She couldn't breathe, he killed them, he went out and he killed them and then he lied to her. She just accepted his lie and then had sex with him. Jack made a small woeful noise as she jerked in his hold before pressing down against him more. He was just going to let her believe they were alive, she should have known, but she didn't. She should have expected him to do that, but she didn't, and it hurt.

"Kid, breathe," Riddick told her as he rubbed her back, which just reminded her that they were both naked.

Jack shook her head hopelessly against him.

Ziza, poor Ziza…

"You killed them, you killed them after you sa-"

"No, I never said I wouldn't kill them, and I never said I wouldn't hurt them Jack." Riddick insisted to her as he held her against him. "I just came with you when you asked me not to. Even last night, I only said I'd killed no one important."

Jack glared up at him through her tears, before pushing away from him crawling to her feet. She wasn't going to talk to him if he was going to mind fuck her. She reached for the bags to get something to pull on but Riddick was right behind her pulling her back up against him. "Come on Jack, they weren't protecting you," Riddick hummed, pitching his voice low, kissing her shoulder. "Jack, I'm going to protect you, and no one's going to come after you because Imam and his wife are dead, and because no one will know if you're alive."

His arms were tight around her, and Jack tried not to cry anymore as she held onto his arms. Still she couldn't help but ask, "What about Ziza?"

"I had Imam call the people she's staying with, they didn't pick up but he left a message asking if they could keep her for one more night and then bring her home personally," Riddick explained. "Someone will be with her; maybe she won't even see anything."

Jack leaned back into him, putting her weight on him. She didn't feel like holding herself up anymore. This was all too much. This was not a conversation they should be having naked. Riddick eased them to the ground kissing his way from her neck to her cheek and Jack wanted to hate him so much for doing that to Ziza.

"Don't be angry Jack, you're not even angry they're dead," Riddick said as he reached around her to the bags. He found underwear first pulling it up her legs as she sat in front of him, letting her push herself up a little so he could get them in place. "You were angry I lied, and because I didn't you shouldn't be angry about that. Yes I danced around the truth, but that's your fault for not asking the right questions, and you know that baby." He found one of the sports bras next and she noticed it was green; reluctantly she lifted her arms for him. He pulled it onto her, swatting her hands away as he adjusted it for her, it was one of the ones with thin straps that you could choose not to use and it wouldn't be uncomfortable; he left the straps off her shoulders. "You didn't want Ziza to find that she was all alone, and I did what I could for her."

"She's still going to be alone…" Jack whimpered as he leaned forward again finding some loose grey sweats. She watched as he helped her into those too, she lifted up just like for the underwear, before he put his arms around her again.

"I told them to watch you, to take care of you, and make sure you were happy, because you were mine. Not theirs, you were always mine, I just needed them to take care of you while you grew up some. They could've said no, but they didn't, and then they fucked up…" Riddick growled in her ear.

"But Riddick, they… I … It's all my fault!" Jack cried, shivering. "It's all my fault because I wouldn't listen! Because I wouldn't swallow my damn pride and fucking let him go out with me a few times before he became too interested." Riddick just growled against her neck when she said that, but didn't respond otherwise. Jack leaned back into him trying to decide if he wasn't saying anything because he thought it was stupid of her to say or because it was true. When he let go of her suddenly and walked off, back upstairs Jack decided he thought it was stupid of her to say.

She looked down at the clothes he put her in, squirming as she thought about the choice. She looked in the bag closest to her before looking up to find Riddick walking back downstairs, a pair of sweats slung low on his hips, and then it hit her especially when he walked over to the door hiding the gym. He opened it and walked in while she stood up and moved over to look inside. She eyed the doorway warily before looking to Riddick who was obviously waiting for her to get inside.

"Well kid do you wanna hit me or not?" Riddick asked waving her forward.

When she was younger she could remember Riddick telling her that it was okay if she wanted to hit him as long as she understood he was going to hit her back. He then had to tell her this only worked with him when she eyed the door where Imam had left through before. Now, she wasn't entirely sure if she wanted to hit him. Jack frowned but still stood up and walked into the little gym. If it didn't make her feel better maybe they could at least go until she was too tired to care anymore.


"Better Jack?" Riddick asked as he looked down at her, his hands holding her arms above her head. Not that he needed to she was too winded to struggled. At least he was breathing heavy, when she was a kid it had always been over before he even broke a sweat. After a second she nodded though, relaxing under him.

