He wanted her back.

There were no second thoughts, no "what was best for Jack?", there was no fucking reason he had to give her up. He brooded just out of Helion Primes orbit waiting for the space port he wanted to come into range so they could okay him for landing. It'd been a little more than four years, two years out two years back, a couple months fighting with himself pretending he wasn't picturing Jack all grown up while he jerked off.

The entire time he was awake awake his animal wouldn't shut the fuck up about her, hell it wouldn't shut up even when he was in cryo. About how Jack killed for him, how she would have died for him instead of Fry dying for her and Imam, about how Jack smelt so damn good, and how she was so soft…

The sun was sinking as the port was coming. He'd snatch her right out of her bed if he had to. Even though she wouldn't exactly be all grown up, she wouldn't even be seventeen yet, the little sprite had barely been twelve when the ship crashed… they spent five months in space… He'd been gone for about four years and three/four-ish months. He'd have to check a chrono to see what day it was but her birthday would be in about two months give or take a couple days to a week.

He'd have to get her a present before he took her, or plan to make a pit stop around then in case she ended up being pissed at him for this… though a present might not hurt anyway…

It took another hour but the station finally came into range and his radio kicked in, "Private Vessel Erebrus-Nyx. We are in the process of scanning your vessel for the proper documents, and the number of passengers. We've found that yooou… Mr. Richardson, haven't made port in two years we're required to ask your state of wellbeing."

Sighing Riddick waited for the static to cut out saying the man had let go of his talk button before pressing his own saying, cutting back on his growl so they didn't have to check him out to make sure he hadn't gone stir crazy on the trip, "Copy, Everything, me and the ship included are doing fine. I spent most of my time through the shipping lane in cryo."

"Copy, Mr. Richardson, the scan just finished, you're pre-cleared for landing, sorry, but a shipping vessel is about to take off, so it can get passed you on its way out. Would you like the update vid to catch up while you're waiting?"

It must have been a younger kid, an adult, but new to the profession. His voice didn't have that robotic ring to it; he probably still liked his job. Most vets wouldn't have apologized and would have uplinked him the vid without asking just to get it out of the way. Hitting the talk button Riddick humored the kid, "Sure send me the link."

"On its way, I'll contact you again when you can pull her in."

He clicked the link and opened the file when it popped up after a noticeable pause. He let it run collecting random information as some chipper blonde talked at him from the screen. Otherwise Riddick let his mind wander back to Jack. He wondered if she had a part time job around school, if the holy man was treating her right, and most of all if she was still the little ball of fire he remembered. Him and his animal purred as he remembered sparing with her, holding her after she wore out, ignoring Imam's muttering about teaching her things she wouldn't need to know in a place as civilized as New Mecca.

By the time the shipping vessel pulled out passed him and he was called in he missed her just that much more. He landed mulling over the fact that he missed Jack, and he'd probably never missed anything besides food ever. He armed the ships security system to alert him if it was so much as touched before heading out. The sun still wasn't all the way down in New Mecca so he headed off towards a shopping district that would be in the direction of Imam's new house. The man really rose in the ranks, but most articles were vague about his family, wife, biological daughter, adopted daughter, and nothing extremely recent.

A little market was set up right before the actual stores and Riddick paused here and there to look the sometimes unique fair over. When he found one really worth his time Riddick pushed his goggles onto his forehead in the low light to look it over better. It was mostly silver jewelry, some other baubles an older woman was selling. He figured by the look of it the husband probably made it while she sold it Nice, well made, but duplicates didn't look exactly the same like machines would make them. She looked him over critically but when he pulled out his cred card to show her she relaxed back. Apparently she had no problems with him, his size, or his eyes as long as he was a paying customer. Twirling the card in his fingers he wondered what Jack would like. Necklace, bracelets… her ears weren't pierced when he left but maybe they were now, he could get her earrings.

