Chapter 12


"Surprise," grinned Chichi, throwing her hands into the air as Gohan stepped through the door. "I figured it was about time that we finally got you some more space."

"W-What?" Gohan stuttered, still in shock, as she stepped into what was evidently now her bedroom. "H-How did you afford all this?"

"You don't think we spent all of your father's winnings from the tournament all those years ago, do you?" Chichi asked inquisitively as she ran a finger through her hair, before huffing, "And I'll have you know, I'm still technically a princess."

It took a moment for a look of realisation to cross Gohan's face, though his... her grandfather was the Ox-King, they had always lived a very humble life, so anything remotely associated with the perks of royalty always came through as a big surprise–probably because they were so rare. "When did you find the time to do all this though?"

"I've been planning it for the last few days, and while you were out having fun with your friends, I had plenty of time to do what I wanted with the house."

"You didn't have to spend it all on me though, mum, I think Goten would've loved to have a new room," replied Gohan as she wondered where exactly the little tyke was anyway.

"I didn't," chuckled Chichi. "I got everyone a few new things, redid the kitchen and extended the living room. Now that's enough about all of that, why don't you go take a look inside?" Gohan looked back at her mother nervously, as the woman waved her on insistently. "Go on, tell me what you think."

Hesitantly, Gohan placed a foot into the room and her eyes immediately fell towards the colour of the walls. Unlike the old, plain white walls that surrounded her old shared room, these were a warm cream colour. Just enough to make a visible difference while maintaining a gender neutral look that Gohan couldn't help but feel appreciative of, given his current predicament. Somehow, she was sure that when she changed back, he wouldn't find light pink floral walls all that masculine.

However the gender neutral look that the room had soon fell apart, the bed was a chestnut-brown but the sheets were pink with red swirls. Sighing and mostly accepting it as that was a detail she could always change later, she looked towards the same chestnut-brown coloured desk off in a corner and was surprised by the size of it. Walking over to it, she ran a finger across the polished finish, as she turned towards her mother with a grateful smile. While the room was rather empty otherwise, save for a white dresser, it was still easily at least double the size of her old room.

"Don't mention it."

A small groan escaped Videl's lips as she tossed and turned under the covers. The girl was fast asleep and her conscious mind was adrift in outer reaches of dreamland, but whether or not she was experiencing a most peaceful slumber would be open for discussion. The small crimefighter's breathing was short and irregular and with each groan that escaped her movements became wilder, more violent. Tiny fingers reached out and clutched into the sheets, only to lose their grip.

It was as if she was fighting an invisible opponent, a battle which she seemed to be losing. Big beads of sweat trickled down her form and soaked the sheets, her face expressing a tension caused by something only she know.

Then, with a loud gasp, Videl's eyes shot open and she suddenly found herself sitting upright in her bed. She placed a hand on her chest and tried to get her breathing to stabilize as she glanced at the red digits on the alarm clock. It was nine thirty in the morning.

The Satan girl let out a deep sigh and wiped the remaining sweat from her brow. She felt hot, clammy and the shirt she had worn as she slept stuck to her back like a second skin. As she swung her legs out of bed and tried to maneuver her way to the door of her bathroom through the darkness that her curtains provided, her mind wandered off to the dream she had just woken from so abruptly.

Only when she felt the cool trickles of water crashing down onto her peachy complexion Videl was able to think even the smallest bit clearly, as though the cold had evaporated the haze that drifted around in her head. Now that she was able to think straight she was able to recollect whatever dream had caused her to wake up coated in transpiration and her with her cheeks aflame.

For as far as she could recall it was very dark, nearly pitch-black. She had found herself in a room which she believed to be alone in at first. She had felt disoriented, but the voice of a second presence had caused her to jump up, turn around stare directly into the eyes of whoever was trying to sneak up on her.