"I still… Ziza… she's all alone…" Jack breathed staying boneless under him. At least she knew better than to get angry again or he'd pop them right back up and have them start again. He slowly let go of her wrists, rubbing his hands up and down her sides. He didn't say anything though just watched her. "Riddick…"

"In a couple months we'll check into what happened over the net," Riddick finally spoke as he moved off of her, and pulled her into his lap.

Leaning into him Jack sighed against his warm skin, lightly rubbing her cheek against him. "Why can't we check sooner?" Jack asked as she looked up at him. He just kissed her forehead though and then her lips, before nuzzling her. "It's not fair Riddick… they didn't know you were coming back…" Only Riddick still didn't say anything, he just growled at her making her frown as he stood up with her, one arm supporting her back the other hooked under her knees. "Are you just not going to talk to me?"

He walked them out of the gym, dropping her on the couch before heading into the cockpit. Sighing Jack sunk into the cushions looking up at the ceiling. He was being difficult, and she knew he'd keep checking even though he wouldn't let her. Jack knew that Riddick had to check to see how low they had to lay. If she tried to look though he'd be pissed, and she knew it.

"Riddick, they didn't have to die… You could have just taken me. It would've ruined their lives enough…" Jack mumbled as she crossed her arms over her face.

"Jack cut it out, it's not going to make them any less dead now," Riddick said as he walked out sitting down on the ground next to the couch. "You'll get over this kid."

"He speaks." Jack muttered as she sat up and looked at him. After a moment she moved around so she was sitting behind him on the couch her legs over his shoulders as he leaned back against the couch more. "I hate space travel… it takes so long in these little planet hoppers, even with the advancements."

"It won't take that long to get out to Persephone, just long enough for us to bond, and me to train you up," Riddick said as he patted one of her legs. "We should make it by your birthday baby."

"Persephone? But that's just some pit stop planet Riddick on the end of the next system." Jack said as she leaned forward resting her cheek again the top of his head. "Lot of passenger vessels looking for fairs, and shipping vessels looking for cargo."

"Nice place to get lost for a little bit," Riddick said pressing his fingers through her hair. "I'll do a couple of jobs, get us some more creds, and keep us moving."

Jack frowned leaning up pushing on Riddick's shoulders. He moved forward just enough to let her move her legs from over his shoulders, and slip down behind him. He pulled her legs around his waist, while she wrapped her arms around him. He leaned back some on her putting pressure on her, and she could remember doing this as a kid with him. It had made her feel secure being pressed between him and a wall of the skiff. It made her feel secure now as he rubbed her legs. "Do I get to help?"

"How you wanna help?" Riddick asked patting her leg, grabbing onto her feet and rubbing them to warm her up.

"Always was a good pick pocket, give us a little food and spending money, let what you make be the traveling money." Jack said pressing her forehead between his shoulder blades smiling as he rubbed her feet. Her feet being cold was apparently a sin in this position

"Not on Persephone, we'll train, maybe on the next planet." Riddick said looking over his shoulder to get a glimpse of her. "I wanna know you can take anyone you snag something from."

"I get to leave the ship right?" Jack asked suddenly looking at his profile.

"Yeah we're gonna sell the ship, stay there a while, then buy a new one to leave on," Riddick said looking back in front of him, patting her hands that were locked around his stomach.

"Do I get to leave the hotel room?" Jack asked with an exasperated chuckle.

"With me," Riddick said sounding just as amused, "Or if we find you a nice safe place that I can drop you off at while I'm working. A legit internet café maybe, somewhere private, but someone would notice you being dragged from."

She didn't really want to think of being dragged from somewhere, but Riddick had a point about finding somewhere to stay where someone couldn't easily take her, especially if anyone drew the connection between her and Riddick. She couldn't just go running off, Riddick was good, but if she was in trouble it would probably be best if he knew where she was supposed to be. "You'll take me out Riddick? To get food? Like a real sit down meal?" Jack asked, giving herself a feeling of déjà vu.

"You trying to date me baby girl?" Riddick asked with a laugh.

"You did naughty things to me Riddick, I think I'm entitled to dinner with you." Jack said giving his shoulder a cheeky grin. She nuzzled him for a second before asking, "For my birthday? Even if it's just for burgers or something?"

"Sure kiddo, I'll take you out for your birthday," Riddick said after a short pause.

Jack frowned a little bit before nuzzling his shoulder blade a little more. "Thank you Riddick."

ooChapter Endoo


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