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Videl reacted as if a bomb had gone off, jumping up and releasing the unintentional kiss. The Champ's daughter quickly made her way off of the platform, all the while through trying to hide her reddening facial features. If she had turned away a second later she might have caught a glimpse of the disappointed expression on the Son girl's face. She stormed past Erasa without uttering as much as a single word and she was gone before either one of her friends had gotten a chance to speak to her, leaving the two other girls in a silence of astonishment.

Slowly, Gohan crawled back to her feet, eyes glazed and mind far from the fighting rink she was standing on. She was barely even aware of anything, really. How could she be after what had just happened?

She turned to Erasa, who still had her mouth agape in surprise.

"Hey, E, I'm going to get changed and put on some regular clothes, okay?" Gohan said uneasily. When the ditsy blonde gave a nod of understanding she rushed out of the gym, straight for the dressing room. Once inside she shut the door behind her and turned the lock, guaranteeing her privacy.

Feeling the sudden urge to sit down the demi-Saiyan slid back against the piece of wood behind her back, finding the cold tiled floor unusually comfortable. She buried her face into her palms, the last five minutes replaying in her head like a reel of film.

She had kissed Videl, she could barely believe it! And even while it had been unintentional, it was still a kiss, right? Their lips had met and had lingered on one another for a few good seconds, until Videl had hurried off to Dende knows where.

It had been her first kiss too. Some part of her found it ironic that during her first eighteen years of life as a male she had barely seen any interactions with the opposite gender, but only about a week after turning into a girl she had already been able to taste the sweet cherry-flavored lips that belonged to Videl Satan.

Gohan rose to her feet, determined to get dressed and meet Erasa afterwards. As she pulled a plain white top over her head she couldn't help but think of how exhilarating those few seconds had been. Every moment of it was still fresh in her mind: Those deep azure eyes that stared back at her when Videl had lain on top of her, the incredible softness of her lips and how they so starkly contrasted her fierce personality, the feeling of Videl's weight pressing down on her and holding her down. Even for an accidental first kiss it had been absolutely amazing, something she would most likely never forget.

As she finished dressing herself and tied her hair down in a ponytail Gohan wondered how the other girl was faring. Videl had been easily as distraught as she was if not more so, given the way she had stormed out of the gym in silence. Knowing the crimefighter, she would probably be punching a wall right now.

The icy cold water from the faucet managed to bring little coolness as she splashed it in her face. Videl looked up and eyed her own reflection in the mirror, watching a few stray droplets roll off of her chin. Much to her dismay her cheeks were still colored a deep crimson and the blush didn't seem to fade away anytime soon.

Videl still wasn't exactly sure what had just occurred; it had all happened so quickly that her brains had barely even gotten the time to register it. Now that she was alone and surrounded by silence the realisation slowly began to creep into her mind.

'I just had my very first kiss...'

She lifted five quivering fingers and softly brushed against her lips, still tingling in sudden sensation. For the first time in her life she had been kissed, or, she had kissed someone, and it hadn't even been her intention to begin with.

For pretty much all of her life the raven-haired teen had told herself that she wasn't made for love and passion, but to fight crime and bring criminals to justice. Boys weren't anything to occupy her mind with, she would tell herself. The thought of actually having a first kiss had barely even crossed her mind up until this point in time.

And yet, no more than five minutes ago, had she experienced the feeling of lips brushing against lips, could you believe it? Videl Satan, kissing? And against all possible odds it had been with a girl nonetheless. If she should ever share a moment like that she'd at least expected it to be with a boy, but that it would turn out to be the new girl in her class was something that she couldn't even begin to imagine.

Videl splashed another handful of water into her face, allowing her thoughts to wander off to that moment mere minutes ago. The accidental kiss had brought along many different feelings, most of which confused her more than anything. There was the feeling of Gohan's mouth against hers and the little jolt of electricity that had shot down her spine, but also an array of feelings that she just couldn't seem to explain. And while it all felt so confusing all at once it also felt so... right.

No matter how much Videl would try and deny any type of feeling that would cross her heart there was simply no denying the fact that the kiss she had shared with Gohan had felt really, really good. At this very moment her lips still tingled from the sudden ecstasy and her mind was still clouded and hazed by the momentum. The Satan Girl couldn't help but wonder if she had jumped up like she did if they hadn't been under Erasa's all-seeing gaze. Maybe she would've taken her time to take in the taste of Gohan's lips, or revel in the feeling of her warm breath in her face.