Deciding to get some back up choices Riddick picked up two bulky bangle bracelets, and a dragon pendent on a simple black necklace, looked like braided wax covered string… It cost him a fair amount, but Jack had to like one or the other. He put the necklace on himself as extra insurance no one would nab it and shoved the bracelets into one of the pockets on his cargoes.

Next he started for Imams place and a leisurely pace. Eyeballed a couple shops through front windows but as streetlight started coming up shops started closing. Once stores turned into houses they got bigger, definitely nicer than the modest little house he'd left them in with Imam's, then, girlfriend. He'd never much liked the woman, but she seemed to accept Jack was a permanent structure as long as he was not. His eyes took note of the numbered plaques on the outside of each fence, and before long he found the one he was after. He cast a look around, decided no one was watching and used the decorative pillar to hoist himself up over the wall, landing on plush grass on the other side which was probably a bitch to maintain on this desert planet. Staying back in the shadows he looked the house over.

The building was large, square, two stories; three if you counted what was more than likely attic-space. Following the wall around the property Riddick noted bright lights on in the house. Movement caught his eye as he got around to the side of the house keeping in the shadow of a tree. He disregarded the movement on the other side of the window for a moment to look up the three, it was large with study branches… and that window right next to it better not have been Jack's.

He glared for a second before creeping up next to the window staying out of its site and instead seeing if the movement came with noise. It did.

It came with what suddenly turned to yelling.

"Imam this is insane! Tell her I am not going out with that… that boy!"

Ah Jack, he wanted to look instantly but didn't give into the urge. Her voice had matured, despite the familiar ring of outrage, probably just like the rest of her had.

"And who do you propose to go out with?" A woman's voice shrieked. He vaguely remembered the name Lajjun. Remembered not liking her much, the fact reformed quickly.

"Not some little boy you know doubt want to marry me off to when I graduate!" Jack yelled back. "R-"

"Don't you dare say his name!" Lajjun insisted.

"Riddick, Riddick, Riddick, there's no way he'd be okay with this! Imam he told you I was his! He said it I heard him, and if you gave away something of his he'd fucking gut you!"

Damn fucking straight he would. Riddick growled as everything seemed to pause, and he could feel it, that woman just smacked Jack. He didn't need to look, he hadn't heard anything, but he could just tell. He could feel it. To make sure that he was positive who he was going to kill Riddick moved away and passed the window before glancing in.

Only Lajjun wasn't in front of Jack, Imam was, and his blood boiled as the man's hand lowered.

"You won't talk to me or Lajjun like that Kyra!"

His eyes narrowed, the man he'd trusted to take care of Jack just back handed her, he couldn't even take full joy in seeing her because of this. He'd called her by a different name too. She held her cheek, backed off, was saying something…

Obviously Lajjun and Imam wanted to know what she said he noticed their mouths move in tandem. A single word, probably what.

"My name is Jack!" She yelled before Imam moved for her, and she bolted out of his view.

They hurt my Jack.

It rang in his head him and his animal mentally melding together. It was never pleasant for anyone who met his wrath this way. People who died by his hands usually bit it rather fast and painless, people who kicked it by his animal died slow and painful, but they didn't linger that long. People who died by his hands when he was this angry, this out for blood, it took days. He'd heard people beg to die; he'd heard people beg to die in horrible ways as long as they died.

He moved back over to the tree and held back a roar as the window by the tree lit up. He lifted himself up though the limbs and foliage quickly. Placed himself just above the window. He watched Jack shove what looked like a chest with a padded top in front of the door before she sat on it. Even though she was older, filled out nicely, her locks short and choppy, he could still see his Jack in there. She was even wearing a look he'd seen on her before. She was trying not to cry.

