Full Summary:

Colleen just wanted to be left alone. She never thought she'd be grabbed by Indians. What happens when a brave Indian girl risks her life to save Colleen's?


Between Town & Home:

Colleen was walking home from school after stopping by the clinic and telling her ma that she was headed home. Dr. Mike had wanted her to stay and help at the clinic but she had gotten mad and said that she deserved to be by herself for a while. At that statement, she left the clinic right as Sully walked in. His faced asked what was going on. All Dr. Mike did was shrug her shoulders.

She was walking home; she was minding her own business. People were always asking her questions and just this once, she wanted to be left alone. She heard the sound of horse hooves but thought nothing of it since horses were always traversing the road between town and different homesteads. She kept going, not realizing the danger she was really in. Not until it was too late.

She was grabbed up from the road and almost immediatley, she started kicking and screaming, trying to get away from whomever had her. Upon being set upon the horse, a strong hand clamped over her mouth to stop her screams. And that's when she got a good look at who now had her in there clutches. It was dog soldiers, renegade Indians from the surrounding territories and tribes that wanted nothing to do with the white men or what they were 'pretending' to be giving them.

The horses veered off the main path and headed west, towards Indian country and away from the comfort of her home and town. Would anyone know what had happened to her?

The Village:

She set in a tepee, watching those around her. She had been to the Cheyenne Reservation so many times that she knew what to expect. Snow Bird had spoken often to her and Dr. Mike about what it was like in the old days, when white children were to take the place of a dead Indian child. She hoped that that was not what she was there for. She wanted to go home, back to Dr. Mike, back to Sully and back to Brian and Matthew. She hadn't meant to yell at Dr. Mike, it had just happened. When the Indian girl came in with some food, she tried to tell her not to be scared, but Colleen couldn't help it.

Colleen noticed that the girl was somehow an outcast among the villagers when she was brought out of the tepee the next day. The girl who had brought her food was pushed around a lot and it seemed that nobody trusted her. And when Colleen found out that she had been at the massacre of Washita and lived to tell about it, she knew that the girl was Cheyenne, which would explain why nobody trusted the young girl.

The young girl was good with horses, that's something the tribe couldn't scold or tease her about. She also seemed to take a liking to Colleen. In the three days Colleen had been in the village, the girl had come often to give her food or try and converse. And when Colleen brought up the name Cloud Dancing, it wasn't only the girl that looked at her. Through the girl, whom Colleen came to know as Snow Maiden, the tribe asked Colleen how she knew of Indians. And through Snow Maiden, Colleen told them that her pa used to be the Indian Agent named Sully.

All the Indians knew who Sully was; Cloud Dancing had said that he had gotten word around most of the tribes, letting them know that if they needed a white person to trust, it was to be Sully. And to have grabbed his daughter, what a shame it felt like on some of the tribes people. But none showed any interest in giving Colleen back to her white parents. Snow Maiden and Colleen slept in the same tepee, away from most of the others. Nobody seemed to mind that Snow Maiden and she were friends.

But it soon became clear to Colleen that Snow Maiden had a plan to get both of them out of the village and away from the tribe that had taken them both captive. Would there flight to freedom be taken from them? Or will Colleen and Snow Maiden get away from the village safely?