Drying her face off with a towel Videl tried her best to decipher the stream of incomprehensible thoughts mulling through her mind. If she had actually enjoyed the kiss so much, what did that say about her? Was she attracted to Gohan in any sort of way? Did this mean that she would also develop an attraction towards her own gender, much like her newfound friend? Somewhere in the back of her head it all seemed so reasonable,so incredibly logical. It would certainly be a proper explanation on why she never had shown any real interest in the male sex.

Deciding that arguing with herself wouldn't bring her any of the answers she was looking for right now the crimefighter exited the bathroom and made her way to look for Gohan and Erasa.

The two other girls were found without any difficulty; Videl only had to follow the sound of high-pitched giggles. When she entered the main living room she found Erasa with her arms hooked in Gohan's, happily chit-chatting and seemingly unaware of her best friend having entered the room.

When the Satan girl's stare met Gohan's deep and penetrating onyx stare she couldn't help but turn her head a bit. The memory of their accidental lip bump was still too fresh in her mind to not make her feel slightly uneasy. The Son girl mimicked her movements and Videl didn't fail to notice the slight tinge of red creeping over her cheeks.

"H-hey guys," Videl said, effectively grasping the attention of the two others in the room. "I was thinking, maybe we could take a dive into the swimming pool out back? The pool boys just cleaned it so I thought that you guys might like to head in."

"I'm sorry," Gohan said as she stood up from the couch. "But I can't. I promised my mother that I would help my little brother with his homework today and I'm already running late." She barely even gave the other two girls a chance to speak up as she sped out of the room.

The second Gohan was out of sight Videl let out the deepest sigh that she could possibly muster, flopping herself down on the couch next to the blonde. When she turned to look at Erasa she was almost horrified to see her best friend's lips spread in the widest grin that she had ever seen in her entire life.

"What?!" Videl snapped, unable to keep the acid out of her tone.

"Oh, nothing much," Erasa giggled as she sent a quick wink in the teenager's direction. "I'm just so happy for you that you finally found the girl of your dreams, that's all!"

A vein in the raven-haired fighter's temple popped and she had to try her hardest to not land a solid fist across the gossip queen's face. This was such a typical thing for Erasa to do; whenever something embarrassing happened to her the blonde know-it-all just had to go and tease her relentlessly with it. It was almost like this was what she lived for, and judging by the look that her eyes held she had just stumbled upon a gold mine.

"Shut up, E," Videl spat as she angrily folded her arms in front of her chest. "That was an accident just now and you know that just as well as I do!"

"Of course it was an accident," Erasa said with sarcasm clear in her voice. "Just tell me though, what was it like?"

The sudden stare of curiosity was making Videl uneasy. Sometimes she wanted to curse the blonde for being so incredibly nosy.

"W-What the hell are you even talking about?" the Satan girl replied, knowing damn well what Erasa meant.

"Don't play me for a fool, Vi," came the reply. "You know perfectly well what I'm talking about. What's it like to kiss a girl? Was Gohan any good at it?"

Videl might have broken a world record just now, with the speed at which her face shifted from pale to a deep crimson. She rapidly turned her head and tried to conceal her features behind her raven locks, but her best friend was not to be fooled.

"I don't want to talk about it," Videl answered sincerely. She honestly didn't feel like addressing the matter any further, but she knew that Erasa wouldn't let the matter rest without getting her answers first. "Please, just let it be, okay?"

"Ah, come on, Vi!" Erasa whined, sounding awfully much like small child not getting its way. "I'm just curious, that's all, I swear!"

Videl gave no reply.

"Okay then, answer me this," Erasa said, lifting a finger to emphasize statement. "Didn't you notice anything special while you were lying on top of Gohan earlier?"

This caught a hold of the tormented girl's curiosity, causing her to lift a brow,

"What do you mean by that?"

"What I mean is," Erasa began her explanation. "You guys had your lips locked for quite a while. Wasn't there anything that stood out to you? Maybe... the color of her eyes, the smell of the shampoo she uses, or maybe even the taste of her lips?"

Videl wanted nothing more than to evaporate into thin air right then and there, and her silence was all the confirmation that Erasa needed. The blonde had been absolutely spot on with her guesses. Her fiery red mouth curled into another huge grin, one that sent a small shiver of fright down Videl's spine.

