Having a quick feel around with her fingers she found her usual accessories such as her mobile and her wallet but she couldn't find her capsule case, meaning she had left it on the kitchen counter before she had taken off. Cursing her bad luck, Videl went down the stairwell knowing that unless somebody was willing to share she would be stuck with food from the dining hall and that was never a pleasant experience. She got into her classroom a few minutes before the bell was scheduled to go off.

"Hey Videl, you look a little upset," said the bubbly blonde Erasa as she beckoned Videl to sit near her. Taking her seat away from the edge of the row, Videl found herself wedged between Erasa and Sharpner. While not the brightest tools in the shed, unlike most people who wanted to be her friend because of her status, they were true friends.

"It's nothing," said Videl sourly as she stared blankly at the front of the lecture hall.

"C'mon babe," said Sharpner trying to make his move like every second day Vide saw him. Somehow the word 'no' doesn't seem to register through his mind when responded after a certain question. "You get to sit next to one of the hunkiest guys in school and you feel upset, which girl wouldn't want such pleasure?"

"Shut up you moron!" shouted one of the girls behind Videl and instantly the two had a clash of personalities which Videl simply ignored. Why bother listening to somebody rabble on about an uninteresting topic after all. Erasa was bickering in my ear but since it was all about fashion and gossip Videl simply allowed it to slip through one ear and out the other.

The teacher soon entered and order was returned to the room. "Good morning students," he said in a husky voice. "While I hope all of you enjoyed your vacation I will let you know that the holidays are now over and the school year is now beginning. I expect you all to do your best."

The door creaked open and everyone's head turned to the open doorway. A few wolf whistles were called out showing just how mature the class was. The girl walked in wearing casual pants and a rather loose fitting short sleeved top. Her hair was cut at shoulder length and was jet black in colour while her eyes were sharp and took everything into account, much like a hawk's. "Are you Gohan?" said the teacher as he looked down at his notes. "Because it says here that..."

"There was a mistake in the process," said Gohan trying to conceal the anger in their voice. She turned and faced the students who looked down at her with mixed emotions. Most of the girls looked at her with a tinge of jealousy while the guys ogled her off as if she was fresh meat for the slaughterhouse; after all it wasn't every day that a new girl happened to walk on by. Even Sharpner, who was usually a Videl only guy couldn't take his eyes off of her.

"In that case my darling," said the teacher as he adjusted his glasses, "Take a seat wherever it takes your fancy."

"Thank you," muttered Gohan. Looking around the class, Gohan saw a few of the guys signal for her to come sit by them but she took the safe option by walking towards the spot vacant next to Erasa. Of course Erasa wouldn't mind, she loved new friends. Walking up the stairs, everyone except for the teacher, who had walked out of the classroom for a moment, watched as one of the jocks slapped Gohan hard on the arse, causing her to stop in her tracks. The man chuckled as Gohan turned to face him before delivering a vicious right hook which caused him to break the chair he was sitting on and land hard on the floor. The room went deadly silent as Gohan continued her walk up the flight of stairs, all eyes were on her.



"Okay then mister dragon, I wish for my brother to be turned into a girl," said Goten with confidence.

"UMM...OKAY THEN," said the dragon in disbelief as his eyes shone red. "IT IS DONE. IF YOU HAVE NO MORE WISHES I BID YOU FAREWELL." In a flash of lighting, the dragon vanished and the balls flew up in the air before being sent to different corners of the globe.

Trunks rushed forward and grabbed Goten by the shirt. "Why the hell did you do that? Gohan's going to kill us!" exclaimed Trunks knowing the danger he was now in.

"Well when your Mum and Dad go out it's always your mum who goes and talks to people, so doesn't that mean that all girls are better at talking to people?" said Goten in more of a question then a statement. Trunks could see the childish, twisted logic in Goten's way of thinking but for now knew that the safest place would be several thousand miles away from wherever Gohan was. "I wonder what he looks like now," said Goten as he started running towards his house.

"BAD IDEA!" shouted Trunks as he tried to prevent his best friend from death but to no avail as Goten sprinted through the forest.


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