Sanity for a second suggested that maybe this was just a bad night. That he came on the wrong night and any second Imam would present himself to apologize to her. It was the only reason he waited. Moved his goggles from his forehead to around his neck trying not to do something hasty…

Except that after a few moments she was shivering and she grabbed something from her boot. It glinted at her side as she pressed her knuckles against the surface she was sitting on; he took a guess and went with the shiv he gave her way back. This was not okay, and his animal was moving him before the rest of his brain could figure out what was going on. He dropped onto a branch level with Jack's window before tapping on it to get her attention.

Her eyes locked on his for a second before she dimmed the lights and bolted across the room to the window, the shiv forgotten by the door as she shoved the glass up. Before he could do anything she expertly popped the screen out before pulling it into her room looking at him like her world revolved around him.

He was barely in the room before he had her in his arms. Jack wrapped herself around him breathing his name over and over like he was air. She was so warm and soft, holding him hard her face buried against his neck. She smelled even better then he remembered. Her hair was soft and he was glad she'd knocked off shaving her head like he told her to.

Of course he couldn't relax because there was a knock on the door. Her nails sunk into his shoulders and he moved over to the door shoving the chest out of the way with his foot after snagging her shiv. She was holding on so tight he was able to let her go for a moment while he opened the door. His arm moved back under her after, holding her up as he glared down Imam who looked like Lucifer was standing before him. Except that Riddick had never once been an angel of god.

"You hit my Jack," Riddick growled pointing with the shiv for Imam to get in the room, kicking the door shut behind him.

"I-I came to apologize to K-Jack," Imam said putting his hands up to show he meant no further harm.

"He ever hit you before Jack?" Riddick asked, unable to get his voice out of that thick, dark, growl it was stuck in. She shook her head no, but still he was unsatisfied that he'd seen it happen. "What about his wife?"

Jack didn't move. Tensed just that much more in his hold, if it was possible, and he knew. He fucking knew that woman was hitting Jack. He didn't know how often, but once wasn't acceptable, and he was getting the feeling it'd happened more than once. He almost unconsciously turned a little putting Jack further from the holy man, putting the man closer to the shiv. "Did you know about it?" Riddick asked as he glared at Imam. "She do it often?"

"I-I never saw… I only learned of two incidents…" Imam tried to explain. Riddick sounded demonic, worse than he'd ever been on the ship, way worse than he'd ever been directly in front of Jack, and that obviously scared the man. These simple fact made him think better of what he was about to say, and he shut his mouth promptly.

Riddick still saw though, and bent a little at the knee signaling for Jack to get down. As much as he wanted to keep a hand on her he moved her behind him demanding to know, "Were you just about to blame Jack for being smacked around? After everything I made her tell us, you think that's acceptable?"

"Don't hurt them Riddick…" Jack whimpered behind him.

"They hurt you!" Riddick snapped whirling around to see if she was serious. When he caught the way Jack backed off from him, though her arms wrapping around herself he realized that now was not the best time to appear angry at her. He forced himself back under control pocketed her shiv before holding his arms out for her, "I'm not mad at ya Jack."

Jack watched him warily, and he recognized prey trying to decide if the cost was clear before he wiped the imagery that followed from his minds eye. It didn't take more than a second for her to move back to him hastily wrapping her arms around him. He growled deep in his chest, one of his hands resting on the top of her head so she couldn't see the murderous look he was giving Imam.

"W-why are you here?" Imam asked slowly.

"I'm here for Jack," Riddick told them keeping his voice in check though he still felt like he could breathe flames. He loved the happy baby animal noise Jack made at him; hated the way Imam looked like he had a say in this. All Riddick wanted was to rip him to shreds; he could feel his animal practically vibrating it was so ready for a little bloodshed.

"I thought you were going to let her grow up," Imam said ringing his hands.

"Why bother if you're just going to marry her off as soon as possible?" Riddick asked as he ran his hands through Jack's hair, as he looked down at her taking her in more. Big doe eyes she'd once told him were green were the same, the face holding them seemed softer with better nourishment. Choppy hair, long neck leading down to…

"We just wanted her to date, to go out and have fun with someone her age, instead of spending so much time by herself," Imam explained looking at Jack imploringly even though once he did Jack just turned back to Riddick.

