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The sound of water crashing down on the white tiles below her feet was all that Gohan could hear as big, steamy puffs of condensation wafted through the bathroom. The warm liquid cascading down on her skin managed to soothe the girl, but only slightly. Removing a strand of her jet-black hair from her eyes, her tiny hands reached for the knobs by the shower, turning off the constant flow of warm water.

She simply stood there for a minute, finding herself lost in thought. All she knew was that just mere minutes from now she had to face the raven-haired young woman that wanted nothing more than to beat her face out with a whirlwind of punches. Not that the Son girl blamed Videl for that; she had broken her hand after all, even if it wasn't exactly her intention. The Senzu bean she had handed Videl not too long ago seemed to have done its work, but the crimefighter seemed determined to test out just how good of a job it had done.

Gohan sighed as she stepped out of the shower, trying to bring herself up to speed with all that had happened. Surprisingly, as unbelievable as it was, Gohan found herself having a rather simple time wrapping her head around the strange events which had occurred as of late. Perhaps it helped that she'd been witness to crazier things, like crazy aliens hellbent on world domination.

Wrapping the towel she had used to dry herself around her body, Gohan attempted to dry her hair with another one that she had found neatly folded next to the first one. Not having much success bundling her shoulder-length dark hair into the piece of cloth, Gohan hung the now-wet towel over the towel rod as she made her way to the bathroom's door.

Opening the door, her small feet made contact with the comfortable carpeted floor as she saw a few different articles of clothing laid out on the bed. Walking numbly over to it, the Son girl studied the sporting gear that probably belonged to Videl. Hoping for the best she quickly got changed, her mind drifting off to the upcoming fight again.

Several minutes later, Gohan found herself studying her reflection in one of the room's many mirrors. The crimefighter had obviously picked out some apparel that would aid her in their brawl; and while the underwear—which thankfully still had the pricetag on it—was nothing like the ones that Erasa had her trying out a few days ago, the teenager couldn't help but feel a little... exposed.

She was no stranger to the tight fitting and stretchable bike shorts that now hugged her curvy hips, but she wasn't entirely sure how comfortable she felt about wearing the black sports bra that Videl had chosen for her. Also Gohan wasn't quite sure what the image of the raven-haired minx in a similar... top would do to her.

She could only assume that Videl wanted to spar some time soon, given the clothing that she had picked out for her. Videl was no Erasa, that much Gohan knew, but she still found it strange that such... revealing things existed in Videl's wardrobe despite the fact that they were sporting gear.

Tying her jet-black locks back in a ponytail the Saiyan girl let out a heavy sigh. The thought of having the hurt Videl didn't sit all that well in her brains, but she just had to suck it up now and face the demons. With enough luck, she'd get away without injuring the girl again. Giving herself a final firm stare in the mirror she paced out of the bedroom and began her trek to find exactly where the training room would be in the gigantic mansion.

After having asked the correct way by several members of the staff, Gohan walked through the doors of the gym. After zigzagging her way through the several pieces of training machinery and punching bags she reached a big fighting rink the size of a small football field, where she found her opponent rapidly throwing punches to an imaginary foe.

Hesitantly stepping onto the platform of the fighting arena, Gohan inspected the area, somewhat unsure of what to expect. She'd heard stories from her mother and father of their tournament days, but she herself had never stepped inside a ring before.

The tiled floor was cold, but not enough to make herself flinch when she stepped onto it. Planting her right foot on one of the lines between the tiles, Gohan found that that it was rather smoothing, meaning that it was likely that the edges of the tiles weren't sharp.

Unlike popular fiction that Gohan had seen, there was no rope surrounding the ring, making the place almost fit in with her mother's description of the World Martial Arts Tournament's one. Cracking her knuckles, Gohan looked away from Videl; not wanting to start the fight any sooner than it had to.