After that she couldn't recall a lot of what had happened. All Videl knew was that it had involved a lot of loud noises, sweating and physical contact. When the Satan girl glimpsed her own reflection in the mirror she saw her cheeks, still red and warm from the intensity of her nighttime 'adventure'. Her dream may have not involved fighting or trying to smash someone's skull in, but a good full-body workout had definitely been featured.

No matter how much Videl wanted to deny it, it had been one of those dreams. For once her subconscious mind hadn't filled her head with images of fierce battles or strange and impossible wonderlands, but with pictures of things that certainly wouldn't be allowed on a regular television station.

The sound of tap water raining down on the tiles below her feet didn't seem to reach the raven-haired beauty's ears. She had her mind wrapped around the imaginative occurrences of the night before. And dislike it as she may, the more she thought about it, the clearer it all became. Now all she could think of was how real it had felt when tiny fingers had played her dark locks while deep and heavy breathing were all the sounds that could be heard. The image of her 'partner's' eyes seemed to be engraved into her retinae, The way those penetrating onyx orbs had stared down at her naked form and had eyed her soft complexion with some sort of ferocious hunger made the heat rush to her cheeks faster than the speed of light.

Videl shook her head feverishly as she turned off the shower. She had to find a way to banish these images from her head! She was Videl Satan, for goodness sakes! She wasn't supposed to have dreams like these, let alone about people she knew personally. She couldn't allow herself to think about a friend she had just gotten to know two weeks ago in this manner, let alone anybody. The fact that this person was a girl only made the whole ordeal twice as hard on her.

After a quick dry-off Videl got changed to make her way downstairs. She recalled how she had confessed her confusion to Erasa the day before. While the ditsy blonde had somewhat forced it out of her, she couldn't deny the truth in it. It was true that she had mixed feelings about Gohan. At first she had hated the new girl for her strange ways and... peculiar behaviour, but Videl had changed opinions on that quickly enough. While the Son girl was definitely weird in a sense it couldn't be denied that she was possibly the kindest person that the crimefighter had ever met.

But of course something simply had to happen to mess everything up royally. Whereas any normal girl her age would be thrilled to receive her first kiss, all it had done for Videl was awaken an array of thoughts and feelings that she couldn't seem to comprehend. Just trying to gave her a major headache.

She decided to just let the matter rest for now, mainly to keep herself from getting completely confused. This was something she had to think over clearly some other time, when the thoughts and opinions on both sides of the problem were known to her.

After quickly tying her hair into the customary pigtails the Satan girl made her way downstairs to snatch her usual slice of toast from the kitchen. Expecting just her father sitting in his usual chair Videl nearly kicked the door open, only to halt in it's frame.

Hercule was indeed sitting by the kitchen table in the seat that he had claimed as his own many years ago, but for a change he was not alone. Sitting across from him was a fairly young woman which Videl estimated to be in her early thirties. Copper-red hair fell down to her shoulders and grey-green eyes looked up at Videl from behind a set of half-round glasses.

"H-Hello?" the teenager said, effectively grasping the attention of the two adults by the kitchen table. She stepped into the room and looked at her father, raising an eyebrow in obvous question over who this woman was.

"Good morning, Pumpkin," Hercule beamed at his daughter as he rose from his chair, locking the girl into a tight embrace. "I hope you had a good night of sleep," he then turned towards the mysterious visitor. "Videl, meet Jenny Penn. Jenny is a freelance journalist who writes her own blogs on the internet. She'll be following me around for the coming days in order to write an article about me. The two of you might even cross paths here and there, so I thought it'd be a good thing to introduce you."

The woman named Jenny got out of her chair and walked over the the daughter of the World Champion, putting a hand out, which Videl shook politely.

"Hi Sweetie, my name is Jenny," the copper-headed journalist repeated Hercule's words. "I hope you and I can become the best of friends!"

Videl simply nodded in reply, suppressing the urge to punch this person in the could already tell that if she had to listen to this high-pitched sweet talking day in and day out it would probably become a direct attack to her sanity. Yet, giving this woman a good five-across-the-eyes could cause a serious dent in her father's career, so she did was she always did: smile and nod.