"You did, didn't you?" She asked. The other teenager honestly felt like punching her upon seeing the smug look on her face after she had gotten a nod of confirmation. "You know what this means, don't you?"

"No, I don't!" Videl protested. "I have no idea what you're talking about!"

"But of course you do!" Erasa chimed as she placed a hand on her best friend's shoulder. "You have a major crush on Gohan, don't you?"


Erasa arched a perfectly trimmed eyebrow as a sign of her disbelief. "Really?"

Normally this would be one of those moments in time where Videl would've begun dealing out punches, but all she could do know was hang her head and let her hair cover the look of uncertainty that crossed her face. In all fairness, she didn't know. Maybe she did have a crush on the Son girl, but she just hadn't been ready to face the truth yet. Combine that with the fact that she had never really been in love before and you've got a perfect cocktail for confusion.

"I don't know, E, I honestly don't know."

Gohan wasn't exactly sure what she was meant to think but the harsh sunlight didn't do anything to quell the strange feeling within her as she flew home. One side of her almost regretted turning Videl's invitation to go swimming down but another told her that it was the most sensible decision that she could make... she just needed some time to herself.

Emotions weren't things that Gohan really dealt with all that much, normally. She had always been a reserved child until her temper flared up, but it felt as though she was swimming in a vast array of emotions that she couldn't quite recognise at the moment. She felt hot and flustered... almost on edge and bothered but at the same time another part of her was completely and utterly confused.

What was even going on anymore? Gohan certainly didn't have an answer to that. Everything that had occurred lately had seemed so... random, so unfathomable. She still couldn't get her head around the fact that she'd actually kissed someone, by accident or not, Gohan had always expected to grow up celibate or something of the like despite her mother's constant pestering to make her a grandmother. The feeling itself had been inexplicable, almost electrifying yet so right and perfect at the same time... everything that had been building up for the last few days just seemed to pour out in that one tiny moment. Going Super Saiyan didn't even begin to compare to it.

Though Gohan was ashamed to admit that prospect of kissing someone again was exciting, she wasn't foolish enough to believe the little moment of passion between the two had been anything but an accident. They were sparring and then Videl had accidentally fallen onto of her, that's all there had been to it. And besides it wasn't as though her mother would approve of her forming any romantic bonds in her current form, only for them to vanish along with it when she finally managed to return to her former gender.

She slowly descended onto the large grassy plain that stood a few hundred metres away from her house, savouring the relaxing aroma of the spring grass. While flying to her house sounded like the easiest thing to do, it would attract attention and if Trunks was still at their house... that was the last thing she wanted. It didn't take a genius to realise that Trunks and Goten had negative effects on each other, the both of them only amplifying the other's mischievousness when in their presence.

The shopping centre had been an awkward situation and one that Gohan was eager to avoid repeating. While she wasn't exactly stumbling in heels or wearing a girly, pink dress this time... it was still awkward being around them. Being around anyone for that matter. The only real exceptions to that were Erasa and Videl, two people who she hadn't known before the incident. Sure being around them was weird and still not exactly normal but it was better than being your younger brother's brother-turned-sister.

So her plan of attack was to avoid the two and sneak in, concealing her power level as best as she could. So long as she didn't fly in, it wasn't as though it'd be easy for them to detect, she'd be able to get into her room and relax. If there ever had been a time that she'd wanted to just lie down on her bed and shut her eyes more than eat her way through a two-month long expedition's worth of food, it was now.

Slowly beginning to walk towards her house, Gohan looked up to the cloudy skies. They were white and puffy and it wasn't often that the clouds looked better than the Nimbus cloud she used to ride on as a kid, but it was one of those days that the entire sky looked impeccably picturesque. She was still feeling rather warm and the strange top which she'd thrown on—she'd just flung on whatever she could find and made a mad run for it before Erasa had decided to try and help her find some "regular" clothes—wasn't doing much to help, but Gohan paid it no mind as she continued to sky gaze. It was a nice shade of azure, completely different to the icy-blue eyes that Videl had, but one she liked nonetheless.

Almost in a trance-like state as she walked, leaving the majority of her worries behind her, Gohan soon began to realise that the familiar shadow of their house was starting to loom over the girl. With a piqued interest she realised that the shadow was extending a little further than it normally did, and knowing the area like the back of her hand she knew it couldn't possibly be because of the sun's position that such a change had occurred. Looking up, her mouth fell slightly agape as she saw that their house had essentially doubled in size, the dimensions of the extension still clearly visible.