Under the guise that she was going through a stretch routine, Gohan took her time to slowly admire to plastered wall to her left. It was dimly lit by the by the dull ceiling lights, giving the illusion that it was cream coloured. Daring to glance towards the Satan girl, Gohan found that she was growing increasingly annoyed by her excessive stalling.

"Uhh... Videl are you sure it's a good idea to fight while we're both a bit hungover, especially given the state of your hand?"

"I'm not sure what kind of hippie drug you gave me, but it seems to have done the trick. Now shut up, and fight me." Cowering under the gaze that was sent her way, Gohan quickly stepped into a flawless fighting stance and watched Videl do the same.

"Not too shabby," Videl said as she studied the smaller girl's stance. "I don't see any flaws in your defense, this might just turn out be an actual challenge."

The tension between the two young women in the fighting ring could be cut with a knife. Secretly Gohan wanted to protest and claim that there was no need to fight, but she knew that would only result in a pissed off Videl. She just had to sit out the ride now and hope for the best.

Videl was the first to move with an almost blind charge to Gohan's right shoulder. However, to the smaller girl's surprise, the charge turned into a feint as Videl snapped her knee up towards Gohan's stomach.

The slight surprise left Gohan with barely enough time to kill her normally instinctive response, which would've included a rather powerful blow to the Satan girl's head. Doubling over in somewhat fake pain, Gohan threw a somewhat half-hearted punch to Videl's gut, unsurprised when she found it caught.

Feeling Videl attempt to swing her sideways, probably hoping that it would result in Gohan sprawled across the floor, Gohan pulled back, pulling Videl backwards with her slightly.

Unfortunately, her balance was better than Gohan anticipated and Videl was soon back on her feet, although she wasn't able to counter the slight elbow which Gohan sent to her jaw. Wincing as the girl quickly clutched it with a hand, Gohan feared that she'd overdone it.

"You hit hard..." Gohan looked upwards slightly to see Videl grinning as she spat some blood onto the white floor, staining it a little.

"Dad always made sure that my punches weren't puny," Gohan chuckled nervously. In truth, it had been Piccolo who had done that, but she doubted that her friend would pick up on that.

"No kidding." In her haste, Videl had launched a rather quick kick to her knee. It was light and fast, but not strong, but surprisingly her knee still gave out as she fell onto her other one. It was a move that Gohan hadn't been expecting and one that she hadn't really seen before, but it was definitely one which had potential because while she was trying to overcome the shock, Videl had wrapped her hands together and smashed them into Gohan's temples.

While it didn't really hurt that much, it left a slight sensation of pain which Gohan drew upon in order to make it look like her head was in agony. The last thing she wanted, after all, was to have Videl thinking something was up... her hand had probably already roused the girl's suspicions. Gohan had slipped the girl a piece of a Senzu bean to heal it, and was now kicking herself for doing so... It was one thing to break someone's hand with a punch to a face, but an entirely other to heal it within a day. If anything, she was probably more suspicious than before.

Acting to have difficulty with rising to her feet the Son girl rubbed over her temples. Videl might not have been able to actually hurt her but that didn't mean she couldn't pack a punch. It was about time that Gohan gained the overhand on the fight so that she could actually end it without raising too much suspicion.

"I guess you daddy also taught you to take a blow," the crimefighter said as cracked her knuckles victoriously. "You take a punch better than most guys I know, that's for sure."

"Thanks," Gohan grinned slightly, playing along. "Did your daddy also teach you take take a hit or two?"

"Why don't you just try me?" Videl taunted as she gestured for the other teenager to attack her. Gohan used this split second to step into action, dashing forward with tremendous speed. The Satan girl laughed as she saw her opponent storming towards her and she threw a well-timed punch, which she assumed would strike Gohan on her cheek and stop her in mid-run. Instead the other one of the duo evaded the attack and jumped to the left, swinging her right leg into Videl's kneecaps in the motion.