"Jack…" Riddick prompted. He knew she'd tell him the truth. Jack knew better than to lie to him, or at least she better still know that. He'd still know if she was lying to him.

"I wouldn't date him but his father is higher up than Imam so he got his dad to make Imam try to make me, but I won't. I don't want him…" Jack explained quietly as Riddick lowered his head down closer to hers. "I won't go out with him Riddick; I don't care how much money he has, or who his father is."

It seemed like there was more to that. Riddick really didn't like the way Jack wouldn't say the bastard's name. He had to wonder if the death toll on New Mecca was mounting. Of course he didn't get to linger on that because then Lajjun came in. When she saw him she shook her head looking angry and a little fearful, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here for Jack," Riddick growled forcing his animal down as Jack tried to push against him. He could tell she was tying to subtly get him further from the woman.

"You can't have her!" Lajjun said walking into the room further holding her hand out.

Riddick glared at her with disdain, there was no way he was just going to give Jack back to her. "She's mine, I'm taking her one way or another." Riddick insisted heatedly.

"I won't give up my daughter because Kyra wouldn't just listen and be a civilized person!" Lajjun yelled, glaring at Jack, "I won't give up my daughter because she wouldn't let you go. All she had to do was eat dinner with that boy let him kiss her for a few weeks until he got bored, and this all would have been over with. I won't give up Ziza to the other son for her."

"He never would have gotten sick of me…" Jack whispered quietly to Riddick catching his attention. He couldn't tell if she was scared of what was happening, or scared he'd ditch her again but he didn't like the smell of hopeless fear on her. He liked far less what she was telling him. "He wouldn't have gotten bored of knowing I had to be with someone I hated that much."

"Abu do something," Lajjun demanded.

"If I leave here without her, I'll kill everyone you know just to get her holy man." Riddick told him moving him and Jack towards the window. He would, he'd go through everyone, purposely start with anyone he even blinked at before building up to the important people.

"We need Jack, Riddick," Imam pleaded as Riddick put her behind him, motioning for her to go out the window. "We'll lose everything."

"Think of it as me taking back your life, I didn't have to save you either time," Riddick chuckled before following Jack out the window. Once on the ground he looked at her thankful she was fully dressed but very aware he didn't have clothing for her, and that most of the stores he just passed had been closing. He'd didn't have to figure anything out, he did that on purpose. "Go out the front Jack, head towards the market I'll catch up after I go get some of your things." Riddick told her cupping her face in his hands kissing her forehead, even if he wanted to devour her lips.

"Don't hurt them Riddick," Jack begged looking up at him pleadingly. "Don't kill them, don't make Ziza come home from her friend's to find them dead. She won't have anyone to protect her. I know what that's like Riddick, coming home to blood and gore, and having no one. I came home to bodies, not even, I came home to body parts, and realized that I had nothing. Don't do that to that little girl."

Sometimes it had been troublesome that Jack knew him so well when she was younger, and sometimes it still was. Like now when she spotted him "forgetting" things so he could go back and dispatch people. Jack figured it out once when they were making a pit stop and someone tried to go after her. He dropped his shiv on the floor instead of getting it back in the holster just so he could go back for it and the guy who'd tried to snag her. Jack had looked at him so knowingly, but didn't rat him out to Imam.

"Please let's just go…" Jack pleaded trying to pull Riddick with her. Reluctantly he let her lead him away, his animal still called for blood, but he couldn't risk going in there and Jack running away.

They weren't going to leave right away though, he still had business to settle, and now Jack would need new clothes. After all he couldn't come waltzing in with a bag of her stuff now or he'd just be blatantly telling her what he'd done.

She'd learn with time, but for now he'd get her settled, familiarize himself with her more…


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