Luckily for the cerulean-eyed teen her father was quick enough to go and give the reporter a grand tour of the rest of the Satan Mansion, leaving Videl by herself again. As she ate her tasteless toast she flipped through a magazine absentmindedly, her thoughts fixated on tomorrow's upcoming birthday party. She almost wanted to thank the heavens that it was Erasa's, or otherwise the gossip queen would've certainly come over to force her into a new set of way too tightly fitting clothes and plaster her with a layer of makeup. Now her only concern was a certain black-haired girl that was beginning to dominate her thoughts more and more...

"I'm not sure if I really understand your friends' taste in clothes, Sweetie," said Chichi in a disapproving tone as she stood over the various garments of clothing that Gohan had laid upon the bed.

"Well, Erasa's a little out there..." muttered Gohan.

"But I guess it's what young people wear these days, keeping up with the latest fashion trends and all," said Chichi before pinching her nose in disgust as she came over a rather lacy bra. "What exactly is this for, Gohan, I doubt that something like this is going to lend you much support?"

Gohan, for her part, turned a bright red at what her mother was implying. Silently cursing Erasa for picking out some rather cringeworthy... things... Gohan stuttered, "I-I uhh..."

"Look, Gohan, I know that we sent you to school so that you could finally make some friends your own age," said Chichi condescendingly, "but you need to make sure that you're associating yourself with the right ones."

"Erasa and Videl have been pretty nice to me though," protested Gohan as she nodded so Chichi wouldn't feel as though her advice had fallen on deaf ears.

"Just be careful is all, Sweetie," Chichi sighed as she pushed a few clothes to the side, clearing space for her to sit down. "Now that you're one of us–a girl, you need to understand that some people in this world have less than pure intentions."

"What, you mean like Frieza and Cell or something?" asked Gohan.

"No, no," chuckled Chichi. "You make a very beautiful daughter, Gohan, I'm not sure if you've realised it but boys are soon going to start coming after you."

"Yeah, I figured," huffed Gohan. "A couple of them whistled at me when I walked into my first class a few days ago, but that's not all too horrible."

"They can come after you like that... or they can come after you in more, forceful, ways," said Chichi. "I know that you could probably blast anyone who tried to do anything inappropriate to you to another dimension-"

"Mum, I'm not Vegeta!" interjected Gohan.

"But you still need to be careful with these kinds of things," continued Chichi.

"Okay, okay, I get it," Gohan scrunched up her nose, the topic having turned to a rather uncomfortable direction. Looking for something else to bring up, Gohan suddenly thought of her brother or lack thereof. "Say, where's Goten, you'd have thought he would have come running out to meet me like he normally does?"

"Oh, he's over at Bulma's," said Chichi as though a great burden had been lifted from her. "I'd had enough of them last night, so I sent them over."

"Place sure is quiet without him around..." trailed off Gohan before she sighed heavily. "I wonder what he thinks of all this."

"I'm sure he's taking it just fine," responded Chichi. "It's not like you're a different person or anything and I'm sure he understands."

"Probably wishing he and Trunks didn't make that darn wish though," groaned Gohan. "I forgot that I''m going to have to get them back."

"Son Gohan, you'll do no such thing!" corrected Chichi a slight scowl crossing her face before the mother of two grinned a little. "I'll make sure he's learned his lesson."

Laughing a little, Gohan kicked the ground awkwardly with her feet. "So has Piccolo gotten back to you with any news from Dende?"

"I haven't seen heads or tail from him since the day where you initially... changed. He was talking to Dende about getting those Dragon Balls to change you back right?"

"Yeah," nodded Gohan as she ran her fingers through her hair. "Oh and mum, I've gotta head back to my friends tomorrow."

Chichi let out an exaggerated sigh, "It's not even been a week yet and you're running off and leaving me all alone at home. I knew sending you to high school was a bad idea!"

"I'll be back mum, it's a friend's birthday party, and then we can have some mother-so... err daughter time."


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