The taller one of the two young women was swept off her feet and found herself airborne for a second or two, only to come crashing down harshly onto the tiles below. She groaned as she crawled back to her feet and it took her a moment to find her centre of balance before she could stand upright. She didn't even get a chance to slide back into her fighting stance before a fist seemingly appeared out of nowhere and slammed into her chin with brutal force.

Videl flew back several feet and she slid along the tiles a few feet more when she dropped to the floor again. This time it was even harder to get back up, but with some difficulty she eventually managed. Wiping a trickle of blood away from the corner of her mouth she had to admit to herself that this was one hell of an opponent she was facing.

Gohan on the other hand was trying to figure out whether she should end the fight now or let Videl strike her once or twice more. The latter seemed like the safest of options so the black-haired fighter did virtually nothing to dodge the crimefighter's charge at her torso.

Videl plunged her shoulder into the area right above Gohan's breasts and the moment the felt skin on skin contact she slammed her elbow outward, planting it in the other girl's stomach. The demi-Saiyan repeated the routine she played at the beginning of the fight and doubled over imaginary pain, only to immediately be grabbed by her dark locks. Videl had to keep herself from grinning as she pulled Gohan's head down roughly and simultaneously brought her knee upward. A loud thud was heard as kneecap came into contact with forehead.

Grunting, Gohan rolled back in a mess. While it was still a longshot to say that attack had dealt her much damage, it had definitely hurt or at the least disorientated her. However, that's not what she was focused on, it was the sight of seeing Videl who was clutching her knee in pain that had occupied her attention. If a weak punch had ruined Videl's hand, how much damage would shoving her kneecap into Gohan's head do?

Miraculously, the answer appeared to be not much when Videl managed to somehow spring up from her "injury." Gohan, who was still distracted, never saw the wild tackle of fury coming... or perhaps she had, just that she'd been too shocked to do anything.

Both martial artists ended up on the floor, Videl on top of Gohan as she pinned the smaller girl down with all her might. Gohan, who had gently been resisting it, broke the hold with a surge of confidence, determined not to give in to the crimefighter.

Videl's face became overcome with shock as she realised the implications of what Gohan had just done: it meant that Gohan had out-muscled her. As if she had been completely unexpecting the possibility that she possessed superior strength, Videl collapsed on top of Gohan. Just before Gohan was able to take advantage of Videl's lapse in concentration, a familiar voice rang out.

"The very least you guys could've done was find a room! Or even a sofa!"

The crimefighter immediately turned her head sideways to see a snickering Erasa standing several feet away. She wanted to protest and tell the blonde to piss off, but when she noticed Gohan trying to move away from under her she quickly firmed her grasp on the other young woman's wrists.

"You're not going anywhere!" Videl chuckled as Gohan led her to believe that she was gaining the upper hand. Wanting to force her weight down on the girl a bit more, she leaned in even closer, simultaneously pinning Gohan's hands even farther above her head.

The Son girl was starting to feel a little nervous about the entire situation. Videl had her pinned down to the point where probably only a menacing headbutt would be forceful enough to keep the girl with the cerulean eyes off of her. But since she didn't want to physically hurt Videl Gohan opted to try and struggle her wrists free

"Oh no you're not!" the girl on top shouted. She tightened her hold even more, but eventually Gohan managed to fumble herself free after all. Videl attempted to grab her by her arms once more, but her opponent pulled away her hands just in time, causing Videl's fingertips to slip away on the white tiles and for her to stumble over forward.

Erasa's lips slowly parted until her lips formed a giant and fiery red circle in astonishment.

The first thing Gohan noticed when she opened her eyes were two beautiful blue orbs staring directly at her . And there was also something soft yet slightly heavy weighing down on her chest. She wanted to flare up red immediately, but that was when she noticed a peculiar flavor on her lips. It was soft, sweet and frankly just utterly delightful.

Of course, of all the beautiful girls on this planet to kiss accidentally it just had to be Videl. And it wasn't exactly a comforting thought that the Satan girl could easily put enough force in a punch to smash a hole into a brick wall.

"Oh, Kami, help me..."

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